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  1. Mal Ahm

    Link always talks as he’s doing things he needs to focus on which slows him down whereas Rhett stays quiet and speaks after

  2. Tristan Damar

    Did Link say that Borax tastes great?

  3. Sassy_ Poet

    That is not something i ever want in any circumstance 🤣💀

  4. ArtisticShadowWolf

    These videos are the weirdest mukbangs ever and I'm living for it.

  5. Annastasha Schultzekov

    You should make one of your punishments having beet juice dumped on you or something

  6. Golden Pants

    BTW a group of squid really is called a squad

  7. Fart Squirrel

    Nicole = a billion times better than Josh... 😏

  8. Meriki Jiya

    “Milks not a snack.” My little sister would fight you tooth and nail for that one. She’s only allowed a glass when approved by mother and it is most definitely a snack to her.

  9. Lets_Get_Faded 18


  10. Lets_Get_Faded 18


  11. Ferrero Gaming

    Morning Wood Milk??

  12. Holl E. H.

    Try not to watch Rhett eyes moving as he reads the teleprompter while Link reads aloud... lol

  13. valli

    rhett bein a karen lmaoo

  14. UltimanRBLX YT

    That title took me a while to process :/

  15. Jaycie Lyn


  16. Alien EH BABO DEE


  17. Chris Moon

    The boiled bacon makes me want to hurl! 🤢🤮

  18. King J Smooth

    Shug did get hit. He got shot in the head.

  19. Stephany Cx

    The lasagna shouldn’t have been fried individually :(

  20. Atamagahen08

    I think my cat wanted to mug Rhett @ 5:12. He naturally has a very anti-muggy walk though.

  21. Dylan McFarland

    I watched it before it’s amazing

  22. Ruben Mendonca

    Medium rare chicken 😐😵😷

  23. Honza Olach

    It’s bulshit

  24. Orlando Güereca

    3:20 6:28 7:48

  25. Jada Jeffries

    What do you do if it looks like chocolate but it smells like poo? Or what do you do if it looks like poo but smells like chocolate? Comment what you think

  26. Stanna Unruh

    When viewers say "Rhett and Link don't get along any more, Rhett's angry" etc send them to this video. They are fine, they have always nagged each other! Lol

  27. gloria espinoza

    Applebees is just nasty 😂

  28. Luke Jones

    Eat your cereal

  29. Luke Hayes

    Rhett calmly talking while link is making guttural noises😂

  30. Luke Jones

    Eat your cereal

  31. Jian Knight

    2020 Anyone?

  32. EzAb Dude

    23:10 Why do tacos? *search*

  33. kenaniah daniel Tulipat

    Terry is too perfect man!

  34. Bradley Naffziger

    Idk about you but I know red lobster for lobster

  35. null-subject

    I don't know what this show is, but I'm assuming it's aimed at children. Even then, the guy on the left was obviously cheating (eyepatch).

  36. TheSoul Heals

    How can they choose Prego over Raos

  37. Katt. ta.ta.

    I don't know if I have watched too much Smallville but Link could become Clark with the glasses and shirt. Clark and Jamie 😂

  38. V01TR0N TRA5H

    “See ladies, this is what’s inside of a man’s head. Nothing!” Me: Um sorry Rhett but I already knew that 😂

  39. Vanessa Lee

    I feel like link would be a beautiful loving mother

  40. 「SAPHIRE」

    The air floam is like slime I wanna touch it sooo bad ! :D

  41. JL Sagely

    Show full of Texas State Fair rejected items.

  42. Riah

    Have fun not pooping 🤣

  43. Friend of Dorothy Zbornak

    I always come back to this video because of 8:14. Truly unnerving

  44. Brain Tumor

    My girl: why won't it go up ima call it droopy Me: 8:19

  45. Raj Boy

    That moment when link bit rhett

  46. will

    How can you possibly get fresh cooked seafood hours after being cooked?

  47. ASR Pokemon311

    any 1 else whatching this while playing new fortnite ate 1 in the morning

  48. mpls LB

    LoL… at 11:12, link pulls away the plate like he's mad...

  49. Bryan Sandoval

    Rhett needs a haircut

  50. Miranda Powell

    “Easter..” “Easter what?” “She said we can’t talk about it. She said we can’t talk about what happens on Easter.” I’m in tears. That was hilarious. 😂

  51. Damian Flores

    No but it’s faster

  52. CelixGawdYT

    Wet Pringle’s are good

  53. The Hotrod Hobo

    Nicole is a savage lmao

  54. Red Cuiseen

    8:43 lol

  55. tcphll

    It's impossible not to love Terry Crews.

  56. clayton996


  57. 0 0

    that whole back and forth about link's mom has me dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  58. Ami Smith

    That's the best thing I ever seen

  59. Ethan Amos

    I think u meant “Ft Terry Jeffords

  60. Ezekiel Grim

    I don't like how basic they are there's no love were is Josh he would make theses better

  61. Grant Soper

    So nobody is gunna bring up that Rhett and Link have switched haircuts?

  62. Ihsan Shafizi

    Well looks like Sonic didn't know how to appreciate the king of fruits of this world.

  63. Queenofpoptarts


  64. cabazorro34

    damn how i miss the old crew :( eddie was the best!!!

  65. Margarito Leonardo


  66. Rae Cherry

    I could get the cure if it's a friend I don't like as much as the others

  67. Something Idk

    That doesn’t count it was pudding not actual coffee

  68. lucio demicco

    This is what GMM has to come back to. It’s just too silly and meaningless now, no way they care about what they’re doing like 3/4 of the times. I still watch but miss these types of videos about interesting real stuff.

  69. Blake Grendel

    This was great

  70. Dylan Hernandez

    what happens if you filter things more than once

  71. The Hotrod Hobo

    *fried for safety*

  72. Nick Griggs

    Link sounded like Shemp getting waxed

  73. Mirsab Hasan

    Y’all better hang on to josh

  74. Andrew Bias

    Ima just say it...Do you guys poop ok?

  75. DremYolok

    I love rhett and link .. I love good mythical morning❤❤

  76. Heinxr -_-

    “Rare” chicken😂

  77. Emely Silva

    What a chaotic episode! Lol I love Ben and the guys😂❤️

  78. Cam

    1. go back 2. dont jump 3. slap the right

  79. littleslut9000 *

    have y’all not heard of lasagna toppers they are legit deep fried lasagna and it’s goooood af

  80. So Satisfying

    Disappointment when he doesn’t know what an echidna is... How’s he supposed to know what knuckles will be........

  81. Andrew Lowery

    Why am I here in 2020? Anybody else?

  82. Rich Biiec


  83. Dave Stalker

    oh man. that squid thing looked like the stuff of nightmares. did yall find that in the upside down?

  84. ShadowBlaze_001

    I didn't know that foods we have today have alternative foods.



  86. YouzOk

    6:30 “bxfhbdggasjvto avocado!” -link

  87. Lup3.

    11:25 we are Grilled

  88. Sillas Lucena

    Most of those would be good if made by a proper cook lol


    When will those raps be on itunes

  90. condingo

    Lol literally only Americans have "Canadian bacon." Here in Canada, the bacon is exactly the same thing as the bacon in the States.

  91. roberto

    They have fried lasagna at Olive Garden lmaooo

  92. Nam3less

    I wish I could go back to those simpler times.

  93. Jordan Skates

    I heard now were

  94. Malkavian

    I voted for every fried dishes because I saw a comment saying American love fried stuff

  95. Shmizy

    Do you guys watch the cw superhero shows or something

  96. Luis Garcia

    Josh is the only reason this is entertaining at all

  97. Aaron Namuo

    I live in Hawaii Kauai

  98. Recon oxy

    I would buy one of ur cups if they werent 14.99 !!!

  99. Nick Morton

    Jam stuff pickled and pickled stuff jammed should find a way to do that

  100. MaFa

    yall catch that synchronized laugh at 2:01