Gav and Dan take on the world in Slow Motion!
Definitely in the top 10 of slow motion based KGsel channels!
If you can, watch our videos at the highest possible resolution on your device for some offensively crisp slow motion footage.
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  1. 00 CRITICAL

    Ok I know this is late but was this a Brexit foreshadowing 🤔

  2. John Jackson

    We like science stuff!

  3. LaneAG

    Good ol 1911


    This isn't a science channel or any informative video, the only things close to science are those lab coats and safety glasses, guys plan everything out first , use some metrics and make some informative conclusions.

  5. Dyivu Lee

    What is the purpose of this training?

  6. Isaac Bailor (Student)

    That’s hot

  7. Xehemoth

    I am sorry Dan, but i'm afraid in this video..... You do not look better in slow mo. You are, in fact hideous.

  8. Mr.Moosey Moosey

    omg i laughed so hard

  9. Connor Aisbitt

    Who misses the old videos in the back garden

  10. Captain Monkey

    That's the most satisfying corn got pop I like this

  11. Rhidgy Rhidge

    Those cards are lethal.

  12. Wayne Gray

    CEO of celery cactus

  13. Remil Perez

    This is what I imagine dragon fire would look like if they followed actual evolution and not magic.

  14. Rownak Rajbhar

    The bullet is pulling the shockwave 😲😲

  15. Fbiblox

    Dude that slow motion is lite bro.

  16. Lone Wolf

    Don't disturb him he is resting

  17. j nicole

    ok wow so i just discovered that the slow mo guys still make videos AND their thriving? my day just got a lot better i am very happy about that. thanks youtube recommendations you didn’t fail me for once!

  18. Alexander Wilson

    Do you have both fire videos available to download?

  19. ObeyzFN

    Shouldn’t have been eating cereal while watching

  20. aySucc

    This is the first video of slow mo guys I watched, i watched it when I was a 1st grader

  21. Luis Hernandez

    Slo mo guys: records a vid of a camera, USING a camera Me: ok, now tell me how the camera you used works

  22. I Am Eco

    I have a feeling this is less powerful than like a airgun

  23. gary rendano

    not very bright .. hot glass .. plastic tarp.. duh

  24. Rownak Rajbhar

    But how so perfect , u can boom ur own plane like that 😕

  25. BeatMan 111

    At 5:15 i cant be the only one hearing flashbacks from Cars 2

  26. lowpoloq

    nukes be like 1:55

  27. Sam Crawley

    What's the fluff for at the back

  28. FlappableBean

    This is around the time Gav's awful American twang started to creep into his accent

  29. Johan Rodrigues

    Stella Nova .

  30. Venixx__56 ;p

    4:46 Your welcome :)

  31. Clovairgyrl

    It's like I'm watching a birth video xD

  32. mrmichael20

    wow, amazing! Good job!

  33. MKE

    Gav looks like he needs to get this over with to get to practice for his The Strokes coverband. Dan looks like he's only doing this so mum and pop can have some adult time and someone needs to watch little brother.

  34. the great old one

    I guess they were always a couple of AIR HEADS

  35. mrswiftasian

    Middle a? It’s alpha

  36. Hannah Jenkins

    I hate my life

  37. Trebron Nauhc

    Filipinos be like Kung pagmamasdan nyo yung hugis ng apoy. Makikita nyo ang mukha ni satanas.

  38. Raden Bokir

    I am from indonesia, pleas giveaway

  39. Tater’s Woodshop

    Re-do, keep going up in bullet size. Let’s see 50cal and bigger rounds 👍

  40. Tater Tots

    1:24 really? Dude come on.

  41. sniper wolf 2548

    He protecc He atacc But most importantly he need some milcc

  42. Moni macer

    This is what it looks like when I dive

  43. John Michael Diaz

    Ive had a bug fly in my eye while driving a buggy so im pretty sure its the same as seeing a bullet headed to your eyes 👀

  44. Justin Chang

    There are 77k comments if you find mine you have to like and your a legend

  45. Sebbz

    This makes me think differently of black holes tbh

  46. Earthshine Moonshine

    And when the initial opaque nature of the big bang explosion of the toilet settled and milliseconds passed the invisible intelligent beings that emerged got to the point of highly technologically advanced stage but they could never trace back to the point just before the explosion of the toilet , many different theories got very close to the millionth of seconds before the toilet big bang but none of the proposed theories got the seal of approval of the remnants of the exploded toilet.

  47. mas koo

    Wkwkwk.. lough

  48. Crystal Bull

    Dan's face looks like its out of a Skittles commercial.

  49. Max Blair

    You should pour gallium on top of dry ice and see how fast it freezes/hardens. That would be interesting in slow mo

  50. Hurtmender0

    Needs metal cards

  51. Keith Klassen

    Ok but why didn't y'all hold your hand over the opening, stopping the coke and butane from falling out before expansion?

  52. A Nimwit

    Who disliked this video?

  53. Cafe Liano

    The belly flop deserves our LIKES 👍. That’s dedication/investment into your business guys . Amazing 🤝

  54. Yoshi UwU

    Admit it, this was the first video you watched as a kid.

  55. Adish Sharma

    4:03 When mom says you have to give water to plants

  56. Jesus

    4:40 oh ffs 😂😂

  57. andrew sias

    Where's the link to buy one?

  58. Potato Aim

    It literally looks like the under side of a mushroom when zoomed in all the way

  59. Keith Sutton

    You are not wrong, I felt very uncomfortable through this lol

  60. pokycraftgamer9


  61. Chrisas star

    3:28 otra persona

  62. ISayaWhaat

    Put a razor blade all around the outside of the cards

  63. Tomas Pizano

    What it looks like to DIE

  64. SE Creator


  65. Minecraft Musician

    Lebron has higher vertical leap than him. It seems to be more epic.

  66. Talal Alanazi

    لا يفل الحديد الا الحديد ..

  67. Q

    strang but ok

  68. lolphukyu


  69. - EnderPlayz17 -

    This is amazing! I love this!

  70. Max Watson

    4:45 propagation doesn't mean what you think it means

  71. TheKrazyPlayer

    3:15 that moiment

  72. Metal Detecting NC

    That was fun

  73. lorenz yagong

    so this is real

  74. anthony evans

    dan inside balloon with some water, corn syrup & red dye so it actually looks like he is being born again

  75. Radioactive Bullet


  76. 光速のタラバガニ


  77. Kevin

    too bad it's fake and CGI

  78. hmm 90 days

    Dude rhetts hair and face kind of look like Ricky from trailer park boys

  79. Napi Coyote


  80. DoubleDimensionsYT

    5:09 Race car going at top speed *BaNg* **kazoo fail**

  81. Lkm Rk

    Very satisfying lads👍

  82. LA MARAVILLA 123

    good Job boys

  83. Isarel Maldonado

    Deflecting that shell is the equivalent of catching a bullet with a watermelon lol

  84. thel 'Vadam

    And if the barrel was under vacuum it would go faster

  85. Gol.D Roger

    The way dan jumps xDD 5:20

  86. metal_ak4


  87. lil sOuP

    Omg the noise from the tv

  88. shubhangi singh

    You guyss waste so much of water!

  89. Eng Mohammed

    5:54 makes me afraid WTF

  90. Wild Fire

    10:20 now THATS what I call a strap

  91. Isaac Lee-Baudin

    There is 93oh someone already did that

  92. Michael Nowak

    They shot this and the crushing video in the same day. Dan was already soaking wet

  93. DJ Davis

    That's a real friend right there

  94. Dan Gulino

    These guys are accidentally making some of the best art I've seen in years

  95. Ramon Aviles

    Goku: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! A NEEDLE!!!!! 😱😱😱😱

  96. pee on the wall


  97. JoshyBoi2007

    4:48 Its high noon

  98. Daddy Mysterious

    *This makes me question existence in itself*

  99. Gaming Showcases 255

    That’s a soccer ball