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  1. Britani

    I never noticed peachy has one ear that goes up until this video and its so cute 😁. Also, I agree with everyone saying jenna did not need an even more direct disclaimer. People just look for all the bad. As a pet owner of a very large dog you really do have to buy and try and hope for the best. There is no other way to find out what works and what doesnt.

  2. bezerko1234

    You literally are the best dog owner, don’t let anyone make you feel bad ♥️

  3. Skyeizzle La La

    It’s stressing me out that Jenna is stressed out

  4. Megan Coffey

    I have been a long time fan of Jenna and I always will be! She is one of the kindest people on KGsel, we all know she wouldn't ever mean any harm so lets stop trying to spread hate >:( even without her explanation, we should all have enough brain cells to understand this video.

  5. Joharis Arosemena

    Don't worry Jenna! You're so patient and loving with your dogs, we know you'll never harm them intentionally

  6. Gemini79

    all 3 are like wth are you doing to us.. lol .. 2 cute.

  7. H C

    Gurl, you did a great review and should continue reviewing in the future. I have a doxie, so the long body and barrel chest is totally relatable. Great job on keeping it funny and informative - Not for my dog/10 😄

  8. Blue Phoenix Productions

    I love the thumbnail lol

  9. Ken Wat


  10. MistySpring -

    Jenna, You are precious and a wonderful person. People are always going to find something to bitch about.

  11. Elena Solis

    I like kermit

  12. darryn

    when i die i want to come back as one of jennas pets

  13. Lauren Chalupa

    Love it, Jenna. Thank you for reviewing this product. When peach escaped I DIED LAUGHING.

  14. Sa dood My name trevor

    This is the equivalent to the word: 🆁🅴🆃🅰🆁🆃🅴🅳

  15. Kelsey Sradeja

    Why does the drawing of marbles look like a cat

  16. Katie

    I’m not cross, they’re you dogs and I trust your care of them. But god damn the car was distressing to watch.

  17. the name's derek

    jenna loves her dogs more than i love pizza.....

  18. Eliza Gardner

    my second mother, jenna, may you bless us with another plant update in the spring amen

  19. Becca Shea

    julie’s jawline in the thumbnail🥵


    Jenna, i know you probably won’t see this but you inspired me to create my own channel and to just be myself. your apologies are not only humble and great, but they don’t even need to be said. but you do, and that’s what makes you so great. this is the product’s fault NOT yours. you tried and took them out right away. i love you

  21. QueenOfFabulous

    5 years later she owes Jenna money and won't pay her back

  22. Katie

    Peach’s face, she looks so confused

  23. Doodly Doofer

    Jenna when she's sober: "Julien needs a babysitter" Jenna when shes drunk or DURNK: she needs a babysitter

  24. Mrs. Flamingo

    kermit is like "i want to feel your soap on my scalp"

  25. sarah B

    Has peach paid you back yet

  26. Bunny

    I can't believe people we're being such idiots that Jenna had to reupload this. She's just being silly, of course they're not putting their dogs in this.

  27. Brian L

    How about some more Cermet ASMR content? Dog sounds get likes...I think. Probably never mind.

  28. Duckie Barry

    try the curly girl method for your hair please it would be so pretty

  29. Thewaffleduck 1

    Kermit’s face tho

  30. Duckie Barry

    try the curly girl method for your hair please it would be so pretty

  31. Duckie Barry

    try the curly girl method for your hair please it would be so pretty

  32. Spinel The Funniest Gem

    You love your dogs a lot but One of them is a skeleton

  33. Duckie Barry

    try the curly girl method for your hair please it would be so pretty

  34. Duckie Barry

    try the curly girl method for your hair please it would be so pretty

  35. Duckie Barry

    try the curly girl method for your hair please it would be so pretty

  36. Duckie Barry

    try the curly girl method for your hair please it would be so pretty

  37. Duckie Barry

    try the curly girl method for your hair please it would be so pretty

  38. Duckie Barry

    try the curly girl method for your hair please it would be so pretty

  39. Duckie Barry

    try the curly girl method for your hair please it would be so pretty

  40. Duckie Barry

    try the curly girl method for your hair please it would be so pretty

  41. Duckie Barry

    try the curly girl method for your hair please it would be so pretty

  42. Duckie Barry

    try the curly girl method for your hair please it would be so pretty

  43. Duckie Barry

    try the curly girl method for your hair please it would be so pretty

  44. BloodMoon's Bash

    Jenna we love you so much, some ppl nowadays just get so offended by everything, don’t let em stop u from making content, u amazing beautiful person

  45. Duckie Barry

    try the curly girl method for your hair please your hair would be so pretty

  46. Duckie Barry

    try the curly girl method for your hair

  47. Jazzy Panda

    Jenna: *cuts soap * Kermit: My children are dying because of u woman

  48. Krazy Lady Creations and Pearls

    Dude, I can't with you!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  49. boytroyboy


  50. Mr Right

    LMAO when he clearly says no cat and she says do you want a boy cat or a girl cat lmao lmao part two: Do you wanna get one tomorrow or the day after lol

  51. Kayla and Hannah:RFIH

    My husband got this for my pup for Christmas and I was so excited about it and posted it in a Facebook group and people lost their freaking minds over it! You’re good Jenna

  52. Frosty Teacup

    Of course I'm super upset that some idiots decided to give Jenna shit over nOTHING, but I'm also real mad that because of them, most of the comments are about how stupid those people are and defending Jenna (the latter, rightfully so), which makes me miss the usually *hilarious* comment section Jenna's dog videos have. Nice job, bozos.


    So this is just a dog channel now :/

  54. Kira Riley

    Definitely understand the trial and error with dogs. We moved somewhere colder than my dog was used to and he HATED the snow. So we tried booties for him, 4 styles later we gave up! It would have helped going outside but he was so uncomfortable with things on his feet. Money wasted but we do what we can for our fur babies 💜

  55. Ashton D

    Don’t ever come for Jenna, guys. Wrong move on your part. She’s a wonderful person who loves her dogs more than she loves herself. If you were truly a fan, you wouldn’t have come after her for this because you knew she disagreed with the product for them

  56. Kathleen McCabe

    Why? You never cut with a blade towards you cub scout rule number 13

  57. Emily Lowe-Wylde

    Love you Jenna! Sorry you had to make this video :/ Just a bunch of jealous trolls. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  58. InfusedSediment

    Please put your dog on a diet.

  59. Alyssa V

    I use a leash-like thingy, adjustable somewhere around between 1 - 2 feet, that has a clip on one end for their harness, and a seatbelt clip on the other to clip into the seatbelt. They're like $5 all over the internet and they're great. I've got a 40lb mutt and an 80lb pitbull so for sure they'd keep your wee pups safe.

  60. SMASH All

    Imagine having a kid with a soap fetish so you exploit his fetish for KGsel views... this is the equivalent with dogs. And I love it.

  61. yoda

    *_SOAPY BOY_*

  62. Tyler Black

    Im sorry Cermhet, and i say this from a place of love, you’ve almost completely turned into Scrat from Ice Age.

    1. Tyler Black

      Jackson Animation sadly no :(, i do have a moody cat 😅

    2. Jackson Animation

      Tyler Black That's funny. Do you also have dogs?

  63. Capella Does stuff


  64. 5 ft 4 in Protagonist

    love you, Jenna. the reupload wasn't necessary and the people who raised concerns didn't do their own research before commenting and don't know you or the effort you put into taking care of your pets

    1. Jackson Animation

      5 ft 4 in Protagonist Do you also have dogs?

  65. Sandra, The Feisty Mushroom

    😭 He's so cute! Now he a silver fox! #Snack

  66. InfusedSediment

    Your dogs are fat.

  67. Alfred de la truz

    Kermit is the most cursed creature i've ever seen.

  68. Bethany Maureen

    I want yall to know that I was watching this in bed snuggling my dog, and when Jenna asked Peach for a kiss my dog LICKED MY PHONE.

  69. InfusedSediment

    Bunny is the only one that isn't fat.

  70. Bookish_Handmaid

    I am PISSED! HOW are there people out there that think Jenna would do anything to harm her dogs??? Like WTF. Wtf wtf wtf?? Jenna is a gem and despite what she says on her videos she makes solid and safe decisions especially when it comes to her dogs.

    1. Bookish_Handmaid

      Jackson Animation he had diabetes so the end wasn’t the happiest... but he was a silly little boy the rest of the time and I miss him a lot. Do you have any dogs?

    2. Jackson Animation

      Bookish_Handmaid Oh no. I am so sorry to hear that. I do hope your dog had a good long and happy life.

    3. Bookish_Handmaid

      Jackson Animation I used to.... had to put my dog down three weeks ago...

    4. Jackson Animation

      Bookish_Handmaid I agree. People get upset at silly things. Do you also have dogs?

  71. InfusedSediment

    Your dogs are fat.

  72. Peyton H


    1. Jackson Animation

      Peyton H That is true. Are you also a dog owner?

  73. big tasty

    fleb lookin like prosciutto tbh😳😳

  74. Elizabeth Taylor

    Dont apologize to these fucking mobs Jenna you are a human you try things and make up your mind. This is why I would never want to vlog on youtube because people are absolutely crazy.

    1. Jackson Animation

      Elizabeth Taylor I completely agree with you. Do you also love dogs?

  75. Alexander Ivanov

    Suddenly realised that I wanna listen to that background song a bit more

  76. Doctor Oswald

    23:22 Yooo I burst out laughing when Jenna did that perfect impression of Marbles.

  77. Sophie Wesselman

    the fact that people took offense to this blows my mind like go home. we’re talking about JENNAS DOGS. jesus christ. her dogs are treated incredibly.

  78. Ainsley Brown

    I seriously fucking cackle every time I watch a Julien and Jenna masterpiece. 👌

  79. adna b

    you’re not abusive at all jenna please don’t apologize. your product reviews are so amazing. some people obviously don’t know what animal abuse is.

    1. Jackson Animation

      adna b That's cute. I make fun animation videos about a dog who lives in space. Would you check it out? Thanks.

    2. adna b

      Jackson Animation yeah i was. i had a german shepherd. and i treated him like my baby.

    3. Jackson Animation

      adna b I agree with you. Are you a dog owner?

  80. mott knil

    What’s with that potty mouth ? Kind of Skanky.

  81. Kelsey Sradeja

    People WHO I hate. Jesus. Jenna has a masters degree. She should know it’s “who” not “that”

  82. Eleanor C

    At 4:57 did he just lick the bleach?!😂

  83. Hannah Russell

    23:50 makes me miss her cermet videos :’(

    1. Jackson Animation

      Hannah Russell Do you also love dogs?

  84. Jessi 3005

    This is taking it a bit too far. I know she explained herself but I still feel like she's slightly exploiting her dogs too much with this.

    1. I

      Jessi 3005 No she's not, she and Julien were in a car crash a few years ago, so she has been looking for safe options to take her dogs traveling with her. The product has already been reviewed by a vetetanary surgeon, and they said that while it's not for all dogs, it is safe for them to use, and is a good option for car safety for dogs. She cares DEEPLY about her dogs, I think you don't know really who Jenna Marbles is, if you don't know she would never exploit her dogs

  85. Katrina Maynard

    Nicolas cage says “Peach” in the movie two-face or face-off, whatever it’s called. The line is “I could eat a peach for hours” and that line is always stuck in my head I fucking hate it

  86. Elizabeth Cueto

    Looking at weachy all strapped in has me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Elizabeth Cueto

      No, I have cats. One day I’ll get a dog, but only once I have a home with a yard!

    2. Jackson Animation

      Elizabeth Cueto I love dogs. Are you a dog owner too?

  87. Julie Cornewell

    No shade to Jenna because I love her but it’s so strange how they sit in the harness just like my kids sit in their car seat. Dogs don’t sit like that naturally. It looked cute though. I see why the product went viral.

    1. Jackson Animation

      Julie Cornewell Good points. Do you also have dogs?

  88. Alex Tatiana Silva Gualteros

    Who's the marbles video from on Tiktok?

  89. Carley Quintana

    Video idea: dog escape room or maze!

  90. Gwen Whitman

    Me re eating this on my 18th birthday with a plastic tiara and a cupcake- MARBLE 😂

  91. Rachel Murray

    one day marbles is actually going to pass away, the beauty of a video will be the only time caught on camera that he actually moved

  92. Kitten Carritten

    That mercury retrograde really hitting everyone including jenna

  93. treble473

    You embody everything that is good and pure in the world. A true role model. xx

  94. frozen mann

    You got to admit though.. They do look like little astronauts just need little helmets.

    1. Jackson Animation

      frozen mann That's Hillarious. Dogs in space. I make animation videos about a dog in space on my channel.

  95. Deviant anomaly

    I say this with all due respect...WE GET IT, YOU LOVE YOUR DOG!!!!

  96. Emily

    Everyone freaking out in the comments. Me “I wonder what cars they drive”

  97. Tiff

    Please keep reviewing dog products

  98. Katie May

    The safest dog containment for a car is a very bulky kennel, and that is only good for only crashes that happen below 25mph. The biggest reason why you use them is to keep your dog from distracting you and causing an accident

  99. Anonymously Anonymous

    I’m sorry you had to explain so much. Everyone who watches you know you live for your dogs and wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt them. People are ridiculous.

  100. LillianaDodson

    Alright I’m rlly pregnant I gotta go