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    Josh: Come back in an hour and it'll be ready Also Josh: Time to put lamb brains in a fridge for 12 HOURS

  2. Null Kyanite

    Yo I thought GMM and the rest of them was all just like 5-10 people but this looks like a whole ass business Though I guess you can have a business with that few people...

  3. Jenny Sama

    I love Lucas. That's a thing now, we all have to live with it.

  4. Stephen Gold

    Lucas + Josh dynamic rules

  5. Melanie Stanish

    I love how they say everything wrong lol 😆

  6. Sandy Whitwam

    Poor Josh is trying so hard to say something weird, but there is just too much damage control needed 😂

  7. Melanie Stanish

    Josh is so weird and I love it 💙💙 plus he's adorable

  8. Melanie Stanish

    Gawd I love Josh

  9. Fuzzybucket

    fancify marzu casu or mellified man

  10. Orbit Dead

    6:14 that’s what she said

  11. Tim Parks

    They don't put sugar on top it's malic acid

  12. Cody B

    That dude was super annoying, to the point that it ruined the video -- at least for me.

  13. thefallenonelucifer6

    Yeah a lot of people say the 11 herbs and spices from KFC is only four or five herbs and spices and they just say 11 to throw you off

  14. Justin Satterfield

    That guys funny

  15. Justin Satterfield

    Start giving a slice to nemo or who ever teaches you what they do. More likes

  16. Cassandra Cooper

    really hope y'all let josh make original creations that aren't based off things or just recreations of stuff we've seen on the show soon.

  17. happylittleraincloud :3

    Should i comment i want to be his child when i really just want to call him daddy?

  18. R R H

    . . . EAT

  19. Delta Deann

    "...that's part of the meat mountain experience..." Damn I love this show so much.

  20. Deadpoolinne

    the way they just toss that white truffle at the end.... my heart and wallet cringed at the same time

  21. Dwain Polley

    I've never watched a video with Ellie in it where she didn't complain about something.

  22. Scotty Fresh

    The Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavored Water part legit made me laugh out loud. 😂

  23. Ever Greatest

    Looks so good

  24. bigman1182

    Oh my god I haven't laughed this hard in a while.... this was GREAT.

  25. CrashOveride

    That dude is annoying af.......

  26. 1001010 010100101

    Why does the ketchup logo look just like the ostrich farmer?

  27. Dan Nemlowill

    Has anyone actually made this?

  28. Watch-my-magic

    oh man i feel kinda sick just watching him eat all that. and yet i just ate a scoop of ice cream covered in m&ms

  29. jaymzOG

    E A T

  30. Claudia Kerssemakers

    Would love to see Josh and Emily again! This was also fun though.

  31. Somebody

    josh i think you can put the plastic bag in a cup then put the funnel cake mix in the bag the cup will hold the bag in place :)

  32. Tara Nicholson

    Please go back to making all the food creations for GMM! Nicole just doesn’t have the same creativity and ingenuity.

  33. AYEPAW

    Chase looks like a full grown little person. He has a little person face

  34. CyGuy - Quality Content

    Josh looks like Columbus from Zombieland

  35. Mighty Moyan

    Sure got some massive meat my friend

  36. Cassie Smith

    Man idk I tried, but I don’t dig the guests vibe. Not trying to be rude I missed his name at the start.

  37. Ed Mawhinney

    These two are so cute together

  38. Mighty Moyan

    A Skyline 5 Way

  39. Rachel Lynch

    More of Lucas, hahahaha. Your camaraderie was amazing

  40. Kim Madsen

    Lucas makes me uncomfortable

  41. Elvi5_40 The Parakeet_Gaming

    *Josh use nut to described the fruit* Me: *Very poor chose of words joker.png*

  42. Kim Madsen

    Mike and Josh need to make more videos together! This was hilarious 😂

  43. James Sivils

    They cute, I ship it

  44. John Burgess

    If his dance skills matched his cooking skills he would get ten cool point 9:10

  45. Jacob Harper

    This is the most I have laughed in a while

  46. John Burgess

    Why did he use a small ass pan on a giant burner 5:19

  47. QiaoZhi12

    Lucas, you're fired.

  48. david guerra

    Mike is my new favorite for the chopping broccoli reference

  49. Jeffy Ng

    Wait, what’s up dog?

  50. Kris Is Here

    First episode I watch: I l o v e t h i s a l r e a d y .

  51. ArainaAngryBear

    Lucas has such chaotic energy I love it

  52. Cyborg Enderman

    I've never been morev aroused in my entire life consume tha cheese pls 😩

  53. Jack Verduzco

    420 dollars ayyyy

  54. Jklmnopski

    4:27 The funnel cake looks like macaroni noodles; I wonder if funnel cake and cheese would be good (in the sense of mac and cheese).

  55. gimps00

    Should try Twinkies and Cool Ranch Doritos

  56. dominick eklund

    Not fully about the video, but what kind of slap in the face is a treadmill ad while watching this.

  57. megostoma

    Me, eating boxed mac n cheese: Ah yes, the fresher the cheese the better.

  58. CyberKnight1994

    Josh: "I usually make people feel awkward on here" Lucas: "Hold my Pizza." Rhett & Link: "That guy is about to end Josh's self-confidence with his pocket knife while cutting tomatoes"

  59. Calvin and Hobbes mlp and Pokémon fan 123

    Do the takis one to!

  60. Cris J

    Josh always brings out the funniest in GMM staff. It's always so much fun to watch these!

  61. the Earl of Oxfordshire

    Ehhh this got weird I'm going to go now........

  62. Nathaniel Pastoor

    Why does Lucas sound like Jerry Seinfeld?

  63. TalynCo

    I love seeing someone who can keep pace with Josh haha.

  64. Divya Balakrishnan

    Josh is truly a genius!

  65. M. S.

    Seriously? Thumbs down for acting so entitled you don't know what a stuffed crust pizza is. You know damn well what it is, your making a video about it. You expect us to believe it was spur of the moment?

    1. N d

      @Jenny lol too true.

    2. Jenny

      Nothing like white privilege. "We are so white, we don't eat low class pizza hut".

  66. the Earl of Oxfordshire

    The cheese maker looks like an Italian Paul Mccartney

  67. Charlie Bradley

    Truffles themselves make up like $300 of the total. Meaning if u want 2 make something expensive add truffles.

  68. Shorwur

    *"Vicky and Kevin, what the hell."*

  69. m crowmoor

    It's a different kind of wholesome chaos with Josh and Lucas when both are chaotic good versus Josh and Emily who's probably chaotic evil

  70. JobyOnSaturn

    "You would make such a good wingman." Famous last words

  71. Sophia Simone

    so here's the thing about France

  72. 「Ocean Man」

    It smells like updog in here

  73. Wyckd

    Between these two, this was completely hilarious.

  74. Amy Stone

    Josh did you say.. "...your not going to be *AScared* of it anymore..right?" Lol

  75. Lucas Gale

    My fiance is an artist and she's colorblind too

    1. the Earl of Oxfordshire

      But how?

  76. jillian d

    I really need to see more Lucas content!!

  77. Davis Family

    5:47 My Alexa went off and now I have a 10 min. timer

  78. StormCrown

    So you can either get a PS4 or a mushroom... Man, humans are weird.

  79. miks tilka

    You aim from Latvian too

  80. Amy Stone

    Josh I worry for your blood levels of so mamy things

  81. Gem Kahraman

    Josh: What’s an appropriate name for a boar to you? Me: Barry Lucas: Barry Me: 😶

  82. Ali Eren Aytaç

    Thanks to this show, I know that most of the Mythical Crew are weirdos, man! lol

  83. Delana Minrei

    There are two different extreme opinions of this video: "More Lucas please!!" And then "NEVER LET ME SEE HIM AGAIN"

  84. Jason Myers

    No one else seeing Danny DeVito?! 😂

  85. Katawa


  86. Casey Wood

    Lucas is the best co-host for this show BY FAR!

  87. Anna Villaneda

    watching lucas guzzle all that cheese activated MY lactose intolerence

  88. Gio Giorgi


  89. Katawa

    this is perfection!

  90. Moganato94

    "This is really how the sausage is made, you know" - Watches Josh make pizza dough

  91. Ruby Harris

    There's not many phrases that I would want on a t-shirt, but "Does yeast feel fear" I'd buy that shirt or even better an apron!

  92. 123 Nic

    hes so PISED omg i'm wheezing

  93. 123 Nic


  94. wazzdoka

    I love josh weirdness, lucas was plain annoying

  95. Mohammad Masad

    420 Pizza, I see what you did there..

  96. Xtreme Performance

    Sorry, cant stand this much Josh

  97. theemilyvm

    I ship it

  98. DeGonzález