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  1. itsdannyftw

    Holy fuck, this is giving me old school Weeknd vibes!!! He back!

  2. Luis Fernando

    ¿Mexicanos escuchando esta increíble melodía?

  3. Matias Lopez

    He should sing a song with Halsey

  4. ys m

    3:05 wow love this part

  5. Deon Kidd

    This song has been on repeat since it came out

  6. Sabiel Lima

    With all the sound effects it could be a porn scene in Stranger Things season 10 🤔

  7. Alexa González

    Saco nueva rolita, en tu cuarto o en el mío bby 😏❤

  8. Francisco Martinez

    2:11 ear porn replay

  9. binyamin ibnemjas


  10. binyamin ibnemjas guyz this Is ma rap song please support my channel to million views ☝️😌

  11. Justin  Siemion


  12. Rachel Marshall

    Love it omg. ESP when he does the echoes of silence thing singing with no music

  13. Denny Men

    The classic weeknd comment right here: “ devils words with an angle woice

  14. taetae's noona

    He's back... 💜

  15. D.K.W

    PUT IT ON .75!!!!! Dooooo itt!!!

  16. jewelking227

    New trilogy vibes are so dope.....

  17. Levon Alexander

    Gotta love the way his music has evolved over time....

  18. iliana sellie

    this right here,

  19. Patrick Torres

    I masterbated to This

  20. RM10

    Well, i thought about "how would this sound with rainymood in the background?" close your eyes and listen at 70%. The thunders with this beat sounds really cool.

  21. Puneet Somra

    Wait Is that lil dicky ?!

  22. gin war

    I did not know this existed

  23. Jota Zamora

    Que buen ritmo like si quieres que tenga más😏😏😏🙂

  24. regina

    this gives off kissland & trilogy vibes mixed with gesaffelstein’s control movement somehow

  25. TikTac21

    Everytime I drive at night I have to play this song.

  26. Lil Plaga

    estas completamente loco

  27. JaredYO

    monkaW WTF

  28. Arturo

    I broke up with my girlfriend after this song just to experience the full feelings. We still not back together till this day 😢.

  29. Ac3 MIT

    'Cause my heart belongs to you , I'll risk it all for you


    4:15 gets me everytime

  31. chae monroe


  32. Jannatul Sofia

    If it ain't XO, then it gotta go!

  33. Lyam Vivanco

    Die for you: "don't blame too" "Cause I'm right for you" "I would like for you" "Let me tell the truth" After hours: " I know it's all my fault" "I said you were wrong for me" "I lied to you" "Can't hide the truth" Wow this song sounds like a continuation of the relationship of die for you.

    1. Lyam Vivanco

      Lie *

  34. Aaron Coodacal

    Showed this song to my dog... Since he is a dog he didn’t fully understand the concept, he couldn’t decipher different beats and lyrics so he just looked at my phone and turned away.

  35. Adentro de la caja

    The flyn of my one mind

  36. Vinny

    3:49 Eargasm

  37. safy rafy

    Intro sound like genisis

  38. Maisa Oliveira

    I absolutely love this man, and AFTERHOURS era already seems to be better than Starboy era, this song is already a smash for me ♥️

  39. rickyman1234

    def hear a sample from The Blaze - Territory here

  40. tiff bored

    so am i the only one that hears love bug

  41. Amanda Zamora

    So... The weekend got high in a casino bc he was heartless then he got blinding by the lights and got into a car crash and now we are hours after the accident

  42. dania aljafari

    I’ve literally listened to this song over and over again since it came out and it never gets old

  43. Andile Ndawonde

    The longest youtube audio video..

  44. Thalita Army

    Essa musica faz doer até os sentimentos que não existem dentro de mim...

  45. KING Rahul

    How far your school is : Me :- After hours song 😎😎😎

  46. Alvina Rahman

    I can’t!! This is such a good song

  47. Robert Brid

    CLAP.........CLAP.........CLAP........CLAP.... Go On CLAP!

  48. júlia isabel

    perfeito mds, esse homem é arte

  49. J Zilla

    Please don’t sound mid please don’t sound mid 😭😭😭FUCK it’s fucking Mid 🥺😩🤯🤯🤯

  50. daaftboy

    After Hours Tracklist : 01 - Advanced Knowledge 4:56 02 - Miserable 3:25 03 - Save Your Tears ft. Tame Impala 4:11 04 - Glade 3:37 05 - Let Me Go Ft. Kygo 3:50 06 - Waters 0:49 07 - Heartless 3:21 08 - Agile Tales 4:18 09 - Blinding Lights 3:23 10 - Active Period 3:46 11 - The Issue Waited 6:30 12 - Lesser 3:58 13 - After Hours 6:02 14 - Moment For The Memories 10:26 Save Your Tears : Heartless : Blinding Lights :

  51. Christo Goussios

    Weeknd is back

  52. Solo george

    Elvis maricoooooo

  53. Melo X

    I can see this song as the opener for his tour. Just imagine those synths hitting hard right before he pops up and the beat drops. Sickening

  54. E Eerie

    3:00-3:22 is the best part

  55. Lou Mop

    The weeknd is such a garbage artist

  56. Heavenly Craz

    Gettin high without drugs. Whenever i hear this man i turn to slow motion. This song is dope💚💛❤ Xo

  57. TheSaucyPineapple

    1:47 “Without you I can’t breathe” that part hit me hard...

  58. MaddyFR

    Claim your 4.3 millionth view card today 💳

  59. Spanish Fire

    MDM is the og style with more complex production

  60. Jordan Hines

    This is it.

  61. Spanish Fire

    This song> party monster, false alarm etc.

  62. Spanish Fire

    I always wonder why this sounded like that Skrillex and Poo Bear song, well ain’t it produced by skrillex

  63. anil chinna

    Fans: long duration n trilogy vibes Abel: oh yesss

  64. Angel O

    This man is everything we need.

  65. Amber Jackson

    I swear his voice and khalids I can absolutely get lost in. I love it so much it's a Melody that is Soo soothing. Forever a weeknd fan.

  66. Jose Martines

    Driving fast to this song is dangerous.

  67. UlpUlp UlpUlp

    When he is forgetting the word “bitch” I just get goosebumps...

  68. RusikTrusik

    Sob this is awesome

  69. Kashef Khan

    Finally trilogy fans are getting music we can add to our playlists. Looking forward to the album

  70. Roș Mihai


  71. James Bong

    I love the falsetto. It fits the tone of the song much better.

  72. Noland Ryan

    Last 2 songs were fire... This one is Ice.... Ice cold 👌. Good shit The Weekend. Drop that shit already bro. This is wet.

  73. burntcoffeewithbeans

    The Weeknd always brings the most badass basses to his songs. You know when it’s coming. He goes from this soft kind of sad song, to then this badass beat and bass.

  74. Ahmed Dhan

    Man the part from 3:57 to 4:34 hits very deep


    S A D A D

  76. BreakFast TV

    He sounds like Majid Jordan in beginning no 🧢 Drop a like if he does 👍

  77. Thomas Jefferson

    This is honestly a great year for music already. Bieber and The Weeknd in the first 3 months, thank you! ❤️

  78. Michael Ortega

    This man know hes the goat.

  79. Thomas Jefferson

    The vibes in this song are endless, this new era is gonna be SICK!

  80. nowot phil

    respekt the foto is really great shows real degree of freedom

  81. Jeffania Sylvain

    That's so ♐❌⭕💊

  82. Patricia Melendez

    😭😭😭😭speaks to me in so many personal ways, somehow someway it always helps to put feelings to words, like we're going thru the same shit at the same fucking time😓 "Cuz this house in not a home is not a home without my baaaabbbbyyyyyyy"😔 If only we had this chance to not break each other's hearts🥺I miss you so much Byron😔

  83. Teresa Estigarribia

    OMG y love

  84. STINGprime

    I want this played on my funeral please

  85. Alt 4 J a v i e r

    More Sad.. More Friendzone.....

  86. XxGODZ xX

    I don’t usually listen to this type of music, but this shit addicting af

  87. G A T Z Music


  88. G A T Z Music


  89. Oliverts

    Hope you’re well G. -Olive Guy

  90. Haleema Xx

    Just wow . 🔥🔥🔥

  91. irfan Eraydin

    Neden ağzında kan var

  92. More Incel

    With this picture of him I don't know whether to call an ambulance or the police

  93. Xovaleriexo R

    I’ve waited fking years for this Abel to come back #XOTWOD I can die happy now