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Memento mori.
Unus annus.

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  1. Ignite me

    OMG! IM CRYING! The first time I lost a pup was with my dog...jasper. He was a pit bull JUDGE ME FOR HAVING A PIT I DARE YOU! So anyway, Jasper, was abused when he was a puppy. I had to put him down in April 2018. I am STILL crying everyday. Because THERE WAS NOTHING WE COULD FRIKING DO TO STOP IT I STILL HATE MYSELF BUT COULD I HAVE DONE?!? HE WAS 5 YEARS OLD! HE HAD HIS LIFE AHEAD OF HIM

  2. killer oblivin

    They should have looked up axe throwing before the did this the might have been more accurate

  3. Ronnie :pp

    Memorable Quotes Of This Video: “Mmmm velvet” - Ethan “aBc cAsKeTs” - Mark “We are the ones inside the casket” - Mark

  4. FirewolfMusic&Vlogs

    "Your dick is stuck in the track" HOW?! What were you doing to that poor track?! - Dylynn

  5. Joker Unknown

    Yourfavoritemartin, One of my favorite music channels... sad 😞

  6. BoulderGaming

    I did the exact same answers as mark

  7. Dorian DiAnda

    Mark only did 10 pull-ups

  8. Rhattatatt

    Day ninety six of making my voice heard before it's too late.

  9. Jess Productions

    Master Bella looks like she's trying to put up with you guys 😂

  10. avery coffey

    Just kill everyone

  11. mysterious YouTuber

    33 seconds in and my name is called yah :) :) :)

  12. justin levine

    Mark can u sub to my channel

  13. exacto

    the way ethan is not competitive at all and mark is just ,,,,,,,,, there

  14. YungLeprosy _

    I would flip the lever back and forth and get people to place bets on which way it will go. Gotta love trolly roulette

  15. Term

    5:55 za hando sound plays Is ThaT J O jO ReFtEnce

  16. Kate Brown

    Mark finished pretty strong on the mile, when I had to do it my best time was 8:20 something. Go mark!!

  17. djmasterruski

    Momento mori: kitty0706 Everytime I go back and watch some of his videos I'm blown away by how good his comedic timing was and how well he could make good videos at the time. It's unfortunate that leukemia took him away. He had a real talent for what he did.

  18. Hooman Bean

    The editing in these vids are really good! Well done everyone who edits for the channel! :)

  19. Gabriel Moreno

    All i can say is oof

  20. DethMagnetik

    What if I am already subscribed?

  21. Joseph Packard


  22. exacto

    i feel so bad for the professionals that do the videos with them omg

  23. MarioMasterK

    Episode 100. Congrats. ...I want you all to know this. You too, @Unus Annus . I'm making a compilation folder for all this. "Anno Uno Memorium". Why? Because we can't remember without help.

  24. JuneBrian Lee

    It cant be glendale. Theres only 1 L

  25. F.B.I

    That’s 500 point a right there

  26. yeLLow

    The forget ya name video is free on KGsel. The whole experience

  27. Rin

    no mark, that's not the bystander effect x3 that's seperate thing involving liability when many other people are around.

  28. mason gallagher

    Ultimate trolley problem? This doesn't look like trial by trolley, now available on amazon

  29. Squidweed

    These two concepts are clearly not compatible. She's all like "No, no talking back. 10 pushups." But it's for entertainment, and it's for teaching people at home too. I'm not mad at her, it's just that these two concepts heavily clash.

  30. Olenhol

    Also. Protect myself... Always

  31. ArcticWolf

    Mark sings 9 in the afternoon by Panic! At The Disco instead of Black Parade by MCR lol

  32. LavaCaptain2000

    It’s been 99 days You have one chance Subscribe

  33. Olenhol

    I think like... If were in 5 Man bunch i would want to kill solo Man to Save me. If i were solo, i would think that Man switching is Killing me. Ergo doing nothing keeps mourder from ppl involved. Some other sick fuck needs to pay for this. Ill not take it on me.

  34. LavaCaptain2000

    It’s been 98 days You have one chance Subscribe

  35. Marc-André Demers

    The five people getting killed by the trolley is a tragic accident. You choosing to actively *kill* one completely unrelated person to save five others from a tragic accident, that's effectively murder. Would you want a doctor to let you die so they could save five people with your organs? It's not your fault that those five people are sick and you have as much a right to life as them.

  36. Cloud

    did they train the "puppies" from the escape room here

  37. Death Unicorns

    14:30 I thought mark wasn’t rubbing his own arm~

  38. LavaCaptain2000

    It’s been 97 days You have one chance Subscribe

  39. Bipsy Cupcake

    I would have walked away from the particle one because I dun understand any of it.

  40. LavaCaptain2000

    It’s been 96 days You have one chance Subscribe

  41. LavaCaptain2000

    It’s been 95 days You have one chance Subscribe

  42. M Violette

    My 6 year old asked if Ethan is a kid or a grown up. 🤣

  43. LavaCaptain2000

    It’s been 94 Days You have one chance Subscribe

  44. Kimchi 2020

    Ethan: *awkwardly good job good job

  45. Stephanie Thompson

    Ethan: is completely used to being shown up and put down by mark, and used to mark rubbing it in. Mark: gets shown up once by Ethan, who says "hmm interesting" sarcastically, and is immediately shook to his core, and pouty. I think it's fairly safe to say I know who's the mature one here.

  46. Hydra Theta

    Mark has never looked more asian than he did in this video XD.

  47. LavaCaptain2000

    It’s been 93 days You have one chance Subscribe

  48. Gacha lunar Studios

    I was eating cereal and I choked on my cereal;-;

  49. TKelly11

    Pull the lever every time, when will be the next time you get to pull a train lever?

  50. LavaCaptain2000

    It’s been 92 days You have one chance Subscribe

  51. Flowering Flame

    For the really complicated one I think that I would not pull the lever because, as described in the situation, you don’t actually know what’s going on because you don’t understand the moral/physics concepts at play. Why would you do anything if you don’t get it? However, if I personally was in that situation, I think I would pull the lever. I don’t completely grasp all the concepts but I understand enough to know that if I didn’t pull the lever I would never know whether anybody died or not. I think pulling the lever and knowing that some people did (or didn’t) die would be better that always wondering. Thanks you for coming to my Ted talk.

  52. LavaCaptain2000

    It’s been 91 days You have one chance Subscribe

  53. LavaCaptain2000

    It’s been 90 days You have one chance Subscribe

  54. Ronnie :pp

    Memorable Quotes Of This Video: “I didn’t mean to stab it” - Ethan “It’s mabelt tour” - Ethan “I’m this long” - Ethan “I’ve got a pencil” - Mark “How you saw?” - Ethan “Is the tounge necessary?” - Mark “Mama I’m learning!!” - Ethan “Ethan, get on your knees” - Mark “The nail” - Mark

  55. exacto

    ethan's lowkey second hand embarrassment lmaoooo Mark: People say that i'm a masochist; that i love pain. Ethan, shaking his head: *I will throw myself off a bridge right now*

  56. kirksyy

    fuck it, kill all 6 and go for a beer XD

  57. grim reaper

    And here I was thinking they were doing something serious

  58. Anthony Scott

    fun fact. you actually see stuff upside down, your brain corrects it. and if you wear those upside down goggles long enough your brain will correct that as well.

  59. TheRookie 0817

    Hey mark don’t always exhale on one foot because it makes your side cramp and also run with you butt it’s weird sounding but push off more then having a big stride and instead of swaying your arms move your shoulders and that should help you guys with running

  60. Zachary Nygren

    12:45 literally fell asleep to this

  61. Dream Catcher

    Thomas the dank engine

    1. Dream Catcher

      I like trains.. WHOOOOOOOOOOSHHHH

  62. francisco munoz

    Mark: “green is the puss of colors” Me: “... I like green” ;-;

  63. Tom G

    I bet Ethan smells great after a workout.

  64. Jess

    wHaAt lumberjack mark doesn’t know how to throw an axe

  65. Cowboy Cola


  66. Sarah Placzek

    Bold of you to assume I don’t want to die

  67. Fair Fawn49

    My favorite one is the dick stuck to the track. Mark: welp I am letting everyone die MUST SAVE MY DICK!! *let's trolley go into the people* I'm sorry I had to save my dick from dying.

  68. Edgegirl 131

    Anytime Mark gets hurt during an Unus Annus video: People think I’m a masochist, but I don’t like pain I just want to see how far I can go

  69. Eveilyn Not-so-bright

    The people that disliked this are the people who were sad that Mark/Ethan didn’t have to go too the hospital

  70. Vince

    I’ll be honest she’s kinda cringy. One of those teachers that aren’t too strict but it’s so awkward

  71. Matt The Catt

    Next up "Mark teaches Ethan to use a sniper rifle"

  72. That Bowler

    I want to see mark play the trumpet

  73. DE NinjaLeprichaun

    just close your eyes and keep changing it, then its chances fault

  74. Nathan Buster

    1:30 Marky got that CAKE

  75. Tom G

    Is he the guys from the cupping video?

  76. Thrymhilda Howe

    I'm sorry, throwing axes is age restricted, but this ISN'T?

  77. Derp studios


  78. owen v

    Holy shit it’s Russian Mark

  79. Skittles Sky

    Ethan: **sniffs**

  80. Will L.

    Mark learns Alkahestry

  81. Slash Teh Flygon

    19:12 *Mark was thinking about it*

  82. Aiden Rosado

    opens video* 666k views* jazz music stops*

  83. Pyro Ronpa

    We had this game in school, but we threw a ball, not rolled, THREW that bitch right at the other guys crotch. It was traumatizing.

  84. Jessica Serius

    18:29 *so feel it, your straight* Ethan: *sweats in gay panic*

  85. Altwk

    The reason you dont remember the taste of eggnog is because you get too drunk to remember.

  86. ReAl FeEls

    Now mark is Korean so this is made for him 😂

  87. Flintlock

    1:36 My door chose to slowly creek open at that exact moment...

  88. Rushra Leoli

    Poor Jacksepticeye.. Apparently his entire existence is a *lie* 👀

  89. Emma Smith

    6:29 uh mark gate to break it to you but the average of 1 and 9 is 5... (1+9=10/2=5) But, ykow it's okay

  90. nice fox

    If yOu WiN yOu GeT To ToUcH mE Fan fiction incoming

  91. Emperor Leachicus

    Her teachings are completely different to everything I’ve been taught about archery in 5 or 6 different sessions over several years. Firing from the chest not the chin, that grip on the string, the stance and the drawing technique are completely different from everything I know. It’s interesting to see.

  92. Cowboy Cola



    Bella has so much patience with you guys!

  94. Jadis Onica

    All I could imagine was the song "chicken attack" while they were holding the chickens.

  95. BabygirlMochi

    5:02 darkiplier tingz

  96. Edward Jacobsen

    The bears

  97. watch the world

    nice reference of the yogscast jaffafactory santa

  98. shiang Johnson


  99. Arcadia Derecho

    Fun fact here in the Philippines almost every family has 1 or more roosters... Imagine how loud it is every morning....

  100. Outraged Gaming

    Its Modelo Time!