I haven't decided yet, give me some time okay, I am new to this.

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  1. Blicky Robinson


  2. Slender

    Them seminars be bs talmbout “come to our free seminar and we’ll teach you...”. Then they spend the entire hour or 2 talking about themselves and being very unspecified and vague to then up sell you on the shit you thought you were going to get today

  3. danraz0r Alice

    took his gun afterwards but youtube cuts that.

  4. Alan

    Had countless females do this, they usually come around in an hour or so

  5. stopthelawsuits

    WOW women really just don't care about how men feel. They just walk all over us

  6. Slender

    “I used to be just like you sitting in that seat there”

  7. mrun knownreplay

    Lmao bitches be like that when they cheating and fking with another dude everyday

  8. Max Powell

    as a dude that doesn’t like it when they randomly change the race,gender,age or sexuality of a character i am actually for a black bond as long as it’s Idris Alba, I believe he would bring a dignity to the role

  9. يوسف الوزان

    It really do be like dat

  10. Rob Rose 609

    Follow me on Instagram- @rob.rose.3334

  11. CT

    *Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein enter the apartment*

  12. Broken.

    💀💀💀 Niggas theses days

  13. Roxas keyblademaster

    Hentai mc:wait that's illegal!

  14. CrusaydeXYZ

    yo why tf his lips got their own personality?

  15. XDragon WarfareX

    This hit so close to my house bro

  16. Cajo Escobar

    "Your going to get this dick" "That could mran anything" 😂😂

  17. Blood Orb

    اللي جاي من دحماس لايك 😂😂⁦👌🏻⁩

  18. Terrohn Jackson

    Bro that’s a good question, why don’t they notify any government organization after their change😂

  19. alex Garrison

    what's the name of the song playing in the background towards the end of the video

  20. Captain Germany

    tinylobe skyscraper street.

  21. ToSamus Aran 2.0

    He needs morals more than her 😂😂😂

  22. Mickey Flamie

    Plot twist: That was the lawn mower 3.0😂


    Dude who are the fucking people that dislikes this? I would love to beat their sensitive asses 🤣, btw funny video... *clicks the like button*

  24. Xolo

    the next fast and furious movie just about to be 3 hours of car commercials *the closest thing we can get to a fucking movie about cars*


    The people who disliked this are the ones he was making fun of probably🤣

  26. Travis Stroman-spaniel

    My boi, you need to be an actor

  27. Isaiah

    I aleays order them huge cups of chocolate milk

  28. Yousef Assi

    اللي جاي من دحماس لايك 😂😂⁦👌🏻⁩

  29. Fatima Zahra Akbar


  30. Deondre Duncan

    Hell nawl🤣🤣😂😂

  31. OlJohnJoe

    Day after day... seems like I

  32. Legend Says

    i WaNtEd tO sEe yOu sPeNd SoMe TiMe WitH YoU

  33. November

    On one hand, I totally get her (because I'm at that point in life myself), but on the other hand, why even go to the nigga's house if you know you're not down for what he wants? You should have at least discussed it on the phone beforehand. Like, you know the nature of the relationship has been strictly sexual thus far; don't expect his wavelength to automatically change just because you did. Wasted both y'all time over nothing.

  34. Vintage Life

    That little temper tantrum dance!

  35. C R 7

    - i want something real = this dick is real enough 😂😂😂

  36. Srish

    This dick is real enough 8=====;)

  37. Sadboihrs9

    baby's mad he didnt get a nut boo hoo

  38. dylan pangilinan

    He put the book down twice

  39. VenomPK

    This d*ck is real enough.

  40. Terrohn Jackson

    “My boss and this dude that been there for a year make six figures. My boss said I was up next”

  41. Averyzalia Sylvia

    Wait, this is not griffy video. Where's the music?

  42. Jack Johnson

    Whats with black people with humongous gap in their teeth

  43. サSabuori

    It means everything to me🤣🤣

  44. Martin

    Too late by then, then she ruined her ability already to properly bond to a single man. More sex partners had = less all in in a marriage and less valuing what you got, goes for both men and women by the way.

  45. the tengu

    Niggas got face tats and be millionaires

  46. Rahil Jogani


  47. Corey Jammer

    What about McDonald's cheese burgers

  48. Wither

    disliked, no "day after day" music

  49. Jaiber Mosquera

    This dick is real enough

  50. george p

    Your tongue choking my balls 😁 😂

  51. KraZKris2000

    Please tell me he did one for opinions and free speech

  52. Zapplez Playz

    Me: Writes a suicidal note with the best grammar on earth. Mom: Oh no my sons dead 😭😢 *Forgets to add a period* Mom: *W H A T T H E F U C K I S W R O N G W I T H M Y D U M B A S S R E T A R T E D A S S U G L Y A S S S O N* *Y O U S H O U L D G O F U C K I N G D I E B I T C H*

  53. Basedbrawler

    Girl: We should have sex after we get married... Me: *Uno reverse card* Nice, just making sure we were on the same page...so Jennifer, will you marry m- Her: 5 years later *Draw 4 card* Me: Dammit, I knew I should've used a skip turn... This is the most cringe comment I've ever written

  54. iman ishraf

    As soon he posted on the Internet, he is the one that get all the hate.

  55. Akirouia Natsuki

    I don't think I ever had this problem



  57. Larry_x Kenshin


  58. cwʕ•ع•ʔ ab

    Another true to life experiences of Anthony. F

  59. RageOro

    What is the song at the start?


    That'll be $99 sir pay up

  61. gawd damn

    This video so relatable 😂😂😂😂

  62. marcrobinson010

    Old people had it rough lol

  63. Jeai Play

    Fake no end music

  64. sAuCyy bOi MicHaEl

    😂🤣🤣lmao my girl tried doing this shit to me

  65. Buster891

    I want somthing real, This d*ck is real enough !😂😂

  66. Fw. Sync

    How dare her!

  67. XD universe

    Self love bull shit lol

  68. Jullian Molina

    “What do you mean.. I don’t speak Spanish” 😂😂😂😂

  69. Niko

    She might have morals but she no longer gives oral

  70. the rock obama

    Nigga said “Ayo baybee!! You ready to drink this henny off ma dick “ 😂😂

  71. expertguy101

    She selfish ! Lhh

  72. NoLimitJayB

    Awww I remember those days. Rub alcohol on my disc then it would work and the red screen on ps2. 😂😂😂😂😊😊

  73. EarlyInktober

    “Bangin for Christ”

  74. Nawaf Godallah Al-Harbi

    S 20 Ultra 👽

  75. GuardSilent

    This dick is real enough

  76. damems reap

    This video is for asexual

  77. MR. JUNKIE


  78. uchiha X alqadhi

    9:23 it's new phoine with a camera

  79. S S

    You need to stop doing that female voice, seriously. It turns me on, stop it.

  80. Ndalo mk

    This be funimation fighting interspecies reviewers

  81. Mike Tacos

    organic water?? OH you mean H2O. That's another GMO made by Big Farma.

  82. Mr Magoo

    Is it Opposite Day ha haa

  83. Miromaallita

    Do "Ask Griffy".

  84. Tsauce the king

    Girl: I want something real Griffy: This dick real enough

  85. the c.f.a.

    You know what that means - BLAMSKY!

  86. Kiid shawn

    lowley this happened to me before😂😂ngl

  87. احمد مرتضى

    اكو عرب بالتعليقات 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  88. Fudail Abdus-Salam

    Griffy: doesn’t put the background music at the end Me: I’m going home

  89. uchiha X alqadhi

    it's iphone 11 and with a camare

  90. Ben Lingan

    The music is missing

  91. PeaCe Puia_20

    His girlfriend sounds a lil bit like a dude. Just a lil bit tho

  92. Simply

    I feel... incomplete without a bass drop and a plot twist.

  93. Cédric GACHE


  94. vleesevlons

    Damn griffy, you hurting?

  95. Nano Man

    Why's there no shouting and the music at the end

  96. adedapo dacosta

    I don't speak Spanish killed me

  97. Damon Starks

    This Dick is Real Enough 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  98. RodneyCloudHill

    The last 30 seconds explained how White People forced Christianity on people around the world.

  99. DarKEreXion

    The shade

  100. CaitKat

    Why does griffy sound like all of my experiences with dudes