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  1. Megan Ames

    Oh my God! I didn't know that Bri was on the new Bachelor spinoff!? I love her reactions!

  2. Claire Isabella

    when yall think this is real and not staged 😌

  3. Jennifer Shelton

    i bet he’s a leo

  4. Penelope Velvet

    Me: if his family gives off bad vibes or seems hateful RUN! RUN THE OTHER DIRECTION NOW! Hannah: *continues to choose Jed at the end of the show only to find out days later that he has another chick at home* 🙄🤦

  5. Christopher Greene


  6. Mr.Irish

    They live in the apartment complex I work in .

  7. Maryam Alqahtani

    You can see fuckboy mode got activated at 6:50 😭👌

  8. elita bukoka

    Great couple, mature love

  9. Zoe Hart

    "imma virgin" "JKJKJKJKJK"

  10. Donicio Velasquez

    I feel like you people are a bunch of hopeless romantics

  11. Karina Nabila

    He's such a player 🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊

  12. Tomica Bacic

    He has the same voice as Mr.Darcy from the movie Pride and prejudice!

  13. Madison Noah

    Queens 👸🏾

  14. fibrebird20

    I quit watching when you left, end of story.

  15. Henley H.


  16. girasoli

    Who is the editor omgg

  17. Dr. Chevonceil Echols

    Matt stop being afraid...let love rule. It's okay. Trust yourself. MATTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

  18. Kate Campbell

    Ugh why him?

  19. ThunderbirdPrincess

    I don’t like Caelynn AT ALL, but Hannah was so wrong for this. 1) You’re personal negative history with her has nothing to do with her relationship with Colton. 2) How dare you give your biased side to a story when the other person isn’t there to defend themself.

  20. Lori Wagaman

    Why do all these bachelorettes think they need to jump up and dgraxlr these men in 63 yrs of life I don't think I have actually except on these shoes ever seen anyone meet anyone this way.

  21. TrailBlazer

    Scary thing is I’ve experienced men like Luke who will not take no for an answer no matter how many times you spell it out for them. Girls, stay away from these creeps!!

  22. lilacshine9

    I loved her and I was incredibly disappointed when she left.

  23. Allie H

    I just think it’s so weird seeing Cassie be so sad and stuff and in the end he told her he wants her and she walked away like I don’t understand


    She looks like a kid

  25. Allie H

    This would have been absolutely overwhelming for me, but the fact she dumped him cuz of it ain’t cool. Don’t judge them cuz of their parents especially when he hardly sees them

  26. Allie H

    THAT is not Sikhism at all. He’s just a wannabe

  27. xo xo

    Gehts noch niveauloser? Oder Sexistischer?

  28. Mak J

    EW 😒🤮

  29. Easy Homemade Food

    still can watch this

  30. M T

    Nobody wants this. He ruined her season. How about a Hannah and Tyler date?

  31. R G

    Nobody wants to see this. Hasn't Hannah been through enough? Screw Jed.

    1. Savvi C

      So foolish of them posting this now.

  32. Kayla Anderson

    This aged well

  33. Kristine S


  34. Doris Harrison

    Is this now or are is it a rerun.please tell me.

    1. Doris Harrison

      Thank you.

    2. Lori Rabun

      Its a rerun

  35. Trey

    le cringe

  36. Regina Mushi

    That Jacket Jed!

  37. Jimi Muoyo

    tracy chapman

  38. cash the dash

    5:30 haha the bra just comes flying down 😂😂😂❄️

  39. TheFieldReport

    Tyler can get it. Anytime. What a man.

  40. Sam the French

    "I have bent over backwards for this relationship"... Yep with another man! lol

  41. Marjan Štokelj

    Čudovito super. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  42. Keira Flaherty

    Hannah only had 2 good guys and 1 great guy

  43. paul adigba

    she did my man a favour

  44. bella2019

    It’s so inevitable that this would not work

  45. Abigail Sunn

    Say what you want about Luke P, but once he took that robe off, he ended the entire competition 👌💕

  46. Haven Faith

    chase's little laugh while singing at 1:23 lol

  47. kallybloome

    Omgsh I love her dad 😍❤️👏🏽

  48. Aldana Vargas

    Lukas graham is so talented!!!

  49. 주책이야증말

    알고리즙 사랑해 쫍쫍쪽

  50. Keira Flaherty

    Well now he’s with Kelley and they seem happy together so...

  51. Sydney Kong

    dean and caelynn: two people I can't picture not together. they're a perfect match and they're so fricken cuteeeeeeeee.

  52. Elisabet Sarai

    When you know that they do that

  53. Elisabet Sarai

    Woman have to be smarter than to fall for all the crap men tell you.

  54. Sydney Kong


  55. S K

    I can understand that Tia is crying but why are other ladies doing it ? To show solidarity?

  56. Ye Boi

    What did i watch right now..

  57. 1yorknewable

    i love Sean and Catherine

  58. 1yorknewable

    I love sean and Catherine they beautiful and Best couple

  59. 1yorknewable

    i love Becca and Garrett they Will happily ever after they so sweet together

  60. 1yorknewable

    i love Sean and Catherine they so sweet together the proposal was stunning genuine and true and magical

  61. shani erez private e-mail address. shani erez.

    Yeah right,and being in love means "seeing with both eyes open".....

  62. Chris Noziere

    Demi is such a child

  63. Sani Aria Pratama

    quando rondo

  64. S K

    So, Becca and Tia had this conversation and Becca dumped Colton later. Is that chick version of bros before hoes?

  65. Lana Raed

    Cassie's response about being ready did not age well...

  66. S K

    I like her southern accent

  67. Abigail Sunn

    Damn, can't decide whether I want Mike or Sheridan for Bachelor 😫

  68. Abigail Sunn

    I'm watching Jed like I did with Hans from Frozen -_-

  69. Willy Wonka

    She's not that much of a catch.

  70. Fred s

    romantic compilations. beautiful.

  71. Annie497

    I never understood why he pursued her........she never acted like she felt anything towards him. Her head was somewhere else, and that was so painfully apparent when I watched that show. They were never on the same page, so they weren't going to end up on the same page.

  72. Surya Assar


  73. Pluton diana

    Haha they said bad things about the girl with red hairs but truely i prefer her physical so much more than body of this two mean girls...

  74. Sam Man Blue

    She needs older guys!

  75. melissa wischerman

    It should have been Jed

  76. Jillian Blumberg

    Victoria was so jealous of Alayah and you can tell she is so uncomfortable up there. Team Alayah!

  77. Dalal Al-Shemary

    I am not excited for her season. I’m sorry 😐

  78. R G

    If things worked out with Brandon, she wouldn't be saying what she is saying.

  79. Bear Bones

    I think Cassie “can” make me happy, she “could” be the one, I “could” see us spending the rest of our lives together, you know, her or one of the other three girls.

  80. Bear Bones

    The Dad’s face is just priceless as he yammers on with “If she is the one left in the end...”

  81. Bear Bones

    I’m with Dad, the whole set up is impossible. You cannot create an authentic relationship in that scenario or under those circumstances.

  82. Bear Bones

    This is so awkward to watch, knowing that “last night” was a lot better for him than it was for her.

  83. Bear Bones

    I haven’t seen any previous shows, so can someone tell me why he was saving his virginity if not for his wife?

  84. Smile_uwokeup _2day

    Am so happy for both Bri n Chris here on winning this competition out right n did it so well . I wish them much success in their new album they are making , may God bless them in their journey in their songs n events n in their new love for each other that we all way see in both of you n we love this for ya both .

  85. Sandra Wilson

    Tammy was nothing short of a venomous bully.

  86. JerichaG92

    And now they broke up!

  87. Abigail Sunn

    Let's be real, the producers just wanted some lez action for ratings.

  88. Carol Parent

    Beautiful couple 💑

  89. agamng

    Where did they get these girls from ? Such a random bunch and they all are very average

  90. Petra Digula

    I was legit bawling when they were leaving. And for that whole final episode, I was sure the producers would just bring them back because they were totally going to win it. But, yeah... Anyway, they are working on some musical stuff now so that's great! I kinda have a feeling they are trying to work it out smh now that the rollercoaster show is behind them. Has anyone heard Matt's new son 'Try'? I mean, seriously? If that song isn't about her, and them in general, I dunno :D

  91. Sally Smith

    Y was Daniels profession listed as “Canadian”, like is he a professional Canadian? How does he support himself? Is it a lucrative industry?

  92. Chris Noziere

    Luke S should've apologized to Luke P for running right in front of Luke P at the rugby date. Instead of lying to the rest of the guys saying Luke P body slammed him out of nowhere. Than maybe Luke P would've never told Hannah about Luke S tequila company.

  93. Agnes

    If you're a woman who wants a serious faithful genuine and stable relationship, then why would you want to be in that kind of show where it doesn't have all that you want for a relationship.. That show promotes polygamous relationship, unfaithfulness, inshort it promotes what is wrong.. Goodness..

  94. Destined_Mathematics Time_Space

    I've never been on KGsel it's hwr beauty that draged me here

  95. M H

    Are they only just uploading these now Cassie and Colton broke up?

  96. serial lover

    I bet jojo is laughing now

  97. Ben Faulkner


  98. Mary Chris

    She never once looked at the ring when Sean proposed. I read from Sean’s book that they had to film Catherine again looking at the ring.

  99. Marjan Štokelj

    Čudovito punce. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😀

  100. Melissa Lee

    I forget about Marquel sometimes 😍