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  1. DrThrashNBarf

    That was not the response that black girl was hoping for...👍

  2. Zachary Peters

    Hugo’s a Manlet

  3. James Mainstream

    After a decade in law enforcement, I can say that this kind of personality and attitude is slightly more or less the norm for LEOs.

  4. The Answer

    2:10.. woah.. why is he making it about gender ? 😔 so girls "can't" find those things as well?

  5. Harrison Bannerman

    The rules for this game need to be changed. There's zero incentive for leaving more people in the game. You may as well just team up with someone vote out everybody else.

  6. Seb 713

    Lol I saw the title of this and I knew

  7. Bracey Fountain

    The 7:58 dude, have you ever met a Florida man on PCP? Those dude can lift a car.

  8. Dan Angheloiu

    This hurts so much

  9. Alexander Munk Andersen

    Its messed up you have to wait +22 years before getting your penalty

  10. Segmented Sanctum

    i dunno they all seem relativity gay so....

  11. Olivia Ekvall

    I wonder how many would change their mind if they went up to space and went around the globe -.-

  12. Chris Liu


  13. Jesse James

    "Trump is making america great again" *Everyone immediately loses credibility*

  14. Caroline Smith

    5:40 wtf was that ...

  15. The Answer

    But they already did this though.. 🤔🤔🤔

  16. Alexander Munk Andersen

    They say that these kinds of crimes (mass murders) happen a lot less in other countries because the other countries have harsher penalties and public execution. I dont know why no one in this video denies this statement. This is simply not true. As far as i know school shootings and stuff happens way more in the US than any other place in the world. Harsher punishment does not equal less crime.

  17. Cody Gervais

    Background checks occur even at gun shows how did no one sat that?!


    Me: tries to shotcall on mic Some rando dudes: IS THAT A GRILL HOLY SHI-

  19. charles lamp

    All lives matter get over it people it's not white black orange red brown pink lives matter. You saying only black lives matters tells me you're being racist

  20. Caroline Smith

    That tan whooooooo .

  21. dsparke93

    We're all just people at the end of the day. Does race make a difference? Sure it can when you're talking about culture. We tend to gravitate to people that are similar to us and being the superficial creatures that we are race is one of the first things we look at. Consequently people self segregate and different cultures are established. We are all the same because we are all different. We are all individuals who are completely different. All of this racial divide has a political origin. Politicians love to group us together and then turn the different groups against each other. They use the media to do this more often than not. Why is it that the media will tell you that a race war is on the horizon but in everyday life people of all races get along just fine? But its not just race, its also man vs woman, gay vs straight, Christian vs Muslim, liberal vs conservative. But if you put two people belonging to two groups together in a room they will find out that they have more in common than not. Its the politicians that want us to hate each other. They make people so angry that they won't even listen to what their "opponent" has to say. They just scream and yell and bury their head in the sand. Its all about getting votes to stay in power, divide and conquer.

  22. Ivan Molina

    The bald guy is just a cry baby lol

  23. Vortex 390

    Where the fuck is cod or siege

  24. FNaF Adventures

    I hope both of the judges have the Corona virus

  25. TheChosenOne360


  26. _VC0403_

    Im losing braincells by listening to this

  27. Jasmine Yan

    I can't believe some people think that the most honest parent was the Indian mom🤦🤦🤦

  28. DiegoMoreno

    aydan here lmao whtt

  29. Hamed Serag

    did you realy not get a single league player wtf its the number 1 on twitch streams for the longest time ever fortnite took the #1 on twitch for like 4 months or so and u got 3 fortnite players

  30. Dodo

    The question about parents being skeptical, honestly, my parents absolutely forbid me to become a therapist, but they even suggested to me, without me mentioning it, that I become a professional gamer, because why not? They said I play all the time, there must be some good to it.

  31. MRTOOTH0331

    This morons talking about more gun education. 50 years ago they started stopping gun education in schools I learned gun safety in 1994 in middle school in the middle of California and shot 22s in School. The left took those classes away If the child is old enough to pick it up. There old enough to learn gun safety.

  32. Roman Rodríguez Syzonov

    This video really warmed my heart but pls tell the plus size people to stop walking so fast from line to line Like if you tried not to laugh

  33. Kenneth G

    Benita <3

  34. Udoka

    tf is erin so proud of lmao

  35. Kiza D WhiteHorse

    Incels are sad people.

  36. 1q 91

    the us really let climate change become something you do or do not believe in. the audacity to sit in from of a whole climate scientist and say “I’m not a scientist but...”

  37. Jake Miller


  38. It is a-me! Mario!

    The comment section made me cry more than the video...

  39. destiny medina

    Ayee if any girls play siege or boys idc, (PS4) my tag is CGDIABLA I’m always the only girl and can never give call outs without getting tk

  40. Anthony Gen

    I think the one in yellow get just a tad bit too personal with every argument she makes. I understand some of it comes from a place of pain, but it makes it difficult to be open to the other opinions.

  41. albert putra

    I was watching without the volume on & I legit thought it was bisexual couple..

  42. jisooturtlerabitkim UwU

    me as a sub am really scared lol 😂

  43. Matthew Mcgarry

    Such a biased video didnt even let the cops speak

  44. Simon

    If you give a poor man a fiiiish....

  45. Fatima Alhashmi

    what was that?? 6:42

  46. xX:NumbHead:Xx

    feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of equality of the sexes. feminism won’t allow either of the sexes dominate.

  47. Caroline Smith

    Sage is ugly I'm sorry .

  48. Ruger 10/22

    This is terrible, nobody on the pro gun side are educated on gun laws and procedures. Even tho they have all the best reasons to be pro gun and I love that they speak truth but HOW IN THE HELL DO PEOPLE NOT KNOW THAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS HAD TO PASS A BACKGROUND CHECKS AT ANY LOCATION INCLUDING A GUN SHOW

  49. Ninza TV

    “OMG its a grill”

  50. Justin Boomer

    andrew looks like the most bland christian. like i expect everyone to look like this in church

  51. diego Contreras

    She’s annoying af

  52. omar alajmi

    Lol good choice.... felt like the Standard Package thing , but surely looks is not the only infact it's the Minor standard to being in a good relationship or even by friendship standards also... Personality & Emotions is Key and Manditory.... which concludes to Rating even by just a single day is just isn't enough ( If you wanna know someone really , Struggle with them , Eat with them , Live & Love with them ) to get that End part of a Person lol

  53. xX:NumbHead:Xx

    i honestly don’t care what the shape of the earth is, but i know for a fact that it’s dying, and so are we. 🍾🎉

  54. Guess Who

    16:05 funny because when a man gets raped by a woman people say there is no such thing bit sounds just like her INVALID

  55. Hailey Cameron

    ZACH SAID “eventual wedding” AHH

  56. Rebar07

    It’s easy to say you’d die for something until that moment comes

  57. [morph_mp4]

    when they said the scientists were uneducated, i cant lmaooo

  58. Gluepops

    Anyone not catch that guy talking about communism...? Does he even know what communism is? I am pretty sure everyone country have some sort of communist-like policies.

  59. Pablo Martirena

    I didn’t know the bobcat was a paparazzi

  60. Dooter Snooter

    Yesssss so accurate The amount of garbage I get from playing online as a girl is ridiculous.

  61. James Oscar

    epic gamers, wholesum

  62. Emotional Basketcase

    Police get fired when they expose criminal cops or corruption in the police force.

  63. umai is good

    waaahhhhh..... i want tooooooooo emmmm

  64. Carson Braton

    Unfortunately some “boomers” are very stagnant and don’t have a lot of personal growth. They grew up well with the way life was and feel they don’t need to change, some see new technology as a threat to what they had. The more they continue to see change as a negative thing the more they will be living in that closed mindset, rather than using it to emit what positive energy they can from it.

  65. Rik van der Bruggen

    Bro, sit up straight, show your hands, smile !!!

  66. Guess Who

    15:26 what about all those men hit by woman but are told not to hit back

  67. Miles Edgeworth

    Flat Earthers are the kind of people who asks "What's your cousins name?" and if you answered wrongly they'd just assume you're an undercover spy trying to bring them to Russia. They're so insecure that they think if they can't understand it then it must be a ruse to trick them.

    1. Theo Nowlan

      Miles Edgeworth that was random


    "Of course i would die for world peace" Such lie

  69. Pufferfish Cake

    I knew it was them from the beggingggg

  70. Caroline Smith

    Her eye makeup is eww and her eyebrows .

  71. xIIxRaiden

    its so fun comparing this with the 6 straight man 1 gay man

  72. Leedle Lee

    4:35 that right there is probably the biggest problem with America's black youth right now. The presumption that anyone who's opposed to things they favor don't share their skin color. The guy just destroyed her groupthink. The treatment of cops by the media is so damning and untrue, and they don't deserve it.

  73. thafuuq o.o

    to the girl saying games aren't misogynistic, so many guys have told me I shouldn't play because I'm a woman, or because I'm a woman I have to suck, the misogynistic mindset in the gaming community is what made me stop using voice with strangers and made me start picking gender neutral names in competitive games, to avoid being attacked or targeted because of what's between my legs. gaming skill has nothing to do with gender, the sooner those sad incels realize that the better

  74. Klemen Škoberne

    This guy is a proof what media does. Media searching for views and clicks, in an age, when people, especially the youth, don't think with their heads. Cops are nice guys, most of them. I believe there are some nasty asspeople that are cops and those guys create situations like the Garner case. But not all of them are like that.

  75. Life With Jayy!

    Atp im done with that white lady👻.

  76. Alyanna Milton

    I knew it was them 😂 idk y but I yeah lol

  77. HR 1982

    Please make these videos longer

  78. L P

    Great examples of close minded, ignorant and brainwashed people

  79. Gabriela Romero

    I think Bea, Zach and kursat were the most understanding and calm, they were actually willing to listen and not let anger take over the conversation

  80. Alex G

    There is no reason any of those min wage workers should be making min wage. They are all far more capable than that.

  81. Mr. Erizo

    Last thing I know "Incel" was used by SJW to mock any men who opposed their liberal views, didn't expect someone to actually take that term to define himself... Well then again, SJW was a term used to mock liberals back then, so it's not that strange I guess.

  82. uʎɔ

    I just wanna know who disagreed that cheating is always wrong. What would make them think that? Don’t you know cheating hurts?

  83. O2001

    4:16 so says the failed socialist "presidential" gluttonous candidate. He's obviously not had to stand in a bread line.

  84. F0urForce

    I guarentee the first thing the girls wanted to say when it was over is "we're right"

  85. Shelby TwoStep

    He seems like a total ass hole. It has nothing to do with his looks, he’s probably been rejected so much because of his personality more than anything else

  86. Dezines

    man its sad. Shelly didnt want to let go of her husbands memory so she skewed her beliefs to make her husband happy in the after life...

  87. Anthony G

    this is not real... why.. this is one man... who will not be honest … you ride around watching police... watching foia video of officers... and read reports.... after doing this .. talk to many police.... this is one guy who is acting for the camera... you watch other wise you see a different story... I grew up in a blue family... now .. I am anti blue but support and fight for our bill of rights.... most police don't... this topic is hard for most... but walk a mile in the watchers of the police... n you will see a different ugly side to the story... sorry.. but it must be said....

  88. One Eyed King

    So...zach doesn't seem very smart. He insulted Jean for literally offering up his place on the winning team.

  89. Iconman100

    I hate when comedians think that 90% of the jokes being “I’m black!” or “I’m white” NOW LAUGH

  90. Kalishnikov Stoner owner

    The lady said she whistles to handle her anxiety made me tear up a little. As a veteran I searched for things to “on the spot” downgrade my anxiety. Whistling is one of my methods, as it brings me back from the expanded issues in my mind day to day. Now, my oldest daughter has caught on, so anytime she hears me whistle we “whistle-talk”. This is no Sylbo mind you, but she knows it calms me down and we have fun with it. With the help of my children this has become one of the most powerful grounding methods that I’ve found for myself. It works for me to pull myself out of aforementioned expanded issues and plants me right where I should be, whistling with two amazing young ladies.

  91. Carson Braton

    ...learning knew perspectives and seeing everybody’s POV from your videos has 100% taught me more useful information in life than high school ever did. Thanks!

  92. Formant

    A leftist responding with 'that's interesting' is the same as a normal person saying 'here's why I think you're wrong'.

  93. Kitten

    God the gentleman with the American Flag tie is a little too sure about what he's saying

  94. Abby C

    Organic food is so selfish. It takes like twice as much land to grow an equivalent amount of organic food, and when not everyone in Africa or Asia can afford a watermelon, organic food takes away land for growing more watermelons. That’s just my opinion, and that’s why I hate when people claim to be saving the world by eating organic.

  95. ChubbyWilly

    Can you guys make one called "IT Support vs End Users"?

  96. Udoka

    basically this vid shows stans are cancer

  97. Kota Ryorai

    Is he a gamer though?

  98. S,M

    These guys suck

  99. Unicorn Mom

    My magical sky daddy told me the earth is flat 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  100. Caroline Smith

    What do you feel like made things this way .