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  1. Tomas maier

    즈기 아줌마 짭파구리 할줄아시죠?

  2. matt Hunt

    Toad in hole

  3. Maple syrup

    It would be super cool if he could make a Gumbo from princess in the frog!! I so want to try that stuff

  4. Paulo Fuentes

    He didn't show his head because the rat will be expose 🤣🤣

  5. Ässä Jonne

    Sonic meme: Its chili dog time, yeahyeah!

  6. Caitlyn Gray

    Watching these videos makes me want to cook and bake... then I remember that I am the type of special person who can burn water...

  7. Sir Pineapple

    Anyone: mentions food Babish: "It's free real estate"

  8. Freddie Ellis

    You put marinara sauce atop the cheese! ATOP! 😂😂😂

  9. AdrenalineJunkiesTV

    Lol the road rage part

  10. DemonHyperion

    The 3.5k dislikes are from cannibals who are annoyed there was no human meat in the burrito.

  11. Michaela Daniilidou

    You should try the fried chicken from "The Help" (the scene where "Minnie" cooks). It seems soooo delicious and crunchy..GOSH!!!

  12. Malcolm Carter

    How do you source meat like that?

  13. SqueezleMcCheezle

    you should do a how to basic episode

  14. -Random-


  15. Ani Ani

    Lobster from The Lighthouse!

  16. Rataxie XD

    *Correction The Name Is Chappaguri Because It Served With 2 Noddle (Chappagetti & Neoguri)

  17. Edward Bullock

    Swedish meatballs

  18. Edward Bullock

    Swedish meatballs

  19. Onyx The Werewolf

    Get Mat Stonie in here boys he'd finish this in 2 minutes😂

  20. Hayden Brazer


  21. Olivia

    God smells like spices, ginger, and vegetable oil

  22. David

    The Babish DeMuro bit had me rolling lol

  23. Boo Bella

    Maangchi did it better.

  24. Exem Jup

    Kid : MOOOOOM ?! why is this naked dude on our table Mom : he is helping me with the dinner honey

  25. Lakshay Kuntal

    Do cakes babish

  26. Jose Hernandez

    I mean Chile con mole, with carmalized chicken thighs. Bonus if you can make the chicken thighs pastel colors.

  27. 10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    Conspiracy theory: He calls the ziploc a “zip top bag” because Ziploc is owned by SC Johnson who also makes Shout paper towels, a competitor to Bounty, his previous sponsor 🕵🏽‍♀️

  28. APK Eggs

    Anyone else hear the slurping at 9:43 even though there isn’t any sound of slurping?

  29. M N

    Watching this dude with no sound is kinda menacing

  30. Amanda Bleuer

    I only came here for the red dead redemption 2 stew,and I stay because he mentions our loved character Arthur Morgan

  31. Muhammad Ilham

    I did that

  32. JTheInsane

    I used to work at Lou Malnatis Pizzeria (best deep dish, actually was featured on the daily show in response to that clip) one time I made a 20 inch deep dish from a giant sauce pan we had. It weighed about 10 lbs.

  33. vitor fogaço

    hmmmm that IS a tasty burger

  34. Nathan Tung

    I tried making your apple pie recipe and I found there wasn't enough of the pie dough to cover the bottom of the pie pan. So, I had to take a bit if dough from the other half of the dough.

  35. AmandaMelissaK

    Do the French hot chocolate from the movie Chocolat...You know the one with Johnny Depp?

  36. Dustyzoid

    Babish: Quote on quote "Whipped cream frosting" Me: Excuse you but I do not like buttercream, it makes me sick.

  37. J.

    Oh god please refrain from saying “lemon party”

  38. Tlonigamer

    One time in school some kid just took a giant block of pure salt on a stick and wanted people to guess what it was, only somewhere halfway through the day someone guessed that it was salt, gave us a good laugh though

  39. Barbara Walters


  40. Angela Contreras-Murillo

    "Sauce pin??"

  41. PowerWithin24

    As a half slovakian, half Hungarian, person. I hate chicken paprikash

  42. Snowball

    *Walks in front of movie scene* Me: Hey! I was watching that!

  43. Red RëRë

    Didn’t he “dirty” the cooking surface by stepping on it? Then taking out the dough from the ziplock bag, letting it touch the surface then putting it back in the ziplock to continue flattening? Effectively “dirtying “ the dough?

  44. ohtrueyeahnah

    Are you gonna make the Unicorn head that Hitler eats in Jojo Rabbit? Bbsh pls

  45. Daniel D

    I love puttanesca.

  46. Alesandros356

    2:01 "1/3 of a cup plus 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil" *Imperial units intensified*

  47. TOXIC

    Try the toast from teletubbies

  48. Inchang Kang

    The dishes look delicious but I bet it tastes completely different from the instant version. I consider the instant versions as just a whole new type of dish becauae they don't even taste similar from what it's based off. If I would make a example, maybe something like the difference between pepperoni pizza and bacon/potato pizza.(I don't know if they sell the bacon/potato pizza I am thinking of in other countrys though.)

  49. Mohammed Riaz K

    Pork is not allowed for muslims, jews as well as Christians For Christians Leviticus 11:7-8

  50. 가을 겨울봄 여름

    라면 + 우동? 짜파구리면 짜파구리지 어디 일본어를 갖다 붙여.. 조리법도 이상하고

  51. Jim Canterak

    Oh it WILL flow through you.


    The food that was served to the orphans on nacho libre lol you can even try to make it edible.

  53. Natalia Alfonso

    Its really dulce. Not dulche. You know how the dulce is spelled dulce and the leche is spelled leche? That's why dulce is pronounced dulce and the leche is pronounced leche. In italian, dolce is pronounced dol-CHE. But that's because it's Italian, and a totally different language. The c is "ch" and their ch is "k." But in Spanish, c is "s" or "k" and ch is ch. Like in English. Dulce. Like "she spoke in dulcet tones." It's infuriating because it's actually more similar to English, and yet people speaking English are CONSTANTLY trying to overpronounce it. Doolseh deh leh-cheh.

  54. James Rogers

    this is one of my favorite movies

  55. ET Peter

    Had no clue he was trying to say jjajjamyung until my mother pointed it out. Hilarious pronunciation

  56. Woblockian

    I was tired when I saw the title and I thought it said "coronavirus chilli

  57. cat sad

    맹물로 끓이고 버린다음에 너구리 스프도 같이넣어야지..

  58. Joe Hackett

    try putting homemade pasta into this

  59. Nassim Stay Eatin'

    u forgot the hamon

  60. Adam Horn

    I can't take it. Saute Pan is two words. A High wall

  61. Willy Bumbum

    Why does he say banoffee like that it’s just wrong

  62. Willy Bumbum

    Not how you make Banoffee pie

  63. Willy Bumbum

    This is all wrong

  64. Hiro Ciko

    You steal the recipe, right??

  65. anothername99

    ChapaGuri in Korean!

  66. Lemono Sharky

    it actually tastes bad tried it in japan

  67. Ghosssty Yolk

    4:51 you can rotate a pizza peele too, you know

  68. Ghosssty Yolk

    Gâteau means cake en français

  69. SilentNinjaGaming

    Hail Hydra

  70. Sarah Dawn

    Those udon noodles look incredible.


    dude...did u just rolled the dough on the same work surface on which u were standing ........??????????

  72. Camo Bash

    Some kind of science bullshit happens😂😂

  73. madman86 86172

    You forgot to top it off with a cigarette 😂😂😂

  74. 이효주

    OMG. Good job~ bob! 근데 한국분들 짜파구리 할 때 너구리 양념스프도 다 넣고 끓인 다음 따라버리나요? 나만 몰랐나? 저 방법은 또 처음이네. 그동안 다른 음식도 저렇게 만들었나봐, 밥오빠 믿었는데 ㅠㅠ 한국어 댓글 없어지니깐 시작은 영어로.

    1. 이효주

      @D K 그러니까요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 10분의 9는 국물과 함께 사라진 거 같은데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    2. D K

      이효주 보통 물 버리고 너구리랑 짜파게티 스프 1:2비율로 넣죠... 사실 저건 짜파게티에 가까운 느낌 ㅋㅋㅋ

  75. Carlt Pang

    can you make pork roast from food wars? (shokugeki no soma)

  76. Lemono Sharky

    Well I had it many times with 'hamon' top.

  77. GreeN&PinK Zombie

    You should do the spicy curry of life from Naruto


    I was unaware this was considered a challenge as I eat a dozen eggs whenever I cook breakfast most the time I cook them sunnyside up but when lazy i scramble them but instead of chili I get 4 links 2 slices of thick ham and 4 pieces of bacon then 2 pieces of toast and a potato shredded granted I dont get to eat this all the time since it cost to much for a every day thing compared to my budget but now I'm feeling that may be to much food and feel like I might be an over eater as I do this twice a week rest of the week is just half a regular box of cereal for breakfast. Sorry for the book I'm just a little bummed I clearly must eat to much

  79. Jack Black

    Miss this musical intro every time.

  80. Elkhider babiker

    What were the pink shots they drank?

  81. lucky shorts

    The new Mr.Beast

  82. Mathala Arts

    Well, he is the lvl 3 chef we don't talk about much

  83. Arthur Copeland

    Lengthy tugging sessions. Lol.

  84. JDMCrave


  85. Lars Meyer

    1:35 :D :D

  86. Aimran Johan

    Super chill guy

  87. ShabChow 8————D

    Re make the food from food wars

  88. Alex S

    You should try making the Fool's Gold Loaf from What if

  89. Linda Lee

    Can’t believe you made this for your channel! Your pronunciation wasn’t bad at all ;-).

  90. Jerry The Polish Mouse

    Watching this brings back memories. Loved Chappaguri as a elementary student here in Korea. Great thing now the whole world got to know it and enjoys it!

  91. Sushi Camejo

    Small tip from Sushi chef! A small dab of olive oil rubbed on your hands will prevent the sushi rice and probably the kombu from sticking to your hands just as well as water but you won't make the rice more soggy as you handle it if you are using oil! Water is fine too of course, just don't use too much!

  92. Danielle XO

    PLEASE make the food from To all the boys I’ve loved before PS: I still love you. Laura Jean makes these cupcakes and some other pastry.

  93. Samrach Em


  94. Banana Dio

    When you find out that Salted Caramel is addictive, so it's basically a legal drug

  95. Karl garcia

    when he shove the little turkey to the bigger turkey my mind suddenly think about something

  96. Remy Azhary Yosef

    I believe the Jiapaguri [Ram-don] is one of the creatively created variety of instant noodles we have here in Asia; in what the West would call "Ramen" at one glance. But being that it's part of the instant noodle that's totally inexpensive, I'm glad that we Asians (from China, Japan, Korea to Southeast Asia like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia) are exposed to these types of instant noodles. Although the Ram-don featured in the movie specifically used 'Chapahetti' and 'Neoguri', they're still part of the instant noodles that we Asians can easily find them at our convenient stores.

  97. Gioele Pio Coccioli

    From An italian, the egg-cheese sauce should be more dense so It's necessary to add a little more pecorino and don't use the egg white !

  98. Drezzek01

    what are these "leftovers" you keep talking about in this video? Whenever I go over to my parents for Thanksgiving (or any other meal for that matter) there is literally nothing left at the end of the meal.

  99. Nviz

    Bruh stop slammin shit on the table this dude waits 3 hours for the gluten to develop then he just SLAMS IT ON THE TABLE WHYYYY

  100. Yağız Efe Demirel

    In the training video order of chese and lettuce is swapped.