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  1. ana heflin

    ummm sooo you just so people know that vomiting AND peeing blood are not created from the same infection and would not be treated accordingly... Vomiting blood is usually a serious condition that is usually caused by a perforation somewhere in the GI tract and should NOT be faked lightly. Urinating blood can be from other things such as a UTI. Having the flu, a GI bleed and a UTI all at once are highly uncommon. Also, because of this previous confusion, if you did have the flu, this did not contribute to your "infection." Virus' cannot cause infections but, can impair the immune system, making it easier to be susceptible to infections. Although, i do tip my hat to you though for discussing mental health and substance abuse in a positive way for your viewers.

  2. Tara Veldkamp

    I am PROUD of you. Getting help is NEVER easy. Admitting that there is a serious issue is never easy. Telling people is absolutely TERRIFYING. P.S. The comment about Cancers... Sooo true. :D

  3. medi me

    Thanks for sharing !! I hope all the best in 2020! <3

  4. Emily

    crazy how different she looks now. it's like a whole different person.

  5. Reid Strickland

    I’m literally going to need this solely for the new pressed glitters

  6. Inna Grinman

    Love you Jaclyn. There will always be haters, just rise above the negativity. You got here because of your talent, that’s irreplaceable. You taught me so much and idk why people have to focus on BS.

  7. Leah Nicole

    I miss these videos

  8. melissa chandler

    So glad you cared to be so open with us. You are a beautiful soul and I always back what you say and what you do. It has to be hard to read so much hate all of the time. You are as stunning as ever and you will overcome this. My family has been going through some inner turmoil for years now because of the struggles we have with my teenage son. I know all too well what it is like to put on a brave face and smile through it all because the only other option is to give up or wallow in the negativity. I love your message about saying something nice whenever you can. It really can even brighten your own bad day if you choose to be kind to others. Keep being you and I wish you all the best ❤

  9. Tanila Chartrand

    Well..The hair and conditioning and the texture..im proud of you but a dollar store can do better..

  10. Delana Crandall

    Everything I know about makeup has come from you! Followed you for years. Praying for you sweet girl ❤️

  11. Madi Nicole

    you are beautiful and kind and you radiate positive energy!

  12. Madi Nicole

    mistakes are human. we can never be perfect, especially when you're constantly in the spotlight. I appreciate flaws and slip ups, we all have them. Glad to have you open up about them

  13. Dacia Farho

    Not gonna lie totally missed this like girly type talk with jaclyn! I really miss the real ness and am happy you opened up. I will pray for you and the depression because it is hard. Can’t wait to see more makeup videos and get ready with me’s. I’m sorry as well that people have been rude or mean. But you are awesome!! ❤️

  14. Stephanie Shedd

    You are brave. Vulnerability is being brave. ♥️♥️♥️

  15. Michaela Simmons

    Thank you for always staying vulnerable and REAL! This hit HARD & you are fucking INSPIRING!!!

  16. Anne Payne

    What blush are you using?

  17. Leah Shantz

    Jaclyn, you have absolutely NOTHING to be sorry for! You are right, depression totally ruins your life to beyond other's beliefs. You are such a strong person and seriously I idolize it. I have depression, anxiety, ADHD, Aspergers, sensory problems, and epilepsy and sometimes these things ruin my life. I've had two brain surgeries and I'm going to have a third and all these things just drain me, but I see you being strong and standing up for yourself and never giving up. You help me remember to stay strong and be a badass just like you❤️

  18. Maria Flores

    I'm excited my husband got it for me for Valentine's Day just got it In cant wait to use it

  19. bryana servantes

    Miss these videos!!

  20. yo p

    She is a beautiful girl that's why people hate on her! The fact that she gained weight does not change that.😘

  21. Candace Salim

    Jaclyn, I don't know if you will ever see this.... I have fallen in love with makeup.... I am a Mom of 3 that used to be 375 pound, the last 5 years I went on a journey and lost 245 pounds I had a divorce and my two children and I met my now husband and we had our baby my 3rd. Our son has Cystic fibrosis and that came with anxiety and depression... I lost myself in it. For a year. Then I found my self care once agian and with being a full time stay at home momma now I took time learning about makeup. I live on a tight budget and I have been searching for months for my big investment to start my collection. I have some makeup from my darling sister inlaw... but I take time to make sure my money is going to the best product possible. I love your volume 1 and 2 and today watching your videos and watching the honesty of your spirit I have decided to use my savings I have been holding on to for my big first purchase. I have my cart almost ready but I am still trying to decide on hylighter or brush set. I think you are an amazing person and I hope you find yourself once more beautiful we all go through seasons and I know you will com on top and how you will inspire others! I believe in you and I am a believer, lover and true supporter for life!

  22. Priscilla Casanova

    Still scamming people of your makeup you will NEVER learn what a scam and fraud you are

  23. Bella Marie

    do you know when ulta will be carrying your palette? im very excited, xx

  24. Vicki Hansen

    I love you and your make-up so so much 💯 please never listen to the bulls shit and only focus on the love ☝️💯💕 We love you so much and support you anytime!! The haters can go home and stay there and hate, while we will enjoying you and your beautiful make up 😍 Stay strong babe and I'm so proud of you!! Coming out with a knew palette whit all you got!! Yes girl!!! Do what your heart says and fuck everything els ❤️🌹 Sending a lot of love from Norway 🇳🇴 I love, I mean REALY LOVE your knew baby 🙏🥰 Thank you so much for being you and trusting your guts!! Looking forward to MORE!! 🤩 💃 👏

  25. Bella Marie

    the people who are shaming you are shaming you for being human and it's ridiculous. they have wild expectations of youtubers. you deserve respect and kindness

  26. Holly Chatterton

    Attacking someones appearance online for no reason hiding behind a computer screen. Can't relate.

  27. LaRissa Sherman

    Going on 8 years of supporting you and still curled up in bed watching you like I’m in JR HIGH trying to learn makeup

  28. Macey Roth

    I missed you so much. I’m so glad to see you and hear you. You’re awesome!! ❤️❤️ 2020 is the year of positivity and lifting each other up. I’m sooooo here for this. 🙏🏼

  29. Bella Marie

    you're a queen. period.

  30. Krissy Strange

    You look very beautiful. 🙂

  31. melissa madrid

    I love your videos and your commentary. I am glad you are giving us a video of drugstore brands that you use.

  32. Gina Badilla

    Jac, your transparency is amazing. You are encouraging the spread of honesty and kindness and I am HERE for it. I love it when strangers say nice things to me and I love seeing someone smile when I compliment something of theirs. It takes some courage to speak to people you don't know and I appreciate it when people are willing to muster some up to pay me a compliment. I totally agree with you, when you like something, SAY IT. You might brighten someone's day.

  33. Emma Pratt

    Jaclyn, this was so brave of you to talk about! You're doing an awesome job and always have been. Thank you for being so genuine, it's the reason you're one of my favorite influencers.

  34. Callie Renee MUA

    You probably wont see this, but I feel deeply for everything you've been going through. You are beautiful and deserve better, and I'm so concerned for you. I'll be seriously praying God brings you through this in an amazing way. I was seriously in love with you when I started watching in 2016. I did feel disenchanted during all the accusations and problems, but baby girl, I for one forgive you, anyone with a heart does I'm sure of it. Besides you need to forgive yourself regardless what anyone else thinks. I sort of fell off being a full supporter for a while. I hope I was never one that said anything hurtful. I doibt it though bc I wish people would stop being vicious on social media. You have my full support and I'll be watching everything and hype boo. In all honesty, you are one of the main reasons I started doing makeup and my own social media. Never give up and be encouraged!!

  35. Jamie Holden

    Jaclyn I have been following you since you were filming in your kitchen and anyone who can watch your videos and think that you are anything less than truthful and through and through genuine, is blind. You are such a Righteous woman and even when you think you didn’t handle things well you still hold yourself with honestly grace and poise. I love you so much and I will never stop supporting you. I am sitting here playing with my brand new volume 2 palette just reminiscing on all the times I’ve spent listening to you while playing with makeup. You have been an will always be my ride or die beauty babe. You have a FOREVER supporter here in Oregon. Never stop being you. And I am praying for god to give peace to your heart ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  36. Anika Weber


  37. Annie Novicki

    I'm 24 and After 7 years of heroin and crack addiction I got clean. I just finished 93 days in rehab and I NEVER thought it would be possible for me to feel happy and whole without drugs, since before drugs I was so unhappy. But the power of therapy, finding self love, mediation. All the things to become whole truly do work. And now that I'm where I'm at its so crazy to me that more people don't do these things. I'm so happy for you getting better within, you clearly have a good heart and it's so horrible now nasty people are online. You deserve the world Know that 💜

  38. daniisaurushax

    Colleen was not right to ask you that on the spot. If you were alone, maybe I get it but that wasn’t really right of her. I’m sorry she did that, I’m kinda surprised she did that, but also not

  39. Andria Onespot Thomas


  40. Andria Onespot Thomas

    i love this new jaclyn slay gurrll!!! fuck all these haters

  41. Jenny Bermudez

    Please give her a break...!

  42. Plunkie1401

    The fact that there are people in the world who are so cruel that you have to post a video detailing all this personal information is just so sad! You’re doing amazing, f**k the haters, carry on and keep smiling! You’re fire 🔥 💕

  43. Lianna Flores

    I don't think it was very nice of Colleen to put you on the spot like that. I wonder if she realized how she made you feel before this video...wishing you the best on your mental health journey. 🙂

  44. Angela

    Momma Cabbage Patch dat you?

  45. angela winner

    You should never have to explain yourself especially about your weight and personal business to anyone. It's no one's business! Shame on people for body shaming! I think your absolutely beautiful.

  46. Andria Onespot Thomas

    yaas gurl 2019 was hard for me too glad to see you back @Jaclyn Hill your beautiful person don't let anyone bring you down stand up for yourself be strong

    1. Andria Onespot Thomas

      and weed helps with anxiety

  47. Emily Davis

    So happy to see you back in action and healthy again! OG follower ❤️ always rooting for you

  48. Zarina Samarchyants

    Thank you so much for this confession. You’re so kind and talented. Unbelievably gorgeous, and clearly talented. I appreciate everything you said. I’m struggling too. Relying on anti-anxiety medication for the past 8 years has caused me to thrive in my family life and career. But I’ve become too casual with it, taking far more than I should. But it’s been brought to my attention by my husband that I might be dependent, though I am clearly not an addiction. It made me feel so much better that someone like you, someone who seems to have it all together, is human too, and struggles too. I’m sorry for all you went through, but I greatly appreciate you sharing all of it. Thank you! I know you’ll get better. And I will too. Your supporters have your back. Xoxo

  49. Stephanie Monroy

    Stop feeling pity on her she didn’t care about fans with the rotten lipsticks , she just comes to yt when she have something to sell 🙄

  50. Paola Frias

    “I’m just trying to do the lords work” killed me

  51. A. B.

    Wow she looks so different now

  52. Ruth Yudich

    I love you Jaclyn, always have always will. You’re amazing! Jesus loves you so so much.

  53. madi hargis

    honestly jaclyn is beautiful inside and out🙃

  54. Brittany Dugger

    I admire the way you haven't given up, I honestly do. But if you go ghost mode on KGsel again after this launch then I don't think anyone will believe you anymore. So I really hope you don't because I have missed your consistent uploads! ❤️ P.S.- Thank you for finally opening up to us! Just wanted to let you know I'm proud of you 🥰

  55. Jay Em

    I wonder if she releases eyelashes they’ll come extra hairy too, which is a bonus 😍

  56. Rahema Sohail

    positive comment: love you Jaclyn <3

  57. Helen Cano

    You look beautiful and you are a beautiful person, keep ur head up❤

  58. Leticia Beard

    Sending you so much love girl, you got this!

  59. Leticia Beard


  60. Naama Ramirez

    Okay Jaclyn you need to give us a tutorial video now.🙏

  61. R Ahmed

    does anyone know where i can find those lashes???

  62. NooNooIsLove NooNooIsLife

    omg when she bought them pallets for those girls i was like awww she’s so generous. then i was like oh, that moneys gonna go back to her anyway, it’s her palette 😂😂😂

  63. Oceanlove Loveocean

    I haven’t been following her after her divorce ... more cause I was going through some shitty stuff but want to know the reason of her weight gain... diff times can do this

  64. mandat004

    PLLLLLEEEEAAAAAASE film doing the looks from you launch video. Especially the purple and red/pink outfits. pleasekthanksloveyoubye!

  65. Jsbond1973


  66. sherrie nostromo

    And once again, no videos in now 11 days after revealing her new product. this is why everyone thinks you only come back to youtube when you have something to sell and you do little to nothing to prove us wrong... I've been following you for years and this is extremely disappointing, I regret ever giving you my money...

    1. princessbratface

      sherrie nostromo 👍🏽👏🏼

  67. Analy Fernandez

    I need help picking which precise blending brush is what I need. There like 2 or 3 I don't know what to purchase. Don't know if they'll work the same

  68. Kimberly Crazed!

    Jac you’re beautiful

  69. Jessica Ramirez

    You not giving up is so inspiring!!

  70. Caroline Hughes

    Ahhh, I love how you say “subtle and soft” highlighter and it’s so blinding 😍

  71. Leticia J Martinez

    Jaclyn u look gorgeous here omg

  72. Jackie Tea

    People give you SUCH a hard time about everything and I just dont get it. >_< Do people no understand that people make mistakes and they try their best. Stop over analyzing every single thing jaclyn says and does. It's not that deep. I think she would make a great friend and is a good person deep down despite any mistakes she has made. If I were jaclyn I would disappear and hypernate for the rest of my life... and she has been strong and has turned a shit mountain into motivation. I think she is fantastic!

  73. Caroline Hughes

    I love when you’re all over the place with your thoughts, I feel like it’s so real 😍

  74. Katherine Louden

    girl you should totaly bring back the lipsticks just go to a differant lab

  75. M K

    Like your style.

  76. Noir Lash London

    You look beautiful x

  77. Jessica Pabon

    Love you so much Jaclyn 🖤🖤🖤

  78. Tuyen DanNgo

    The fact that society has made some women feel we have to explain or defend our weight gain makes me so sad.

  79. Maggie Ovando

    Jaclyn ii want your palleta too😘😘

  80. Dena B

    Love your idea of spreading love verse hate! It's crazy how mean people can be, it makes me so sad when I read hate comments, it's so hurtful to all who reads it. Spread positive vibes🌝

  81. ccc ccc

    Why does she look so different?

  82. Janet Wagner

    I wish you the best Jaclyn. You are a wonderful person and I am confident things will turn around for you! Be strong friend!

  83. Alex Hendry

    I wish there was a way of blocking all things that are negative to us. Hopefully therapy helps you block out all the haters. Social media has its blessings and it’s curses and the curses seem to be outweighing the blessings these days. Peoples hearts are dark more and more.

  84. neha rana

    She explains it well

  85. E Gmail

    Oh no.....this routine is not for anyone with dry skin :(

  86. abigail xyooj

    U should teach me

  87. Molly Little

    Loved the part where she talks about positivity! Tell someone when you like their hair, clothes, manicure, anything! I promise they will smile about it for the rest of the day. Too many people are quick to tear down, we need to love and build up 💖

  88. Carly Luna

    It’s always the negative people talking. You’re beautiful

  89. Brittany Young

    Thank you for always being so open and honest! You’re so beautiful inside and out! Quit focusing on the small amount of people who always want to bring you down.. they are not worth your time, and energy. I hope you get all the mental clarity you are searching for this year! Your amazing! P.s. please give me your blending skills! ❤️ ya!

  90. Sydney Cline

    I'm inspired by you Jaclyn! It doesn't matter how many times you fall it's how many times you get back up! You are STRONG ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  91. Elizabeth Denning

    Baby I’m sending ALL my love and positivity energy❤️❤️❤️

  92. DiEtta

    "There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad, and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living!” ❤️

  93. Ada Snodgrass

    His IG is the saddest thing now :( I hope he finds real joy again

  94. Good guy Chucky

    She’s so broken...

  95. Sherelle Howie

    Love you Jaclyn 😍

  96. bebe4choco

    online comments should have new rules and regulations.. People are so crazy behind their screens typing shit

  97. Vickysellshomes

    Keep fighting and being strong. I admire your vulnerability. We all go through difficult times but the important part is to learn, grow and move forward. Blessings

  98. Siane

    I’ve been out of the makeup scene for about a year now after being a makeup fanatic, I do my makeup on special occasions and the og Jaclyn hill x morphe palette is still the one I use every single time since it came out. It’s so versatile and hands down is the BEST palette I’ve ever used. Today I come across the new JH x morphe palette, and even though I’m not so into makeup anymore - I FELL INLOVE. The colour scheme is so me, I can guarantee I’d use every single shade and better yet it’s going to be the same as the best formula I’ve ever used from the OG palette! I will 100% be purchasing it and I cannot be more excited, and that is coming from someone who dreads doing their makeup nowadays hahaha! This palette looks amazing Jaclyn, you should be proud!

  99. X L

    It’s a really beautiful palette, good job!

  100. Elisa Ortiz

    Spread love & kindness!! Couldn’t agree with you more. Girl you don’t need to explain your weight!! Screw what people think! You’re still gorgeous! 🤍