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  1. Myko Chen

    Losing like a lil bitch now lol

  2. chip block

    I love your series. I assumed incorrectly that the Martian day was even longer then you stated. Interesting stuff.

  3. AmbitiousMuslim Recordings تسجيلات مسلم طموح

    Why is Kansas pronounced Kansas but Arkansas is pronounced Arkansas?


    But Africa has all the resources it needs to be successful,why can’t they be successful without the help out outsiders without being targeted or looked at as a threat

  5. GalacticPasta

    Atlanta: we can rebuild part of I-85 in 35 days. Wuhan, China: *Bet* *Builds hospital in 10 days*

  6. Jimmy Time

    Could the coronavirus be the beginning of the end for the entire world? It all started in China and began to spread. It became an epidemic that quickly turned into a pandemic across the globe. The world was not ready for this virus and all the hospitals became overwhelmed with so many new patients in need of so much care. The world health officials and the CDC became deeply involved and were desperately trying to get this pandemic under control before it was too late if it wasn't too late already. Next, the United Nations and FEMA were in every city in the United States behaving like law enforcement and basically arresting every citizen in site. The FEMA Officials were going door to door, rounding-up law biding citizens and taking them to make-shift FEMA camps throughout the cities for what they called processing, which entailed medical testing and Micro-chip implanting. Every person was forced to receive a Digital Angel, which was a small RFID microchip. This small chip was about the size of a piece of rice and was administered with a hyper dermic needle. This chip was given to every man, women and child. It was placed in the right or forehead. Was this the real 666 mark of the beast? PLEASE ORDER MY BOOK ((( AMAZON BOOKS) USE ISBN # ISBN-13: 979-8613987290 Paperback: 96 pages Publisher: Independently published (February 14, 2020) Language: English ISBN-13: 979-8613987290 ASIN: B084QL45RY Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches Shipping Weight: 7 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)

  7. Alex Alexander

    It was Colombia at the time it was envisioned. Panama was a bloodless coup, when Colombia was uncooperative

  8. Linh Nguyễn


  9. Linh Nguyễn


  10. JohnS Corey

    The video is somewhat disingenuous. For instance to live closer to downtown Chicago you have to be high middle class to wealthy in order to live comfortable. Condos, apartments, and lofts in that are can range from $400,000 to $9,000,000.

  11. Serena

    Imagine living near the construction site

  12. Alan M

    Did he say smoke from cars caused low IQ?

  13. GOAT 10

    My country: Name: Goat mania Land: my room Capitol: my ps4 Allied with: the kitchen and the bathroom GDP: 69 cents

  14. Jacob James

    That warning is like telling a child not to touch the plate because it's hot.

  15. Jim Wahl

    China never had a powerful navy. Ever

  16. Aftab Rizvi


  17. Everquest Sales

    They didn't...

  18. Harry Barodawala

    ahhh that wikipedia list, the birth place of Half as Interesting

  19. Leonid Nikitin

    I wonder if those costs are lower than maintaining all presidents of Europe

  20. Jason Yergler

    The United States government was, at the founding, exactly as you describe the EU government. The U.S. was a creation of the sovereign states that created it. That is why there is a Senate and Electoral College.

  21. Leonid Nikitin

    Why not use Skype? He doesn't have any intelligent things to say anyway...

  22. Eff Gee

    A man is infected with a new virus in Wuhan City Build a new hospital 嘿 Build the hospital And off to the cure Prepare the face mask Quarantine the infected And make the cure The new hospital collection from China.

  23. a b

    Who else is an Elon Musk superfan?

  24. Saleh Alsekhan

    India and Asia hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  25. Charlie King

    easy jet is pretty good actually

  26. RM Hang

    First of all, this virus would less likely start in US.(either WMD or wild animal consumption) they do not need in the first place. Secondly, infrastructure well built in developed countries. So they do not need in rush. Thirdly, the power of control, Not a single westerner like it. I mean it. some westerners saying how much they love China is because they never in deep touch with China. So if you are from western world, there is no need to envy this. there is an old saying in China : 生在福中不知福(Fools never know when they are well off.)

  27. J

    Being picky

  28. sheila guo

    Wendover Productions: Jungles are hard to get through China: No probelem VLM (Vietnam, Laos, Myumar): What is the solution for yo china Nuclear Weapons: Destroys Jungles

  29. Theodore Batkin

    Please do NASCAR!!!! I know it’s similar, but it needs to go around the US for a rave every weekend. Also there are 3 series, and almost all the drivers have personal RVs.

  30. Wheresmyeyebrow

    The hospital is now leaking water extremely badly Please remember that this is China we're talking about. This hospital is built like shit.

  31. Wenboli Max

    125km per hour?that‘s slow than China’s 174km per hour even it is the slowest train in china.

  32. Lelouch Yagami

    India : can't make everyone poop in toilets instead of streets.

  33. jandypimpson

    The real comparison should be between New York County (Manhattan) and Paris. Even though it is one of the 5 boroughs, most people don’t think of Staten Island when they think of "New York" and it definitely knocks down population density enormously to include it in the average. Paris is only ~40 square miles while NYC covers ~300 square miles.

    1. jandypimpson

      Just looked it up and Manhattan has a population density of 70,000 people per square mile, well above Paris.

  34. Say Goldie

    The Appalachian mountains didn’t relinquish evolution; You said this ostensibly. The British Empire actually blocked trade all west of the Appalachian mountains to centralise economic development across the sea-line. Furthermore, during the war of 1812, the British blocked American trade with France, thus preventing the dissemination of wealth, west of the mountains.

  35. J

    You guys are naive if we went in there who would you think would be there? Pretty sure we make the host nation allow u.s in country. Do you not think u.s is a force for good or not, I ask you?


    Australian's you think this is bad the Chinese red army Bio-warfare division is developing far worst viruses than the Corona virus to wipe out the Australian populace for there expansion. 🕵🕵🕵

  37. Jeff Lee

    try walking up the mountain for every run for the entire day and then ask how much you would pay for a lift ticket.

  38. The Wanderer

    China didn't made for free

  39. Taz'dingo!

    "Only in the last 300 years that China took it over" Native Americans have joined the chat ---later booted by Mr. double standard

  40. Matt Kaczmarczyk

    as the world's largest manufacturer this virus could spark a potential world recession CHINA BE LIKE EHH NNNOOOO

  41. Darth Tiberius

    >believing anything communists say how about you check the sulfur dioxide levels around the outbreak centres in china and work out how much of it is present in a body

  42. Matt Kaczmarczyk

    this is why 中国 matters in our modern world, they get s*$t done

  43. Ben Metcalf

    the first human discovered was in Ethiopia not Kenya

  44. Меч России

    Boeing is being a twit :/

  45. Mr David Cromey

    Easy, go back in time to when no country's exist and then claim the world as your own.

  46. David Shiba

    What a bunch of absolute horse crap. I've never endured such a simplistic, factually inaccurate and misleading piece of fiction. I'm sure the people of Tibet appreciate your letting then know that they aren't capable of surviving as a nation and people on their own.

  47. Bleach And Lean

    You do what they do in rick and morty, give the terroists drugs, that way you still get money from their ticket, other passengers are safe, and the terroists get where they need to go, everybody wins

  48. KoepenickDrums

    Berlin Airport? We have two...

  49. No formality just truth

    The whole of Africa is pretty much safe you bloody imperialist

  50. Rafael Niduelan

    "How to Stop a Riot?" China: Yes.

  51. Brent Rhodes

    This is flawed in so many ways that I literally don’t have enough time on my lunch break to explain them all.

  52. Ibn Walid Al Qurashi

    LOL,,, democracy

  53. Sokie

    is that why the Bayonne bridge toll is 17 bucks god damn

  54. James Matthews

    Famous palindrome: "A man, a plan, a canal--Panama!"

  55. JH_Monty

    england: builds a train line in 40 years china: builds a hospital in 10

  56. AX gamer 0121

    With the costs coming at well over £100k. It's a straight no no for many people. Nobody wants to be in debt for life

  57. Kathryn Carter

    What an impressive response by China & construction company. We should all acknowledge the effort & expertise in action here.

  58. darthvader5300

    Haven't you people ever heard of Japan's all lights out 24/7 manufacturing? How about Japan's all robotics factories that can also do it's own maintenance, repairs, replacements, inspections, checks, tests, etc all done by multi-functional robots who also do the same to each other? How about Japan's all robot factories where robots makes and manufactures robots and can also make the same manufacturing facilities and the buildings themselves? All of which were once experimental prototypes in the late 1980s up to the mid-1990s and are now COMMON IN RURAL JAPAN far from the eyes of people because UNIONS DOES NOT LIKE THE SIGHT OF THEM FOR IT PSYCHOLOGICALLY THREATENS THEIR POWER BASE, ESPECIALLY THAT OF AMERICA AND BRITAIN.

  59. Mikel Sopelana Durango

    God bless the EU. The fact that it's so easy to travel around by land, air and/or sea makes my travels SO much easier.

  60. Ramita Shrestha

    Suppose a pregnant Chinese woman books a round-trip ticket to America. She has a visa, and she is traveling alone. However, she gives birth in America the day before she goes back to China; since the baby was born in America, it is automatically an American citizen. Therefore, it needs a visa to go back to China with its mother. Since a Chinese visa takes much more than a day to receive for Americans, legally, the baby cannot leave America, but its mother must. Or at least, that's what I initially thought. You see, the date on which the mother's visa expires is probably way longer than the date on which her flight leaves. So, the mother could immediately apply her child a Chinese visa, and it could be possible for the child to receive the visa, then go to China, just on a different flight. Unless, the visa takes longer to achieve than the mother's American visa expires, which would be unfortunate.

  61. Prince Otter Channel2

    Because trains are what carry people to concentration camps

  62. Tango Jones

    And so, the only real enemy lies within - those who massively imported 3rd world hostile cultures as an invasion force to weaken us from within by attacking our free market, Constitutional homogeneous representative republic. Hence we see the first stirrings of what will inevitably soon lead to the next civil war.

  63. Mikel Sopelana Durango

    Wendover Productions, inciting people to commit crimes while airborne since 1965. All rights reserved.

  64. David Sasse

    Sounds like you need pilots and mechanics.

  65. Marilou Geronimo

    I NEED Philipines

  66. David Sasse

    Correction. They are turbo prop airplanes.

  67. mike buglioli

    These are not hospitals, they are jails where people are just fed and if they live, great, if not, oh well.

  68. PyroRomancer

    There's reports of waste water leaking from the ceiling and walls in those hospital's. It's also reported that NCOV19 survives passing through the bowels of humans I feel like this channel has either been bought by the CCP or even worst, lost it's integrity.

  69. Neolany Jimenez

    imagine not being able to chew gum....

  70. Comrade Vadim

    How to fix traffic? Ensure nobody in the left lane is going the same speed as the other lanes. Perhaps enforced by AC-130

  71. ikram Ali


  72. Brionyx

    If my flight got cancelled and I was picked up by an a380 id be fuckin pumped.

  73. baer008

    How China managed to fool the west into thinking they were able to manage the Coronavirus and safe their population. Yes propaganda still works...

  74. MaryLiz Games

    They did that in 10 days, and here in Shetland they spent like 20 years just debating about building a new high school in Lerwick (Shetland's capital), to replace the now old one.

  75. Reckless Roges

    "one person's muck is another person's gold." There is no waste problem, just a recycling path problem. (So your research didn't cover fast-breeder reactors or you wanted to sound ScArY-wooo! ? )

  76. Matthias Erlacher

    You should make a video on the logistics behind the cycling world tour!

  77. Rahim khais

    'When money is more important than time' Concorde was a time machine Like if u agree!

  78. Joshua Peli

    What about co-financing with private railroad owners more double tracks in order to make travel smoother? And from the new infrastructure create short distance relations between towns? For example, smaller trains every 1-2 hours per direction that do a 4 hours journey between two bigger towns. That would create new transportation opportunities in town that probably in the future would grow thanks to the service. Yeah, it costs money and time but...it's Stated owned and you can't just cut a service that is vital for towns.

  79. Noukz

    R.I.P. Li Wenliang

  80. X O

    The problem is that the western world is always looking China in a western way not a Chinese way. The mindsets are different. Even at it's full power some hundreds or thousands of years ago China never colonized or slaved any other countries. Instead it teaches them technologies and knowledge. Maybe that's why the Chinese culture has existed on this planet for thousands of years and is still a country as a whole.

  81. Anya Roxane

    china is hiding the real numbers until now just as they did coverup the virus... they even rejected help from the usa and soon after whined about the usa not helping them...

  82. Sean Harmon

    Born on Mars? They would be Martian. Next question please...

  83. Kacem Bouras

    Congratulations usa military in killing as much as possible of human being you are the best, keep killing never stop

  84. Thomasshole Muller

    0:39 if I find that person I will first I will hunt him down second I will beat his ass and third I will say this is what u get for saying the earth is flat

  85. Macio Luko

    Space X is working on it. A few more years...

  86. An On

    I’ve flown with ryanair many times actually i would say that their landings are not as bad as some people are making it seem.I don’t fly with them anymore mostly because i prefer Aegean which they provide a much better service

  87. roscoe baram

    The multiple times I've taking amtrak trains, there early and there really nice when I took the empire builder, we arrived 1 hour early.

  88. thot

    These are not hospitals But quarantine zones People there don't have any medicine So thare isn't any machins, water etc just zone where sick people stay Information in this video is not exactly true And they are locking them in their houses witch metal bars ( you can see this on twiter or on mr.obvius yt chanel) Sorry for my English 😓

  89. Shivas Thong

    Nah those are tiny cells for the infected.

  90. Dinesh Jayapal

    Airlines can save fuel and reduce flying time if Russia let's every one fly over siberian corridor

  91. Nahtan Dorvol

    Barrow has SUBWAY now!!!!!! Woohoo 🙌

  92. UD2

    The Opium war and Hong Kong were the literal equivalent of Mexico invading the USA to sell cocaine and forcefully occupying Miami to turn it into its regional drug distribution centre.

  93. Eshwara Shawn

    Normal made in China.. just like LEGO build!!

  94. maxim100

    Can foreign tourist visit Guam applying US visa or Guam visa?

  95. BigfootGaming

    When they say they will name ever country but they name a union of countries and not the separate countries inside

  96. autismo child

    Why TF was there a clip of Malaysia at 11.20 Trust me it's Malaysia the car plates and the bus says it all. Just asking lol

  97. shah

    Long live democracies. 😴😴😴😴

  98. Leo Luis

    Viedo is good but you made some big mistakes. You said that the take-off weight of the a320 out of JFK was 172,000 lb but that is actually the MTW (maximum take-off weight) of the aircraft when it is fully loaded, which it would not be in such a short flight to DC from JFK. Furthermore, you said the landing weight in DC would be 170,000 lb which is almost impossible since the MLW (maximum landing weight) of an a320 is about 145,000 lb. Also, it seems that you are able to fly from JFK to DC with only 2,000 lb of fuel which is not at all accurate. Nor only the trip fuel would be more, but you did not take into account the taxi fuel or contingency fuel or alternate fuel. A more accurate fuel load for that flight is about 12,000 lb of fuel. Also, pilots make more than 80,000 dollars a year. That is only the starting salary for them. A captain in a legacy airline could easily pull a quarter of a million-dollar, if not more. I just thought I point out some of these mistakes since no one in the comments seems to know better. Your videos are good, don't get me wrong, just do more research next time.

  99. Shutter Eff3ct

    Too much shower thoughts

  100. STD Amazing WORLD Khmer

    Wonderful description