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  1. L Savi

    That was so perfect. I love that man so much💚💙

  2. Mariana Fernandez

    ERODA = ADORE :0000

  3. karime garcia

    Omg i love

  4. Anna Maria

    There’s no one like him. ❤️

  5. Amalia da Costa

    my husband 😭🤩 im so proud ❤️♾

  6. stephanie mtzzz

    i dead ass cried, I love him so damn much LIKE GOOOOOODDDDDD

  7. stephanie mtzzz

    i dead ass cried, I love him so damn much LIKE GOOOOOODDDDDD

  8. Alcher Urbano

    All my.love Harry....look gorgeus in three diff outfit.. you won in my heart. Your truly the best...♥️

  9. Llama with 5000 subscribers challenge

    Someone: does Harry use autotune Harry Styles: What’s autotune?

  10. Carmina Marian

    fall in love

  11. Namitha

    Hazza doesn't need to win an freakin stupid award to prove that fine line was the best albumn of the year ! It's nt the best albumn of the year but of the decade infact of this century! Fine line is a fukin masterpiece! Tpwk🖤

  12. Mexriban Latifova

    Harry Styles I Iove you Forever 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  13. Viral Rajgor

    He doesn’t need any award. He is himself a masterpiece award 🥇

  14. Keira Grant

    Best song, he deserved an award 😭💙

  15. Marie Hayes

    Beautiful song. He sings with such feeling. Great job Harry!!

  16. Mirza Rahmatullah


  17. Jonathan Flores

    Like si extrañas ha la banda de one direction ❤️😞

  18. Tina Love

    I see that pain deeply seeded. I wish only the very best for you Harry !

  19. Schweineline Paulinske

    I fricking love harry omggg

  20. Tramaine Terrance

    Hello, Humans. "Attention is a limited resource, so pay attention to where you pay attention." -Howard Rheingold TERRANCE OUT

  21. effie lynch

    Wow zah!

  22. V. Magician

    and I get the feeling that you'd never need me again.

  23. zedd

    when he sings Falling, I feel like I wanna die instantly. its too painful.

  24. K A T H MRLW


  25. Lola’s World

    I have a video on my phone of me having a panic attack watching the brits cause of this performance 😂😂

  26. Brisa Contreras

    Lo repito, nunca me gustó o intereso 1D pero desde hace mucho he escuchado solitariamente a Harry y su nuevo álbum me ha encantado. 🍷

  27. Lexy Branco

    When the music video has nothing to do with the music

  28. I’m The Bad Guy

    harry styles is life.

  29. Victoria Venegas S.

    Im so proud of him omg🤧💙

  30. nina

    Mi bebé, estoy tan orgullosa de ti. No te merecemos 😭❤

  31. Ray Rdhwn

    why am i still comparing him with zayn super vibe?

  32. Roopal Bansal

    Damn that title is really confusing!! Lol

  33. Ray Rdhwn


  34. gyo

    Cara eu te amo

  35. Golden Track #1

    Oh my god I am so proud. Words cannot express.

  36. Adéla Jasinková

    This kind, talented and amazing, amazing person don't deserves anything bad ❤️ I want to hug him so bad and tell him that everything is going to be alright 💓 Am I the only one who thinks that he's crying (his voice broke little bit and his hand is shaking) at 1:43 ? 🥺💖 Don't be afraid to be yourself. I love you all. Treat people with kindness ❤️

  37. shannon rose

    i would die for him

  38. Liz López

    2020♥️♾ idol forever💘

  39. Marilinda Ramos

    I love him. This is a beautiful song. And I enjoy it even more because of the video. Beautiful!! Im go get a fish and make it a little taco and sing it this song, 😄. 😎

  40. Muntaha Waheed

    No one: Literally no one: Camille all of a sudden: Coucou

  41. Chloe Valencia

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  42. Muntaha Waheed

    Director: How much sweat do you want? Harry: Yes

  43. Darwin Agüero

    La escena del principio parece a Las Islas del Hierro en GOT/ The scene in the beginning seems like Steel Islands in the GOT

  44. S A D V I B E S ツ


  45. Molly Fuller

    aww that was so sweet

  46. Nikki Xo

    Harry: *sticks tongue out* Me: *faints*

  47. Amina Bin Shafiq


  48. Ashlyn Duprey


  49. Jess C

    i’m crying

  50. Lilz Sz

    The dislikes are at 666 damn!! Looks like the devil doesnt like harry 🤨

  51. Leilani H

    this hit my SOULLL 😭😭 i was going through it yesterday, bc i was so hurt over being forgotten by someone i love w my entire being. i still am but i’m slowly getting through it and you can too ❤️

  52. Paul James Brady

    Harry was robbed at the Brits *Me* Resting fish face

  53. Nss cuber


  54. Sancha Santos


  55. Lavin Ali

    1:36 when I'm see harry

  56. Natalia Sheridan

    I feel like this song was partially released and titled falling because he falls a lot and now when we type Harry styles falling into KGsel this is what pops up. 😂 I love this song though it is one of my favs right now.

  57. el fin

    I am really proud of you Harry. You're so brave. ❤️🖤

  58. Bunyamin •*

    No one : Harry : make’s song about a big fat fish


    Just look at this and cry 🥺

  60. Yuvadiya Ramanund

    Wow such amazing vibe 🤩🤩🤩

  61. treat people with kindness

    idk why but watching this performance feels like a new chapter, a new beginning. he closes it off with a song that reminisces the past and fears that hold onto to it which doesn’t let u let it go. he’s coming to peace with it in an emotional and spiritual sense, and it’s so liberating bc it feels like he’s free - like you’re finally free. i love this performance, this song, and just him in general. so fucking breathtaking ♡

  62. Luzmil Sims

    Su voz es la paz para mis oidos

  63. Ava Meyers

    They did Harry dirty, he absolutely deserved to win. He lost an ex and robbed at gunpoint and if he can still deliver THIS, he proves he is amazing singer❤️

  64. Michelle Ruggles

    I’m at work crying 😂 dammm

  65. Skaar Ghitzu

    I like how there are no actual comments appreciating the quality of the music, but instead everyone is talking about memes

  66. Paul James Brady

    That crowd are cool man ✌🏼

  67. cutiee piee


  68. Justyna Dudzińska


  69. 10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    It is amazing how the audience just became completely silent when he started singing. They were actually listening to his singing which can be the most appreciative thing an audience can do sometimes

  70. Abhishek Kr.Mishra


  71. Jemma McPherson

    Omg this was filmed in port seton that’s where I live

  72. Directioner/Zquad Argentina

    Madre mía muero

  73. Alexia Flores


  74. Annamma Lal

    I think he should shave his little beard

  75. aiman asri

    Arghhhhh he’s such a cutie pie and talented ❤️

  76. Annamma Lal

    Harry ....have u lost ur beauty

  77. Marcus Carpio

    I'm crying but in a cool way😆

  78. Camila Duque


  79. Erica

    Fish in da coffee pot. Where he gonna swim😳

  80. Laura Santos Piña

    👍🏽bonita cancion

  81. Réka Sebők


  82. Kiyoko -san

    Harry: ,,just stop your crying" Me: *start crying*

  83. E.K.


  84. Eliza Riley

    This performance is amazing, Harry’s clothes, voice, everything, I’m soo sad that he didn’t win an award😭❤️

  85. Raven Jayne

    please excuse my tears .... holy shit harry. .. just omg.... I can't remember how breathing works jfc

  86. Roberto Vazquez jimenez

    No entiendo a las personas que dan dislike es una hermosa cancion

  87. Paul James Brady

    Performance of the night at the brits by far. (Harry you should of released this first kid) ✌🏼

  88. CY

    i really love this song 💓

  89. Sayman G

    Harry😍just let me adore youu

  90. Vita Violetta Puspita. Pipit

    She's beautiful, Harry 😊 : kgsel.info/video/video/sHqj1JmcfKKl2qA.html

  91. Maria Júlia

    I love you

  92. Bijoy Chakraborti

    Excuse me, he looks like a matured Uncle.

  93. Latrice Lorraine

    Can’t wait to see him live in may!!!

  94. Katzi

    This is so pure

  95. Bijoy Chakraborti

    Nice one! 🤘

  96. Xi La

    Is the first instrument a handpan? It’s so beautiful

  97. khoy bert

    I’ve loved Harry Styles since I was 11 and this is my absolute favorite performance by him. Look at his outfit. His skin. His gloves??? You know he felt beautiful and I’m so fucking proud of him

  98. Steve Woodley

    Didnt win award for dress sense

  99. Gaurav Choudhury

    Don't care if he wins any Award or not...He already got everything he deserves and in the end of the day We're DIRECTIONER 🔥🔥🔥

  100. timber

    When the apocalypse comes, when everyone will start dying, when there won't be any more hope in humanity... I will play this song. I will remember every happy memory. I will cry over the sad ones. And I'll wait for death with my childhood singing.