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  1. Königstiger

    Remove the WHO CCP puppets

  2. robin vail

    I had a dream they were turning purple.

  3. Lee Felix

    We got 200 new cases just today in S.korea It's getting out of control

  4. Dawn Bentleah

    I take his sons place. Sign me up. Hate this world

  5. AUS

    ironic china talks about racists because chinese are the most racist people in the world.

  6. Becca Davis

    Do u fix the cats so it doesnt over populate, geez it doesnt look like it

  7. dotosmelucio

    You let your family gone in replacement for prestige and power which will not last coz in leadership there is none indispensable

  8. Rome O

    Shouldve invited him to the U.S. and locked him up.

  9. Yasar Beg

    I thought this virus is less dangerous than flu 🤔🤔

  10. Camilo Madrid

    White people vs black people

  11. Carla Broderick

    Down with Putin and Assad. US has nothing to do with this, in fact when Putin took the side of Assad, US gave up the fight except in the Kurdish NE where they advise and supply Kurds.

  12. CyberDasherXD

    Overrated person

  13. Raymond Lo

    She really thinks the 'god' will save everyone? 2:20 ... Sometimes lots of disasters are man-made thanks to these.

  14. Jason Harwood

    What about the UK ffs cant believe half of this mis information bullshit no wonder it's a "keep your distance" time..!! Publics interests come 2nd that's if there even that hight up...long as they maintain control taxes and supposed stability all they care about , we live in a great location to keep this shit away if we wanted to it would cost but they ain't going to shut stuff down and chance the economy and there power over us so we are being lied to and put at risk ....understand it but its still shit and they can do alot more..

  15. jdk Kittrell

    The Chinese government created this global virus they want admit to it

  16. Monyea jojo

    We all came here to see the dick. 😏👅🍆

  17. Track Step

    still to young to judge world hm

  18. Dupa Essex

    2:25 - Another religious cult killing more people and think they can pray away COVID-19...!!!

  19. Cherokee Mack

    Where are they going to send them so they can hide from this shit they've created. Good luck.

  20. Dustin troutman

    How can there be 1k dislikes? so many haters... congrats to these beautiful people

  21. Army Fahhh

    I thought maybe he was Kars because an object hit him causing it to fall to the ground..

  22. jabbar kazmi

    priti patels parents had done PHD in shopkeeping before comming to the UK . ....it was specialization in paper shops i think.....so that gave them 20 points.

  23. sarahx87

    i want that monitor screen

  24. Panamanian Thing Scene

    This is so sad.So many people have lost their lives behind this..

  25. smile face

    i would to stressted out go crazy if in there

  26. Parvez Alam Khan

    This should be a lesson for all those people who target muslims, god has mysterious ways to take revenge, ,uighurs were left in lurch, isolated, killed, no w god is doing the same to china, beware muslim prayers are accepted at gods kingdom

  27. Kenneth Akin

    They say that no man is above the law, then trump must not be a man he must a slippery reptilian snake, I bet he payed off the senate or the senate are all reptilian scum as well. If Trump can get away with breaking the law then so can everybody else, the law is created by man therefore man can break it, and Trump and the senate has showed us that clear as day.

  28. Busty Blonde Beach Bunny

    It's funny Prince Andrew said he was more Ghislaine Maxwell's friend than Jeffrey Epstein's . Even though she is very guilty of Child Sex Traffikking too ! Speaking of Ghislaine. Where is she ? . Probably on her Yacht in Greece alway's on the lookout for more underage cuties to traffikk. She probably has her own private island too. She is a Billionaire as well...

  29. Gauss24

    Conspiracy theorist are gonna be everywhere spreading as much bullshit as possible

  30. Deirdre

    I love how they said "We had to think about it" in unison. Make sure no sacrifices were gonna be made lol

  31. Ria

    Believers in Christ need to pray and fast while we still have health

  32. Sweet Carolina

    ##### Is this just political craziness? Okay, I will say that all the generation my age would start to think twice (you know what I mean) Let's stand up and fight for our Mother's and Father's who are still alive and in there dying age. Let's stand up for Trump for 2020! He is only the candidate where I can see fit for OUR Country! Amen! #2

  33. Çräzy Girl

    Soo means anyone can kill there as gunman not as a terrorist .

  34. Deva karan

    This is the reason god given them Corona as a gift

  35. Love One another

    Glad I didn’t buy cruise tickets as a surprise for my husband’s Christmas gift. Prayers for all.🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️

  36. Gustav_A_Verdade

    Nice try. Nice try. Only a try.

  37. Ron Jefferson


  38. Allen Wu

    Im Chinese from South China. I got to say honestly the confirm case number keeps going down for a week!! If it is happening in your country, could your country could control it like us?? All people in Wuhan stay at home and get test if get cough or fever

  39. DeviantMotives

    That “WHO” guy makes me sick and needs to be fired. He covers up things

  40. jcasa12

    Its like a disaster movie but its real life

  41. SomeTwo

    Bad History-Putin starts playing “Hi,My Name Is Vlad...”

  42. Dsch Dsch

    A current Korean president, MoonJaeIn, is a pro China and socialist. He let tens of thousands Chinese come to South Korea. & look at wtf is happening in Korea.

  43. ShiDaFu

    So, EVERYONE is gonna get this. Figures.

  44. Silver and Stones

    ##### Is this just political craziness? Okay, I will say that all the generation my age would start to think twice (you know what I mean) Let's stand up and fight for our Mother's and Father's who are still alive and in there dying age. Let's stand up for Trump for 2020! He is only the candidate where I can see fit for OUR Country! Amen! #2

  45. Trigger Troll

    It’s air borne it’s over.

  46. raven scott

    he can only be comfortable with his own cousins aka cousin dating. then he be happy boy.

  47. • iAmWosie •

    Welcome to the comment section where one topic leads to another, and then to a war on who's right with their own religion along with racist comments.

  48. Ruby Castillo

    This hurts my heart...I'm a kid myself and I'm scared about this kind of thing happening to me.

  49. TheGerman Fnaffan


  50. Carlias Leiu

    I see the journalist wearing face mask with breathing valve, which is not safe. Better wear those without breathing valve.

  51. Rosa Baruco Pitti

    I have been homeless myself more than once. In one occasion, single mother with a small child, I became a part of a program for homeless family. I had no issues with domestic violence, not addiction but Iow income like many in this country. That program required we lived in churches basements for a week. We have to move every Sunday, except for the weekends of Thanksgiving and Christmas. People fed us and gave us presents. They were nice christians. However, some people treated us "different". I had a job but the whole situation was so overwhelming, I decided to move out of that program after three months. I moved to a room with a friend. I was getting too depressed and couldn't wait six months for the possibility of getting an apartment with housing. Later, I was able to get my own place by renting. I still live with the fear of being homeless, a fear for myself and my family. Its the cost of housing and living cost in general in relation to wages and job opportunities.

  52. Kaung Kyaw

    Wait is it illegal to live in seclusion or is it because they might’ve been there against their will? I was planning on doing this, probably without children though.

  53. mat Right1981

    The Kurds are some tough people

  54. Prophetess Malissa

    Watch Prophetess Malissa On KGsel: Psalms 91 SPIRIT Of Protection

  55. farhad AFG

    طالب یو زای خزه وغیم دولت بی ناموسه بل زای یو هم د سری زمن ندی ناموس ده داسی بی سواده او بیغیرته قوم وغیم دا هر سه د خپله لاسه شوی.....

  56. Ruth Leal

    Someone know if Italia have Coronavirus? Is true?

  57. Maikel Ruiz

    The stupid policeman should get the electric chair

  58. dkiceman10

    Why Japan is being criticized?! Wtf?! They are not even responsiblr for that ship but they helped anyway! The hell is wrong with you?

  59. Paris7Bella W


  60. Amy Jeon

    What a great start 2020 😒

  61. mukden manchu

    Silly local Ukranian!

  62. Shae Love

    I didn't think we had good people on this earth anymore

  63. Zhiyang Lu

    At this time "made in china" stuff has more credibility than those reported numbers.

  64. Deadnitez N.Z.

    ??????white folks think white ways!!!!!!

  65. NightsChapterSeven

    cult leader: mission accomplished

  66. ひきこもり。孤独な死。高橋正臣。Masaomi Eric Takahashi.

    I Am Legend by Wil Smith comes to mind. 28 Days by Brian Bloom also comes to mind. Judgement Day have taken on a total different route according to the movie- Terminator. Ha! Ha! Ha! For me, I hope it will eventually end with the entire U.S. being disseminated by the Corona Virus! Now, that will be extremely interesting as they deliberately inserted the Corona virus into China, they will end up being totally infected by it. I call it: BACKFIRED. The fall of the U.S. Tyrant and we shall be free from their tyranny and deceitful lies, manipulation and bollocks propagandas! Amen to that. Karma. What goes around comes around.

  67. Min Zhang

    I first think no need to change our name to make it convenient for others. Other nationals never really change their name to accommodate others. We should respect our identity.

  68. Siempre yo Yo

    OK I'm not fishing yet, but at first he say contained won't be good solution in other words and should be accepted as daily, as he considering resources? Like in the case is spread globally even in China alone is be a huge burden on resources even they are trying to contain, if you see global population and even they say is a small percent that died I have doubts of that, if you see the number of cases on rest of world that is not china, you see how they are recovering slow or fast on how many dying, if you add numbers of people that will need medical assistance, and for the amount of time, do a single country have resources to allow that thing to be part of daily life? Medical profecionals, medicine hospital space, beds, ect ect, so no I don't think not a single country is ready for let that thing be part of daily life.

  69. Giavani 2016

    So, how does a person in South Korea contract the disease, when there was no contact at all with the virus? Something's strange here. This is acting more like a manufactured virus, which would spread with the wind if released. I think China has committed a great error. Fortunately, we have the technology to identify a human "fingerprint" if the virus was manmade. My gut tells me the Chinese government tried it's best to cover up the release of a tampered virus. One that is insidious, and that can survive outside of a lab. Maybe I'm all wrong. I hope so.

  70. Hue kim


  71. COVID-19

    why does the quality looks like its from 28 days later

  72. 톡끼!!!

    Help me

  73. Prophetess Malissa

    Watch Prophetess Malissa On KGsel: Psalms 91 SPIRIT Of Protection

  74. _Kodokushi _

    "The road to hell is paid with good intention." -This guy

  75. Delisha Taylor

    This is a great story i love this it's so inspiring

  76. Luis Varela

    This sounds like a war with chemical weapons ... maybe a mistake, maybe not so much ... Another Chernovil ...

  77. Oh My Guru

    Watch Sadhguru's advice on Covid -19 kgsel.info/video/video/pYOBx5p_f12ntIY.html

  78. David Longenberger

    It's something how you don't hear any cases in Russia or north Korea or Iran 🤔🤔🤔

  79. DODO

    Idlib is Jihad-infested snake pit. All Jihadis must die. All of them. Now is the time to break this cancer. I’m sorry but this nasty BBC propaganda is beyond the pale: “Oh poor people are suffering in Idlib, oh the naughty Russkies are at it again!” You shut up you hypocrites! How many civilians died in the RAF carpet bombing of Dresden? Were all of them Nazies? BBC - Judas frieking priest!

  80. William Saltzmann

    China screwed up, this virus is all on them and a racist card will fix any of this.

  81. Darryl Redding

    That's why that man is a millionaire, he's blessed and now he is blessing someone else, May God continue to bless you all , Amen thank you sir...

  82. Prophetess Malissa

    Watch Prophetess Malissa On KGsel:: Psalms 91 SPIRIT Of Protection

  83. Just apple, lol

    Today we listening to traitor of russia👏

  84. Lynda Faye

    I'd like to see the TRUE numbers and how they multiplied on the cruise ship, compared to the untrue numbers from China -Must be a way to figure the RATIO, yes ? Can't believe anything from China. Can YOU figure it out ? Also, there are 4 uiv. students infected in Washington-(KREM TV -two days ago; nobody seems to be reporting on- One came to Travis I think ?

  85. Lefty righty

    Mr journalist; what is barbaric and dark is to kill babies.. i understand that people who abort do not see it like this and they are not intrinsically bad, they just don’t realize the truth. You don’t realize which is the truth. There are... MILLIONS of Killed babies.

  86. James Shawn

    Ben is so dumb

  87. Hue kim


  88. JJB V

    Keep it up Downtown.

  89. Juan

    If I didn't know where it came from i'd probably be able to eat it

  90. Infinite solar for all

    One of the best platforms for smaller companies is Podio, it’s a wonderful platform for project management and I’ve used it for 7 years

  91. Abey Qureshi

    1:44 LOOOOOOOOOOOOL - Was he being sarcastic ?? looool

  92. Trae griffin

    Numbers going up but news is covering less 🤷🏾‍♂️

  93. Colshy TheComedian

    The rap dude denies a charge of carrying illegal guns and is under house arrest. 20 secs earlier his mate shoves a gun in cameraman's face 🙄

  94. Vlad Dracoson

    Are you satisfied with the decisions being made by just one govt.... What a pathetic globalist piece of crap.

  95. Franco Palumbo

    UK - WTF - I had faith in you,,,,,No More Immigrants - I want to Visit the UK Again - Now No Way!

  96. Trousersnake Pliskin

    The insanity of the Doomsday cultists taken to it's logical conclusion. The big surprise is that more brain dead fools aren't doing it (they probably are - we just don't know about them yet).

  97. Dennis Valenty

    So wtf Chinese government you are responsible for killing us all.

  98. jess Scifres

    For crying out loud the ever heard of the ice age. it's been melting for how many years? Well it's still melting

  99. Yola Montalvan

    *Have more respect for The President of The United States Of America, Vladimir Putin.*

  100. Max. Z.

    Two Words, Ok Boomer