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  1. sassycat103

    I just want to know where Erica got her shirt💛🌻💛🌻

  2. Kayla M

    I would love to see a bridal look using tati beauty!

  3. Jacque Groenig

    I love profusion pallets

  4. Карина Продан

    Tati, thank you for idea of eye makeup. It will be great if you will make a video of eye makeup using smokey techniques with the darkest shades from your palette. In the future, I would be very happy if you released a lip kit (pencil, lipstick, gloss) and a highlighter from your brand. it would be wonderful)) But it will be interesting for me to watch any other new products as well :)

  5. Rachel Uptegrove

    I’ve been dealing with so much pain for 6 years. Going to doctor to doctor. I have very frequent uti’s. I continuously lose weight with the feeling of weakness. I’ve had a procedure and nothing they could find. I have one more before they start testing for endo. This is the most frustrating/ scariest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. Listening to this has seriously helped ❤️

  6. slippy potato

    I just realised I have all these symptoms... Headache Nausea Highly irregular periods Irritable bowel Depression Anxiety Weight fluctuations Feeling bloated all the time Bad skin Hair loss ..... I should really go get it checked out shouldn't I?....

  7. Nelly An

    VIDEO IDEA - Can you do a video on travel essentials (what to pack, how to pack it, makeup on the go tutorial)? I will be taking the Blendiful on a weekend away since it'll reduce brush and sponge space. I thought it would be cool to know how you pack, since you travel so much. <3

  8. livelyoh

    I think a huge issue with getting the diagnosis, in terms of being taken seriously at the start, is that the common knowledge is periods can be painful. We all know about cramps and other uncomfortable aspects coming with it. However, if your periods become too severe to the point in which you, for example, have a hard time even walking - that's _not_ normal. And I really hope our society can stop dismissing these cases as "normal period cramps". Thank you for making this video, Tati. xx

  9. sumara aron

    happy bday for tomorrow 🎂🍰

  10. Amber Aeiker

    liked the video

  11. Corinne T-Sabatini

    Being a canadian and having universal health coverage, I mean saved my life for so many different reasons. Health is wealth.

  12. Anna Williams

    I don’t have it even close to as bad as you do, but I have IBS and I totally understand the bloating thing! One day I could look thin and the next my stomach is super bloated and I feel really crappy. You guys are so strong, thank you for sharing what you’re going through!

  13. Amber Leroux

    I don’t know what happened to others being proud & supportive of anyone being successful. Congratulations on the launch Tati, so excited for you & hope to try to product in the near future.

  14. Lauren Adcock

    loved seeing this, i was recently diagnosed with endometriosis after experiencing pain for over a two years. i had to switch doctors multiple times, & my current doctor who i love so much is now fighting with my insurance company to try and get a medicine called orilissa approved for me to take.

  15. It’skhadija

    One of her small boxes are the size of my makeup collection 🤣

  16. Stacey mazzella

    I don't have endometriosis but what an inspiring chat to help other ladies know they are not alone.❤

  17. FrOsTyBeArKiD

    Your make up is SO good

  18. Angelica Nordström

    I'm sorry, but it's not really fair of you to slap on layer after layer of different lip products, because that's not how they will look by themselves. Yes, maybe you loved the lipstick called goddess, but it's definitely not gonna show the same shade just by it self. Also, how many freaking commercials can you cram into one video?? Hungry for money are we??

  19. PanBun17

    11:43 what?! 😂

  20. EleyaFox

    I have been told that "it's all in your head" so many times. I haven't been diagnosed with endometriosis, but I have many other health issues. I really struggle with medical bills and as a student I don't have much at all income. I've had to choose between going to school or buying medicine so many times. Not to mention between food and rent.

  21. robyn melluish

    Do you get much flashback with this foundation?

  22. mel langham

    I've been begging for a hysterectomy for 12 years and have been to 15 different doctors in the past 10 years. No one ever wants to help.

  23. Valeria F

    As a young girl I really appreciate this types of video, you're sending courageous messages to your community. I hope america's sanitary system will improve to allow those people how don't own lot of Money to take care of themselves. I'm italian and i'm feeling so lucky about our sanitary system! You are so adorable, kind and brave sisters, we all love you! Kisses from Italy 💕

  24. Cherè Steyn

    If I’m not looking, I don’t always know who is speaking 😆

  25. Kimmi Davis

    Who else started tearing up when Tati said she was gonna cry😂but then she gets to health insurance😭😭...I get it....then she uses the blendiful to absorb tears and puts a smile on my face as I look for mine😂

  26. Estelle

    I actually bought the Kevyn Aucoin book because of you, Tati!

  27. LB

    You are a good teacher!

  28. Estelle

    You should try makeup for Sephora Collection, would love to see your reviews!

  29. Charlotte Clay

    A great idea for your shadows would be to release them as quads! So “poet” as a quad so maybe if people want a specific shade but not the whole palette, that would be cool!! X

  30. Lauren Sears

    I'm so glad people are starting to talk about it! I've been struggling with endo for years and have never felt like I've really been able to talk about it, so I'm happy that it's starting to change! <3

  31. Havishma Naomi

    How come, all of you have perfect skin?!!! 😱😱😱😍😍😍

  32. Sara Du Ford

    I have endo and pcos and it's so painful all the time and people say the same stuff. "So take some midol" or "isnt it just like a period?" No! It's more like someone is stabbing me in the uterus with an on fire knife! 24/7! Thank you for talking about it. I think if people could be more aware we could be taken more seriously.

  33. Domonique Coetzee

    Love you ladies sharing ❤️❤️❤️

  34. Star Light Newsletter

    are these predominantly male doctors you are all going to see who are telling you its in your head? or are Women doctors also being so dismissive and arrogant over other women's suffering?

  35. LIBRIAN Sana

    "its not indestructible guyz" XD... tati..that was so funny at the same time plus reminding also XD thats why i love you my teacher... Your the best.. The way you demonstrate things is veryy unique

  36. Vicki Hansen

    Ahhh 🔥 😍 That jacket 😍 from where??? 🕵️‍♀️ Love you Tati 💋💯

  37. debbie tse

    What is that suction tool? Does anyone know the name of it

  38. N O

    I'm still currently trying to find a doctor to properly diagnose me... last one I went to let me describe all my symptoms and horror stories and then said "ok... period pain is completely normal. Let's put you on some birth control" 😕

  39. peanut butter

    Any lipstick over $30 is not worth it to me! IMO!

  40. Devorah Schon

    I’m struggling with my health right now due to Lyme disease and thyroid issues. I can’t afford to go to a Lyme specialist and regular Drs aren’t helpful with it so I’m kind of just living with it. Health struggles are exhausting enough, not being able to afford care for it takes it to a whole other level.

  41. Megan Wadsworth

    Thank you for sharing & using ur platform to educate people about this illness. I don’t have it but just being more aware of it will help me to understand and hopefully help any women in my life who may have it!

  42. Aileen De Ramos

    Can I have all the bad ones 😂😅Thats totally fine with me😬😆

  43. Haven and Nomi

    I’ve watched this video so many times because I can’t get over how much they look alike. Twins are .... super interesting & mind blowing.

  44. Jennifer Kovalevich

    Rebellious uterus 😂 Thank you for talking about this. I had stage 4.

  45. Alice Righi

    thank you. ❤️

  46. Emily An

    sharing this Tati!

  47. Je Ka

    Thank you for raising awareness and openly talking about your experience.

  48. JelenaMaria218

    So great to see that nearly every comment is about Taylor. He deserves it - he's adorable 😍

  49. Clara Asp Norling

    My boyfriend is American and we’ve talked about moving to the states (we live in Sweden atm), but the amount of health care I need because of my endo makes that impossible at the moment. In Sweden we never spend $120 a year on health care, after that it’s free. Same thing with medicine (but it’s a different amount). The shots I take once a month cost over $100, but I get them for free.

    1. Emily An

      they systems and support me with getting help i wouldn’t in a place where I feel like it’s ok. But to sum it all up more education is needed!

  50. briannaeddy428

    I am an American currently living in the UK. Although the NHS has its flaws, it is unbelievable how much better it is than the American health care system. I sliced off the tip of my finger, went to the ER, was seen within the hour, and walked out without any bills to pay. I as well get a half year's supply of contraceptives absolutely free, provided without questions or a doctors appointment. I am terrified to move back to the USA because I won't be able to afford health insurance. It amazes me every time I talk to someone over here who is complaining about paying such a little amount for something that would bankrupt people in the states. America needs to figure it out, because this is not the way to live.

  51. anita willis

    I want the peachy color corrector and concealer. Did u use the color corrector over foundation, the concealer? I've been doing it wrong omg...lol thanks

  52. Rebecca Luckett

    Your like so pretty without it

  53. Loretta Borcherding

    can you still get pregnant?

  54. Arna Sharma

    Bless both of you

  55. Morgan Joseph

    As a woman with endo as well....its sort of comforting to hear this from someone I look up to and watch all the time bc it isn't talked about at all. Talking to my ob about a hysterectomy next week! I am fortunate to have two beautiful children and wish you the best of luck on your baby journey

  56. Arna Sharma

    Bless both of you. Your relationship is beautiful

  57. Krissy

    I have Endo and this is so nice to hear you talk about it had be crying ❤️❤️❤️ really and truly.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TATI

  58. Just Browsing

    I see three Tati's man wtf

  59. haley fabry

    I struggle with endometriosis myself , but my doctor is always ignoring what I am saying, and does not understand it is real pain. This video has helped me hear both of your stories and I appreciate you so much, thank you Tati!

  60. Amber Poleet

    thank you for speaking about this. i know the struggle endo is one of the worst pains ive ever experienced in my life and not many people speak about it so thank you<3

  61. Nathan Worthington

    Girl on left looks like Maggie Gyllenhaal

  62. Taylor_LovesHeartz


  63. superhero sandwich

    Tati! I'm in desperate need of your help. My skin is combination but leans towards oily. I have such a hard time finding a foundation/ concealer and I've been combing through your videos looking for a review on a product that sounds just right. I love more of a natural finish but always been told matte is better for my skin. I like buildable coverage since it mostly an even healthy look I want and just to cover dark circles. Please help with some recommendations! 🥺

  64. Yaslin Coronado

    Wtf there’s 3

  65. Seve Gomez

    I need more videos like this ♥️♥️ Okay. “Rebellious uteruses” cuz same

  66. Elin Carlsson

    Love this, I have IBS and so nice that you are talking about this 🥰👍

  67. Paige fisher(:

    8 minutes of product promo at the beginning 🙄

  68. SceneTripsy DoriTripsy

    I've been following you for 2 years now and I don't know why I just had to come and watch your first video. Let me just say the growth from this to where you are now is amazing

  69. Marisol Gonzales

    Awesome make up!!!!

  70. Becky Silver-Aunes

    Thank you,thank you,THANK YOU!!!!!!!! This is amazing... And you are right!! You are not crazy... Keep stomping until a health provider listens! Great job ladies!! XOXO

  71. Brandi Nicole


  72. Kiran Soni

    this loreal foundation oxidizes on my skin and feels very heavy

  73. Rhiana Knight

    As a girl with pcos and endo running in my family it means a lot to see someone with a big platform discussing this. It’s a daily struggle and people need to be more educated!! You always try to explain and no one seems to truly get it. Thank you tati 🥺

  74. j c

    Honies im 55 i had it for thirty years. C125 blood work

  75. Khardellen

    WTF its going on here

  76. Tiarra Marie

    I thought you guys were tripplets 😳

  77. j c

    Laparoscopy to remove it. Week out of work get scan to see if u need myomectomy. I found good drs i found when you csll obgyn ask if dr works with female problems rather than babies. Most obgyn only do babies not problem. But have it removed. Every time u flow it grows . It can fill your body wrap around other organs.

  78. j c

    I had severe endometriosis for years. You need to get surgery to remove it. It can give you cancer. It will relieve pain ease heavy flows. Mine wrapped around my colon. In the end i was never able to have kids and i got chocolate cyst ovaries and major tumors. I finally had ablation that helped then ended with full hysterectomy. It can make you barren.

  79. DoeDonDoe

    Dreadful?? whatever!! You both are absolutely alive and GORGEOUS!!!

  80. DoeDonDoe

    Love that Charlotte Tilbury is such a girl's girl!! Ohmyword, she'd be so fun to party with!! You go girl!!

  81. Jessica Lee

    I actually like this product, I do find it super expensive though and it does work better if you re-apply the gloss every now and again just for comforts sake and the horrible taste but you are right you cannot wear it every day it's sooo much effort to take off!

  82. jerrylen juntilla

    I hope you will review the Blood Lust.

  83. Carlee F

    When my surgeon said I wasn’t crazy I cried for days . However my bf works in Ivf which makes me very lucky to have someone who completely understands the pain and the disease .but opening that door made me come to realization of everything I’ve been ignoring like my ptsd , panic disorder and bi polar1 but if it wasn’t for my surgeon to notice they systems and support me with getting help i wouldn’t in a place where I feel like it’s ok. But to sum it all up more education is needed!

  84. Beatriz Perez

    Super duper fun and awesome video! In all honesty is the first time I see you three together and when I saw the thumbnail I thought you photoshopped you three time because you all look like triplets 😃🥰 God bless! ❤️

  85. Calista Capps

    Thank you for sharing Tati and Erika!!! You're both amazing women. You're both so beautiful too! Icons ✨

  86. peacefitnesspassion

    You’re so open ..... I appreciate that big time love ya guys ❤️❤️❤️

  87. Christy Sorensen


  88. Adriana Cayeros

    Hermosa Paleta‼️💋

  89. Violetta Terzi

    So what do you do during a flareup? all I can do is take ibuprofen.

  90. Christy Sorensen

    Please do a 2020 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  91. Violetta Terzi

    Our healthcare is insanely crazy and not patient oriented. It's a business.

  92. Enrique Rendon

    Where’s the Blood Lust review?!

  93. Jessica Somerville

    Lol literally looks like she’s getting all turned on by the makeup

  94. Stephanie Stark

    Thank you so much for posting this. This whole video touched me... I have fibromyalgia, I’ve struggled HORRIBLY with inflammation, I’ve struggled with insurance. I have two small children and the struggle is real. I love you so much for posting this. Thank you thank you thank you

  95. magical Fumikoreaper

    i also have another invisible disease, hashimotos hypothyroidism 🥺💔

  96. Ask to seduce Miss

    I’m 17 and have a gene mutation called mthfr, pcos, and we are thinking endometriosis but haven’t been “diagnosed” yet.

  97. emily__reardon

    Thank you thank you thank you. More spoonie influencers speaking out is so f*cking helpful. I’m in between a dx of fibro and eds with pots. Invisible illnesses need so much more recognition. Thank you Tati and Erica ♥️♥️ I’m crying and I’m only 5 minutes in.

  98. Rhrh Ej

    I think it's just about style. And I think you used roadshop(where selling cheap products that people can buy products easily) products mostly. As Korean high school student who can't buy expensive cosmetics, I like some products that you didn't like. But your vidoe is really useful for western people who wants to try Korean style make-ups. Really enjoyed your video☆

  99. Hawraa Beyza Muhammad

    12:47 😂😂 I get it alot too, my poker face 😂

  100. trinity cramer

    I understand about not having health insurance because my mom lost her insurance and was in need of surgery thank god she now has insurance but only for a short time the system is so f'ed up