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  1. Forest

    So do some hunters still think Nergi is the most power monster still or do they need to spend another minute with Furious Rajang?

  2. bogsphil

    Just to air out a few thoughts: Raging Brachy is just likely to have its own armor, which means a possible Agitator Secret meta, and we will see a drastic increase of Farcaster-using players.

  3. Hadi The Edgemaster

    I mean the regular Rajang only killed me about one thousand seven hundred two million trillion times. so im sure Furious Rajang is easier version.


    Oh frick Isabelle our to kill some people

  5. MEXIcAnBnR

    A film or anime like this would be amazing :')

  6. ButtScratcher98

    Does anyone know how to get this if I didn’t pre order Iceborne?

  7. Mihai Matei

    Mhw the pissed off update

  8. DragonBoy 50%

    Capcom please put the gore magala in Monster Hunter world and all of its weapons they are all very unique and very cool also I want to see Gore magala fight nergigante and win

  9. Ivan Wirawan

    1:04 - 1:11 Nitroshroom + Empty Phial = Power Coating

  10. WAN

    Its 2020 and I'm still play mh4u! Just play a few sec ago 😁..Still the best MH series!!Hopefully Nintendo continued to produce more MH for 3DS..hope so.. Switch?? Hummm.. Pffttttt!!

  11. Niskara

    Raging Brachydios: *theme has vocals* Everyone: This is elder dragon threat level

  12. Fatalimo

    Uh i want to play again at this game....the best game

  13. bherli bhee


  14. ちんちくりんぱっぱ


  15. Michael Wilburn

    I just realized they are adding two one punch men

  16. Afroknight 21

    Is that a Jojo's reference?

  17. Micah Flanders

    A quest with Tempered Raging Brachy, Uragaan, and Seething Bazel... basically Michael Bay inspired

  18. Mark Smith


  19. cheung kinson

    Furious rajang...... with more lightening aura around it... god I hope there’s a berserk rajang with green aura, ultra rajang with silver aura and a super rajang god with blue aura

  20. Eren7 Kruger12

    If they will ever add Lucent Nargacuga and Molten Tigrex with theyr unique themes(remade theme with choir) it will be a damn good day.

  21. MeerBing12

    Gore magala vs nergiante

  22. Dylan Ortega

    -Bracchidios: Why is the final boss theme on? It isn't even mine. -Speed runners: Shh... just sleep...

  23. Pat Gallier


  24. ミュータントかめ


  25. Aviciiファン


  26. ST34K


  27. Daniel Alejandro Fuenmayor

    I just found out that the Defender weapons arent from the original game, im new in MH and World is my first game and when I saw the Defender Glaive I thought HOLY THIS IS DAMAGE but now I feel dirty knowing this wasnt part of the game before Iceborne

  28. Gonzalo Alvarez

    A trully wonderfull masterpiece. Should have been game of the year in 2018

  29. King Arthur

    Kinda disappointing

  30. Ziffer

    только и видна боевка с драконами да тварями и никакого гейм плея (

  31. Allwyn Dlima

    Holy Shite! This is the first time I'm watching this cutscene and I have to say, Capcom, you are dam amazing with your cinematic videos. I wish you'd make full length feature films. Loved it.

  32. Lunaatic Cultist

    I feel like I’m more hyped for the new brachidios theme then I am for either fight

  33. Aerith Taven

    I love that this is The opening cg o2. The game came out 5 years ago. May is the 5th month. You're in the 5th fleet. And Gore magala is in the cg 01 thumbnail. Coincidence? In all seriousness, if Gore magala is the fan favorite to be added, how do i build a time machine so i can play NOW

  34. Issante

    Hey guys, maybe you will tell me when the safi jiva is coming back now ?

  35. Brenton Taylor

    Everybody gangsta till Brachy's theme gets vocals

  36. VGE

    Rajang isn't they add another one. Yay. Here I am waiting for a fun monster, like Great Jaggi, or Lagiacrus. But no... *Rajang Two.* Ugh.

    1. VGE

      I paid money for this game, just like you did. I am allowed to voice my opinion.

    2. Schinak

      you were never going to get any of those in march since they announced the next few updates MONTHS ago. May is the earliest you might get those. Now stop bitching

  37. The Last Mimiga

    Capcom out here pushing people up to get more people to buy iceborne.

  38. Muhammad shalihuddin

    Whatever you pc player do. Do not. I repeat. Do not get caught. Cheers

  39. Luis E Morales Falcon

    After years of cinematic trailers the gameplay now looks like this, will Gore and Seregious travel to the NW?

  40. kaiki


  41. ElektrozDynamix

    From 0:50 to 0:53 Not gonna lie, is it just me or did I just hear sounds of velociprey/giaprey? If it is then could it be a meaning of something to come to Iceborne?

    1. Qsdfgh

      Its you.

  42. QuadricKnight

    Will i finnaly get thoes Brachydios Duel Blades and LongSword?

    1. Alex Mercer


  43. 半回転宙返りサマソ


  44. Subham Munda

    Now only Bloodbath diablo is required to pissed world.

  45. Knight Noitxe

    We're 300% dead. I love you capcom xDDD Also please put Darkeater Midir or Kalameet in there, plz and ty

  46. Hi Bana

    It says i completed the recon assignment but the siege isn't showing can someone help

  47. Angel Gonzalez

    Recently got a 3ds along with mh4u and mh3u. I might be the only hunter out of the 5th fleet to go explore the old world.

  48. Alexander Armstrong

    New event quest “Is that a jojo reference?” Objective: slay monsters Raging Brachydios Savage deviljho


    Still remains the ULTIMATE game. Much love for this title.

  50. Juan Ping Del Toro

    Like Yeah i want to hunt tjese fucks for an hout at a time i dont have the time or patience... so over this game

  51. Thot Banisher

    2 really annoying monsters getting even worse

  52. Fieldy Snutts

    Thats great and all but the community has long been asking for mecha great jagras and proto dodogama

  53. DragonBoy 50%

    Also my first monster hunter game I ever played. Thank u capcom

  54. DragonBoy 50%

    Gore magala versus nergigante

  55. Jack Nesmith

    I like it how raging brachy gets more time then furious rajang Also I wonder when we will get kulve turoth and master rank armor

    1. Qsdfgh

      Then furious rajang what?


    the way he says G! in the beginning cracks me up every time

  57. 名梨太郎


  58. The Foil Demon Enraged

    *quest abandoned*

  59. tim X

    Damn a new clasic mh game would be so amazing

  60. Al ex/りょたまのゲームch


  61. vincent rossi

    I Want the seregios and gore magala in iceborn

  62. Ryoma Guinevere

    I thought this was the latest monster hunter lol, the graphic is really good

  63. Deathstocker EW

    "Anger issues" update.

  64. テトラ上りの勇者たち


    1. m l t


  65. nel c


  66. 慶K


  67. Samuel Baker

    I know my first game was World but I can still tell my days are numbered.

  68. Vordox

    Safi MUST be a black dragon, COME ON!

  69. JuggerKnight47

    Idk about the design on this weapon I would have preferred the gun lances honestly

  70. Alks

    uh oh, stinky

  71. ナツ/natu

    日本人おるか? ちなみに自分いまだに4Gやってるw

  72. yuk tkm

    Show me a life.

  73. One Triggered Zeno Boi

    *laugh in I still play mh3u niggas*

  74. サラ


  75. Serpentking789


  76. Mr Snakes


  77. Kobaコバヤシ


  78. Kafka

    E igo baaka dakedo waza waza kore yomu yatu iru?ww

  79. ああ


  80. Shaded Gamer

    dual blade main here, ready to spank that furious monkeys butt in march

  81. ケムッソ


  82. Davilas Vas

    Looks like Raging went beyond Super Saiyan.

  83. Camste325

    Best birthday gift for those who have leap year birthdays

  84. Erich Johnson

    There's going to be tempered versions of these

  85. Bishop Holt


  86. Ambre Glorieux

    Quand est la sortie des 2 nouvelles variantes

  87. Verticom 1

    What does this meannnnn...... *Hope*

  88. Mr Popuro

    Super late comment, but are we gonna ignore the fact that these hunters are from the MHG cinematic. Cool to see they got the fated four gear

  89. Derrick Haggard

    Furious Rajang is back "Starts having scarred MH4U flashbacks" Oh no oh no not him anybody but him suddenly my confidence surrounding hunts just went down to 0 real fast.

  90. bola shop


  91. 地大


  92. Demagogines

    Awesome stuff. But I wonder if they will do another colaboration some time in the future. We had FF and the Witcher, but do you know where there are also hunters ? Indeed, Bloodborne . That would be something of epic proportions.

    1. Squigga tentacles

      yeah it would be cool but ya know, ps4 exclusive 🙃

    2. Sunbro Solaire

      That could actually work perfectly now that I think about it. Maybe the lore could be something like the Amygdala at the Cathedral Ward snatching up a beast like Blood-Starved Beast and bring it to the hunting world.

  93. CreepiestPick

    For the last two days I've been wondering why they posted this is it a possible foreshadow for what the next monster is???

  94. DanielKzy

    MHW: prepare to cart

  95. Neos4500

    The cart felynes are gonna make a fortune next month.

  96. Evanouih

    My first Monster Hunter !

  97. FrankyRos

    Ooo mierda voy a preparar mi culo para la paliza que me van a dar

  98. The Heat

    Rajang is going ssj3 fused with kaioken

  99. William Caesar

    Fuck them up with all safijivas weapons easily.

    1. Alex Mercer

      They'll probably be so strong that even with Safi gear they'll still be a hard challenge

  100. Magia Borras

    Conradito pa quando cita