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  1. Syrric

    "Imma try that in the house." Surprised pikachu face "No your not!" That had me dying lol

  2. Dani Romero

    Omg 10:48 ♥️😍😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. _I'm Not Loss_

    7:04 Agreed, but _I’m not seeing enough movement_

  4. Edilza's Party Zone

    How ard yall going to forget the one where people look at memes and laugh historically

  5. boy in the blue

    cheer-people are underrated like the stunt doubles in movies

  6. priscilla tobing

    Bagaikan langit di sore hari



  8. Not a typical indonesian shit

    Second tiktok is not the actual song, might be

  9. Camryn Cook


  10. Kyla Mcwhite

    The omini one was good

  11. Dani Romero

    Enza is literally my dream mom❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Ovrlrd Unknown


  13. Hemendu Ghosh

    React to charli and hype house

  14. Josh Chen

    10:30 Rayde RAYDE shadow legends

  15. Zac Grant Aviation

    Brayden/Mary can sing!

  16. Nayun Asahina

    Dominic is so wholesome! FBE you should have him on again!

  17. Ubaid Ullah

    React to joji run

  18. Donny

    React to Eminem - Darkness

  19. 410_.Gavin

    Ok boomer

  20. Nancy lee

    The fact that BTS doesn't have any age barrier 😌✌

  21. Lloyd Egipto

    Had to turn down the volume when the chic with the yellow top started moaning.

  22. Dizzy !

    0:51 food tapping?!

  23. Emily Ekeland-Jones

    Do best timing twitch moments!!

  24. Addison Benz

    I’m ddiso 😕

  25. mongezi jason Zungu

    RIP to creativity and brain cells ⚰️

  26. Aaron

    Tom!!! My mans!!!

  27. Abby Christopher

    Pisses me off that you guys like to shame donald trump on your channel but won't Nancy or Hillary or any demorats for that matter. Get the fuck out of politics if you aren't going to show the other sides flaws too

  28. Charmynox

    The first one. I just. Totally not like they already knew Shakira would be doing the half-time show (because they probably plan these things in advance) or that Shakira could easily just wear the same shit. And as others in the comments have said, the outfit in Zootopia was inspired by an outfit Shakira has already worn in real life.

  29. Commando602

    RIP Freddy Mercury.

  30. Cahidi Joyo Raharjo

    Mikaela's mom looks more like her sister. Good genes, obviously.

    1. Cahidi Joyo Raharjo

      @Joseph Good You're right. Looking younger than someone's real age is not that rare. Lots of people get that trait. My mom is turning 65, but people say she look like 45. I heard that drinking lots of water helps prolong the skin's elasticity. Hence looking younger than you really are.

    2. Joseph Good

      @maimouna kone It's not that rare, and false in this context. Assuming you're of age if you went to a bar and both of them were sitting at it you would not go after the mom. She is attractive but come on. No need to make a statement that's false...

    3. Joseph Good

      If her sister is 25 years older than her.... Good looking woman but she does not look even close in age

    4. maimouna kone


  31. Giselle

    7:44 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  32. Marissa Oseguera

    9:24 "mine would be axo, sounds edgy" *giggles*😂😂😂😂

  33. Charmynox

    If this is Gen Z and their parents... why is Mikaela's sister in this and not her mom? 🤔

  34. Ej Nappe

    Teen react to Hollywood Undead!

  35. morgan alford

    It's almost getting not worth it to watch. I really like reacting along side of the people in the videos but I can really do that when in every damn video the audio is different. KGsel need to chill the fuck out

    1. morgan alford

      @Salmaa Palacios yeah, I try to watch just because I like the channel but it's hard to who what going on or why something is funny or whatever when I cant hear it

    2. Salmaa Palacios

      morgan alford same every time that they said they are gonna turn off the audio I don’t want to still watching

  36. ScArLaTe

    Who else got up to find broom after watching this...

  37. Sariyah Murray

    Ok but Rachel is so pretty😖

  38. Charmynox

    My dad did the broom thing on facebook...... He just posted a photo of the broom straight up and said "it does work" and until now, I had no fucking clue what he was talking about. I thought he was just hinting at the fact the broom does, in fact, work despite none of my step siblings using it to do their chores. (My dad is no longer in my life now because I'm done with his deadbeat ass.)

  39. Joe Bowman.


  40. Trizzkid Timmy

    Pop smoke

  41. Drace Blalock


  42. Joselyn Solano

    Am I actually early, for once?

    1. Jake Chen

      Joselyn Solano yes

  43. Sophia S

    React to the band Waterparks

  44. Eva Dorminy

    Lily’s Garden is a type of game like homescapes, gardenscapes, matchington, etc.

  45. Trippie Blue

    Damn I’m surprised JuiceWrld wasn’t on the list. Well he did pass away during the end of the year 🙏

  46. Cherry Moon

    Nobody: When you eat in minecraft: 0:38

  47. NSC Fortnite Umpalumpa

    2:47 enjoy

  48. Syed Jafar Tahir

    Sad thing is, Dominic probably isn't called Dominic. A lot of Indian immigrants, Asian in general, change their names to ones more accepted by Americans. So it's fully possible, behind that cliche indian dad, isn't Dominic at all, but maybe a bit of Prakash or a Piyush.

  49. Greer Page

    should’ve played tourettes 🙄

  50. jichüu

    Should have shown the original tho hahahaha (the girl who did the very first face zoom challenge) #Philippines 😂

  51. Anna McCarthy

    Dont drop the soap lol

  52. Lueroso

    Resisting the urge to sing with Demi Lovato's "This Is Me" was one of the hardest things. I can resist everything else (Raven was the easiest because I've honestly never seen it, ik ik shame on me) but "This Is Me" had such an impact on my childhood self... I did it, but it wasn't easy.

  53. Gacha Ki Ki

    4:39 I have seen this ad so many times and I cry every time

  54. G☆angel☆

    Some of these parents should watch a compilation of adult jokes or just general adult content on shows THEY used to watch as kids.

  55. Lukáš Valjent

    Adults react to Eminem - Darkness or Godzilla

  56. Kevin Hernandez

    React to NLE Choppa

  57. sxturn :l

    Yo Brayden lowkey kinda cute thoo~👀

    1. sxturn :l

      Lmao since whennn

    2. Litan_1298 -.-

      sxturn :l Ikkrrr dats my man though..

  58. Fadil M

    05:05 5 4 3 2 1 Bagaikan langit 😘 (Just like the sky) Disore hari 😝 (In the afternoon) Berwarna biru 😋 (colored blue) Sebiru hatiku 🥺 (as blue as my heart)

    1. call me vin

      Indonesia kita

    2. Aleeya Natasha


  59. Asian Cutie

    3:45 ryujin self support HAHAHA

  60. Dragon123 Dragon45678

    “Cheetos instead of broom” omg that’s so cute 🤣

  61. Ya Boi AJ

    im from a small place where brexit was held and in that country this song is sh*t

  62. Donald Reisbeck

    You should do try not to sing TikTok challange

  63. jam sam

    Brayden is actually pretty good

  64. An Ne

    2:15 is he that dude who teaches math in yourube videos?

  65. Darrius James

    Arriu my name would be dumb

  66. Saabiriin Colow

    Jaxon and his mom enza I love them a lot like a lot a lot ❤❤❤💯

  67. Pugster Animations

    I have a question. for question 5 (Which Door) The first two were lake of sharks and the next was the lions. isn't it both scince sharks don't live in lakes

  68. ballontube the god

    If guys didn't get mr and mrs waterson does 6 times a day is sex

  69. Kaleela Edwards

    Remove the first and last letter of my name it would be "Onel"

  70. Princess Briana

    I saw Addison so I clicked lmao

  71. Ryan Simasek

    Ya? Yas.

  72. Savageisidoro 209

    I’m dirty minded and I’m just 12 years old been since 9 years old

  73. Shashank Singh

    React to logan paul going broke

  74. Cesar Saucedo

    I broke down one time in front of my class because I had to do a speech and there was "that group" that always judge people so when it was my turn that little voice was telling me "They WILL judge you and make fun of you EVERYONE will make fun of you" so that was the moment I broke down so I did my speech another day at a time where "that group" was not in class and EVERYONE that was left in class were my friends and they all cheered saying "You can do this" and they were cheering me on so at that moment I ignored the voice and did my speech

  75. prettyUGLY

    Why's. Mikaelo sitting with her Big sister?

  76. Mike Morgan

    3 GREAT years with trump as president. 5 more to come

  77. Microwaved Sheep

    so is no one gonna talk about what this dude said 11:58

  78. Tomm.Catt.99

    *Oh he knows* 10:00

  79. Natasha Woit

    Cool seeing mikaela mom

  80. Mike Morgan

    Brazil's on fire the world's going to end oh wait nothing happened Australia is on fire the world's going to end oh wait nothing happened

  81. Everett vlogs

    You should react to going broke

  82. oscar

    jaxon is such an eDgY aNd rEbeLLiOuS kid

  83. Ninomiyaオージ

    6:21 I’m pretty sure she can work in Disney movies

  84. Simeon Bhaggan

    "He plays league for god sakes" IF THAT SHIT AIN'T THE TRUTH

  85. Rob Smolich

    f the kid that said i hate radio ga ga f him

  86. Steele McLaren

    Ok boomer

  87. Arthur Morgan


  88. LeAnna’s Country Kitchen

    Nickle back please

    1. Bryan's Bushcraft


  89. Ava Wellington

    Wait I don’t understand the freestyler

  90. Addicted To This

    hey hey react to AJR pls

  91. Actualallym9

    Generations react to Ski mask the slump god pls

  92. Zaheera Mohammed

    I absolutely HATE the way they treat the contestants like you named it try not to SING challenge but give them an X for dancing like broooo

  93. good min

    Lol the dad agreeing with his daughter on the Stan thing lol we stan a supportive dad

  94. Naiomi Timmerman

    Ummm wht time is it by you guys its11:57😅😅

  95. mike105ps

    What’s poppin

  96. Dahyehliazni

    Im early

  97. Hazim Amsyar

    Bagaikan langit sia

  98. Elena Tristan

    Do this with Asian parents, they'll come ready with the brooms, and kids will have their worst day in their life I DARE YOU!

  99. bibleee


  100. David Turner

    1000 water balloons are one huge one and many holes perhaps different colors