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  1. T Davis

    So your gonna back Bloomberg if he is the nominee woooow... see that's why I'm an black American independent because even I know president Trump is better than Bloomberg and I voted for Hillary the first time and I'm voting for Trump this time...Bloomberg... pleeeeeease...such the hate for president trump that you would take Bloomberg over president Trump

  2. Michael Rapson

    Conservatives (and some of the phony liberals) profit from predatory practices like expensive health care, rental exploitation and salary theft by employers, but are always first to cry foul if they are called out for what they are.

  3. Julia Milbocker

    Ahhh democratic and liberal comments... all they can seem to do is make fun of Meghan 😂 guys it’s getting old

  4. Locura

    JOY you are soo dumb!!!! "Both are racist, both sexist" does not work for demcrats you moron. Trump is excused for being a republican, the republican base doesnt care about that but the democrat base does care. The democrats wont be willing to vote for a democrat who is racist but the republicans will be excited to vote for those things. How do you not understand that?!? Just the fact that like 90% of the black vote goes for democrats should prove that to you. You win over republicans as a racist and why would republicans vote for a democrat racist instead of a republican racist who quite frankly is more interesting.

  5. Coffee Jesus

    Matt, the Punchable face of the GOP.

  6. Ramjambammam Dude

    God, she is beyond dumb

  7. NG

    OMG, Whoopi is so annoying, lol. No the geezers didn't do enough!

  8. robin irvine

    Joy has the wrong name. She is such a witch. Matt handled himself so much better than most. He just ignored the witch (s).

  9. Nlop

    Wtf is Joy saying? I mean really favour whichever candidate you want but at least make some sense...

  10. Del Cannon

    AOC----" I think, I think, I think." Really? I don't think you do.

  11. Vince T

    God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Jesus Christ is our living Lord and Savior and the Son of God. Amen

  12. Vince T

    Bloomberg is not sorry for the stop-and-frisk he's trying to become a president and he needs the minority vote

  13. Alice Sinate

    I'm really proud of you Sister in Christ.....God bless you abundantly Grant Salute.

  14. KOG Acquisitions

    Biden is ethical?

  15. NG

    If you wanna win, look at The View and do the opposite. Warren said last night that she's fine with superdelegates anointing a nominee and dismissing the will of the people. Bernie was THE ONLY person that said the person w the most votes/delegates should win. Let that sink in....

  16. adrian richards

    Mike Milken was found guilty of insider training. He was a crook Whoopie.

  17. Mark Oliver

    Useless show created for the mentally ill.

  18. Miah Jay

    Barf...i just want to throw up watching this man speak

  19. Mark Hand

    all bernie wants to restore is pure democracy that is what social democracy is a social economic system that works for betterment of everyone in society nobody has to fear this

  20. Mark Oliver

    This is a joke , Right.

  21. Camantha May Bear

    Matt crushing it as usual

  22. Alessandra B

    Bloomberg is Trump! Are we being serious??

  23. Just Passing Through

    They promoted him, then trash him when he falls from grace.

  24. joep meloen

    Yo Snoopy Whoopy, how come you such a unhinged ugly woman?

  25. joep meloen

    Yo Snoopy Whoopy, you know what smells in your neighbourhood??? the smell of TDS.

  26. teddycheong

    Bloomberg gonna lose and Joy is crazy.

  27. joep meloen

    Yo Snoopy Whoopy, where are you? once there was a time you were a nice and great woman, but all now I see a woman who's totally TDS'ed. How come you were going sooooo steep down hill...and only talking B.S???

  28. Julia Milbocker

    Wow... KGsel really DOES control what’s trending because this is the last thing everyone on KGsel cares about

  29. Ivan G

    Meh I don't really feel sorry for Meghan, at the end of the day she'll continue voting for him and voting for the people that give him power; Republicans.

  30. Salvatory O

    HaHaha what happen ladies.. looks like you people got it wrong..

  31. Omars Laptop

    LOL Meghan and future meghans are the ones people make fun of

  32. CRISPR


  33. Nancy Rice

    Meghan is hurting this show she has such attitude it's in her voice.

  34. Top Arriveria

    He has no chance to win. He is a corrupt billionaire puppet. I would rather vote for Trump than Buttgag.

  35. Nancy Rice

    McCain no matter who the person is will never vote Democrat . Who is she kidding Whoopi sees right thru her . It's written all over Whoopi's face . McCain is such a spoiled brat she needs to tone it down or go .

  36. christinae9

    I'm sorry ladies but your biased towards Sanders has become RIDICULOUS!!If you are unable to make a legit political analysis talk about something else...you are embarrassing yourselves...no one can take you seriously

  37. Ryan TheAllKnowing

    It's so cute to watch women talk politics.

  38. Holy Vids

    They bring Matt on the show and they won’t let him speak they want him to say something negative about President Trump. Trump was voted in not to be a role model to the kids he was voted into office to run the country and he has done that and he has done it well. That’s why he’s going to win a second term. To those that support Democrats that will be commenting on this as well which one of your candidates supports life? I have heard none. That alone should give the vote to Donald Trump. Choose Life

  39. Shari B.

    Bernie has denounced that behavior time and time again. We don't know the true identity of those who do it. He can't physically stop strangers online from harassing others and cyber bullying. It's not his fault. He doesn't support that kind of behavior. The internet is like the wild west. If we could control cyber bullying, children in school wouldn't make horrible decisions w/ their life after suffering with depression and cyber-bullying. Be rational here. It's not that he doesn't care, it's that he can't physically do anything about it but condemn it like he has done. Him and his Supporters get harrassed all the time.

  40. Damo Trent

    So are 'Bernie Bros' similar to 'The Beyhive'? Or the 'Barbs'? 🤔... Do they sting anyone they perceive as an enemy to Bernie? Is Bernie passively allowing his 'cyber gang' to do his dirty work? Like Beyonce and Nikki Minaj? 🙄🤔🐍

  41. Luis Navas

    Listen to Joy “America isn’t ready for Elizabeth Warren” kinda sounds like America isn’t ready for a women as president. You can tell Meghan had the same idea.

  42. MrAndrewATeam

    Just because your living in the United States doesn’t make you Eligible to vote! You need to be a citizen of the unites states to legally vote!

  43. Worldraven .Nevar

    "The Republicans love money", says the millionaire cuntster.

  44. Lena Ghio

    Why is this putz there!? He can't shut up!? Many "coming off" welfare were actually thrown off!

  45. Tony254Texas

    Megan needs a reality check. Plenty of college educated women voted for Trump and will vote for him. People are tired of having a PC society and of the radical liberals who cry victim every chance they get. Trumps doing his job better than ANYONE expected including me. I didn’t think he would come through with a ton of new jobs, lowering the unemployment spectrum across the board, and with great new trade deals. This despite massive resistance from the left and a hoax of a partisan impeachment.

  46. Lori Chovan

    From 3:20 to 4:45 AOC explained how M4A will be paid for. Interesting how Sanders has been in all the debates and has been asked by Biden numerous times how the M4A will be paid for and Sanders has given the same rehearsed answer " Costs will go down. Premiums, copays and deductibles will be eliminated."

  47. Kent Koester

    How could she cheat on her brother. Then marries someone else while she's still married to her brother. Then cheats on him. What is wrong with theses men.

  48. Grubber

    Health care would be better off without government involvement. Obamacare was a fascist program. Insurance industry worked with Obama to create the affordable Care act (deceptive name). Health care insurance profits went up while health care for the working class went down. The more politicians get involved and yes, Bernie and AOC are politicians. The worse it gets for the working class. Bernie and AOC represent an ideology, they do not support the working class. The working class are just pawns of the left just like the middle class are pawns of the right. We are divided, we have been conquered. Wake up sheeple. For centuries, it's always been about the haves and have nots. You think it's about left and right? No, they fooled you.

  49. GRV

    Matt Gaetz completely and utterly destroyed the panel of the view.

  50. werner werner

    Ocasio -Cortez and Bernie is the exact reason why the democrats has zero chance of winning in 2020

  51. Samson Ogbole

    chump much!

  52. Frederick Meens

    I don't like this mouthpiece nor do i like Trump.

  53. Larrygilbertreyes Reyes

    Well Matt I can't wait for Florida to fire you, for supporting trash

  54. sam poe

    Ok ... I gain back my respect for Matt gaetz.

  55. Damo Trent

    Meghan looks good here.

  56. Jedidiah

    Read the comments below and you will understand why so many Democrats are #walkingaway.....No common sense, they can't agree on anything. Saying your one and only policy is to get President Trump removed, is failing miserably!

  57. Mark Ferrari

    A LETTER TO TRUMP SUPPORTERS. The Trump slogan of “ Make America Great Again” is arguably the most effective slogan ever in politics. It’s aspirational. All Americans want their country to be great It promises hope. BUT! It can never work unless it’s tied to the taxation system that made America great in the first place! Donald Trump is on record saying the he believes America was great in the late forties and fifties...O.K. let’s agree with him. The driving force that created American greatness was taxation rates as high as 91% Put simply you can’t drive a car with no motor...from the outside the cars all shinny and new, the salesman’s telling how great it will be and the freedom it will offer you and how much fun it will be to own. But! He didn’t tell you it doesn’t have a motor. THINK ABOUT IT....MAGA is just a slogan without a motor.

  58. Wonder Woman

    Yes matt you did great!! On the view. Theses women are so disrespectful especially joy! I only watch because you were on! Trump 20/20

  59. Sun Yellow

    Yes! 🙌🏽

  60. claudia wils

    cant imagine how proud their parents of her!! even i feel proud of her good job!!♡

  61. D H.

    not elizabeth (no charity) warren!! Bloomberg 2020! BRAVO JOY, Bloomberg IS the vaccine to the virus that is sickening our White House! Look at Bloomberg's charitable foundation (100mil$.) in education alone!!

  62. Chris St Clair

    " a little tone deaf" understatement

  63. Bring back the Plague

    Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters??? Ahahahahaha! A couple of do nothing career politicians who have accomplished zero but line their pockets and sh!t on their own people and country. Pathetic.

  64. Fabio Assis

    Why in the name OF WHATEVER GOD you may believe in are Conservatives SO PARANOID?! And proud of it?! Just look at Meghan being hysterical and illogical pn her arguments twisting the actual FACTS with pure fear mongering. In Contrast, AOC is poised, eloquent, logical, polite, PATIENT, smart. I wouldn’t have an ounce of all the qualities she showed on this show being interrupted and hear stupid questions by Meghan and Whoopi. Meghan needs to quit and go write for a “hard core” Conservative blog, take care of Her Family’s estate or whatever. And Whoopi at this point just needs to retire, man.... She looks exhausted and has constantly been making a fool of herself politically and socially by being extremely unpolite with some of the guests. Keep your legacy, Girl....... You got a huge one and you have been SMEARING it all by yourself. Lord Almighty! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  65. wulphstein

    What a waste of 7 minutes.

  66. X %

    Love Liz

  67. Watson Everly

    they measure success by number of jobs created? but the jobs don't pay enough to live. Creating a job that doesn't pay is not creating a job. so people have to take 2-3 jobs. so you have to divide the number of jobs created by 2.5 to have an idea of what is really happening. And you also have to subtract the number of jobs lost.

  68. Jason Miller

    Megan your voice has never been developed and your existence kinda reminds me of the College Entrance Scandal, which means you were given a platform and didn’t earn it but Daddy paid for someone to take the test for you ..and it shows

  69. Ghost Dragon

    "The Cunts"

  70. Derrick Long

    Anytime he says he doesn't know someone well, He knows them well!!!

  71. megacultureman

    when will he run presidency?

  72. megacultureman


  73. Scene68

    Only if he were younger, because he'd make an outstanding Nathan Drake.



  75. matsv201

    SO Trump is a ex democrat that is republican.. and the democrats hate.. because... he have a very bad history... And Bloomberg is a ex republican that is a democrat that the democrat's love because... uuum... he can be elected??

  76. Darin Campbell

    I agree with Whoopi. I felt the same way. The Exorcist is a scary masterpiece. These days, I laugh at it. Especially if you watch docs on how the movie was made. Still, Linda Blair's parents should be ashamed for having her do such a film like that at 12 years old. All they saw was $$$$!! Shameful! Peace.

  77. Simbelmyne 444

    A Clockwork Orange! 😱😬

  78. Mister Kyle

    The like I gave this this video was for AOC and not for anything that was said by Whoopi 😂

  79. Klimax Mason

    This Lady almost wins one historic Election & Now she becomes the face of the Democratic Party. God Help Us.

  80. Vicki Davis

    I'd rather have her than biden

  81. 02phenom

    Every time I watch a clip from this show on YT I feel like my IQ goes down a point or two

  82. Michael Schuenemann


  83. Roland Strauss

    Maybe you want to have a look at some statistics.

  84. bigraviolees

    How dare they take a stand for democracy and purge a shill buying his way in named Mike. Whoopie needs a new gold toilet u don't need healthcare

  85. Scot Still

    this guy seems so disrectful to woman just like trump

  86. Jedidiah

    Matt Gaetz took these clowns to school.....

  87. Stacie

    Empathy can only be acted upon when one has experienced the same thing that is Why many things are generational. Karma yet I s real!

  88. Opeoluwa Awoniyi

    Congressman Gaertz finished the women of the view!

  89. Ashan Mendis

    advertising money is what television is about

  90. bigraviolees

    These millionaires want their fat paychecks so hate Bernie. Whoopie is a corporate loser as much as McCain

  91. Carlton Coleman Jr

    Good job Gaetz! 👏🏽

  92. crsl111 c

    Woman in “power”. That’s the BIG problem. This is out of control. Not to mention out of control PC from media / HollyWeird. Hope old norm just playing with these skanks

  93. jenny ruiz

    Bloomberg stops being the nice guy, brings out all the dirty rags of the other candidates, starts with Biden and ends with Warren. They don't care what the objective is to choose the Democratic presidential candidate, Sanders and Warren just want to make all this talk show, because of these two crazy people, the winner will be Trump.

  94. CubanExile

    AOC could not focus due to her low IQ and WHoopi Mop Hair.

  95. bigraviolees

    They also reccomended pardoning Dylan roof

  96. Sergio Oliva

    The honest truth is The View was never intended to discuss anything serious like Politics. These subjects are better handled by a news format show like Meet the Depressed. The View should concentrate on subjects that woman really like. Topics like cooking, housekeeping tips, maybe some singing. Let's get back on topic and talk about things that women can understand.

  97. kevin izzy

    Good points Meghan but if it was a republican you wouldn't get so heated. I guess Joy's sticking by her quote "when they go low, we go lower". And why so many people commenting "why joy attacking Meghan?"

  98. Bill E Dee

    McCain needs to dig up her daddy and ask him why he helped Lois Lerner use the IRS to target tea party groups, bc he didn't like how they made HIS Republican party look. I'll judge actions over words every day of the week

  99. Till blabla

    whoopie is such a self-absorbed, detached idiot :D i cant fathom how she doesn't understand how she sounds to the rest of the world

  100. Till blabla

    whoopie always says the most useless things :D im amazed she is still in the show