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  1. Md Irshad

    Wwe love from india

  2. Neđo 7

    John cena ttrtttrttr

  3. Hurri

    I needed this.

  4. Linden Stroud


  5. JoelicusMaximus


  6. Microwave Burrito


  7. Irvin Lesnar

    0:55 YO YO YO

  8. Neeko Zee

    You gotta be joking me *billie Kay voice*

  9. Ron Whitely

    Valeteen just buried tanner

  10. DaMegaSplash956

    this should’ve ended after royal rumble 100%

  11. Darkrainbow

    I remember this match but why did it happen again?

  12. P Turnin

    I gotta be honest. I came to this video and I don’t see no god damn John Cena!

  13. guntur adiwinata

    Goldberg& Jackhammer& Spear.

  14. ResidentNEMES1S

    You know it's a special date when someone combs their hair and buys new underwear

  15. AS H

    WWE should use unique design for every ppv stage just like this😘😘

  16. Sami Zayn

    Sami zayn does a decent amount of moves to lose like 234 matches

  17. Vitória Pereira dos Santos

    Tudo possuído pelo demônio

  18. Chris Mngø

    I Love them but come on it's way too soon

  19. Saravana Govindaswamy

    This is what happens when fatty 🐖 interrupts Goldberg....

  20. Salvador jm

    I'm sure Sonya Deville text dolph

  21. Joshi Judas

    Anyone know the 1:00 match?

  22. Axel Cohen

    Why do you post this video now if it was in 2010? (Please anyone answer)

  23. MeemSenpai TGC

    The fiend is perfectly one of the best characters wwe has in this times

  24. Roman reign

    I think that John cena come in elimation chamber of 2020 and brok every single one Imake my channel on name of Roman reign but I am big fan of the John cena ❤ Those who love John cena and big fan of the John cena and love wwe smack down and wwe raw👇❤

  25. Lee Arcand

    Ok I like it

  26. Zidann Nirwanii

    What edis

  27. Shaq from #ShaqTV

    Fiend really gone beat Goldberg ?!?🤦🏾‍♂️

  28. Amador landa

    Anyone still waiting for shinsuke nakamura's face turn

  29. Neetu Soni

    Whats more shocking is Cena getting pop in 2010

  30. Fani Gondan


  31. Benx Fan


  32. Benx Fan


  33. MegaManBn

    Ok, i am out.. this is going to be the most confusing hof even. It’s make no sense for them to be hof now.

  34. Benx Fan


  35. Bobby Hartanto

    This whole fiend thing is ridiculous.

  36. Benx Fan


  37. Benx Fan


  38. Dicloni

    Where's the match ?

  39. GoramYako

    Wow, so stupid decision, made only by stupid idiots

  40. Jeff Malinoff

    Hmmm a texting angle ? Maybe Otis texted himself! Kevin Nash must have given him that advice

  41. Senor Vida

    Back to main roster

  42. Rajakumar Loganathan

    What if Goldberg squashes Fiend in the match later?

  43. Gameplayer88

    The fiend is winning. Wrestlemaina card leaked 😁

  44. Haisam

    I hate seth Rollins and i always hate him

  45. Nino Papalia

    How can you not love HHH

  46. David Eid


  47. TCD

    meanwhile here i'm fighting with my dad to buy me a electric guitar.....

  48. yvo jared Epsejo

    I love you too bella twins

  49. Gabriel

    I hope there’s a 3MB backstage reunion before Drew’s title match before WrestleMania.

  50. พิชญา ทองประไพ


  51. Trump Trolls

    That was wonderful advice by Jericho.

  52. 노딱


  53. Lucifer Bifrost

    31:42 Cena entering Fight Mode!

  54. Damon Kinney

    No stupid red light.

  55. Andrew McIntyre


  56. AmericanPride1234

    I always thought this was in poor taste. They showed just one picture and not. Montage like they do with wrestlers deaths. It’s one thing that if this was done the same day he died and just plain didn’t have enough time to get everything put together. But then you do a better memorial at a later date. 2-22-20

  57. Revolution

    She looks pretty without that stupid wild makeup

  58. Kossakho K

    Quiero ver los vídeos, no escuchar a ningún inche relator

  59. Trang phong Thuỷ

    I love cena!

  60. adam goldberg

    Man bobby is ageing fast

  61. Shawn Gill

    Don’t bov me

  62. Kushal sharma

    Why am i hearing roblox death sound effect 1:18

  63. Potato

    He still has his old roasts

  64. E Jones

    I don't know about those spears. I always felt like Edge's spears were weak! I like Edge but not a fan of his spears! Reigns, Goldberg, Rhyno, Even Lashley who puts extras on his spears are way better. Sorry Edge, it's still all love though. Welcome back!

  65. Supreme Cuddy

    Wrestling so fake I haven't watched since my kids was lil before they turned. On me too

  66. Mudar Badri

    It is fake

  67. Shawn Gill


  68. Stevie Kareiva

    How come that Nikki Cross didn't show up with her best friend Alexa Bliss on A Moment of Bliss talk show?

  69. Ron Whitely

    No cap billy was ruthless in this show

  70. Sr: X

    Esses aí sabem dançar.

  71. Aryan Azam

    We want Dean Ambrose in WWE

  72. Kasper Drøgemúller

    1:43 ahahha

  73. Quake: Destroyer of worlds

    That match was so bad they had to make the video private lmao.

  74. Elijah J

    Miz, Morrison, Roode and Ziggler should just form a 4 horsemen stable... it would work

  75. ProdigyIsHumble

    Randy Orton is the greatest performer in history

  76. The Charismatic Gamer_99

    Kudos to that fan for holding up the "Big Show is dead" sign throughout the entirety of the match.

  77. Ironmanfan0//

    Bricks such an idiot

  78. Panda Lover

    The fiend runs up to Goldburg Goldburg: I SAID STOP YALL PLAY TO DAMN MUCH

  79. Subscribe to PewDiePie

    55 years old and wrestles like a young man His entrance is longer than his matches He def brock lesnar in 90 sec And his entrance ais 140 sec

  80. Fifi Fofo


  81. Kvng Phantom

    Wwe just deleted the scripted match, can't stop laughing

  82. Kite Flying Pooh

    1:51 Bill Goldberg's expression reads: "Hey PG era gimmick, I came from the Monday Night War era and I am not impressed with you!"

  83. Gabe Carter

    yay metal references

  84. These are a few of my favourite things

    The HOF sadly has become just another thing to market now just like almost everything else in WWE. It used to be the one thing in WWE that used to be left alone in regards to it being organic now we just get inductees that are far too premature and far too many 2 time inductees now. In regards to the Bella twins i personally do not think they deserve it, the Bellas did nothing for womens wrestling no matter how much WWE likes to whitewash their narrative, they actually held womens wrestling down for 2 years just so they could build their own reality tv fame which they could not previously achieve on their own merits when they left the so called WWE that they love the first time in 2012. For 2 years there was no real womens division from 2013-2015, the division existed as a commercial vehicle for the Bellas and their scripted reality tv shows. It was the NXT women that started the womens revolution because they was blowing away the nonsense Total Divas division on the main roster so much that WWE was forced to make changes to save face. The Bellas was part of the problem not the solution.

  85. ryanEstandarte

    Not sure how Ling Ling will react to this.

  86. Elijah J

    How many times are the USO’s gonna put the smackdown division on notice... just come to AEW

  87. yenny del rosario ramon

    underteiquer fue elmejor y jon cena

  88. El petXs CB

    7:29 kofi revisando que no venga nadie 😂😂😂 7:29 kofi checking that nobody comes 😂😂😂

  89. mistertoet kroenchot

    This is why I think that Deontay Wilder will win sat 22 of feb 2020

  90. fidelis maundu

    Hey people,,,Rock's funs from Africa ,,,like,,Rock's fun from other continent comments only,,

  91. Peel tv

    Yes I will be first 51 secs ago I get there 90 views

  92. Emo cool Joe

    What about the brothers of destruction this is absolute joke

  93. McKeal Lyons

    Forget about this twats, PUT CHRISTIAN IN THE HALL OF FAME