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  1. Kyle Chellino

    This Riot is driving me crazy! On I55 here in Illinois, they're throwing bricks at people's cars! Now, what in san hell is the point of that crap! You know?

  2. Mark Hoffman

    I like good salmon croquettes.

    1. RVR2

      Yeah it's been a while and they were excellent!

  3. Rik Dusk

    Nice shower stall. I never saw a shower head like that before, pretty cool. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos net worth is now at $147.2 billion, anyone with that amount of money is just sick, unreal.

    1. RVR2

      I have seen them but didn't think much about them till Kate got this one and yeah it's pretty cool. She loves it!

  4. Rik Dusk

    Oh man, right over the ceiling fan light, didn't it short out? So, i have a leak today too, power steering fluid leak on my car, perfect, it's always something. Money goes in one hand and immediately out the other.

    1. RVR2

      Yeah this was not a good situation but we got it rectified.

  5. Luna Midnight

    THANK YOU .... WATCHING HOW YOU DID IT....SAVED ME $ 110 FOR A locksmith... I did it myself for $ 14

  6. Houston Griggs

    Tell Kate that I enjoy all of her cooking videos. They are awesome! We sometimes have Salmon Croquettes also. Love them! I also enjoy Kate’s stories...very entertaining...!!!

    1. RVR2

      Will do! This almost didn't happen but I grabbed the camera and hit record. Both the meal and stories turned out great!

  7. Amor Vitae

    Please add in the description what the story is about also dont forget to add tags. So u can get more followers

  8. Ace Money

    Any errors on your dashboard ?

    1. RVR2


  9. Rik Dusk

    When the wife sees the husbands skid marked underwear in the wash and both start not hiding the farting, or yells at the husband for not lowering the toilet seat, that's when you know the "honeymoon phase" is over.😂🤣😂

  10. Joey The blind Panther

    Richie, don’t know if that dude was hoping to make a deposit at the bank if you know what I mean.

  11. Cavin husky

    Hey I have the same fan in my bedroom what will happen if I put a 4 microfarad capacitor in it.

  12. Kyle Chellino

    I about shit myself laughing so hard! The stories were so funny! Kate I have to give you a hug on that one that was awesome!

  13. defzox


  14. Mark Hoffman

    I’m glad kate likes to do cooking and gardening videos. She adds a lot to your channel. Give her a HUG for me.

    1. RVR2

      Yes she does and I try to help out when I can. Thanks, I will!

  15. Harvey Barnes

    I've had to remove thick branches like those over the years. Storms brought most of them down, but some were just old and damaged. That can be back breaking labor. I'd be sore for a week at least.

    1. RVR2

      Just woke up for work and yeah I'm feeling the pain now.. Might need a 600mg Ibuprofen to help get me through the day.

  16. Timothy Gregaro

    Those colored rocks look great in the plants pots. Pete the Vet stories are hilarious too!

  17. Thomas John Hanlon II

    Using a sawzall to cut a branch like that is like using a spoon to dig a hole.

    1. RVR2

      I was more work but it got the job done.. If the city doesn't pick up the giald branch then I'll get my friend Tommy to bring his chainsaw to cut it up into logs to be hauled away.

  18. Rik Dusk

    The cupcakes sure look good!

  19. Rik Dusk

    I've had to clear big branches from last Monday from pruning the trees on my property and i'm still cleaning up as of today. I hate tree pruning, one the hardest jobs, and possibly the most dangerous job a homeowner does IMO. I'd hire pros to do it, but they charge a FORTUNE and i can see why, tough work and labor. I love these kinds of videos, thanks for doing them.

    1. RVR2

      I had to wait on estimates before I could get started and finally I was able to clean up this mess.

  20. Cee Dee

    You are a good vlogger by the way. I came by from the wasp video and that was very brave of you 😂.

    1. RVR2

      Thanks and welcome! I have several of those videos but I'm guessing you saw the Cicada Killer video I made almost 10 years ago.. Thanks again!

  21. Houston Griggs

    We have a Newer Habitat For Humanity store that opened a couple of years ago that opened in 2017, that was taken from an old Car Lot that had been abandoned and shuttered for about 10 or so years. It’s a cool place, I like it!

    1. RVR2

      Cool! Ours has some decent items but some stuff is over priced..

  22. Kile Bogart

    What happened to your Video Game Channel? Play Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes of Liberty City featuring The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, and Grand Theft Auto V.

    1. RVR2

      It was going nowhere so I quit making gaming videos.

  23. Kile Bogart

    You could have Walmart sponcer your videos.

    1. RVR2

      HA! They've threatened to throw me out Twice for recording in there!

  24. Sheri Guffey

    Also water pumps don't cost that much. It's the labor. Teach yourself how to replace them , I did

  25. Sheri Guffey

    It is better if you take the thermostat out first

  26. NDF Productions Official

    The 2019 model is good and bad. Pro. The infrared video quality is amazing, CONS: regular mode sucks. The sound quality is bad, the mic definitely needs to be changed. Meaning you will have to take apart the camera, pull a better mic off another camera and rewire it into this camera. Even a external mic doesn’t fix the problem. Lastly. It is just a camera made in China rebranded with “Cleveland paranormal supply”. The batterie life also sucks. Also there is a option to turn off the onboard IR light to save batterie, which doesn’t really work because the camera will not save the setting you put it on.

    1. NDF Productions Official

      Erik Sprow yep. If I were you I would just save for a Sony ax-53

    2. Erik Sprow

      So the barriers are dog due then....

    3. NDF Productions Official

      Erik Sprow the cameras are actually ordered from China and all they do is add the IR sensor. That’s it. They don’t even put the there sticker on it like it’s advertised in the pictures

    4. NDF Productions Official

      Erik Sprow not even a hour

    5. Erik Sprow

      How many hours do you usually get out of one of these batteries ?

  27. Gab J

    It’s a queen.


    2:54 I plan to get one in June and I’m surprise that is so small.

  29. Harvey Barnes

    Kate always looks beautiful! She's just wonderful!

    1. Timothy Gregaro

      I agree wholeheartedly!

  30. Megawave 79

    Sad squirrels can even survive falls from multiple stories up higher than you think he'll survive if he doesn't that sucks

    1. Kim Weißmann

      yeah but everybody thinks can means will. they often wont.

  31. MsSeester

    I don't have that specific brand, but the staple gun I bought looks very similar (also a 3-in-1). I was able to get ONE staple out of it, then nothing. Your video helped me solve that problem. I believe I had the tension too tight -- anyway, it worked. I still had to fiddle with it a couple of times, but it worked and I finished my little project. Not bad for an old grandma who's never used a staple gun before. Now I can look around the house and see what else I can fix!

  32. mr.rishie VanGorder


  33. Angela Cho

    wish you had a step by step video on how to put it together. the sliders and everything bc the instructions aren't helping me ):

  34. Nina Simone


  35. Vanmyster94

    Replaced the same #6 coil on my 2007 Sienna. Paid $43.00 for a coil from Rock Auto. Took 15 minutes to finish the job. If it's a front coil (#2, #4 or #6) do it yourself and save a shit ton of $$$.

    1. RVR2

      I know this now but if #'s 1, 3, or 5 go bad, I'll be taking it back to the shop and let them replace all 3 at the same time

  36. bmendez68

    I have issues with soundbar going silent every couple of minutes. have you had any issues?

    1. RVR2

      Not every couple of minutes, but it does cut off after a couple of hours.. I just turn the volume back on.

  37. C-TOP


  38. Piggy Tings

    I feel bad for it just leave it alone

  39. Rik Dusk

    I have one the 1st silver ones which i bought over 10 years ago and i still have it. The grill surface has held up and just starting to show signs of wear now, and i used it to death. It cooks VERY evenly, thoroughly, and super fast. Great product that is actually as good as it advertises which is rare. Great for the winter when it's too cold to BBQ outdoors. I cook as many pieces of chicken, patties, sausages, etc. as i can at once, to save time, i can just reheat in the microwave later. Great product.

    1. RVR2

      This one cooks fast and is very easy to clean. Already used it a few more times for lunch & dinner.

  40. Kile Bogart

    Publix got Cokes on sale 3 for $12

  41. Joey The blind Panther

    When you drove the Durango from cuernavaca did you get stopped at checkpoints like on the road trip from the US?

  42. Joey The blind Panther

    Was it a big help to have your brother-in-law there with you?

  43. Joey The blind Panther

    When something happens that’s beyond your control, I have a quote for that. If I could’ve done something about it, I already would have.

  44. Julio Cesar Lopez Zamora

    And now I want a burger! 😋🍔

    1. RVR2

      They were gooood!!

  45. Mark Hoffman

    You touch that hot surface you will lose your fingerprints.

    1. RVR2

      Oh darn, then I'll never be traced LOL!

  46. chrissy easton

    Cicada killer they don't do much

  47. Kile Bogart

    Are you going to take Kate to Mexico?

    1. Timothy Gregaro

      Seriously! Come on guy!

    2. Harvey Barnes

      Why would she for crying out loud!

    3. Rik Dusk

      @RVR2 i don't blame her, neither would i

    4. RVR2

      No, she has no interest in going there.

  48. Dave Medicus

    I am currently using a WD barracuda 8TB with no issues. Funny thing is I found your video trying to reference where to put the foam pads. I put the small one in the center of the lid and its working great. Such a simple part causes so much confusion. Thanks for the video.

  49. Kyle Chellino

    Do you watch any of the car channels?

    1. RVR2

      No not really

  50. Rik Dusk

    That's a nice drive. Watching videos like this makes me wish i still had my motorcycle because driving through country roads on a warm summer day was the best part of owning a motorcycle for me. Thanks for the video.

    1. RVR2

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  51. RSOJ Vlogs

    But you were trying to catch one Poor guy D=

  52. Kyle Chellino

    I'll drive your truck for a while lol just kidding! How does Kate like the truck?

    1. RVR2

      She likes it. It's serves it's purpose for hauling supplies for her gardens

  53. AtxTrev

    Poor little dude was living his best wasp life 😢

  54. tyler sperhake

    When will you be doing more car wash videos

    1. RVR2

      Not sure. I was planning on doing some pressure washing videos but the branch that hit my shed sidelined that for the time being..

  55. Rik Dusk

    Rear view bracket glue whatever it is, is quite amazing actually when you think about it. Two very non porous surfaces bonded and with extreme heat from the sun, extreme cold on top of that? I've had one side of a cassette tape case left on the seat melt and twist in my car like a piece of toffee at one time. I find the fact that mirrors don't fall more than they do amazing, very rare that they do. That has never happened to me, but knock on wood.

    1. RVR2

      Yes it is! I'm glad it wasn't all that difficult to do and seems to be holding well.

  56. Tactical Bartender

    Cicada killer bee? Don't mess.with nothing but cicadas

  57. rain884

    So The 4x4’s are you but it is VERY wobbly . My husband and his dad and talking some non sense about anchoring parts of the fence to the house ???? (But no idea how that will look or how to do it ) do you have ANY suggestions ? Some of the bottoms of the steel things that are anchored to the concrete some - the weld job doesn’t look very good and I’m thinking that is contributing to the wobble - a few Canadian winters and I don’t know if that fence will be standing - I thought if everything to make it strong but don’t know . Hubby said if we put concrete around the post it won’t make it strong and calking won’t do anything either . I’m out of ideas

    1. RVR2

      If the 4x4 posts move but the metal base is anchored enough, I would just hammer in some thin wedge pieces of treated wood to keep it from wobbling and hope for the best.. If the metal basses are wobbly even with anchor nuts tightened down, they could put some extra washers on the threaded anchor bolts and then tighten the nut on them to strengthen it and hopefully stop them from wobbling. That's all I can think of..

  58. James Howard

    No gloves, no safety glasses, no shirt, only shorts, and sandals. Wow, You went full beast mode cleaning up the limbs. You took a good fall @11:28 hope you're ok. But yeah, thats a lot fo work. Glad it wasnt worse.

    1. RVR2

      LOL! This is true! Didn't fall actually, just tripped up. Thanks!

  59. Mark Hoffman

    That’s something that rarely happens, but all of a sudden. KLUNK. the better you clean that button the stronger the bond, and the longer it will last.

    1. RVR2

      Yep and that's exactly what happened. I sanded it and cleaned it really good with the alcohol wipe included in the kit so hopefully it will stay mounted for quite some time.

  60. Rik Dusk

    Beats the heck out of window AC's huh. I turned on my AC for the 1st time since last summer today also.

    1. RVR2

      Oh yeah the house feels great coming inside from the heat!

  61. Rik Dusk

    Wow, that is a clever gadget.

    1. RVR2

      Yes it is! We'll probably get more of these

  62. cin bober

    This has to be my favorite video yet...Nice job w the lights Kate and this is like a dream where you can enjoy life in a paradise setting.( Beautiful dress you gave Kate too! )

    1. RVR2

      Awesome! Glad you liked it! I'm glad the dress arrived early so she could wear it and share it!

    2. KL VR

      Thanks Cin! You know how I love to decorate things around here. I agree, it's a beautiful dress!

  63. cin bober

    Now that's teamwork! Steelers and Bills combo-style! Have a very nice Memorial Day and as always Stay Safe

    1. RVR2

      We get along great for team rivals LOL! Thanks! You too!

    2. KL VR

      Hi Cin! Same to you!

  64. cory8791

    Man I hate Home Depot but it’s the only real hardware store close to me it’s seems to be a hassle ever time I am in there !!! Thanks for your service!!!

    1. RVR2

      Lowe's & Home Depot are the big hardware stores here in town and ACE Hardware is smaller but seems to be more expensive at times. Thanks!

  65. Master Enki

    Bonito lugar.

  66. Mark Hoffman

    Glad you didn’t drop a tree on your new unit.

    1. RVR2

      Yeah that would Not have been ideal at all

  67. Rik Dusk

    Wow, the lights are so awesome, Kate is a very talented person. She could've been a professional decorator! she sure seems to have a love and a knack for it. What a Cool dress.

    1. RVR2

      Totally! She would rather just decorate our home. I thought it would look great on her and it did!

  68. D Truth

    What were the symptoms your van was showing that caused you to get it checked?

    1. RVR2

      I don't think there were any, just the Check Engine light was on.

  69. Mark Hoffman

    I hope you don’t step on any nails in those sandals. You might invent some new interpretative dance moves and lyrics. That’s a huge hole in the shed.

    1. RVR2

      Yeah I wouldn't want that. Yes it is!

  70. Garrett Zisk

    I can recommend a Poulan pro 14 inch chainsaw. I have had mine for 2 years and it has run like the day I bought it. You should run can gas ethanol free through it. I paid around 114 dollars for it.

    1. RVR2

      I might borrow a friends chainsaw when I get to cleaning up the debris. Thanks!

  71. MediaWindowsLogoEffects123 / MWLE123

    I’m scared how it flies

  72. Kimberley B

    So did your solution from your original ceiling fan video hold up well for you? Our gazebo has a hook at its peak and I'm thinking about doing something like you did. I'm going to post a video showing what's up therebecause I want to get ideas. I would prefer to get a regular outdoor ceiling fan and modify it instead of one of those 20" Allen and Roth hanging fans.

    1. RVR2

      Yes it did. I used this fan last night and it still works perfectly.

  73. Rik Dusk

    This was one of the times you wish you had a chainsaw eh? LOL. Damn good thing you or Kate weren't under that branch when it came down, it could of been a tragic ending. That is a monster of a branch laying beside the shed going past the doors, did a whole tree fall over also?

    1. RVR2

      The chainsaws I had in the past wouldn't start after a few uses. The electric reciprocating saw has done well overall, it's just the blades are either great or crap. Yeah the tree itself is gigantic and this could have been much worse.

  74. Bambam NJ

    Yep as many have already said, this is Cicada Killer, although it looks like a hornet it is classified as a wasp (don't ask me how they make the distinction). These are pretty beneficial insects and as far as my experience I've never known or heard of anyone who got stung by one. They got the name of course because they catch and use cicadas as part of their life cycle. Cicada being those really big ugly looking fly like bugs that make the screeching noise all Summer long. People commonly call them locusts because they have a recurring cycle but they really aren't locusts they are Cicadas. Anyway the Cicada killers will dig a hole, then go catch a Cicada and lay their eggs on it or maybe in it. The Cicada is paralysed or killed. When the eggs hatch the Cicada becomes their first meal. Ain't nature great?

  75. Victor Wilson

    Why don't I feel sorry for this murder hornet?

  76. Oscar Lopez

    How big is the gas tank on your truck and how much it cost to fill up the gas tank at Sam's Club

    1. RVR2

      I think it's a 26 gallon tank. Depends on the gas prices.. as low as they are now maybe $40 could fill it up

  77. Disney Fan

    Thank god it wasn’t your home or the Mega Shed. That still sucks

    1. RVR2

      Oh yeah I'm grateful as this could have been much worse. Yes it does.

  78. Mark Hoffman

    If I heard something that big go CRACK, I probably would have messed my pants. My mom had a red oak with some branches that diameter. She had the whole tree taken out in 2006.

    1. RVR2

      Kate heard it while in the Mega Shed and she about did LOL! This branch is massive and I'll probably need my truck to drag it down to the road for the city to pick up.

  79. Noti Fawkes

    Every year there is one that makes a nest despite eradicating it every time another one shows up the next year just a single guy thank God it wasn't like this one but at least your gas cap door wasn't there so you could see it before you went to pump at least I hope

  80. Timothy Gregaro

    Thank God that branch didn't hit the house or the Mega Shed! That must have been one helluva storm.

    1. RVR2

      Yes it was! Kate heard it come down while she was in the Mega Shed. I'll be spending most of the Memorial Day weekend cleaning this up and making temporary repairs to the shed.

  81. Harvey Barnes

    Just glad no one got hurt. That's the important thing. Everything else can be replaced.

    1. RVR2

      Kate was pretty startled when it came down but all and all we're fine

  82. civick2052287livecom

    That stinger tho

  83. Rik Dusk

    At least it wasn't the house or the mega shed! Trees are nice for shade and stuff but as when they get old dry out and get brittle they become a liability. Shame about the shed.

    1. RVR2

      Oh yeah this could have been much worse. This massive Oak tree is my biggest shade tree but also my biggest liability.

  84. Andres Reyes

    Well that’s unfortunate might be a good idea to get all the trees on your property trimmed/thinned out after this to make them less heavy,I just had that done I have some monster trees probably bigger then yours .. have a good weekend

    1. Andres Reyes

      RVR2 yeah definitely can get expensive fast I had 5 huge trees trimmed a few months ago cost me 4,200 some people wanted 6,000

    2. RVR2

      That won't be cheap. Last time I got a quote to prune this tree it was a couple thousand dollars.. For now just getting this massive branch removed and patching up the shed temporarily is top priority. Thanks!

    3. Disney Fan


  85. Roman Makovey

    Мне показалось, что комментатор русский ))))

  86. Alex Pisocky

    You can get rid of those window units

  87. rain884

    My husband and his dad put the anchors in already and 3 inches of the screw is still sticking up- I don’t know what the he’ll they did !!! The screw is suppose to be drilled all the way isn’t it ??

    1. rain884

      We used 33/4 inch 5/8th thick wedge anchors

    2. rain884

      I’m not concerned about the excess . I’m concerned that they are only like in the concrete about 1 inch each. Fence is expensive and I don’t need it falling down after a what. I don’t know why they didn’t screw in more deep- there is no reason . The wall is like 3 ft hieght some places higher some places only like 1 foot . I’m scared -

    3. RVR2

      Yes. It sounds like the anchor clasps may not grabbing into the concrete properly underneath but if they are, they will need to use a metal cutting saw blade to cut the excess thread bolt away.

  88. jobu88

    Cicada Killer. They look horrifying to Americans because they're so much larger than all our other wasps and hornets, but they're not aggressive unless you provoke them and they are solitary wasps, they don't live in huge colonies like social wasps so you don't get a million of them coming after you if you do happen to aggravate them. And even then, they are known to have sting that is not especially painful.

  89. Kyle Chellino

    KLVR Don't you want to kick his but some times lmao!

  90. Kyle Chellino

    KLVR I had me a great birthday!

  91. Big Texas

    *Never start with the red nozzle, it'll tear shit up fast if you're too close. Like you did the fence. Better to use a 25 or 40 tip for fence.*

  92. Kile Bogart

    The headquarters of Bi-Lo is in Jacksonville, Florida. #DUUUVAL

  93. ChristiaN

    I've heard that squirrels taste like chicken.

  94. Beards and Branches

    Is it normal to have big rocks like that in fill dirt??

    1. RVR2

      No it's not. We told him to sift through it to not bring any rocks if at all possible but there were still a lot mixed in.

  95. Rik Dusk

    Warm like summer one day, cold like fall the next, that's how it's been all through April and this current month here.

  96. Timothy Gregaro

    Your property has been totally redone thanks to Miss Kate. I watched your past videos and they never showed anyone doing anything as much as Miss Kate has done. The landscaping alone would have cost a fortune, but she has saved you thousands.

  97. Tomas Sabaduquia

    Great video. Tried buzz cut on myself for the first time ever. Went very well. Thanks.

  98. Dimitri Bozikis

    That is a female cicada killer digging a hole to bury a cicada with its egg in it. You can tell by its markings and that it has four wings not two. They are harmless to humans.

  99. Mitch Pictish

    Richard let me tell you something! Great darn vidgea bud. Lovin the work here. Pricey but well worth the level sammich here. Get a italian and have em warm up your meat on the griddle.

  100. Harvey Barnes

    Great Idea! Kate is a natural born decorator! Your back deck looks awesome, can't wait to see the lights at night. The plants really add to the down home feel.

    1. KL VR

      My mom did all the decorating and I paid close attention over the years. All my project videos are a direct result. Glad you like them.