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  1. Bernardette A

    This is the best thing on the internet.

  2. Task Person

    Thank god for rusty

  3. Joey Pavelis

    Chris is giving off major disappointed mom vibes at 9:10

  4. BCFilms


  5. Nane D

    Sohla is just so cool! She’s one of my favourite chefs!

  6. Ivy

    You can use the leftover ginger bits to kickstart more "soda" style's already swarming with bacteria so it will ferment other sugar/water mixes quickly. Fill a bottle with fruit juice and water and pop a couple pieces of the fermented ginger in, let it sit a day or two and then you have fruit soda. You can freeze the bits and they will keep for a while.

  7. Frank Van Rijn

    I would like the other half of this episode... ;)

  8. Canadian Sploot Doggo

    Gabby is like the Yoda of the test kitchen :o

  9. dd77890

    they should do an episode where he can see the dish but not taste it!!!

  10. HubbzZ

    Second hating raw carrots

  11. Colten H

    Claire we love you so much!!! That other guy is fine too (jk Alex!)

  12. The Mad Daddy

    Aldi nerds... Pickles at 5:15. Those spicy slices are da bomb!

  13. zeenasworld

    GREEN BELL PEPPER PESTO 2 roasted Green pepper, 6 grilled cloves of garlic, 2 grilled jalapenos, bunch of chipped cilantro, juice of 2 limes, salt and olive oil. Blended in food processor until cream. Add more salt and black pepper to taste.

  14. Bernardette A

    Need more topping

  15. Pooplydoo

    I'd like to see the chive g-string

  16. Giorno Giovanna

    Poor Shane

  17. Bob Didlboc

    The fact that not one of these people have a basic "typical American" last name is astounding

  18. DasIllu

    Daddy mady me eat tripe. I think i might count as abuse in some coutries ^^

  19. Stephen Roberts

    marry me andy

    1. Stephen Roberts

      wait date me?

  20. Kei

    chris' anger about peanut butter is very intriguing and I'd love to hear more about it

  21. Sara You

    Cosmo is a mad-lad

  22. Ruby Giraffes

    I liked the way Priya presented the century egg by pairing it with congee, since the egg is usually salty and it pairs well with congee and silken tofu and usually added with something sweet, like sweet soy sauce!

  23. Gillian Reilly

    Wow, what a darling.

  24. Johanna Viking

    That Delaney drink drop killed me.

  25. Taylor Weatherford

    Mint chip! Always the best. Classic!

  26. Chim’rm

    You should try quail eggs in a crispy dumpling. It's very delicious 😋

  27. mazie

    what overcame the producers that they decided that chris had to be *graded* on his show?

  28. Dave Cordeiro

    Howitzer of flavor hahahaha

  29. Leuca S.

    Sohla "Raw Carrots" Did she just speak my life? I hate raw carrots but I LOVE them when they're roasted, etc.

  30. karan.donnakaran

    poor peanut needs friends

  31. Ethan Matthews

    Is no one gonna say eye round, the steak that even butchers say not to buy.

  32. JY9012

    OMG THAT LAUGH 8:07 !!!

  33. anyamironova

    80% comments talking about tata mask 10% comments talking about how no one's gonna talk about tata mask 10% comments about being in love with Sohla 🤭


    I've never even heard of a century egg, but just looking at that thing made me want to gag. Eugh.

  35. Elyssa Cantave

    I despise little green peas, I can't stand them, the gridy texture and sweet flavor of it! Simply horrifying to me that and cooked green bell peppers, I like pretty much everything else 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. Elyssa Cantave

      Oh and zucchini, mushy sad cooked version of a cucumber 🤮

  36. Links Panties

    Tata eye mask lol

  37. Rachel Tay

    “If you were stranded on an island, would you eat Tuna?” wtf, Carla, that came out of nowhere 😱

  38. Mon Bae


  39. Elsa&lisa

    That would be a “tartine” the plain toast is toast.those aren’t even French breakfast pastries. Except for the crossaint and the chasson du pomme.

  40. Hippie Hippo

    Jambon Buerre lmao

  41. ViolentOrchid

    Uh, check the chicken thigh box, peeps. It's definitely in the checken marinade.

  42. jp

    priya didn’t even make anything...she just opened a container lmao

  43. lalo sade

    I love this channel and food vids, but honestly, the only reason I opened this video was his tata mask...😂💜

  44. Haley Johnson

    As part of the lactose intolerant crew, I feel Amiel’s frustration at having to remind everyone he is lactose intolerant and having to carry around and use lactaid all the time. It’s a struggle

  45. DarkCyradis

    Literally clicked because I saw the TATA blindfold in the thumbnail. LOL~

  46. Hugo Alvez

    Xaawo walal qaali waan ku salaamay waadna ku mahadsan tahy cuntadeena aad aduunka si qurux badan u tusaysid waanuna kujecel nahay abaayo macaanto allaha ku sharfo luuqadana hailoohin hhhhh

  47. cupcake muffin

    i like to eat an avocado with salt and a very bright, acidic hot sauce! :-)

  48. Hector Alcala

    Chris is scary!

  49. Geoff McQueen

    7:34 Gaby teleports

  50. CJ

    Carla and Andy need to do more videos together!!!!! They are life!!

  51. Billy The Kid

    So who did win?

  52. John Rankin

    Tuna needs her own show at this point (BA asked me to clarify, Tuna is Molly's 🐶)

  53. Mary Nida

    "its like a bread steak" -Brad Leone circa 2018?

  54. Michal Hanna

    Chris my mom will literally eat a spoonful of peanut butter by itself.

  55. Marina Diaz

    Will you guys do a video about baking two exact same recipes at different altitudes? I’ve heard that it affects baking!

  56. Lance

    I'd love to see a century-egg egg salad

  57. Keto Kountess

    When the Chef makes the century egg for Amiel and is like oh I'm digging it and her second mouthful is just the congee lol

  58. fakecubed

    Most cereal already has a lot of salt in it. Ever looked at the nutrition info? Lotta salt!

  59. maura tiara

    this was the first BA video i saw a few years back and it just makes me so happy knowing how much claire and everyone at bon appetit has grown since then i feel like a proud mom

  60. bryan ignatius augustine

    given the chance i would like to come to new york to bon appetit HQ and help you guys eat the on your show the asian way

  61. khyon cullum

    Carla wtf lmaooo lol

  62. Jordan Kay

    Andy. Lol

  63. Spicy Ramen

    I physically recoiled at the century eggs.

  64. Keto Kountess

    Wait did not only ONE but TWO chefs say Vegetle? Instead of Vegetable? Am I missing something?

  65. Eleanor Rigby

    Soyboy doesn't like green peppers????

  66. lorraine uy

    I LOVED eat, drink, man, woman

  67. Jason Braswell

    This has been the biggest waste of time. This guy is so freaking strange. Really should stop making videos.

  68. Poly The Wicked

    I love HD’s coffee ice cream as well as their cherry vanilla. Also Baskin-Robbins’ cherries jubilee. I like mint chip, but the chocolate has to be flakes, not chips or chunks.

  69. Dusty Wizard

    Andy's dope

  70. Aaron Cohn

    I feel like Matty was possessed a little bit when he was getting his feet in that hole. Like he needed an exorcism.

  71. George Jacksonville

    That poor lemon

  72. M Kwon

    No gray hair!!!!

  73. Alex Miller

    *Eats soup* - *Makes chewing voice over*

  74. fakecubed

    I didn't really care for lamb until I found a recipe for a Kashmiri spice rub and now I love lamb. I think the trick with any protein you're not super into is to look into what cultures have used that protein as a major staple, and try out the flavors they use. If one culture isn't doing it for you, try a different one. Chances are somebody, somewhere, has cracked the code.

  75. Kim Rauv

    i used to snack on pickled garlic as a kid lmaoo

  76. fakecubed

    Molly would *not* survive being stranded on an island somewhere.

  77. Amber Dowland

    Hahaha Chris giving the hard sass to Brad is so boss. This dish looks sooo good.

  78. FrenchFryGirl

    Chris: You don't eat peanut butter on its own! Me watching this video while eating peanut butter out of the jar: ....

  79. Matthieu Pillet

    She put mayo in the veggie sandwich but there eggs in mayo

  80. Bill Geddes

    where"s the labrador man

  81. Aileen Carrera

    Yass!! I HATE peanut butter

  82. Mishy Vi

    Smaller pieces of century egg mixed into a hot bowl of congee (preferably a salted pork congee) is the best! The flavors mix together and you can top the congee how ever you'd like after (green onions, sauces, etc). I think the egg was definitely cut a bit too big for someone who already hates it to try to enjoy

  83. K E N E L L E

    i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE the swearing. yaas Chris

  84. Debbie Connolly

    So. I started watching BA because I discovered It’s Alive. But I stayed bc if Chris. He is freakin cool.

  85. toushiro62

    100% agree with Chris's opinion on peanut butter...IT NEEDS A FRIEND

  86. foodeater42

    A buncha babies cooking each other food.

  87. Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark

    Every time Gabby gets a hug, an angel gets back its wings

  88. Sydney5291

    Fun fact: Taking fenugreek as a supplement makes you smell like maple syrup. I’m undecided on whether or not this is a good thing.

  89. ViolentOrchid

    Simply Ming was awesome

  90. LuciLaife 123

    *I S E E T A T A*

  91. Grickery

    Brad Dawg Noo Yawk Yoghurt.

  92. Poly The Wicked

    I’d die before I ate my kitties. Gaby’s pesto would be good as a base for rice.

  93. Matthew S

    Am i the only one up really late hungry but tired

  94. Emily Hammersley-Ambroise

    I personally would love to see Claire try and make gourmet Drumsticks ice cream cones!

  95. TheActressChick

    Amiel is braver than any US marine

  96. Jonathan R

    Would you eat your children 😂😂😂😂

  97. Danielle Nelson

    Claire naming the ice creams after coworkers reminds me of the wayside school books where the kid loved ice cream a lot but had tried all the flavors to the teacher made ice cream that tasted like his classmates.

  98. ChiriCraft

    This was a neat video idea that was very well done! Great content.

  99. Kevin Palacios

    @35:49 who is that snack in the red shirt? anyone?

  100. THEAmazingMe

    Danger or trouble He’s there in a bubble You know that you always can call Fish Possible❣️