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  1. Cherise Clarke

    He’s 18 he lied about everything end up getting 200k and now he’s flexing on the internet in name brand clothing and showing off the money

  2. No name 33


  3. Saksham Rithe

    I've been through this it's really devastating:(

  4. unsighyettea

    The saddest part here is people are believing that this 'kid' is actually a kid. This 'kid' that ya'll talking about aint even a kid. His name is Quaden Bayles and he is a 19-year-old person with a disability called 'Dwarfism'. He is also an actor and people are still donating to the gofundme page even though he's using it for himself. People nowadays are abusing their disability/ies or powers just to manipulate people.

  5. Pilar Brion

    You are the not the dumbest kid in the class, dumb are those that bully. x

  6. CutieBeans Awesomeness

    For all of you that think he is 18, he is in fact 9. newsone.com/playlist/quaden-bayles-bullied-disabled-dwarf-viral-story/ www.snopes.com/fact-check/quaden-bayles-18-years-old/

    1. CutieBeans Awesomeness

      And either way, it raised awareness to bullying

  7. Aidan ODonnell

    i wanna spin kick every child that bullied this poor child. i reckon i could take at least 10 at once

  8. Ronin Lunarius

    Don't cry you have lots of friends around the world now :). Your mom and you are grate and beautiful people. Be strong both of you I send positive vibes.

  9. Josephdadripgoat Rangel

    😭😢😢😭😭 pls dont do it

  10. Sasanka Perera

    Stay strong. ❤️

  11. Santos Ortiz

    Whoever bullied this amazing kid should be ashamed of themselves. Heartbreaking. Quaden, you keep your head up. Your mom loves you and we all love you!!!

  12. Daniel McClendon

    I knew this was a scam! There's no way your child can be this hurt and the mom keep recording. Straight bull

  13. eb eb

    when he said i wanna die i wanna stab myself in the heart you watch me i swear my heart stopped a 9 year old cannot be going through this

  14. Joe Eagle Mace

    Mom wants money

  15. Arthur Workman

    if this doesn't touch your soul and make you want to be a better human being I don't know what else to say. But i don't believe this is just the work of other kids this is also some idiot adults joining the fray as well. Adults can be just as bad.

  16. Patti Fields

    It’s being said that this kid is really 18 and is scamming people for money. He has dwarfism.

  17. Hoozy

    Lmao you actually think he is 9? This mans is 18😂😂😂

  18. a z

    So sad allha blesse your child

  19. Kumudu Abayadeera

    #WeStandWithQuaden #realhumans I love you, sweet baby, kgsel.info/video/video/ppqk2K2if3eKxn4.html

  20. Itzz Shotgunzz

    I feel so bad

  21. Annie Allen

    💔💔💔 I can't even watch this. My heart is just breaking for this family 💔💔💔😥

  22. reem

    God, he is so young.

  23. Tasnim Siam

    Don't be upset baby.....u looking so beautiful....u looking Daman Smart. Be confident. We all r love u....don't crying my boy.

  24. Rahul Ranawat

    I hate bullies, they are bunch of low life scared and abused mf. Love you bro.

  25. Jonathan Lever

    Get him out of that school too like right away.

  26. Rahul Ranawat

    I will be your best buddy, i will always have your back braa! Rise and shine

  27. Xander Ortiz

    Do you see what this is doing a nine year old boy saying he wants to die and kill him self everybody should stop bullying

  28. Hxneybear Gacha

    Poor Quaden

  29. randomvidz200

    It's its actually a 18 year old boy with dwarfism

  30. aro


  31. Marcus Chang

    Now the problem is: with the virus spreading to the surrounding countries, how Long before we’ll have to stop all incoming flights altogether just to stop the spreading?

  32. Big Boi

    You guys know it’s fake and he has a lot of money , and he’s an adult actor, his Instagram is @quadoss_

  33. Melayu Comel

    Who is going to pay for this? The bully? Nope, they are juvenile and they are protected by government. And that poor kids mental is still screwed.

  34. kiamavani

    I can't stop crying, please god help this little boy..

  35. tK Stolen

    ok no hate but why just record him like tf?

  36. Peekzy

    give this kid a huge hug

  37. Beef

    just homeschool him 4Head

  38. Itsinniah ITS

    When you have cultural practices that are cruel to animals....you will have to pay for your society’s collective sins to these voiceless beings. I hope it gets serious enough to break those cruel cultures.

  39. RaZe Lucs

    This is fake he is 18


    Y’all dumb for believing this😂💀

  41. YM poisoned

    That's the problem in Australia, you guys discriminate against anyone or anything that's different. You won't find this in Muslim countries, no matter you picture them. Try moving somewhere else for your son's sake

  42. James Fletcher

    Love from Ireland 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪 more people thing your a beautiful child than there are haters


    Those affected wedding couples could postpone the wedding banquets till feasible and safer time. Once the wedding is registered with ROM, the validity is most important than to take the risk

  44. magna singh

    Omg this is breaking my heart . I am so sorry baby . Be strong . Be brave. Do not give up . You are the best . I love you . I love you so much . I am your best friend . Parents should teach and educate their kids . Kids please stop bulling. Please . Love everyone. All kids are like flower. Treat them with love .... please .

  45. Hamza

    All of y’all look dumb rn

  46. Amish

    Stay strong bro may God be with you, bully awareness is real thank you mum for sharing

  47. TehhDraft

    I was bullied in junior high. Best advice: stay strong and get through it. Better things are going to happen.

  48. fahad 1987

    Do not ignore

  49. Jamie Hyland

    You scammed millions of people out of there money

  50. vidya ks

    Love and support from us are always with u my boy🤗🤗🤗One day you will be a super star🤩😍😍😍 Love from kerala Thrissurkkari😊

  51. Jamie Hyland

    You sick scammers you handicap

  52. dayy logg

    The Military Industrial Complex of USA will be replaced by the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex of China for the next era of wealth

  53. randolfo nunez

    Eyyy quad i send you a big hug from dominican republic i know how hard is your life but you caunt whit ower love. From your friend RANDO 😊😊

  54. Paris Boyles

    He’s an 18 year old with dwarfism. But yes this video has a good point of the affects that bullying has on children, and even teenagers.

  55. farhan sadik

    do people even marry nowadays?😂

  56. LeBeans69

    Imagine this is a performance

  57. Gypsy Malone

    Aww what a beautiful boy. Be patient. Good will come in your life. 🌹🌹


    Actually he is an 18 year old man acting, he scams people by doing this act if you want evidence well he has an Instagram account and he posted some pics wearing Gucci and other expensive things.Oh and he is flexing his money and showing the middle finger in his Instagram.

  59. natalia ocana

    My principal just talked to my class and told us we had the most fights and that we had the most suspended kids in the school and one student had went home and said "mom why can't you just kill me all the kids bully me"

  60. YL C

    What is COVID-19?! I only know there is China Coronavirus.

  61. Shelly Paul

    Sending love and healing vibes to you and your family. I will also pass this message on to my three girls. This behaviour is not okay.

  62. 1st Luv Failure

    Don't worry baby everything will be fine, one day you will be come a popular boy in the world

  63. Kadir Zengin

    Bullying is pure evil and inhuman. Even if a child does that it doesn't matter. It is the form of pure evil. And it should be prevented and punished in a harsh, effective and deterrent way. So that children enjoy their life at their 9 rather than suffering and having thoughts of suicide.


    He’s a scam

  65. Mi’Auna Tyus

    Ya’ll it’s fake ya’ll dumb

  66. WenLi Yang


  67. Kenneth Tham

    No collection is complete without the MOTFM

  68. itsjustpreston _

    I would bully tf out this little kid

  69. Ur local Mixed glasses boi


  70. indigolady indigo

    He's a midget that's true but happy one he's 18 ...he did this so u feel sorry for him and give him money ...pulled it of well him and his mother

  71. Kimberly Jones

    Why where people saying he was 18?? He is just a little boy

    1. 2 nifty

      He gotta form of dwarfism it’s a vid of him saying nigga and everything

  72. jmj jmj

    Dear quaden❤..

  73. Unpredictable Twins

    Funny how this man trolled the world

  74. Mr Swanson

    Hello. My name is Joe Swanson. I am a cop that is paralyzed from the waist down, also known as a cripple. My wife Bonnie was pregnant for 6 years and we had a son who faked his own death to get out of the military. I have done several homosexual, or gay, acts with my friends Peter Griffin, Cleveland Brown, and Glenn Quagmire.

  75. Jologs 670

    He’s a scam

  76. Mohanasundaram Palani

    Don’t cry baby. You will definitely rock the world.

  77. Chriz_YT Gaming

    Im asking myself right now, How will xxxtentacion reacts about this issue right now if he is still alive?

  78. aissing on a cake

    💔💔💔heartbreaking...he's just a kid. GOD BLESS HIM.

  79. MBA

    HEARTBREAKING no child EVER should have to feel this PAIN !!!!! Bless you sweet Boy and your Mom 😘

  80. Micah Lehman

    They both started laughing, but pretended to cry starting at 1:48

  81. Jamie Lad

    He scammed you all

  82. Arun English

    Quaden and his mother do not know that they are being instrumental in protecting millions of children from getting bullied. Love from India.

  83. jimmy angmo

    U are so cute,now u should understand that the problem is in them,not in u offcourse😊😻

  84. Trap Town xyz

    such a nice video! can we be youtube partners? :P

  85. TB108

    Hes raised awareness, but by posting it online hes got thousands more trolls waiting to bully him online.

  86. Nibba Nibba

    Y'all got scammed

  87. WillDoesEverything

    Honestly this is more of a mental health issue than his physical appearance. “I am going to kill you Carlen”? 5:24

  88. GamingArc


  89. fahad 1987

    Made me cried. Sack the principal and teachers

  90. James Fletcher

    Bulling is y this world will never ever be save

  91. 1,000 subs for pizza

    Everybody got finessed he’s 18 years old his Instagram was quadosss and had 218k followers but deleted his acc because people found out it was fake after seeing videos of him with lots of money showing off and sticking the middle finger

  92. corpz _YT

    he’s actually 18 not 9

  93. RonBa SES

    What does the president say to the soldier?

  94. Daniel Archer

    I'm shocked and upset what reality has in store behind closed doors. Keep your chin up!

  95. WillDoesEverything

    I’m sorry, but this situation just doesn’t make sense. IMO the mother is at fault for how the kid reacts to bullying. At my school when I was younger no matter what you looked like you just stand up for yourself. Also I’m coming here after seeing all the pictures of him wearing designer clothes and the articles about him raising hell in his school class rooms from (get this) bullying others..?

  96. Ramirez gaming channel

    This kid is 18 years old

  97. JBF_3r1k

    hes 18

  98. Linshi Ajeesh


  99. Oliver Baldwin

    Good lad, stay strong mate

  100. go2aiden

    He’s 18 people says..