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  1. jeeyon im

    Yes yes all of these punishments are painful but they didn't mention bamboo torture where bamboo shoots start growing through your body while still conscious and tied down to the ground

  2. Nikita Dreamer


  3. DE4TH_ZEZE45 _______

    Larry getting cold canadians watching Weakling

  4. Liam Bennicoff Plays

    Yeah well a house has been lifted up by balloons, get on FREDERECKSONS LEVEL

  5. DO_U_play Ro_Blox?

    no one: *coughing intensifies*

  6. Bat

    2:11 that was Michael Afton, his brother shoved his head to fredbear's mouth

  7. Angel Ferrer

    So what was the point of the parachute?

  8. XxToxic Ca5xX

    To be honest we all know pc gaming is better

  9. CC NoYou

    Up except there was a budget cut

  10. T. Feime

    Rambo would win easily every time. Not even a challenge

  11. EdEddnEddyonline1

    Didn't something like this happen in a episode of King of the Hill?

  12. DO_U_play Ro_Blox?

    Corona Extra (a beer brand) kills Corona Virus, get that.

  13. CaptainSohan

    If there's something strange In your neighborhood Who you gonna call? *Catholics*

  14. Sakkra101

    We really need a similar programme today, lest our kind be doomed to extinction.

  15. Jaiden Ritchie

    skydiving without parachute Thats my dream

    1. ChirpDirp

      sooo... suicide?

  16. Reworked Doge

    Just nuke.

  17. J Cas

    This is crazy awesome!!👏👍 But I wouldn't do something like that not that I'm not brave jus I value my life lol

  18. bobl0

    it not a nous,its a back to school necklace

  19. Sékou Nitoto

    My life long dream is to finish at least 1 of the many novels that l began 20 years ago.

  20. Dxorio

    its a bird! its a plane! *No, It's a guy sitting at 16,000 feet with weather balloons?*

    1. HammerHead


  21. VitiMelv

    Y didn’t he just buy a paramotor

  22. Gaia 999

    Stop snitchin

  23. Daniel Popescu

    Larry is the perfect name for someone who would do that

  24. Jersey Bound

    Wow so the thousands of american lives and forced conscription wasn't demeaning to american citizens noooooo wasn't a military defeat at all. Americans, pride is their down fall. the south quit too cause the Americans couldn't prevent the loss of life. You promised them a swift defeat instead it dragged out and people profited. Yeah it was political but that wasn't the full downfall of those wars

  25. Adrian Martinez

    Bilingual chika

  26. realslimeboss

    lol my name is Joseph

  27. Moonlight

    Does that mean I am rich because I ate that.

  28. kieran armstrong

    me: **looks at president for 0,000001 nano second** guards: CoDE ReD emERGENCy!

  29. clash of arenas

    Such an ez challenge lol

  30. Habib Normagomedovgh

    this is a bs channel

  31. lochlow dginger

    Watching from China, thanks for the Intel

  32. Dalmonella

    the writer of this episode was off 3 xans i guess

  33. Reddz0

    Stalin-sempi Faster

  34. Carol Cooky Ng

    Yes let's tell kids that COVID19 got spread by an idiot that gave CPR to a snake

  35. Ryan Nguyen

    Me: Can anybody give me a gun to end this sonic EGGMAN: *enters the chat with waterGuNs* Sonic: *armed with life jackets* Me: oh.....................ok have fun with that😃😎😎

  36. Chandler Whelpley

    This is like a Florida man article

  37. Christian Urberg

    A true man of culture

  38. NeverCore Gaming

    What will Mr. Beast think

  39. Joseph Dale

    He mite of been bad but he didn't do half the things it's said he did. The 2ed pope after him lead a massive smear Champaign against him. A lot of the stuff people said he did was refuted by future popes

  40. Cody Hofstadter

    A billion is enough

  41. YamiNoPri

    You guys clearly don't know about the crazy Brazilian priest

  42. Albert Einstein

    The only Christians that believe that the Great Flood did not happen are not Christians.

  43. 69ChJ

    If Twitter is a deal breaker for keeping a job, why does our current president still have a job??

  44. Daniel Smith

    Keep in mind that this video doesn't inform on the culture surrounding some of these countries. Some of these countries may have a much lower average income than the United States (or Norway), but they have a different mode of living than members of those countries do, as well as a different expectation/standard of living. Moreover, many countries with low income per capita (relative to USA & others) do not have a set minimum wage (or a rather low minimum wage) and therefore do not value human labor the same as other countries do, making $3.10/day go a lot farther than it would in the USA. Plus, as inhabitants of the Earth, we must always consider the possibility of propaganda and not everyone is America's friend or wants America (or her allies) to be strong and successful.

  45. Jonathan Shore

    AKA... The flat earth astronomer

  46. Jay

    America: let’s spend 2 million developing a pen to write in space Russia: let’s use this pencil...

  47. Elvin Mateo


  48. MYSTIC wolf Gaming

    Clash of clans ???? I think coc Larry was inspired from this

  49. an sterling

    What a mad lad

  50. Hehe 09 mr beast

    Bruh theyre so dumb Yall could just spoil infinity war or endgame to him Now thats the worst punishment 😎

  51. Jasper Ted Vidal Tale

    Blue Is My Favorite Color

  52. Maxb01beep

    Im not scared

  53. Bandit-Main-On-Drugz

    7:38 Hatcher.... it's Thatcher

  54. Glen Breeze


  55. Aquila Rondina

    North Korean generals watching The Infographic Show: "Write that down! WRITE THAT DOWN!!"

    1. Turbo Rooster

      Wow what an original comment

  56. Marianna Petetson-Green

    Well, that was interesting

  57. Slushie Bushy

    Ahh I finally a man hoping to fly but not in a plane, a plastic lawn chair and a bunch of a balloon hmmm 🤔 safe and very reliable way to fly

  58. Haze

    bulletproof aluminum...? yea.. you definitely don't have any idea what you are talking about..

  59. Juliana Baharin

    Like UP Film

  60. Pauly 1290

    So.... The US got The Infographic Show as a propaganda tool for themselve? Nice to know!

  61. Hagen van Tronje

    F35 is not a stealth aircraft, it is a joint strike fighter nothing more and nothing less.

  62. Jay

    Top secret? Q in Wikileaks 🍻

  63. simcll

    My sim: THICCC WITH 3 C'S

  64. Louis Herman

    The 3d printer thing reminds me if the Omni-Tool from Mass Effect. That thing is amazing!

  65. J Cas

    I paused at 4:59...if this really happened then this is epic!! What a brave soul!👏

  66. XxRobin PlaysxX

    I'm Mrs and Mr controlale

  67. Eddie Avila

    Oooooooooh sh$t

  68. Exu

    ArmA, Squad, Modern RTS players: *IMMA PUT THAT IN MY STRATEGY NOTES*

  69. Jay

    It’s so obscenely expensive we have to label it “top secret” cause the American citizens would quit wanting to get robbed in “taxes”

  70. Spyth e


  71. EldrenOfTheMist

    6:35 That was a beautiful line up of weapons and shields. I'll have to take a few screen shots of that. :)

  72. Purim Settapokin


  73. Johnathan Campbell

    Info graphics show: it had one job spread it's brethren, Me: I have agtha Asgsma Athema Brethn't

  74. Whjp2k1

    Up but it’s made by Michael Bay

  75. Heku The Deku

    Why tf would you lick a stranger's plate❓❓❓❓🤔

  76. Punita Jivan

    Cartoon video, for cartoon people 👍

  77. heavens love

    So why are there survivors or is that a lie as well?

  78. John Tech

    Larry would now fly car at alttitide of 16000 feet


    Is it just me or this guy just predicted UP?

  80. YouLetGoWhy?

    9:25 the girlfriend looks different?

    1. Emoji Queen

      YouLetGoWhy? Plastic

  81. Laurissa Carell Graham

    I’m sure this person is related to Carl Fredrickson...😂

  82. no - doubter

    USA strategy is use china yellow moky to make daily things for them , they themselves focus on making weapons

  83. golden kid 132

    Vitiman c helps the immune system

  84. Doctor Eggman

    Only a mad genius would do something like this...

  85. Kyle Alexander

    Read the title and was immediately like...and then what happened? Lol


    Imagine if he take a picture. 🔥

  87. Robert Eischen

    I came here after watching a video about escaping prison. Interesting...

  88. ServantOfTheLordJesus

    Mosiac warefare from the war tactics the israelites used to defeat all those armies in the past?


    i've been a mason since 1986

  90. bbehr0209

    In the words of Spongebob: Living like Larry

  91. Mat Stanley

    Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition!!!!

  92. Purim Settapokin


  93. Shadow Dog

    I would grab a shotgun and say kids are unnecessary

  94. Cult Mechanicus

    Taxation is theft!

  95. Ellis R

    That snake is satan


    The Blitzkrieg green plane that you guys showed was a North American P-51 Mustang that was used by the US Air Force in ww2 and the Germans were using Bf 109s and Stukas is just to correct your mistake on the planes of blitzkrieg

  97. 123 456

    Never give up on your dreams. 😎👍

  98. ironeobgert4

    I heard of this a couple years ago.

  99. Podróżnik z pustkowi

    Um... Uh... what?

  100. Nolan Ogle

    That’s where the term ‘graveyard shift’ comes from