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  1. thorben bruhns

    4:30 me on first Dec at 00:01 a.m

  2. Lil akr erg Hendrix

    Do they have a doughter ?

  3. MANmadeDIYs -Crafts and DIYs

    Did not work

  4. lasane gamer

    11:05 when you try to slide into her dms

  5. M Gaming

    The harrier is a stunt plane, not meant for breaking records

  6. Flognop

    The squairplane is one of the best if you make it right.

  7. B Hill

    make a paper air plane launcher

  8. Hampus Liden

    Suzanne world record for distance John Collins aka paper airplane guy

  9. The Devil

    Your methodology is flawed.

  10. The Octopus Gamer

    1:00 No, Nate. That's the best thing.

  11. Zen Innovations

    Hey I want to jump too.

  12. Evan HESTER

    put popcorn in the fondry

  13. Jakob Westerlund

    7:34 Whatcha doing with your face K? Lol

  14. Athrun000

    Why didn't you guys try to crush the paper and throwing it... Might into the top 3

  15. Sourav Thakkar

    You can be manly and still be a woman, it's fine. 😶

  16. CRAZY_Bott _70385

    It's not that the planes are bad it's you thats bad at throwing them

  17. Krystian ChemLab


  18. Jaimy Eijselendoorn

    make the wright flyer

  19. jacob reviews

    This was his most viewed video😭

  20. Deborah Johnson

    you should make a giant marshmallow and freeze dry it to make a giant lucky charm

  21. YT: shacco


  22. Detroy Vanwely

    Freeze dry starburst

  23. RaZe Judgement


  24. AudreyArgon

    I use this recipe all the time. Always turns out great. Rest in peace man.

  25. Gabriel Smith

    its all in the wrist

  26. Elizabeth Solokhina

    WhAt ArE ThOsE!? Also can you make a video of Things you should not do with silicon

  27. julien andrews

    The 20th

  28. Daniel Waters

    I did it. I dry my clothes in the microwave and so used the thing I dry clothes with. The microwave.

  29. julien andrews

    Yesterday was my birthday 🎂

  30. Beanie Boo Films


  31. Liz Ganji

    say yo!!!! way to much

  32. The stinger fishing Crew

    First ever video of him i watched 😭😢

  33. keelan James

    My go to is the naramuka lock (excuse the spelling)

  34. Holy Mangoes

    This looked more like a date than anything else 🤣

  35. Dalton Leach

    Blue Rare is superior 💪🏻

  36. Filipe Oscar Clares de Souza

    Have you guys ever watched The Office? To me these two always look like Pam and Jim.

  37. Spencer Shaw

    Calli is so annoying and really not funny

  38. David Zapata

    I guess a ball of paper can do a better job if it is thrown hard enough!

  39. Roisin Doyle

    did any of ye see the bag of freeze dried skittles on the desk 😂😂

  40. Abhisar Rawat

    Now I know which ones to make and become famous among my friends 😉😉😆

  41. Cat World

    To water 💦 prove your clothes

  42. Aiman Mughni

    I am a kid I sometimes youse kids shampoo and sometimes moms shampoo

  43. UwU

    Do the first aeroplane you did in the start but fold the ends of the wings upwards and fold the beak of the plane around 0.25 inches inward.

  44. 9973patr

    What happens if u light magnesium and put it under water?🤔

  45. Ibrahim khaishgi

    How to clean your blender:put toothpaste and blend it at high with a lot of water

  46. T E R M I N A L 7

    3:03 its boiled its boiled its Boyled aye

  47. Timothy Sooknanan

    ʟᴏʟ ᴄʀᴀᴢʏ ʀᴜssɪᴀɴ ʜᴀᴄᴋᴇʀ sᴀғᴇᴛʏ ɪs ɴᴜᴍʙᴇʀ ᴏɴᴇ ᴘʀɪᴏʀɪᴛʏ

  48. Patrick Star

    To all the people saying he ate the chips with the same hand, get some glasses cuz he ate the chips with his left hand and touched the mold with his right hand

  49. Eoin Sheehan

    You guys should set off 1000 party poppers and find out what happens

  50. Dash Gaming

    Please 🙏change your intro

  51. 1388CF

    Cara-mel 🤯🤯🤯

  52. Zile

    They didn't even do the standard paper plane that is shown in icons for website and companies, the one that everyone know... How tf did they manage to miss it?

  53. Andrew Martin

    Nice video, I enjoyed watching it very much. But I think I still prefer steel wool and liquid oxygen its so much more energetic 🤪👍

  54. Colin MacKenzie

    Don't do that!!!!

  55. Nazudi Domingo

    But what happens when they get freeze dried🤔

  56. Rosie McBain

    Idea: try conditioner and shampoo in a vacuum chamber, dry ice, liquid nitrogen or freeze dryer.

  57. Piper Vater

    Between 6:48 and 6:49 why, just why. It’s not even on for 1second. U could have put it up just a tad bit longer so we could read it. Took like 5 tries to actually get it. Was not worth it!!


    John Collins world record airplane

  59. JumpinJimmyjack

    Wow....that was one of the most anti climatic videos I have every skimmed over.

  60. Ailsa Gear

    You should try the shadow paper airplane it is the best one I've used

  61. Majestically Awkward

    I cut my hands on steel wool as a kid - all that bare handed wool fluffing (great band name right?) had me cringing!

  62. Shashank

    R.I.P 😔😔

  63. Silas Griffin

    My sincere apology, to those that had to hear, the first few seconds of the video.

  64. L to try getting 1,200k subs

    The first paper airplane was a paper airplane that glides

  65. TW DODD

    @5:06 Is that a Bab? Definitely not Calli's. Nate or Camera Man's? Congratulations to whomever the parent is! @5:29 Ok, not a baby, a child.

  66. Ana Duarte Amieva

    Nate:*makes nice airplane Calli:Fold is Fold!

  67. Annah Z's Videos and Vlogs

    ok but a laminar flow with gasoline or other flammable liquids?

  68. Phantom Gamer

    He’s in a better heaven than everyone else with us when we die

  69. senthil radha

    Look out for John Collins "The world record" airplane

  70. Nialls World

    Callie tries way too hard to be funny

  71. Alpha wolfYT_356

    Just search on youtube paper airplanes

  72. Jason Campbell


  73. NITMe2 V2

    Whose the baby

  74. DammSkippy

    8:56, un-shameful, un-abashed subliminal plug? I like it.

  75. Cutiepie 3000

    Safia Nygard: hold my beer

  76. Pheakdey Zzz

    "oh no oh no I love it"

  77. KittyRules

    Also i still love ur videos 😉🤩😊

  78. KittyRules


  79. Khalil Randall

    LMAO the freeze dried skittles

  80. fundy games

    6:56 my brain started hurting

  81. Cooper Armfield

    I love that little kid

  82. Layton Ohmer

    @4:07 it is not Calli

  83. L e m o n B o y

    Oh yeeees i live the vintage style intro so muchhhh

  84. Sun Girl

    I have that pop corn machine

  85. Jacob Johnson

    I totally agree with Callie at the end, I would love to see that video.

  86. Blue Enderman's Third Account

    Me:can I lick it🙂

  87. Chaotic Spree

    Can you do more

  88. Christian Opedal

    Eg E norsk or i am from Norway

  89. CDSS

    I made a paper airplane that flew so long but so slow I even tried catching it but it went higher every time.there is a lot of wind too my paper airplane design is very easy.

  90. s. k


  91. Matthew Hawkins

    Idea: Does salt make water boil faster? (Rock salt vs table salt vs etccc)

  92. Isaac Kone

    the circle one is called the hurricane and you're supposed to throw it like a football and it's more of a toy than a paper airplane

  93. Kapitán Lampion

    I didnt know how to spell Calli's name till this intro

  94. Aiden and Reptile’s go together

    The big ninja ball did not bounce so try a big slime ninja ball

  95. Das Christoph

    I wish you tried adjusting the flaps of the plan upwards because it makes a giant difference if you get it at the right angle

  96. ALEX 123

    8:31 *the holy cross*

  97. Ankan Halder

    What happens when you mix aluminium, gold , silver, chrome, copper, nickle and iron

  98. Daniel Walsh

    Chanel superfun just dropped a paper airplane video. Coincidence? I think not!

  99. Marek Scheppelmann

    1. This is an Yoshi-Egg 2. Who get this also randomly in their inbox, 4 Years later? 🤗

  100. Yi Wang

    Have u guys tried taping a light coin at the CG point of the airplane?