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  1. Adrian Alanis

    Dallas must have some sort of drawing for who’s the 3rd option every game cause somebody different always shows up.

  2. Jazmine Garcia


  3. Jim Su

    Crazy thing is Ayton and Bagley aren't even bad, they're actually both doing decently well for second year rookies, just Luka (and Trae) are both out of this world good

  4. KING T

    He will be one of the greats it's nice to watch him hustle and play the game!! 💪

  5. Melania Wong


  6. Rafael

    Like if Aaron Gordon is a two time slam dunk champ in yo eyes

  7. danielacti

    Ok but where the hell is Kevin Huerter?

  8. Kristen Hawkins

    Amazing 🧨

  9. 钱华安


  10. Al Smith

    Why would LeBron shoot a half court shot with 2 min left. He is no Jordan or Magic.

  11. Sharon Allen

    The hawks ja a great team

  12. Mo Abu

    He leaned up hard, you can see it in his cheekbones. This version of Embiid looks positively Hakeem-esque!

  13. Dodge Ram

    MVP next year

  14. Olivier Bonneville

    3:06 rip lilliard

  15. Gerald Walls jr

    Man the clippers staff was pissed on these shots man this was fun watching

  16. Sean Carlos Manarang

    try the 1984-2020 50 point dunks

  17. David S

    Big shout out to divac

  18. Slurzzシ

    Where Is Aaron Gordon?

  19. Vendetta

    Please i want everybody calling him luka magic, its match perfectly with his style of gamr

  20. Sean Flanagan

    Derrick-through the legs-Jones Jr.

  21. House of Basketball

    Support my channel thank you ❤️

  22. Abe Lesser


  23. Fortis Flumen

    I'm sure that fan seen lots of BBC's

  24. Hatdog Gaming

    0:24 the score wasn't counted why?

  25. House of Basketball

    Pls Support my channel 🙏😇

  26. Rob

    Just watching Dwades Jersey retirement and all the guys said Allen would take these shots in practice a thousand times, backpedaling. Awesome shot!

  27. Eyem Dunn

    Are the Magic aware that they are STILL a playoff team? They couldn’t miss the playoffs if they tried. Pathetic

  28. A Hab

    6:44 i thought i heard thunder outside!

  29. Parak Crizaldo

    Now Markieff is on Lakers and Marcus is on Clippers now 😀

  30. Calus _

    Notice how he jumps off with one leg

  31. Hames

    Take a year off like Jordan (23-->45), add 22 to your number and you 99... GOAT status

  32. Benjamin Day

    Only because of Kawahi. Nothing without him

  33. Justin Mitchell

    Lucks go back to your country

  34. Serhat Topkaya

    Jordan always the same dunk. does not affect for me.

  35. Bam Bam

    This Man Was Robbed Twice ✌🏿

  36. HlddenTalent

    No offense what was magical about it?


    Stat chaser.

    1. 34 22

      34 wins bitch! 😂 How's that for a stat?

  38. Chris Sean

    Marry me Luka! We can make baby goats

    1. Red Velvet MVP

      Bruh he got socks on it’s all good

    2. Nikko De Dios

      You forgot no homo or nahh

  39. CiCLoDoL

    Dallas from trash team to Playoff team in 1 year, lmao. That is why you pick the best talent in the draft. BaGlEY Is BeTtEr Fit fOr FoX.

  40. Daniel Jones

    Is it just me or did the rim sound different back then?

  41. Nicholas Morre

    Slovenian GOD

  42. Fun with Education

    Luka is a BEAST!!!

  43. Kim Chaz

    He’s good. But he’s a stat chaser!

    1. Alexander Salapare II

      He's a team player as you can see.

    2. 34 22

      How? Tell me little bitch how is he stat chaser and his team has 34 ws. Come on tell me fat boy.

  44. Uroš S.

    Magic beast. Dan je lepsi, ce se zacne z Lukovo tekmo

  45. U Weird Bro

    luka gone be a all-star watch out NBA just hope the Mavericks dont trade him cause this Teams aint loyal no they aint

    1. Peter Smith

      U Weird Bro Your a casual

    2. SoyYoGabytus

      U Weird Bro The all-star was last week fam and he was a starter in Team LeBron

    3. kolo thebob

      He already a allstar 😂😂😂😂

  46. Tony Romo #9hunnit #ScrambleGod

    Luka MVP

    1. Peter Smith

      Tony Romo #9hunnit #ScrambleGod No

  47. qiushi hu

    Magical, Magic, got it?

  48. J.E. Editz

    I would mean a lot to me if you guys could check out my Russell Westbrook mix. I’m only starting out my channel so I need feedback.

  49. tom edwards

    Great player but desperately needs to drop the top. that hair looking real sparse.

  50. Brand Buckets

    If you want the Mavs to make the playoffs Like this video

  51. Jay Cristian Panotes

    He's back

  52. Kenneth Bui

    Magical performance vs the Orlando Magic

    1. House of Basketball

      Subs to sub

  53. Jonathan Velazquez

    is the NBA stuck in 2010? Whats with the 720p videos, smh

  54. Finesse Kidd

    Ha nice i see what you did there

  55. Eddy Alvarez

    Can someone elaborate why they didn't win a chip+?

  56. Daniel Foster

    So fuckin what...NBA.. who gives a shit

  57. Absolute Baller

    Nice performance 👍👏👏

  58. Ryan Alexander

    Magic are 8 games below 500 and are still in playoff contention. 🤨🤨 I'm confused

    1. TAC

      Allen Castro no, it is because there are teams that are dominating and others that are tanking. In the past 8 years there were 4 east and 4 west winners, so I don’t see your point.

    2. Allen Castro

      Below 500 teams are playoff teams in that weakass east.

    3. Oel Dave

      Too many teams decided to tank.. thats why

    4. AJ Rivera

      Ryan Alexander that’s called playing in the Eastern Conference

  59. Juan Sanchez


    1. Peter Smith

      You are a casual


      Juan Sanchez Obviously it’s Giannis

    3. Juan Sanchez

      Cody Darnick who you got ?

    4. Cody Darnick

      Juan Sanchez no

  60. Tony Romo #9hunnit #ScrambleGod


    1. Cody Darnick

      Tony Romo #9hunnit #ScrambleGod lmao no

  61. deezomaxima

    Never thought I'd see someone better than Jordan or Dominique in dunking but Vince is it.

  62. Diaz TV

    Luka go fo 3

  63. Fergus Tayler

    at this point i am convinced Aron Baynes is in the league just to get dunked on

  64. craig fish

    not quite 50 points though....

    1. 34 22

      @craig fish 16 wins AHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH get outta here little bitch!

    2. 34 22

      @craig fish Last in defense rating 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    3. CiCLoDoL

      Who cares about Trae on the worst team. Any stat that doesn't translate into wins = empty stat

    4. 34 22

      @craig fish How? Trae never won anywhere he played 😂 Oklahoma was actually better when he left the team funny how that works huh 😂 😂 😂 😂

    5. craig fish

      Put trae on the Dallas roster and the mavericks would have more wins

  65. 34 22

    Not bad for a fat chubby white guy 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  66. pedro0 HD


  67. Coco Martin


  68. Phantom-Shotz

    Luka Magic!


    Upcoming Hall of Famer🤞🏼

  70. Jayden Knowles

    Luka Magic

  71. Awin

    kantutan na

  72. 34 22

    Luka making it look easy leading his team to the playoffs in year 2 😂😂😂😂😂. Haters big mad 😡

    1. Red Velvet MVP

      Luka don’t got no haters he got hawks fans who just want to be left alone

  73. iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

    Magical performance against a team that hasn't win in 15 years🤣🤣🤣 He will be hurt again like all the rest

    1. 34 22

      @iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers 😂 😂 😂

    2. iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

      @34 22 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that was actually funny..

    3. 34 22

      Uncle Drew more injury prone and he's black.

    4. 34 22

      Still looking for that pony?

  74. JonasPD

    Kawhi= GOAT

  75. Smilez by Miles

    Out there ballin!!

  76. Jude Veress

    got here 17 seconds after uploaded, pretty proud

  77. arun rao

    India loves mavs 💪💪💪

  78. Pg13 Okc nation


  79. Rene De Los Reyes

    is the rockets becoming more balanced team? they are hitting threes from every player on the ground. whereas before they rely only on harden and a few. would like to see them battle the bucks where many members could also hit threes and has a (more?) balanced bench

  80. ItsLPakaPolattis. Landan

    Luka better lead the mavs to the playoffs

    1. ItsLPakaPolattis. Landan

    2. Jaheim Raheim

      First round exit

  81. Mello_SZN

    Can anyone tell me the background beat at 0:05

  82. Flame Ambush

    Go mavs go

  83. DMarcoTheFirst

    Blake Griffin's Kia dunk wasn't a 50?

  84. Coach Dude

    Sup uped Kemp still not healthy and NBA basketball shape yet 10 games in

  85. Marisol Roldos

    Mavs are first round exists

    1. Jay Jimenez

      2 rounds is a stronger possibility if no injury.

    2. Ryan Alexander

      Marisol Roldos They could beat Denver

    3. Peter Smith


    4. Jonathan Velazquez

      Still ahead of schedule on the rebuild, only took them 3 years to get back into the playoffs.

    5. Bazooka Joe

      Mavs fan here. I won't complain even if they exit in the first round. I'm just happy that we are a playoff team again with a young promising core since we've been crappy this past few years.

  86. SaltyEvan


  87. U-tube editoR

    ok, now try...[aikido/bojutsu]...{water & the library of the dead}...and...*(mis)adventure protocol*......go go go!!!

  88. Alex Bautista


  89. 34 22

    Luka and KP best young Duo in the NBA!

    1. 34 22

      @Jaheim Raheim oh he's better 😂

    2. 34 22

      @Jaheim Raheim I don't give a fuck about other random guys bitch foh fat boy go watch that loser Trae Highlights 😂 😂

    3. Allen Castro

      @Peter Smith because the Mavs just come from a tanking season last year, Simmons and Embidd duo won't be long, someone will get traded soon.

    4. Jaheim Raheim

      @34 22 u weird the other guy should have been here he would diss y

    5. Jaheim Raheim

      @Peter Smith sorry not u

  90. Doug Stevens

    LETS GO!

  91. Brian Vickers

    First like view and comment

  92. Nick Koch

    Let’s go love u guys

  93. 34 22

    Easy work! For Luka and Mavericks!

    1. Nevaeh Shorrosh

      33 22 first round exit

  94. Brian Vickers


  95. Kingdom G


  96. Fire God

    1:08 that voice tho

  97. ToddAndelin

    KG mostly spinning his own demon wheels in his head... great player

  98. sasaugebun

    Jumped over a 5 foot u get a 50. Jumped over 7'5" u get 47

  99. Conor Hogan

    He makes it look like it’s the easiest shot in the works even though it’s the hardest to perfect

  100. A Hab

    Grown men ball, listen to the power of those dunks, todays small ball 3 ball shooting, free throws seekin, traveling, no defense playing players wont last a day in the 80s league!