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  1. Gary Turbo

    No sex? He gets nothing

  2. Sir meows a Lot

    The kid is smarter than the teens

  3. Himanshu Tripathi

    Cute little man Guillermo.

  4. Miley’svlogs

    1:59... no one.... I mean no ONE, is that slow

  5. Mysterious Phantom

    These are not mean tweets, mean tweets are not suppose to funny mean tweets are mean and hurtful

  6. Bret Rohlf

    I’m pretty sure this is all just a joke..

  7. Lucas Argandoña

    A message from the Church of Jesus Christ?

  8. technique187

    This is hilarious!!

  9. Rodrigo Torres

    Even tough it was fake, I enjoyed

  10. Chatty Cathy

    Aunt Chippy IS pissed! Lol!!

  11. Nick Jasper

    To be fair, Jimmy does look handsome compared to what he used to look like.. losing about 25 pounds really made a difference in his looks. Unfortunately, I don't think his show is as funny as it once was. Still... a major improvement.

  12. the weirdest person you would ever meet

    4:17 Oh yeah where he peed in a body of water and the fish swam up his stream of piss.

  13. sailaway285

    Guillermo is the best.

  14. Mr. Tintin

    Where is Jimmy this week? Has he making new episodes and they're not uploading or is he taking a break this week?

  15. kaydee

    She is too georgous



  17. Surya Uchiha

    Big fan Guillermo!

  18. Mdot

    Guillermo is that dude!

  19. CardCarlic0273

    It’s funny how they said name avengers but in the picture it has DC characters

  20. Carla Maree

    I hope they just purposely handpicked geographically challenged individuals, and this not a true representation of most Americans.

  21. Rujeri


  22. Steven Vu

    Matt Damon is like a child at the start for some reason

  23. 123kid 123

    Feliz Cumpleaños wey!

  24. Jaxson Robinson

    Lol Jimmy

  25. Le Epic Fortnite Funnies XD Funny Montage LOL

    Imagine a teacher named Pete O’Phile

  26. Ki Ki

    Awww the pancakes were so cute ☺️❤️

  27. MORGZ gay

    Hello, Guillermo is funny as hell

  28. motron3

    Whats with the big guy @ 1:20 and on, standing there like the Secret Service?

  29. Nawa Mukerji

    When I saw those guys setting up the studio, I though may be Jimmy has a surprise on mind and managed to settle a bed for Guillermo so he and his wife get intimate on TV! Bah!

  30. Ziia Zoozoo

    Am I the only one who doesn't find it funny at all?🤔 I know which Jimmy is which Jimmy too well perhaps😅😅.

  31. Jod3n

    anyone else notice the glazed donuts

  32. Mohammed AlSobeih


  33. G.B. Cheburdyh

    Happy Birthday, Guillermo 🎂

  34. Mark Stevens

    Who’s the loser ( w ⚓️) in peach ..... 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️🙄

  35. YouTube Channel

    He is so cute ❤️🐷

  36. Paul Rogers

    have another donut

  37. Bob Doubter

    She's cute but she'd be a terrible sensitive and weird.

  38. screaming daddy

    how to traumatise a kid 101

  39. Patrick Wentzell

    Gary has a good sense of humor you need that it helps deal with many things now a days besides haters can't take talent and fame away from the famous.

  40. id104335409

    Every shade of your mom's lipstick! I am so going to use that line! Wait, when am I ever going to use that?

  41. Jackson Spencer

    President trump reminds me of Andrew Jackson dumber

  42. Mr. Mcgee

    60 th comment HA!

  43. Jim R

    Eres mi Héroe Guillermo, que DIOS te bending

    1. Roh Tati

      Bending??!! 🥴🙄😅😅

  44. Donna Willams

    I love Guillermo!💕💕 Happy belated birthday.

  45. Dimitar Stoyanov

    The stupidest move ever !

  46. shivanjali chaurasia

    They are funny 😂😂😂😂

  47. Sahil Sharma

    Why was she talking like Riley Reid?

  48. Todd Clark

    It really sucks that's for sure Guillermo for president

  49. CrystalLikesShibes

    Don't worry guys, the U.S. isn't that stupid. It's just L.A.

  50. Jim R

    Best friend's

  51. shivanjali chaurasia

    Did your wife give you any present?? No...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  52. Marcos Reyes

    Happy b-day Guillermo.

  53. Earl Hollar

    Kimmel you wonder why you get death threats on Twitter, you're just very lucky. Do you know what my wife told me "divorce never, a funeral maybe!" Now that's true love!

  54. Angela Evans


  55. Robert Deniro

    The son in the first one looked just like his dad

  56. Lisa McAllister

    Isn't Kidman supposed to have millions? Seems as if she could pay a stylist to tell her about a good natural hair color. Unless she's having chemo and it's a borrowed wig? Sorry miss, but you don't look good as a blonde or that color.

  57. Ericramone78

    Now that’s the power of love!

  58. Jack.B

    Guillermo is my savior

  59. Lonely Bois

    27 seconds ago Comment: 7 minutes ago Brain: 😐😑

  60. Jody Burke

    Hapoy Birthday Guillarimo

    1. Roh Tati


  61. Jackie Castillo

    Post Guillermo more!!!! I love him!!!!!!

  62. Manuel

    Happy birthday Guillermo...

  63. MR. RANDOM

    Big fan jimmy

  64. Lloyd B

    Go Rebels!!!!!!!!! UNLV GO Fight Win!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Tristan Yeo

    Anyone here after they announced a friends reunion !!!🎉🎊🎉🎊

  66. Papenfus Charlie

    All of the marriages seem solid! 🤝

  67. Chris Hamilton

    Board of tourism 😆

  68. Wa kinnn

    I see Guillermo i click 😆

  69. Jacqueline Turrubiartes

    It’s okay Jimmy I didn’t get accepted either 🥺🤣🤣🤣

  70. Being positive is the key to success.

    Who doesn't like Guillermo I do love from London.

  71. Trap Town TWC

    Big up!

  72. Trap Town TWC


  73. Paulette Smith

    He's so down to earth and likeable. Love watching he and Riri.

  74. Counter Glue

    Imagine what the people are thinking

  75. Byron Vargas

    Find the note, girls. Find the note.

  76. Anthony Ricardo

    So Cookie Monster is the weeshee washee employee

  77. sona amusan

    " did you at least get s*x last night?"😂😂

  78. fredyplayz

    Anyone else watch to much asmr and then start to tap on everything😂

  79. Aaps Arna

    Happy birthday Guillermo 🎂

  80. Patrick Wentzell

    Miranda your forhead is beautiful as the rear of you and your welcome to visit me anytime that you like. 👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄

  81. Joey Garcia

    This a joke or something ?

  82. Alex Martinez

    We need "tequila and piñatas" again 😅

  83. audrey5567

    Katy is so Pretty ! I love her energy and Shes so funny 😆

  84. iva k

    30th comment

  85. Atemporal

    French and Spanish are nothing alike to the untrained and unfamiliar ears

  86. day6creation breathing

    Geiarmo we got get togadder but if we do .......?

  87. Hooligan !!

    Many more Happy Returns of the day...Guillermo

  88. Roller Gurl

    HaPpY BirThDaY Guillermo! 😍💜😍💜😍💜😍💜😍💜

    1. Roller Gurl


  89. drewwjacksonn

    Here in 1 minute

  90. Johny Rim

    You guys are the best!!!!

  91. Ray Hairston

    Ray, Charles

  92. Tman BH

    Montreal is the best. I'm from there!

  93. Donald Trump

    3:20 "Mind If I open this?" *Has already started ripping it open before any human being can answer*

  94. C Tillie

    Ya I should be on the show even though I haven’t done anything that would be a good reason to be on the show

  95. Vinvin Playz Stuff


  96. sona amusan

    Guillermo is my hero😣❤

  97. dniu

    Happy birthday

  98. Cesar Loya

    Happy birthday guillermo

  99. Dead paradox

    Hey jimmy

  100. Hubert Ghyslain