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  1. Matias Falckenheiner

    Wow these tips are actually helpful !

  2. LD100

    Plz get a tri pod. Out here getting motion sickness via YT

  3. Najmi Izzat

    do you really need all of these to study?

  4. Alvin Lenin

    Unfortunately, I knew all these features. Great video tho!

  5. LARRY 21

    I'd recommend you use RAW for the Note 10 for better results in Pro Mode.


    *click bait!! Not once did he ever hold a spatula or frying pan in this video


    8:30 “I needed a screen right here just Incase I’m too far from the fridge “

  8. Jonathon Borges

    What color do yo have?

  9. Roselyn Gilg

    wow... I just got a MacBook pro through sterissa12 on 1G..I didn't expect it to work but it did.... so amazing

  10. David Bentz Jr.

    It can game, its not great but I have been playing Borderlands 2 on it and its decent for what it is. I can honestly say i cant wait for devices like this to evolve to fit atn the very least, low grade modern, capable gpus inside without overheating or throttling and staying fanless and silent lol.

  11. ViejoLoKo

    is gonna be expensive

  12. Zeo Life

    I am two years late... can i have Lg Gram 2020?

  13. Michael Sloan

    "you know were gonna hit 1m"

  14. andre torres

    Yo I need that shirt in my life

  15. Stephanie Esquivel


  16. Redrigo Zephyrus

    why u weebs

  17. Joshua Barker

    Who else is sick of the Amazon echo ad now

  18. Jefferson Williams

    Will you be getting the 11pro case ??? Would love to see this same review!

  19. Kelly Thatcher

    Where did you get the Final Fantasy Wall art?

  20. Sizzling Tree


  21. Jasen Petkov

    Bro, tell your assistant to speak more loudly, clearly and confidently, cause he sounds really shy, unprofessional and childish. And u do more research before u make a review or a comparison. Otherwise the video was great and informative.

  22. VIPER56

    Still using the s7 edge. Not gonna upgrade yet

  23. Red alucard


  24. mena seven

    I think the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone is a fashion phone. I like The Galaxy Fold because it is a useful phone that turned into a tablet. I prefer the regular looking rectangular cell phone like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S20.

  25. Patrick Lynch

    Mma Ufc ears

  26. Thanos Infinity

    He looks like floyd mayweather if he was an employee at apple store

  27. BiG BaD BiLLy B

    no no no. you want games that require directional sound accuracy. you need to talk to professional gamers who play call of duty and have them compare... this is not done right at all

  28. Ömer Mamaş


  29. Damien Ridsdale

    Just love it when People like to flex their money

  30. najma mwanzi


  31. Rick Scicluna

    I don't have these earpods yet but I am truly considering getting them now after your video. Even though they would be about $300.00 here in Canada. They should be worth it. You mentioned about the volume not being able to be controlled by the buds? Correct me if I'm wrong but there may have been a software update that gives you that feature? I though I heard or seen that indicated on a recent post somewhere. Not sure though. Anyways thank you for an amazing review on these Sony earbuds. Cheers bud!

    1. Rick Scicluna

      Oh one thing, are there any issues with sound lag at all? Thanks

  32. Hazox

    After using the 7, I gotta say that it's very capable, battery is honestly kinda trash lol, and it feels outdated with those huge bezzles, kinda wish I had gotten the X but I've heard that it has its draw backs too

  33. GrenjaGaming

    The switch turned me out

  34. Awesome Art

    Liked it

  35. Cool Care

    Om namah shivay

  36. Rival Gaming

    But u forgot about a damn Swiss knife that hopefully has a screwdriver

  37. Dib Irken

    I saw one in the aftermarket. I WILL BE BUYING IT!

  38. samantha ferrell

    I went from a 5s to the 11 I’m psyched I love it

  39. Rosman Nizar

    Casual KGsel user: *Watches 'Your Average Consumer' KGsel video. UrAvgConsumer: "I call myself a Pro-sumer" Casual KGsel user: *confused.jpg*

  40. praneeth kalidindi

    As a first time watcher of ur channel it feels so cheap when u say "whether u like it or not" in just under 10 seconds...this is why i dont subscribe to new amaricana apple sheeps...disgusting

  41. 3Gee MOB

    this is cool and all, my only question is, how much is your electric bill?

  42. Taras Pal

    9:38 you need to do an exorcism buddy

  43. Jennie Sapherson

    No use to me I’m in the UK 😭

  44. Adventure Ranger02

    Guys please like for luck so that I can score good in my exams and buy this iPhone 📱🤠

  45. Yousef Alaa

    whoever is thinking on picking this laptop up. do it. the IPS 144hz panel is everything . the brightness is amazing. the keyboard travel distance is more than amazing and it actually makes you type really fast than you usually do. it's a really good rendering machine if you're into editing and also does a really good job with playing games. BUT battery life is going to be a problem for you so get ready for that

  46. Kevin Masters

    The best review on these headphones on the internet. Can you please do a follow-up video to see how they compare even in 2020? Thanks!

  47. Sanjay now!

    iphone 11 accessories - 11min Iphone infinity-

  48. jimmy cychowski

    Just make sure you cut your finger nails before using the Flip mate...lol 😆

  49. Vishal Deka

    Watching this without a switch

  50. David S

    I would hate to be behind you in a security line at the airport.

  51. Kelo Kaufusi

    If the phones did 120hz at qhd then I'd consider getting one. They most likely just locked it and could easily unlock it with an update

  52. Алексей Кононов

    Continuous chatter, 0% - demonstrations. Сплошная болтовня, 0% - демонстрации.

  53. Iam Flashin


  54. Ray

    I’ll wait till LV comes up with a case for it ;)

  55. husni rana


  56. rome Medina

    There's been an update with the app, you can adjust the volume by the earbuds now.

  57. Nikos Taylor

    This guy's voice is annoying af.. Like really really annoying

  58. Marcus Zyker

    I like the anti theft feature of the second one

  59. Insert creative name here

    Am I the only one getting this everywhere in their recommended?

  60. RockStar James

    Galaxy Buds are the best.

  61. Justin Donaldson

    The klipsch speakers😍


    So basically it is how to never stop gaming bundle

  63. Lloyd Vue

    where do you get your wallpapers they look dope

  64. True Talk

    Good job on this one bro

  65. GhostMan YT

    Skull Candy very uncomfortable ☹️

  66. Ranelo Quilatan

    I love that SD Gundam! 😁

  67. Etik Etik


  68. Sksksksksk

    The pro is not the base model though

  69. KidMinecraft 135

    That was mean

  70. محمد علیزاده

    اصلن ویدیومن دانلودنمیشه چرااصلن دانلودنمیشه

  71. Prabhat Sai

    What about galxy buds+ ?? Make a vedio about that also....

  72. manny saad

    Can someone please tell me where the front Corsair logo on the front of the case gets plugged in at ? I have no clue.

  73. Yencia Minnis

    10:26 she was right but i have a chrome cast and it is very useful

  74. Carlos R. Miranda Villegas

    I have a quesition. I got one ps vita portables charger. But when i am traing yo charge it blinks red fast and dosent charge... can someone help me

  75. ZEROKOOL-20

    I hate when people say they have a notebook for notes but the notebook is freaking NEW!

  76. Stalin

    Why is this missing ldac and aptx? AAC and sbc alone, for $200, isn't very good.

  77. 1 23

    DO NOT BUY THESE PHONES FROM SAMSUNG!!!!! They DO NOT under any circumstances take responsibility on any agreement with foldable phones. Any issues you will pay out of pocket for. They have all kinds of little clauses to get around having to take responsibility( just a quick ex is u can't carry the phone in ur pocket WTF) Dont buy it go with another company.

  78. Jamie Birrane

    Could you connect an Xbox Elite Series 2 with an Xbox bluetooth usb adapter?

  79. A'Lexuz Marbury

    This phone is going save a lot of relationships...no more side eye to see who calling or texting...Awww the good ol' days...the quick hang up...OMG NO MO BUTT DAILING...That’s why they drop on Valentines Day...Love is the Air Samsung

  80. Chris Mondo

    All I think of is the Game Boy Advance SP.

  81. Marshall Ck

    I'm going to watch Color Purple on mind's😂😂😂😂2020..What..

  82. Marshall Ck

    Thanks for showing me bro👍2020.. What...

  83. hannan Gamer

    UAC: Apple please bring the touch bar to the magic keyboard. APPLE: *does it and adds another $400 to the price

  84. Levi Smith

    I hope you do a giveaway, with my wedding coming up my wife to be will only let me get this phone if I win it 😂

  85. Jeremy Dufresne

    What is this table/speaker ?

  86. Ricardo Carvalho

    How come is not better compared to X and XS? They r faster and hold way more battery. Who cares about frame? Who can see the diference between LCD and OLD on phones? The cameras is way better. So ya no way X and XS r better.

  87. Ricardo Carvalho

    Wacthing it on iphone 4s sucks.

  88. Kenneth

    Where do you get The nice round soft chairs

  89. justin browne

    So with it being around for awhile now. What you think about this phone for 500 on sale over the one plus 7t?

  90. NaChO

    Can you make video there tier list of best switch games

  91. JaviMargiela FN

    Les go I have one 24 min away from me

  92. Echoez

    I watched a battery comparison of the 8-11 pro max and the 11 lost to the xr by like a few minutes

  93. Average Joey

    Man you’re late af boy!

  94. Cameron Wisdom

    I must be lucky. I wear my PB Pro all day while working and never have discomfort. The case is not an issue beings the nature of my job I’m constantly in and out my car going place to place. So I just keep my case in the vehicle. Battery life is amazing as well. Only reason I have the PB Pro instead of the Air Pods Pro. Availability. I went to Best Buy and they said it will be a few months before air pod pros are back in stock. I said screw that and got the beats

  95. Manish Deotale

    Please share your review on Battery and Camera comparison.

  96. Happy Birthday Samuel

    Pray you both stay together in sound mind and faithfulness

  97. G O

    Foldable phones have foldable components 😂😂

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  99. meister veddy

    Yesss that is a tech heaven. Wish places like this existed all over , sigh

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