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  1. Bennyboy 3422

    It's a little motor car looking thing BRAM BRAM😂

  2. Riruka22

    Tyson is real nice for giving that homeless guy his shoes

  3. LtSump

    i like tyson fury, but florida is the sunshine state, don't get it twisted.

  4. SilverCootah

    Nobody: Tony’s eyebrows: ~aight ima head out~

  5. G-Roc 44

    Is James wearing leather shorts 😳

  6. Danny white

    Tyson ‘ it’s very essential’ fury

  7. Craig Stallard

    Tyson Fury - "The mobile phone - quite a device"

  8. KevJMcC

    Things he obviously lives without...weights, cardio, a healthy diet, boxing skill, self awareness, intelligence, a chance against any past heavyweight champs, being remembered or respected in the future...I could go on

  9. FGEK

    Was interested in that aftershave until I saw the price tag

  10. Daniel Callahan

    lmao GQ being a liberal scumbag corporation one minute then promoting Tyson Fury the angry homophobe the next. More virtue-signalling liberal two-faced scum who only care about MONEY.

  11. hiroko james


  12. Victor Locks

    What a legend

  13. Miles Brown

    He shits in that beautiful watch too

  14. Timidity Gaming


  15. Audrey Harris

    He’s so attractive 🥺

  16. Jean-Marc Trouillot

    I have to say that he's kept grounded and humble

  17. Rokesh Faulty

    get lilwayne here

  18. Oscar Castellanos

    Tyson Fury doesn't need a hair transplant.. he just needs to stop beating off 7 times a day.

  19. Aun Mirza

    When the "pro" goalie doesn't even dive.

  20. Kawaii gamer89 Hellraiser

    He forgot classical music

  21. YouWantMyPancake


  22. Cynthia Negrete

    Who’s binging him after Impaulsiveeee???

  23. EverythingFootball


  24. Ryan 9000

    Good luck champ! <3


    People don't know how kind this guy is he gave half his earnings to the homeless real king

  26. TTM-Raptor 07

    I have a friend named joe Harris and he is god at basket ball

  27. Daniel Aruna

    damian sounds so arrogant

  28. Marc ramondo

    Easy stroke 🤣🤣🤣

  29. Duc Luc

    I knew Fury wouldn’t disappoint

  30. MINOCS

    jumper so broke

  31. John Rambo

    You’re gonna get a flogging.

  32. Eduardo Maxwell

    Pack of cards he's definitely a gypsy

  33. Jimmy Flynn

    Fury will bang him out

  34. Mr McFournier

    I love turning my phone off for a week, just to turn it back on and realize no one tried to contact me

  35. Emeka Felix

    a 1k would have been better than the shoes

  36. Rolodex Propaganda

    Mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone

  37. Last Earthbender

    8L a day?! I'm struggling to hit 2L most of the days.

  38. pversion

    The ending was legendary

  39. Letz

    Did he say vitamins or vitamins 😂

  40. Chris Wishinsky

    he has the dope pink Floyd backs poster!

  41. Nathan Lyn Swanson

    the sunshine state is florida

  42. The BigBaguette

    They never include water, food, or shelter. ?????

  43. prezo

    One of the better essentials I must say

  44. NaStY_ ZaCk

    In my opinion kyrie is better than who agrees??

  45. Decal03

    How can he get 1k 👎 talking about his personal items 🙄

  46. Tony Ferrer

    Looks like he's getting fat again. Hope he isn't letting depression overcome him again.

  47. Vincent

    if the wall jumped it would’ve been blocked

  48. josemonreal09

    "i saw a homeless guy w/o a watch and I caught up to him and gave him my rolex..."

  49. Matt Evans

    Apparently he needs lipstick too

  50. Brian D Carey

    was he serious? about the jerking off part? i thought jerking off reduces testosterone levels for a few? \

  51. Nixo97

    I'm sure brain damage is one

  52. Crisco ENT

    rip kobe

  53. Money sings 70k


  54. J H

    I'm sorry, donate would get smashed in the octagon

  55. Krs Villegas


  56. Gawesome 8709

    The best of hopes against wilder

  57. trolololmfao

    his easy stroke bottle is similar to butter's milk

  58. Peter and Yen

    Von is flashy but humble at the same time 👍

  59. that ninja420

    I love wilder don't get me wrong but ali was a different kind of beast.

  60. Robert

    Well that homeless guy is now dead

  61. Josh Cuthbert

    Hello I am mr. Wilder and yes for all you asking I do have a wired coat hanger lining my jaw!

  62. Allen Fepuleai

    Okay now I’m definitely rooting for Wilder to knock this guy clean out lol

  63. 323 v6

    Try turning the phone of for a few weeks, but no ones even said hey bud

  64. Vik Marisco

    Good fellow. You can just tell. Good luck gypsy king. You beat him once. You can do it again

  65. Tyshawn Taylor

    Tyson fury vs Braun strowman 🤣🤣

  66. 323 v6

    Didn't he just pay 200 Euro to free 2 lobster? Man of mind. ,

  67. Sean Winter

    tysons arms look bigger. gained some muscle mass.lost fat

  68. Ivary

    Keep testosterone high by draining it constantly ? If you want to build testosterone, don't cuck yourself 7 times a day.

  69. ham and cheese

    Those shoes woulda got that guy high for a week

  70. Nameless Man

    So he had to include a Dosser in this !!

  71. TheSmilingVagrantsOfficial

    "Lose ten pounds to make cruiser weight? no thanks, I like to come to weigh-in with a doughtnut in my hand."- Wilder

  72. Robert Kim

    I can see that Mike Tyson is incredibly intelligent. Truly a good heart and I’d say a poet in the way he speaks

  73. taylor josh

    I’m going for wilder but furry is like a baby Aww 😂

  74. Steven Mejia

    I’d rather be one hour early, than five minutes late

  75. Roland Guerrero

    this muhfuka look like white Dave Bautista

  76. Cristian Orescu

    And then u have people in Africa starving 😂

  77. Kevin b


  78. Daddy A

    Mobile phone

  79. Diego Alvarez


  80. Amaan A

    Don't go anywhere without mE HEAD LUBE

  81. Cristian Orescu

    How many kidneys u had to sell to afford the ticket?

  82. Jimbo JetSet

    Gypsy bloke..."I need head lotion"

  83. The01t

    He can't live without Ronnie Pickering by his side *His bodyguard*

  84. Eric Fang

    Rich Brian’s is still the best

  85. psumiz

    How do you have time to nut 7 times a day?

  86. SEYMOUR Love

    He is boring

  87. Michael Deakin


  88. Alex Howe

    Can't wait to get my 50 litres of easy stroke.

  89. Steven Avila

    My guy is funny. This fight should be great

  90. Stanley Johnson

    Easy stroke .. hahah this man I can't

  91. SEYMOUR Love

    Florida is the sunshine state dumbass

  92. SEYMOUR Love

    Hey looks fat and sounds homosexual

  93. Ravidu Weerasinghe

    That last one caught me off guard

  94. Joker 7

    Bruh i didn't know that he had his own shoe

  95. Dustin Jay

    Imagine how long it would take to get that 7th nut out of the day. Wilder better watch out for Fury's right hand

  96. Hollywoodonlock

    EZ Stroke cream 😂

  97. Jay Lethal


  98. wiggitywhacked

    Russell is so effortless

  99. No One

    2:57 Savage Dana