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  1. TheViolinGuy

    music credit to: hirihiri good job man

  2. Hispanic!AtTheDisco

    This is just the Gameboy Advance SP

  3. Princess Reham Lanto

    Samsung i had a suggestion. A80 has blankpink edition then plss make a BTS edition. Plssse accept itt tis beautifel to havve a80 BTS edition

  4. 인혁

    삼성 최고😆😆😆

  5. Ana Rey

    Y para que tanta mamada?

  6. Syazwani Shukri

    Well, I'm gonna wait until a few more flip phones so that I'll get the more stabil ones.

  7. TheAuroraRed

    How much?

  8. Logan Brown

    Still using an iPhone

  9. Rafidavia Gicha


  10. Skye Crangle

    and glass cant be folded if it can fold then its just plastic that looks like glass

  11. Skye Crangle

    wait IS THAT SIRI TALKING!?!?!

  12. Caio Martins


  13. TheAirs

    I’m fine with Apple

  14. Slammin Steelhead PNW

    Dafuq Samsung I just bought a note 10

  15. danco103

    Wouldn't it be cool to develop a security system that based your specific DNA only allows you to see your screen at a given time, say when your entering your password.just a thought :)

  16. S B

    Uh...I dunno about this one.

  17. james 412018038

    australian english accent

    1. Nintendo Switch Rules Wii U and Stadia Sucks


  18. Minecraft Creeper

    This isnt even a phone its a camera And we be makin memes bout apple like wth is this

  19. james 412018038

    0:27 Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Pre-Order NOW!

  20. Team Aronex

    Samsung: note 10 boiiii Apple: no u

  21. Gabriel Raven Cancino

    hey samsung type escobar on youtube

  22. Karl Andrei Vega


  23. HelloitsMeBob

    Dear sumsung If you would like to sponsor me for a phone

  24. Wombo__Combo__On__The_Computer

    New Razr: so, you decide to challenge me?

  25. Andrés Muñoz


  26. FlashSnaps

    Wish they do a unveiling trailer like the unveiling of the s10 trailer

  27. cute vlogs

    Team galaxy

  28. Tyler Kane

    Just preordered the s20 ultra and bought the buds+

  29. M4th3u5 sk

    cell phone with router switched on spend internet even if no one is connected to the router?

  30. ][

    samsung s10: exists Samsung: i can upgrade that Samsung s10: Samsung: makes it foldable Samsung s10: wai... Samsung: *Perfection*

  31. Nandan M

    Good day, Thank you for sharing, I'll buy if it's affordable.🙏

  32. ͡ಠ_ಠ

    does it have a headphone jack

  33. 도건우

    So, will be Galaxy Watch 2 will come up when Galaxy Note 20 come?

  34. Kayli Yazmin Silva Palma

    Ooooooh millieeee oh! Y también un teléfono😂

  35. Pork Chop

    Imagine having mentos on your ears

  36. Angel Starr

    I will keep my s10 plus for some years well to come

  37. castillo melo

    Samsung did it again you have impress us mobile community

  38. Tiago José

    Watching in my Buds


    ? goúd? Awesome bruv 👍🔥.. Thx u 🙌😤💀♎...

  40. Crzygamer

    About 10 years late on the flip phone trend

  41. ayy

    My A10e is dead

  42. moises rivero r

    hi note

  43. infertagul

    I regret getting a 55" for my bedroom a 75" would have been better. Although then I would regret not getting an 80"+ 8K set with HDMI 2.1. But even then I'd regret not getting a MicroLED set. And then I'd regret not getting a tv with Dolby Vision..... And then I'd regret....

  44. abade Al

    We need a better vedio recording

  45. lumpylamia708

    S11 I am a joke to you

  46. Pol Abadia Conejos

    actors in the ad said god save the queen

  47. 1 A.M.

    Can this still apply to a WIFI only samsung tablet and phone??

  48. ŁΘֆђẳη4įᶄ シ


  49. James Crocker

    Wow! Did you buy Samsung’s new camera! I heard it comes with a phone now!!!

  50. michał zalewski


  51. RGB2

    Can we talk about the Music of back ground (Bad guy ;-;)

  52. EverythingTechPro

    more like the fake and sellout lounge. dude as much as i like samsung i hate shady marketing like this

  53. colt

    garbage phone not awesome

  54. Jose Romero

    #team galaxy

  55. Danish Sheikh

    Meanwhile Apple:- “Time to put another camera on iphone X”.

  56. CACHA

    *Quieren Que En Mi Proximo Sorteo Regale Un Galaxy S20* 😍

  57. Danish Sheikh

    Samsung : We break the rules of physics. Issac Newton : hmm, so you don't remember what happened with the galaxy fold.

  58. ahmad ramadhin

    Pikirkan lagi bila beli hp ini..., cari referensi di yt apa saja kekurangan hp ini.., jangan karna hpnya keren saja di jadi patokan...,

  59. Heir of Sugar

    Lol the next video is a samsung galaxy z teardown video on my playback thing

  60. Its Me

    What is the storage capacity. Ram.

  61. Furkan Yıldırım_ProPlus

    see you at the airport yes please

  62. Fredy Garcia

    La canción de billieeilish

  63. Jazz E

    Still celebrating Unpacked? I like this!

  64. Gandalf The Emo

    Nobody 0:04 my sleep paralysis demon in the corner of my room

  65. deZeen93

    Who made the animation for this ad?

  66. Lyans YouTube

    lyan inte tycka om

  67. Diego GLD.


  68. Crypto Mogul

    Bye bye boring iphones

  69. kings man

    Huawei: our camera can capture moon Samsung: hold my Voyager 20

  70. JOGADOR_560

    Motorola: they don't make like me no more Samsung: I M T H E B A D G U Y

  71. Shadow

    Team fr

  72. _ClixSlutz_

    even tho android is trash this a bop as they should

  73. jorge washtoning

    add 18:9 1080p maximum and low power high nits oled bigger screen, and exact dslr sony canon replacer and up to 3000price they will buy, and make it clear that A series and older market products are budget low performance products so it wont mix up with the real thing and many get confused on it which cause damage to platform

  74. Francesca Lapadula


  75. Gustavo Soares

    Samsung: 100x Space Zoom Apple: 100x Dinamic wide cosmic ultra retina zoom

  76. •ᄉ•ryujuna

    This is made for Kim Seokjin

  77. Nick jan

    O murro na Apple

  78. Scott Bautista

    glass or plastic screen??? oof

  79. Vikky Sanada

    Oh yeah samsung, make eargasm in my ear.. Now how do i remove the stain from my brain?

  80. Sumit Kolekar

    Sony is the best

  81. BH Sifat


  82. Floyd Moed

    Ah my disco will be legendary

  83. Hadleen George


  84. amal el farisi

    They stole the desinge from nokia😅😅😅

  85. Lars

    But who needs this..

  86. Kenny Yuen

    This ad is a POS. Is the only difference the color ?

  87. 최현준


  88. King Rosè

    So R48 thousand on a phone

  89. Zainab Isa

    Shut up and take my money!!!!!!!

  90. The Gacha Legends

    Seokjin has this

  91. 일리나

    0:25 it's crystal clear (stan clc)

  92. Mi drystoyer

    It's still a box where I bought unlimited cloud storage

  93. Parshant Sadotra

    When it ll be launched in india... I want to buy it...

  94. Nicolás Pereyra

    This is the best phone in the word. I'm surprised whit the cameras and the zoom🤯

  95. Horse-face Specials

    This is more powerful then my laptop...

  96. Mukesh Gawariya


  97. Guitarguts63

    Can this app be deleted from the phone? I can't believe you all pushed out BLOATWARE to every phone user. This app on my NOTE 8 in size takes up 21.56GB of a 64GB internal storage. How dare you suck almost have my storage off my phone with the option to remove either parts or all of it or even telling users what the file size is going to do to their phone if they don't even know it's there and there are storing other app or files, I basically had my phone lock up today because internally it tried to over-store to the internal device from my camera. I didn't even realize that whatever last update you issued must have changed my storage preferences from the SD card for video and photos back to internal. You should have a warning show up on the phone if it cannot be managed to move or delete data with less than 1GB of internal storage left. It took me 3 hours to get files off one by one.

  98. Naheed Zehra


  99. キツネ FyRo

    Any french people cringing about the song