1. Hanna Moree

    is thise rap or what is it?

  2. Od

    I thought Roxanne was a black sexy girl wtf

  3. лучик в озере говна :D

    Никто: Абсолютно никто: Брайн: *РОКСЭЭЙН РОКСТЭЭЭЙН*

  4. Jayden Lucero

    Fucking finely you fucking never music video this song was last year

  5. 亲High10

    When I first time Heard that song I thought he was Indian . 👳

  6. KV51M

    Tuneeee!!!! 🔥🔥

  7. MynameisPantheon

    This video a Whole JoJo Reference

  8. Saig

    This is epicc

  9. Sxnny _scofn

    I feel like Arizona coppied camilla

  10. Bae

    Honestly thought rocksand at first. Roxanne makes more sense now. I'm so dumb

  11. Kyngz 36


  12. Athish bl

    This is the most racist comment section. Like it if you agree.

  13. Vol100000

    This is pulp fiction and ground hog day in a music video

  14. Roland Moffett

    Goes hard. First time hearing it

  15. B A S S

    he sounds "black" know what i mean

  16. Skeeker

    Love the Groundhog Day/Pulp Fiction vibes.

  17. flexxx boii

    I didnt know that tray young is fire at rapping

  18. JaZon Got Swagz

    Wait he’s not 13?



  20. Atlas

    Did I see my boy even

  21. Sven

    that respawns tho

  22. Prince Giza


  23. Postica Constantin87


  24. ᔕ gαchα vιвєz ᔕ

    This video kind of reminds me of Happy Death Day

  25. K.

    What’s the girls ig tho?

  26. Deandra Walker

    The song will get you hype 😂 The video will make you sit down.. Yes I'm shocked he's white too

  27. •f̶a̶t̶e̶• Con4Faym-


  28. Nikola

    Maybe this ain't him and he is black fr

  29. Deaf Vegetables

    trainspotting reference

  30. assi army c


  31. assi army c


  32. RIP AB

    Autoune 100000

  33. RIP AB

    I hate this song now bc he is not black

  34. the boss's bitch

    i'm sick and tired of hearing this song everywhere, even if it is good.

  35. fushion

    This reminds me of happy death day

  36. SlayerJn

    2:35 when you will never respawn again

  37. Ato Mitee

    My Girlfriends name is Roxxane 😅

  38. Christopher Sandoval

    If you have a $500,000 Ford GT then she'll laugh at you!

  39. The Profound

    Is that the lady from elders react?😂 1:54

  40. SlayerJn

    He dead He respawn in his bed Minecraft.

  41. Abhigyan Hazarika

    wow dwarf mamba

  42. Rodolpho Arruda

    Ending scene is a rip-off from the movie Trainspotting.

  43. Dan Denby

    Everyone:hes white!? Me:why does he wear jeans in bed



  45. jackblue

    soundcloud.com/jackblue1700/angels check out my music

  46. Peni Parker

    way too much auto tune to enjoy

  47. NutZ

    Omg this song is litteraly trash

  48. sancho cfc

    all for the diaphragm breathing loves the diaphragms ay ay secreting innominate veins ye ye methane ethane all she wanna do is sparky(lit splint) propane butane all she wanna ignite the finite(resources) metal properties are malleable ye she find alternative to landills yeh tory in the workshop squeaky POP but if it don't study grades gon drop she think i'm a stresser she think that but its cause i inhale loud do it until failure just like ozone layer AU, she don't use heatproof mats (cells see us) through a microscope no fahrenheit when i bois le düd amar prof says fahrena malleable x4 rocks sand rocks sand just compressed and pressurised all night in LA yeuh climate change yeuh. hydrocarbon chains yeuh compounds break yeuh desalination for the water to be clean ye that or reservoir like a reserved sight ye. they eat wholefoods which release methane and CO2 i eat myco, mycoprotein fusarium and a ton of green beans she like sweets like ethene this food has me thicc no creatine built like a machine no caffiene pull up in the limousine no cosine interior design looking outlined exterior design looking interesting engine cleverly coded no nucleus streamline roof hypotenuse levothyroxine pituitary glaaand

  49. IMP xRayKoZz

    Bad Video clip, this is not fit with the song

  50. 23 Gab

    Who is here before 10M views?

  51. Tyler Robey

    We all know where we came from

  52. SamTheRedFox

    Isn’t the lady in 1:03 and 1:35 from FBE elders react?????


    Dwarf mamba had me dead😂

  54. Garett Zander

    Wtf Ik this dude was white yall are fucking dumb i didnt even know what he look like but ik he was white omg😂


    0:43 yooo is that Evan aka Dwarf Mamba?! 🤭🤭🤭

  56. Aziz Almulhim

    Do you think that the video klip is too late?

  57. GHBOI

    C'mon guys, he obviously just set his respawn point!

  58. Isaiah Thomas


  59. Gabriel Keller

    No "oh he's white" comment here, they're all taken. Move along.

  60. xNoisy_Boy x


  61. Lynxr

    He’s white?!!!?!!!?

  62. Jayddrien Allen

    Love it and btw just let her go

  63. mikethekid 679k

    This is why Eminemus thefirs the best in the game because he hashis own soun thatunique to him and he doesn't try to sound like any black rapper. This guy sucks and needs to stop bittin

  64. Dawud Miah

    I thot he was 15 year old nigga boiiiiii

  65. Zralkh

    Everyone is talking about how he is white, whereas I’m just surprised that Roxanne looked exactly how I thought she would.

  66. Aulia Ahmad

    All i can hear just a Autotune

  67. Dhaval shah

    Hey plz help me achieve my goal

  68. Cye nonimus

    Tiktok ruined this.

  69. Jose Bamba

    Me Roxane i lik

  70. Renegade_ Raider

    how did i end up watching this video when i wanted gacha life summer outfits

  71. Sami Tayarah

    Evan !

  72. Brie Shaniece

    Roxanne seems to be the catalyst for his many deaths.. get rid of her

  73. Zeus GraalYT

    Who's here before 1000mil!! Views

  74. Luana Vitória


  75. Mateo Santos

    Quentin zervas

  76. bouytt guyt

    Everybody: "He's white?" Me: I mean...as long as Roxanne doesn't have to put on the red light, we good.

    1. Xo Spot


  77. Ariana Hailee

    This dude is copying happy death day

  78. Jamisen Siwek


  79. 999 Zuba

    Was dwarf mamba in this music video

    1. bouytt guyt

      Lol he’s black on the inside

  80. Owl FN

    Am I the only one that saw the Greek flag

  81. paolo penaflor

    Collab with BLACK BEAR PLEASEE

  82. Zee Unitee

    She's more of a Dua Lipa look alike than Roxanne.

  83. Ringo Roadagain

    The Golden Experience Requiem

  84. Battle Royale

    Cover of the Song: *Shows that he's white* Everyone after watching the music video:wAiT wHaT, i ThAuGhT hE wAs BlACk OGs since 50k subs and less:**face palm**

  85. XxNIRZONxX

    Roxanne is just Dora the Explorer who is on crack

  86. ig: sickode

    “omg he’s white?!!” he literally talked to a girl named Roxanne ofc he’s white 😭

  87. N Williams

    This Video Is Kinda Like The Movie Happy Deathday

  88. Pranay Pradhan

    Didn't imagine that Roxanne would be presented as a money digger who's after you every freaking day!

  89. NV Dark

    Re:zero vibes??

  90. Tom Mcdonagh2k19

    Moral of the story, keep away from girls called Roxanne. Cause u gonna die 🤠🔫


    The trailers idea is stolen from happy death day


    best kgsel.info/video/video/rqeio6OJoZiaqpw.html

  93. Dominykas Cek

    The moral is you can die but you have to have a bed to respawn like in minecraft

  94. Jonathan Kayombo

    Lol he’s black on the inside

  95. Conan Hughes


  96. maamar benaouda

    thanks TIK TOK😂😊😊

  97. Life Is good also memes

    What a spoiled boxh

  98. Mr. cooler

    I thought 6ix9ine create this song

  99. Xx_ANONYMOUS _xX

    Everyone.What he’s white It’s literally on the thumbnail

  100. keymon king

    Kodak need to be on here