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  1. Mackenzie Snow

    anyone else annoyed at how he says laura jean instead of lara jean :,)

  2. 15yay Kittylove

    You know, come to think about it, isn't 4:05 basically the summary of Riverdale's plot?

  3. Otty Matir

    7:12 okay, i'm sorry, that's just straight out of a-really-average-shoujo-manga. There's no way in hell someone in real life would get THAT MUCH stuff. Sorry Peter, you're not Takumi Usui or Kyōya Sata.

  4. K S

    imo it’s a bad film altogether. Lara Jean flirts with another guy, doesn’t tell him she’s taken. The first one was cute cause of all the little gestures Peter and Lara did together but the second doesn’t have that, just them getting upset. A lot has plot convenience and it pretends that Lara is the good character when she creates her own problems.

  5. Tomsa wolf

    If you put it at 07.5× he sounds high.

  6. J

    LJ being predictable is part of being young. I hope she picks JA next movie

  7. Books with Aly

    John was the better fit for LJ because they had that childhood connection and he truly cared for her.

  8. somegrill

    You just don't know how to get skin tones right I'm-

  9. scorpiosoraya vlogss

    You're litterally a 30 year old man making fun of kids . I like it~~~~~~

  10. abigail wickman

    Harden: do you trust me? What literally any sane person would say: OH HEEEEECK NO! Tessa being the IDIOT she is: yeeee

  11. Kylie Herrera

    lol she got glowing super blonde hair

  12. bocq bee

    i blocked your acc why is this in my recommended

  13. buddy pigeau

    Dude...is that Chloe...from like Smallville??

  14. Whysoserious Bts

    I totally forgot that a character called JOSH existed even though I have read the entire series lol

  15. Fabiola Dort

    25 year old teenagers 😂😂

  16. Shadow Fax

    Love watch these videos back and seeing how his animation progresses over the years

  17. Melanie Lara

    Jumqnji next level and if you wanna see it free go to soap2day and you can see it

  18. Pixie MacCarthy

    Dang, she dropped that "this evil stuff exists" hammer QUICK. I guess better than getting into a relationship with a criminal. LOL

  19. Ellida Munch

    Can we talk about the fact that John Ambrose used to be white in the first movie?? Am I the only one who noticed?

  20. OwO

    His egirl after this video “were are you my senpi

  21. Nora y.

    Yeah it sucked

  22. Jordy

    This second movie suffered a lot with the whole director change. The plot is very shallow and there is no character development. Peter wasn’t even a bad boyfriend he was just tailoring the relationship to fit Lara. She was the one being a bad girlfriend with the over thinking and the lying to both guys.

  23. Enchanted Breez

    Just realized the guy who plays John is the new Evan from Dear Evan Hansen ,,,,, Jordan Fisher is his name i think ,,, wow ahahha small world

  24. AshSparrow

    tbh the book is wayyyyy better than the movie, I really think the movie could be longer and had more context, plot and character development. The book was so wholesome and the sequel was a bit disappointing imo... fingers crossed always and forever Lara Jean would be wayyyy better than the 2nd

  25. Pasteldenn

    one of my fav youtubers! iiis Alex Meyers 🌚

  26. Precious Servidad

    John Ambrose deserves so much better PERIODT.

    1. Precious Servidad

      Plus, in the book, peter was such a jerk.

  27. Not vane Agua

    ᵗʰᵃᵗˢ ᶠᵘⁿⁿʸ ᵇᵘᵗ ᶦ ᵈᵒⁿᵗ ʳᵉᵐᵉᵐᵇᵉʳ ᵃˢᵏᶦⁿᵍ

  28. Billy Denbrough

    Do one on 'Atypical' !

  29. Clover 101

    There was a first one?

  30. Kunisake

    "Because I'm in my '30s and this is my life now" I'm gonna miss being 19

  31. Christa Katich

    You face is dumb you idiot

  32. punsiella

    2:52 ive been awae-deprived :(

  33. Dukkey

    please watch "Dear white people"!!

  34. Corn Queen

    I’ve actually been to the school where high school musical was filmed ; it’s in Salt Lake City

  35. frosty4289

    This movie felt more like what I’d expect from something with such annoyingly named characters

  36. frosty4289

    I was hoping Lara was going to stick with Johnny Ferrari so Peter could find someone better

  37. Łimełight 101

    rEnEw aNnE wItH aN e YES ALEX GET THE WORD OUT 02:52

  38. Hailee Palumbo

    John Ambrose deserves soooo much better. Peter is such a bad boyfriend, send tweet.

  39. Teen Wolf Fan


  40. Aditi

    I'm proud to say I finished all of goosebumps books and movies 🤓😗

  41. Kylie Smith

    I should watch the hatchet movie it was so bad and didn’t follow the same event order as the book

  42. ツFirya

    _this is kinda dumb..._

  43. AnnaStones

    My baby nephew is named Grayson Cole. He was born in December.... I think I need to ask his mom a few questions

  44. ariana grande’s toenail

    i love seeing the comments calling john by his last name too *(John Ambrose)* and we’re all used to calling him that, & in the movie it explained how he told everyone to call him John Ambrose 💀

  45. ariana grande’s toenail

    at the end when john & lara were kissing & she pulled away,, John said *“it’s peter right”*, it shows how he’s used to everyone picking peter over him🥺

  46. ariana grande’s toenail

    in the book, lara’s thoughts even stated that john ambrose is the *better* man. *for all you #tEaMpEtEr fans smh😔

  47. Lil Missy

    But like, where is Josh??

  48. vinteage \\

    i think the first movie is SO much better than the second one

  49. stankova_klara

    Did I see right? Was that really Kpop that was released from the box?

  50. Ann-Sophie D.P.

    lmao the 'renew anne with an e' lantern had me rolling on the floor

  51. Adna Heganovic

    Can you please do a video about movie named Midnight Sun?!!!

  52. Joy Julian Gomes

    After watching this video I literally binged through the show and I just want more!!! Can anyone suggest me something similar to this? I am in the depths of despair.

  53. Lizma Sikanda

    Bruh just watch his vidoes during a mental break down 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. Lora BnH

    I cracked up at "Reggie,Zach, Trevor" 😂😂😂😂😂

  55. Marco Perfetti

    1 of the remakes was okay

  56. k parser 2

    Nice vid

  57. Red Lemonade


  58. Jui Gore

    I genuinely love your opinion and criticism but I dont seem to be able to agree with you for this one

  59. fatima sohail khan

    4:05 5:45

  60. Kenneth N Webb

    yeah I didn't like it too much....was disappointed with the lack of story and the "cringey-ness" best episodes is the 1st and last.... 4:47 hahahahah too funny

  61. sophie dfg

    I decided not to watch second film, I don’t know the whole story and for me it will end with the first film lana and peter together. I think it's right decision.

  62. Annie Lawrimore

    One of my favorite shows❤

  63. melisa caceres

    Peter's character went from cute a supportive to just an annoying frat guy in 0.5 seconds. I wanted to punch him un every scene of this movie, by the end i was so ready for LJ to choose John Yet she...dissapointed me and everyone else.

  64. Moonmochii Play Roblox

    This Chanel is kinda Dumb...

  65. Ayzha Burwell

    She really did John Ambrose dirty.

  66. Anne with a Gilbert

    When renew Anne with an e was put on one of the lanterns I died

  67. BubblePopYT

    Let's settle this for good. Like = John Ambrose Comment = Peter Konvinsky

  68. Marlene Rachor

    Actually, the second book started with the sex tape drama which they already put in the first film. They don´t get together at the end of the first book. I think that is one of the problems bc they took a huge part of the second book and put in in the first film so it feels like they ran out of material for the second movie. I loved the books, the first movie too but the second really disappointed me bc it felt like nothing much happened. Still loved the actors and the aesthetics tho, even tho Kitty is somewhat over the top sometimes. She is way different in the books. Plus I find it weird that Josh just disappeared?

  69. French Toasted

    Yes number 41 on trending

  70. Rico Calaguas

    *wow so cool*

  71. Michaela Tyroller

    Top ne fair, the description of Lara Jean and Peters relationship - he constantly being a bad bf but notheless gets chosen over the obvious nice guy in the friedzone - basically is everyones relationship in middleschool as I remember.

  72. Karishinee Beesoon

    The ads on this video are better than the entire series

  73. Nadia Gaming

    Do kissing booth

  74. Faust Sin

    Im suprised this show wasent attacked SJWs a false accusation from a woman they hate that truth

  75. Cma Gurung

    Netflix 🤯🤯 m.kgsel.info/video/video/ao1_xKp6ZJmIyqQ.html

  76. Anushka Patil

    who else read that “renew anne with an e “on the lantern..

  77. Red- Eyed AsianDemon

    Do zombies 2 and I like zombies 2 beats and music but I don’t like the lyrics

  78. Wild Rosa

    The book is wayyyyyyyyyy better than the movie. Sorry but not sorry...

  79. Mia Flynn

    This was just really bad. I’ve never felt more enraged by a movie, poor John, like you can’t write Peter out to be this terrible person and make John a great guy and have her choose Peter AGAIN.

  80. Lydia Behler

    ew the filter on the movie

  81. Christopher Gibbons

    She is not meant to be an actor. Stick to dancing Ava.

  82. sherry bellah

    The book is so much more different than the movie and I’m sooooo disappointed because they missed so many important key details and changed some stuff


    i only watched it for marina’s song about love. hehe.

  84. Miktikgikflick l My ROBLOX username l

    12:00 ikr when a mom cleans

  85. sarah

    i still can’t believe this is the man that introduced me to vampire diaries and since seeing his video i have watched it twice

  86. Enji Ene

    John Ambrose uuhh.... changed race over the years... you'll get it when you watch the first movie again.

  87. J24

    NEVER FELT anything more than when he said how dating goes after ur teens "alright, how messed up are you?" haha... spot on

  88. Kitty 129

    No hate, just curious, how come Alex pronounces ‘Lara’ as ‘Laura/Lora’???

  89. Masbal Mohamed

    8:19 i love how he was addressing that guy with the name he was being called in 13Reasons Why and Riverdale

  90. Pegazus

    What I hate about this movie is that LJ clearly cheated on Peter by flirting and even kissing the other guy, but since she’s the cute little virgin with no experience with guys it is forgivable but it shouldn’t beeee

  91. Malik Adewolu


  92. Aly Aly

    Isn't umbrella academy suppost to be weird

  93. Existxence _

    7:30 killed me😂😂😂

  94. Seiko Kanjo

    When Joe said "I'm gonna give you the life you deserve" 🙅🙆💀

  95. elena koceva

    This is the good place

  96. Yandere Muffin

    Any other Shadowhunter fans find it weird seeing Alec being a Jerk?

  97. Kenneth Rivera

    All around this is a terrible Netflix show :)

  98. Princess Di

    Do Zombies 2

  99. Storm [Something]

    He texted me a „Good Night“ it’s like I am a disney princess, I just love your vids xD

  100. taehyung is lifeu ,so is bts

    You have to make a video on the Korean Oscar winning movie Parasite. You've watched so many terrible movies, you need a break