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  1. silenthillstrangler

    This guy really thinks he is something doesn't he 🤢

  2. Sakura Blossom

    I love IJustine

  3. Hajal Ali

    Just bought this online here in the UK. Any one from London that can tell me if this phone gives decent 5G speeds?

  4. LeCaissie

    Thank you so much for the analysis, this finally helped me to make a choice... I'm going with the Note 10+ (other features than camera also making me tilt towards it)

  5. Yudo NeidaNo

    The "glasstic" display on the flip isn't any more durable then the screen on the fold.

  6. Yudo NeidaNo

    I can use a tablet but I have no need for a beeper.

  7. Jaison Samuel

    Apple iPhone 11

  8. ThyGreek

    Don't ever enter giveaways, the site isn't safe.

  9. D KL

    At current S20 price point, the phone better last longer than my car

  10. Jose Martinez

    Samsung the best!!..iphone is trash in battery

  11. Shajaz Mohammad

    Aren’t we actually complicating our lives by products like these ? I mean do we really need it

  12. Jason Dranoff

    I thought the frame on the ultra was stainless steel not aluminum??

  13. WokeFromTheMatrix SpreadTheTruth

    I like window shopping for Samsung phones but not in actual stores just only through youTube because they are so expensive. But at least I got a LG as a Obama phone through a letgo offer . Ah Thank God🙇‍♀️

  14. Scott B

    Check Out The iPhone X Discount On Amazon

  15. Scott B

    Check Out The iPhone X Discount On Amazon

  16. Scott B

    Check Out The iPhone X Discount On Amazon

  17. malibuluv209

    As a note 10 plus user I'll pass. I'm content with my note 10

  18. Ed M

    I preordered the Ultra. I just read on a few sites about App Pinning on the new S20 Ultra (not sure on the other models. You are able to keep up to 5 apps in memory unless you end up absolutely use all your ram (16 gb on the 512!) and the phone has to purge an old app to load a new one. My biggest pet peeve with android was using certain apps, like my choice of a texting app, and having it reload. Being able to use that 16 gb to keep a few apps that I want to pop up immediately without a reload? Yes, please, I'll take that.

  19. eleasha izua

    Are you people dumb stop sending messages for buying iPhone ask your mom, or look for faking job you idote's he doesn't have much many what kind a fans are you guys if you d'ont get one live with that is not di end of the world if you d'ont get a phone go ask your parents you stop asking hem for money or phone 's stop it 😠😠😠😠😠

  20. Simon Leah

    can i have n iphone 11 pro

  21. Kavindu Rashmin

    Winner iphone SE

  22. KArtik Mehla

    Watching on my iPhone 11 ❤️

  23. BUMGAMN Bum

    Yo so is this desk made for 3 monitors???? I need some suggestions for desk that are capable for multitasking!!!

  24. Shiny Frost

    I have s8, I want note 10 plus 😍, but I like the s20 plus

  25. Saad AL shreef

    My note 8 still good 👍💙

  26. Mr K

    Po chuj ta kropka na czole w thumbnail ?

  27. Savage oac

    Omg that color what how

  28. Alinka Abramova

    Sign the petition for Samsung to make more colors for S20 series and galaxy buds+ !!!

  29. Mejo George

    Does xr comes in dual sim ?

  30. Tipz, Toez, and Nail Bling by_MrzSandy

    Buying that fold the minute it's available at tmobile....omg yesssss

    1. Tipz, Toez, and Nail Bling by_MrzSandy

      I'm just afraid of spending all that $$$ and the long term wear n tear but what's the cost of repair when it drops and the screen cracks also I think Samsung needs a store like apple for when you need a fix just my opinion I like running to the apple store when my phone breaks or an issue arises without having to send it out !

  31. Valley in the Bluffs Homestead

    I completely understand. So... about that camera you’re using... will you give it? I know... too soon 😂

  32. Alex Yara

    I dont see why someone would update their Note 9 to Note 10... If you are rich enough to just drop 1200 on a phone, sure... but Note 9 is awesome and should be good for another 3-4 years, at least.

  33. RoboCube

    We are looking for UK youtuber who would be interested to review this cool Robot . If any one knows one, please let us know :)

  34. 최현준

    I want to buy Samsung Galaxy S10 Ultra

  35. karvanoppa fani

    here honor costs 400 so might be good to buy

  36. X1area51 II

    Next Z fold phone. Tri fold 2021. -Albert Einstein

  37. Mohammadullah Asif

    When camera comparison is coming with iPhone and Huawei.

  38. Dirk Dastardly

    Anyone who said iPhone is still on that bandwagon. Next year, like most people, they would have come to there senses and got an android device

    1. Dirk Dastardly

      Everyone is gassing about 4k front camera on iPhone and ultrawide on iPhone. The Samsung phones had them both the hear before And some people in this video have straight up lied about iPhones features

    2. Dirk Dastardly

      Every android flagship released this year has far superior cameras, performance, and displays

  39. Hudson Sanchez

    he he

  40. Hudson Sanchez

    hooooooooo yeaaah

  41. Aftab Singh Chohan

    This is a specs sheet video. Just go to gsmarena for better details.

  42. Hudson Sanchez

    woo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  43. Hudson Sanchez

    yeah yeah yeah

  44. Hudson Sanchez

    i respect you all

  45. Hudson Sanchez

    yeee yeeee

  46. Hudson Sanchez

    wooo hoo yeah

  47. Hudson Sanchez


  48. Hudson Sanchez

    thats cool

  49. Hudson Sanchez

    good morning

  50. Hudson Sanchez

    im back watching your chanel

  51. Hudson Sanchez

    i watch your videos every day

  52. Hudson Sanchez

    good day how are you supersaf

  53. Hudson Sanchez

    your the best youtuder i like you who you are you look cool and i like how you discribe the phones

  54. Jiey Gaming

    i click on this only because he has 3hand

  55. Sinan Mamed

    of course Apple😆👍

  56. Jonathan Mansfield

    It’s not a glass screen the scratch test is your proof that’s it’s not made from glass so SAMSUNG ARE LIERS !!

  57. Bassem Zammeli

    Let's call this a draw I can't pick a side and be 100% sure

  58. Eduardo Weltmann Abate

    Note 10+ Always...

  59. Merali

  60. Saffron Lyle

    Should I buy the Samsung a90 5g at £399 with £80 cashback ( so £319) or wait until the s10 price drops? I don't have 5g in my area but the a90 works out cheaper than the a70 also 🙈 the s10 camera looks better tho

  61. LJJ r.

    S10 plus 12GB RAM with 1TB internal storage(Only Performance Edition ceramic models)

  62. LJJ r.

    Man S10 plus is the black ceramic performance model. 1Tb storage and 12ram. The note 10 plus and the S20 ultra don't come with 1Tb storage

  63. Phu Vet

    The flexible glass innovation was paid for by the US Department of Defense. It's used in the new cameras that have no external mechanical parts. It uses memory metal and flexible glass to vary the lens shape. They are a product of DSRPAs future combat systems. Another innovation the world gets that the US taxpayer paid to develop. NASA has a book of over 700,000 innovations that their department alone is responsible for. Things like plastic, anodized aluminum, velcro, memory foam, hazmat suits, positive flow lab protocols, dramamine, mirrorless cameras, and oh yeah, over 80 percent of the parts in a cell phone.

  64. Châu Cao

    why skin tone is usually orange ?

  65. Vlad Cozaru

    this video help me thx :^

  66. I am Groot

    7 Pro V's P30 Pro.. which one is better for PUBG mobile?

  67. Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi

    You can afford a Samsung

  68. itai levi

    *Comments have moved*

  69. Bishwajeet Rabha

    Waiting for supersaff style camera com. Btwn s20 ultra vs iPhone 11pro

  70. Tendai Banda

    *iPhone removes head set jack* Me: this phone trash, who removes head set jack, that part has multiple functions unbelievable! 😑 *Samsung removes head set jack* Also me: ok this is an awesome development, now we can have less interruptions when playing games👍😎. Hurrah Samsung 🇰🇷📱🇰🇷

  71. Nurulhayati Abd. Mokhti

    And I 'm still watching this on my Galaxy S7 Edge.... 😏

  72. •CJPLAYS_• •z4pnoob•

    Hey give me your channel and all your money 😁 haha

  73. Shyam A

    Samsung is undoubtedly the King Of Smartphone and the emperor of display.

  74. The X Nut

    I upgraded to note 10+ from note8. Love it and will not upgrade for at least another 3 years. The camera on s20 ultra is powerful but too bulky and weird in the back. At least still looks nicer than the apple 11 pro/pro max insect eyes


    iPhone XR FOR LOIFE (MAYBE COZ’ I’M GETTING 1 TODAY 🙊😅) if ur wondering the date it’s: Fri 21 Feb 2020 Lé date is for da FOOTOOR HOOMEN!

  76. Muhammed Yasin

    I am here to watch this video because I am a owner of s9 plus and everybody say that note9 is best so i am here

  77. ganga dhara

    I will wait for apples i zooooom🤣

  78. Deogratius Gitarda

    I've been using this phone for a year now...battery still feels new...very fast...awesome's every gamer's dream

  79. ahsen naeem

    Who agrees NOTE 9 is much better?

  80. Cristian C.

    I sucks that samsung always shits on eureope with the exinos cpu's... I mean 30 minutes more screen time is a big deal for me and the Snapdragon gives you that.

  81. Mohammed Abdul Naseer

    Camera comparison sooooonnnn

  82. Viktor Georgiev


  83. Hubson

    iphones: 2017 no headphone jack 2018 no home button 2019 no power button 2020 no volume buttons 2021 no speakers 2022 no screen 2023 no phone 2024 no apple 2025 just pay directly to tim cook because reasons All "premium" about apple is just the price, you get nothing else. Android gives waaaaay more, yet people still buy apple... How stupid and retarded they are?

  84. Jaydip Bishwokarma

    when is the supersaf style camera comparison coming? I am waiting for it so bad....gonna buy the best one after your video😊

  85. Shadow Warrior

    The camera on the iPhone 11 Pro gets scratches quiet often because of the huge bump. Even cases don't protect the camera bump so applied this gadgetshieldz camera protector.

  86. Sahil Qureshi

    Sir please suggest me better phone btween iphone 11 and iphone xs plzz!

  87. Hubson

    iphone video quality looks terrible especially when you zoom in, I must say that camera stabilization looks better on iphone but this is the only pro, on Samsung everything looks more alive and night recording is just a massively better than iphone. So why pay more for less buying apple products? I have no idea. Anyway, I am not considering phones without MiniJack, I know this stupid trend is spreading, but there are still very good phones with that feature, shame I will have to ditch the S-Pen, because I love it and it makes the Note series unique with no competition, but I prefer to charge my phone during playing COD Mobile ;)

  88. Ghonzhauri Gonzaga

    Grt videos

  89. Turtle Power

    The flip are you calling it a zee flip for

  90. Sr Orlando v

    Please do a S20 ULTRA VS P30 PRO ZOOM BATTLE

  91. THE CSGO magician

    My PC to me: Hey I have 32gb and that s20 has 16 He is coming close Me: Byeeeeeee

  92. Pichu 20

    For apple your paying for the brand not the quality and in Samsung Electronics I dont care how bad the emojis are the camera is or if you cant facetime your not paying for an overpriced phone that keeps on using the same type of look about a month ago I wanted a iphone and my mom told me i was being ungrateful because she couldn't afford for it and I'm glad I stay with the Samsung I know this comment sounds stupid but get a phone that you think is good for you I'm just saying

  93. The Magic Poncho

    Best camera comparison video I have ever seen, please continue to do these as much as you can

  94. Shahid Khan

    We are waiting for your comperision

  95. Mars Nel

    Is the cam sharper then the pixel 4 that's all I wanna know ?

  96. 20 games a day

    The screens are the same both made by samsung

  97. w S

    I had note 5 for 4 years I will keep my note 10+ for at least 5 years

  98. Eshfx Beatboxer

    2020- woof never knew iphone was this behind hahahha

  99. Dolishiva Krishna47

    I m waiting for iphone 12

  100. Ibrahim Fatawu

    Still like my note 9