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  1. kawaii zody

    when it went black i thought my phone died lmao

  2. Evin Xo

    but what about Lexi? ❤️

  3. rbx_builds Xo

    I’m so happy for you guys! 🤍💝xx

  4. Sara

    No one: No one at all: Zoe: shhhhhh. I’m trying to listen to the spirits

  5. Madeline Seifert


  6. Leah’s world

    6 mins agoo

  7. TripletGang_ Productions

    I love both of you sooo much and I am happy with your decision I hope one day you guys would notice me on Insta @zoesxclouds

  8. steph thompson

    Did u fall out with Lexi?

  9. seren swales xo

    I all three of you I wish you the best zody❤️

  10. Tropical.v.s_zlp Edit help


  11. Madeline Seifert


  12. Zarah Deering

    6 mins agi

  13. amanda scott

    when they kept talking about their future kids my heart went: 🥺💕😭

  14. Courtney's Life

    So proud and happy for you zody:)💞💞

  15. Hannah Zlp

    IM GONNA MISS THIS🥺💔💔😭😭 but congratulations 8 mins early

  16. Alisha Barnes

    Omggg whyyy

  17. gracie calace

    awww. i love u guys

  18. Lil Chofs

    It’s literally my life


    Hey BBY!!! Ilysm 💖 you guys are amazing!!!!!

  20. Alyson Pounds

    This made me cry at the beginning 😭

  21. Alli Kozlowski


  22. its is Twinklevanessa :D !

    you guys moved out tho :( or going to

  23. Steffenie Vlogs

    I like these kind of videos you guys should make a family blogging channel

  24. Editzzz

    I love you cody ❤❤ I love you lexi ❤❤ I love you zoe ❤❤ I love you zephan ❤❤ I love you eric/erick ❤❤ I love you kurt ❤❤ I love you Mars ❤❤ I love you Amber ❤❤

  25. Lil Chofs

    I also LOVE vampire diaries

  26. Charli.edits.2635 TIk tok

    I love you so much I hope you have a great life Zoe it’s his opinion Cody it’s her opinion they have the same opinion I hope you don’t fight in your new house 🏠 have a happy life Cody have a great like with Lexi,Zoe,drip Zoe have a great life with Cody,Lexi,drip Lexi have a great life with Cody,Zoe,drip idk if Lexi is gonna move in with Zoe and Cody again have a great life and we all love you we’re all zonuts no mater what WE LOVE don’t cry pls.😇

  27. sxnshine.lqverne Fandom!!!


  28. Evelina Ciucasu

    "i need to listen to the spirits" 😂

  29. kawaii zody


  30. Kwaii lexi

    I came from your live :)

  31. Amelie Cheal


  32. Love_ Zody

    Cody and Zoe pick whatever house you want who cares whatever feels right we all love you no matter what

  33. Isabella Lawrence

    I’m bleeding lol but I love you guys so much❤️❤️❤️❤️ Zoe is so pretty and Cody is so sweet! You guys are perfect for each other and y’all are the best couple!💞💞 and I know in at least 5 years Zoe’s gonna be a mom! And I would love to meet y’all! Just saw y’all’s live!! ByE!!!

  34. vanssa naddi

    Aww that’s sad they lived in that house when they got back together

  35. Sophia Benavidez


  36. Daria Newman

    ILYSM ❤️💕

  37. Kiera Rosvold


  38. Rebecca Millar

    Me being early for once✌️

  39. Jaileigh Voorhis

    No !!!!!😭

  40. Miranda Frias

    Cody: I know I’m not rich so my budget will be around 1.4 million. Me: 😱😱😱😱😱wha

  41. Tanisha Khan


  42. Bella Olivia2009


  43. Kenzie Ziegler

    Yay early

  44. Random_vids 6798


  45. Syd Dacosta

    What’s going to happen to Lexi your sister

  46. Faith Lyerla


  47. Nixty Skills

    Z- Zoe O-orlove d-drip y- you are the best in the world

  48. Gacha Ponion

    Love you and Zoe ❤😘

  49. Kawaii_art Gaming

    Who else came from there live?

  50. Katie Onfroy

    Can’t wait for a new zody family member🥰

  51. Holly _ Playz

    3rd..? lol

  52. Emu’s Life x

    ILYSM!!! U and Zoe ♥️

  53. Tabitha Joplin

    Is this fake or you guys actually moving out

  54. tessa peterson

    4 min ago and 653 comment

  55. Sofia Mills

    Please notice me I love u guys all so I love the house xxx

  56. Bella Shea

    Omg 🥺



  58. seren swales xo

    I really want you to move to the uk lmao

  59. Madison Tipping

    I want their house🥺

  60. Sydney Coen

    before more people see this, carefull showing your location in woodland hills, you might actually buy one of those and you don’t want anyone knowing where you live. i’m just looking out for you guys. i day cut the zillow clip.

  61. Pet Productions


  62. Ya girl_shay

    I meant Cody

  63. Elsa Sanez

    At 5:42 zoe put the blanket in the pool

  64. Rosewater Cosmetics

    cody : i’m not rich || also cody : my budget is 1.4 million and 1.6 million

  65. Zulch

    Who else is a true fan of “ cody“ ❤️ 👇🏼 👇🏼ɪᴍ subbing to ᴍʏ ɴᴇxᴛ 31 ʟᴏʏᴀʟ sᴜʙs

  66. Angela Bautista

    Are u still going to be in California though plz say yes

  67. Karina Gutierrez

    Who here from Zoe live on Instagram

  68. Halle Willis

    Or you could move it to Wisconsin

  69. VitaBella Mellaci

    Move to Connecticut pls

  70. Eilim Tekie


  71. Charlee Gleason

    I’m so sad now!

  72. Mia.plaixz

    Who else came from the live?

  73. Erin Enlund


  74. Abby Gallardo

    Can you guys follow me on TikTok it’s abby__2020 please if you do thank you

  75. IndigoSaphire Gamer

    No views and 2.7k wtf

  76. Mariam Kante


  77. Ash Bagley

    I was actually really early!

  78. Sofia F

    From Insta livee

  79. Scarlett Barber

    Earlyyyyyyy and good luck with the house ❤️

  80. Chloe Hanson

    Who else came from Zoe’s live?????

  81. Vaishali choudhary

    Who love Zody soo much❤

  82. Zniyia Dixon


  83. kam paige


  84. Tayah Salerno

    Good luck zoe and Cody💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  85. seren swales xo

    Well I wish the best for you and your new home🥰🍩🐄

  86. Jaymee Conway

    hi zoe!!!!!!!can u pls accept me on the zlpfandom i love you soo much i had a fan account on tiktok and it flopped :(i love you ur my inspiration and my idol xx

  87. Meko Kitty Chan

    Luv u.

  88. Chloe Daffy


  89. allie n emersyn

    i love zoe and cody!

  90. Retaj Ayman

    I love u❤

  91. LifeAsEmely

    who loves zody...

  92. Sabrina Abdi

    3 min ago early ayyy I was watching Zoe live

  93. Brittany Hidell

    You guys didn’t even live there for that long just me?

  94. Steffenie Vlogs

    This is so cute


    FIRST! 🍭❤️💖

  96. fun times wirh family

    LoVE u Zoe and Cody

  97. Loki_loves GIOVANNY AND BLESIV

    Zoe Laverne needs to CHILL.

  98. Michell o

    Plzz tell me that this is a joke

  99. zDragonPlayz

    994 comment

  100. Sophie And keira

    For tour are you still going to ny city