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  1. night moon

    You got me on ad anwar🤣😂

  2. Random video

    So the baby in the end is himself , right?

  3. Abdul Rahin

    End was cute 😂😂🤣🤣😅😅

  4. Sharon Lie


  5. Bader Talks

    Subscribe me subscribe you back 👻

  6. dragon beast


  7. Karen Wang

    She went to the bathroom but we saw women’s room but she didn’t come out of that one? Interesting 🤔🤔🤔

  8. elsogt uwe

    The person who hit anwar with the sandal was his mombfor sure

  9. Td Lienkhenlal zou


  10. AbderrahimFG

    انور من فضلك جرب فيديو كامل باللهجة الخاصة بك مع نور

  11. WeebOfLIfe ANIME

    But what I wanna know is what happened to Nina?

  12. erieli hida

    I love dhe fllash

  13. stephanie rodriguez


  14. Reacting or gaming

    me too mine is also August 9

  15. Medemo 7

    So fucking stupid and funny


    We need another episode of this

  17. GlX_ Fate

    That guy that acts as the father is from Dhar Mann

  18. Kevin Montufar

    Yo tbh i have no dad thats sad every day i see everyone has a dad but not me

  19. sarin Tamang

    Best one💖

  20. Sajal Shrivastava

    Its my first time going Disneyland 🤣🤣🤣ever

  21. Alex McVay

    That just instant when he falls asleep

  22. Airport Roblox

    Ahhhh cheated on me how could you do this to me😂😂😂

  23. Shawn Abok

    Just thought of it, but can't Anwar just go from the front door instead going through the pool?

  24. Conner Mitchell

    do a part 3

  25. abdulhaseeb muslim

    Why they didn’t prank us by giving us the cake to eat....😂🤣😅

  26. Luis Alfred Dela Cruz

    u can see wheels on the carpet

  27. Crazy spiders

    By the time I watched this I realized I been watching Anwar for almost 3 and a half hours

  28. Davy sunthana

    I hate this video

  29. Grace McKinstry

    "Yeeeeah, they're fire bro" *pants down to ankles* 😂😂😂

  30. PhantomX 11

    Those pit stains though

  31. kaharoa tetai

    When ads interfere with the video

  32. Arts of Drawing

    😂😂😂wtf men!!

  33. WesternWess

    i hate growing up honestly

  34. WesternWess

    dont know which is which sometimes

  35. Catracho Decent 52D0

    Man they through out Crips bloods Ms 13 18st sur13 fsa adr

  36. Omar Eltoukhay

    0:33 when he stepped in dog poop

  37. Upen Toons

    My sign is scorpio but I'm not act like this...

  38. Enchanted Gizmo

    F**k y*u anwar

  39. Sloppy 3lite


  40. Lazy Boi

    Here in 2020

  41. it's legends player's

    This girl' is so hot😍❤️I love him💞

  42. LtChubb Gt

    Is the dad the actor from dharmann?

  43. Beeka Griffin

    Where did you get all those people from

  44. Katherine Fuentes

    I love it

  45. Ankit Aryal

    I can't stop myself looking at that first girl's nose. Its weird 😌

  46. Rachel Rodriguez

    Bro Anwar man your the funniest dude thanks for making the funniest videos much love bro


    This is so fking Creepy


    Nick is in the washing machine Whit one feet up why will Anwar think he's alive

  49. Joniell Nigaglioni

    ur mom does

  50. S1ashie

    4:00 nice voice XD JAHAHHAHA

  51. kayla johnson

    wwwhhhaaattt..... i do not get this video

  52. SenorHungO

    The guy who played the dad getting milk is also an actor from this guys KGsel channel👉🏻Dharr Mann

  53. Sean1_Philippines

    Read this comment = 1 R.I.P. for Adrian

  54. ii Surxpaxe


  55. Star Banana Cat

    Stop being weird bro

  56. puppys doggys

    I am a Leo and my best friend is a Scorpio...

  57. Vivek Bangar

    Why is she smelling Roses?

  58. Adeeb Khuda

    5:09 I’m dying 😂

  59. Emily Kohl

    Adam: KEYBOARD NIPPLE PIKACHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  60. Emily Kohl

    How does she not hear the pages turning and think it's suspicious?

  61. Emily Kohl

    You guys should make more of these videos! Their awesome!! You should do another girl code one. That was cool! Huge fan!!!!

  62. nisya medina

    who am i? thats a secret i never tell

  63. Zareen Khan


  64. Ghulam Murtaza Bashir

    How the heck did the black t shirt boy even get in this video he teach usca lesson in videos like they regret things they do i am confoused bro .

  65. Ghulam Murtaza Bashir

    Are they all your girls bro ...

  66. Jeff Jedi

    He could have avoided all of that by saying "I did it myself" :)

  67. Ash Daniel

    Can you give me that bro code book?

  68. Haider Raheem

    It's massive That's what she said

  69. Malcolm Doherty

    Their crying had me dead 💀

  70. Amir

    What a Great Idea bro, i enjoyed the Video till the end, shout out for the Creativity ❤✌

  71. Sammie Davis

    Wow. A big twist at the end

  72. ShadowClanNinja

    1:38 what is wrong with her

  73. NoahTheAlligator AsianBaby

    I died when anwar started crying

  74. Cool Kareem


  75. Thomas Diggs

    Anwar: can I borrow a charger? Walmart: you got money?

  76. Paul Ramroop

    Jasmine is HOT.😍

  77. Khloe Avila

    There is a app for fixing friendship

  78. mariam anjao

    WOW! That ad thing really fooled me

  79. SoaR Rex

    132,000 like exactly

  80. FBI

    I got yt prime I new it wasn’t a ad

  81. BALA ji

    Kiss fast😋😂😂😂 ******#AnwarJiwabi****** 😘😘

  82. Colin Homenik

    Those are so easy to save

  83. Game Mixar

    The murderer looks like Adam

  84. Pathum Kavinda

    She is beautiful

  85. ZWRulez

    Adam be like: “We went ice cream.” “After the baseball-ice cream?” “We went to baseball then we got ice cream then we went home elder.” “After we went to the baseball game, we went had ice cream, with your- with your grandma’s house!” I’m dead😂😂

  86. Explosive Gamers

    So he had dog poo in rick flairs car

  87. Gurshan Bhullar

    You know it’s sad when you have a better relationship with ur barber that ur girlfriend🤣🤣

  88. Fatima vlogs

    1:34 you can see he spit a bit 😂

  89. Mimi Macaroni

    Did they lose?

  90. Ashlyn H

    I knew the add was fake cause the words “ad one of two” came up before the ad

  91. ÎTAMÎ •

    Aghh this is so weird

  92. Kenny GarciaVargas


  93. Asusa

    6ix9ine’s last famous words 😢😢

  94. Bi Bi


  95. Nareh Shahgaldyan

    Anyone else see that these are people from Dhar man

  96. Thicc Fungus

    Will someone please tell me what the Blue and Yellow do