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  1. John Smith

    i cry a lil when i see all that good hardware, just laying there doing

  2. alish2001

    She should host the Roast of Linus Part 2

  3. Tyler Baker

    Omg linus is so patient 😂

  4. Ivan bankomat

    Me who doesn't know what petabyte is:oh that's allot!

  5. Leo Vang

    Linus: do you want cooling with air or water Daughter: water Linus: okay Do you want a AIO or custom Daughter: custom Linus: dies inside

  6. Blues Ramiro

    I have a problem, I can't remove the hz display on my msi g24 series monitor on the upper left corner. How do you remove it?

  7. SkChaos

    "In used to be a problem, but out..." 😳

  8. kefka3

    imagine retiring and being completely financially independent at 33 years old, being able to support a wife and three kids for a life time. The fuck man? XD Dude you went balls deep on life and pushed hard for more than a decade. You deserve a looooong, happy, healthy family life.

  9. tuff_bastard

    Watching this in 2020 on my OP3T still very happy. Phone still works great.

  10. God0fPie

    4:29 That HDD stacking is some serious ASMR.

  11. pawtucketpanda

    3:47 Dirty grandpa lmfao

  12. Bang Supa

    what, they make video like this and i just know it? youtube is not function well

  13. TigerNationDE

    Plz hire her for some hosting stuff xD Queuepoooooon :P

  14. Scott

    Windows runs like sticky garbage, should try this on a light Linux distro

  15. LT Gamez

    Hire her

  16. AwolR

    @linustechtips What is the program used to model/visualize all the parts? And do you make models for each part from real world models or do you have access to part models?

  17. Henning Theel

    The red circle was around the ground wire nut, that was welded because he couldn't get it of :D my guess would be a bad crimp or just too much wire stripped in the first place, that shorted to neutral, when too much load was drawn. In combination with an 128A RCBO breaker in your dodgy house supply, a lot of arcing can occur before it trips. Obviously he covered the worst part that could be misunderstood by many people... But Dennis it's not your fault :D

  18. Jonny Caiani

    That’s way too much storage my friend . Way too much . Chang Muffin!!!

  19. Amra

    Reminds me of back when we used to play MD Dos games, and if you wanted the absolute best possible performance, u would make a ram drive, copy your game to it, then play it from the ram drive.

  20. mohd nazim rosli

    Next scrapyard wars.. lets the wives do the dealings , the mans can only search deals n builds . while the women had to handle the talking to sellers n picking up

  21. Fantum Pai

    I am still not getting why doesn't he just use a damn HDMI? lol

  22. Mizky TM

    Imagine being his son

  23. G CDG

    that was a really nice video

  24. zmocachinolatte

    and this my friends, is why we use ssds

  25. Anfidelmar320

    The emarth combaterwing looks exactly like a trust fact mouse

  26. Real Silly

    Linus: Try’s to ignore his cats Cats: Try to ignore Linus

  27. Soulife

    Fast forward to 2020, HP offers 32gb optane in their Spectre x360 2-in-1, w\ 8GB OF RAM, SOLDERED, with a 256 or 512GB M.2!?!!? WHYYYYY!? Edit: won't a soldered on optane guarantee the 2-in-1 will need to be fully replaced sooner than if they excluded it (since the m.2 is replaceable)? Maybe that's why... I'm about to return this POS and convince my boss the extra $400 expense will pay for itself... Which would work if he weren't having me replace an entire laptop when all it needs is a fresh windows reinstall... 😡🤯😭

  28. Manish Rajput

    *_Please add English captions Or subtitles_*

  29. Dallas Gombash

    Let's get these standard in elementary schools...

  30. Dharmender Singh

    It's similar to 70,000 india ₹

  31. John Blackburn

    can you do a 500$ pc build?

  32. Lastwish23

    I still play 1602 AD in 2020 on GOG lol

  33. Han_Solo_Order66

    I nearly died coughing from that sponsor segway

  34. Axel Royale

    You should of put it in rice

  35. MarQuiS Zapallete

    KGselrs have to realize this, video editing it's not normal use of a pc just you do that. We just click play in a browser.

  36. alex

    The editing on this video was immaculate.

  37. Max Forget

    What would be good component changes if I wanted to build the 1000 build, but with RGB? I love the lights and it makes it so much better to me

  38. Martin Horowitz

    You need to convince soiigen to send you their high capacity SSD's to up your storage.

  39. you tried

    Why is it oversaturated to shit or is that just the lights fucking with the camera

  40. Hera Yu

    "accidentally have 3 Petabytes of hard drives" lol

  41. Anarchy 1

    i am gonna build you a super insane overkill gaming rig! 3 year old: hh linus: what are you gonna do with it? 3 year old: i DoNT KnOw

  42. Sean Vikoren

    How is your back not ruined...

  43. Septimus Solis

    My ps4 gets 30 fps on rocket league OOF

  44. Nadun Appu

    3:36 you know your tech man when you feel physical pain to dropped PC parts.

  45. Charles Clarke

    Bet you she listens to music, watches cartoons and sometimes plays minecraft. Perfect for a AMD 3700x 16GB of 3600 CL14 RAM and an amd radeon 7.

  46. Justin Stergar

    I have a 2gb thumb drive

  47. Nadun Appu

    Linus: What brand of power supply do you want? 3 Year old: the white one. Linus: *AOC dial up noises*

  48. Kindred Burke

    So where's the gtx 1160

  49. Muhsin Asaad

    What realy strikes me that you never investigate apple products the same way you investigate this case. Just be fair. İts a good looking case

  50. Mr Gooey

    This video has "Awwwwwwwwww...!" Written all over it!


    wtf was this build

  52. Abdelhaq Hadri

    Me : " struggle to get upgrad from 512Gb to 1 Tb" Linus : " ACCIDENTLY over 3 Pb"

  53. Johann Peña

    4:22-4:30 lmao

  54. Organon

    Gav has 4.

  55. Tuned Machine

    Linus can buy RTX2080TI't buy windows? Nice

  56. Major Remp

    my eyeeeeeeeees

  57. Andrew O'Hara

    Natasha: "Accidents are sloppy, art is intentional." Brutality

  58. MTHS 122

    Wish the most disappointing web site

  59. Dany1054

    Justine and Linus are perfect together ngl...

  60. NP_Christopher

    “Maximum penetration”. 😏

  61. DorianPlayerOne

    watching on 8gb of ram

  62. Popular Random Stuff

    wish i could get high at work

  63. Jr Till

    Is there a video that shows how to configure linux on a usb? I'm not technically horrible but when it comes to Linux I am. Thanx for any feedback or video link. My laptop is only 3 years but so freaking slow to: Boot, load ,etc

  64. Sam Waite

    You should of played Jenga with all those drives

  65. Quen Loust

    Why don't they stop trying to make their products as thin as possible, before they even have proper cooling solutions to counteract the compactness? I'm really tired of them pushing this, "Look how thin it is!" When I don't give a shit about how thick it is AND I lose performance because their crappy marketing campaign, that they don't have the proper technology to support adequately.

  66. Patrick Zimmer

    Report the tab error bug to Google that popped up at 11:03 and see if they can figure out whats going on. Seems like a critical bug to address.

  67. Alok Krishna

    The building alarm goes off and... Linus : That's perfectly normal... ok let's continue playing....

  68. SanguiSamurai

    4:14 Will Smith Tech Tips

  69. EIEH

    rakk lam ang pro

  70. Lil Mango

    That’s overkill for a 3 year old I’ll just throw in a Althlon 200g

  71. NO NAME

    Hey Linus I can get just one of those lmao

  72. TheDamnYT ;p

    What do they store in these giant storage things???

  73. L0ck5m1th

    Ok Linus, but how many of them you dropped?

  74. Ryley W

    So cute, I hope one day I can have kids of my own, for a 3 year old she knows a lot about PCs 😆 I bet she had some help though

  75. Felipe Gomes Vieira Ferreira

    What virtualization solution does Linus uses?


    Now roll some magnets on them.

  77. Jørn Mulder

    Linus Question: Noctua black d15 or the new gigabyte aorus aio 360 ? i want a better cooler then the stock cooler that came with my new AMD 3700x pc. Greets from The Netherlands 😃

  78. Earths Keeper

    ok ok don’t flex

  79. Muhsin Asaad

    Apple is for stupid poeple

  80. Alexander Ivaylov

    yeah that is not happening

  81. lo yo

    Linus: black or white ssd Linus's kid: w h i t e please My brain: *hmmmm

  82. ————————————————

    Oh fuck I accidentally *have* 3PB of hardrives! goddamit not again

  83. Pissed Loli

    imo aliexpress is worse than wish

  84. Hehehe Fjjddj

    Does anyone know what FPS you get in Fortnite with all settings low besides view distance on medium or epic?