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  1. MrBdiddypop

    When people on The Bachelor say, "I love you so much" it translate to, "Geez, you're cool. I'd like to date you for another week or two" in the real world.

  2. Michael Garcia

    You should be upset! You were terrible!

  3. ЯУАИ Joseph

    I have never seen a Beautiful Woman that was interested in a smart Guy. The ones that I usually see are after someone that they can take advantage of. What if he Ruled the World would she like him. I doubt it.

  4. RH

    why isn't she making eye contact with him? Super weird..

  5. 奥利奥

    Damn. I was rooting for Marino since day 1... 🙁

  6. soinhu foitu

    Aaaannnddd you’re supposed to meeeeettt myyyuuuhhhh fammmmuullllyyyy tonight.

  7. Elizabeth Taylor

    " Can't get there" ......Colton sure does have a script, doesn't he?

  8. Rebeca Cruz


  9. Dangmei

    He picked the right gal..... all the best

  10. Mercurial Empire

    As a guy who found this in his recommendations for some reason, I struggle to see why these dudes go through all this for a girl who’s barely a 4

  11. 1yorknewable

    I love JoJo and Jordan they are the best couple ever

  12. Gabriella Grassette

    Those flowers look so cheap lol, I wouldn’t call them a bouquet 😂😂

  13. A M

    Maybe it’s just me but I don’t like this bachelorette. She talks to them like they’re her kids.

  14. Candace Cartay

    Am I the only one who thinks Hanna B is gonna make another Appearance on the bachelor and somehow he’s not going to pick any of the girls from his season and blow everyone away by choosing Hanna B? I dunno I keep thinking about it and she did make an appearance at the beginning of the season and it never really followed up on her when he asked her to return. We shall see soon I suppose 🤭

  15. Jessica Ginsburg

    he’s a dh, but you can tell he’s a good kisser

  16. sik pig

    Anyone post the ending song name or what it is? I’ve been waiting for like 2 years to find out ...?

  17. Destyni Lietzke

    Poor Chase

  18. Yah 88!!

    His lips look over kiss

  19. rsanchez112789

    His family gave her many reasons so question choosing him and her family said he wouldn't be a good fit and to go with Tyler. Too bad she didn't listen to what everyone literally told her to her face.

  20. Nehasupnfan

    Hannah sometimes just doesn't get the red flags!!!

  21. Fnicole

    The Demis clapping ✨❤️😂

  22. The plea dealer 55


  23. Nicole Nachman

    WOW!! So childish all he's trying to do is confront her.

  24. silver kharbteng

    I support Luck P, Hannah B will be single forever .J had his own gf she deserve it

  25. Patricia Delver

    Bryan's voice 😱

  26. Jacob Andersen

    “...and that’s how every girl in the room became pregnant...”

  27. Ptao Tom

    attacks him and walks away. He’s such a great guy and she doesn’t deserve someone like him. Everything’s about her all the time.

  28. NikiThor

    Why is it so hard to just read or understand him that he isn’t interested.

  29. be diphrent

    *aftwr a bunch of her videos I’m starting to see she has like anger issues almost where when she gets mad she doesn’t care what anyone else says and that he word is law.... weird..*

  30. NikiThor

    She’s like the crazy ex 💔

  31. Mario Graham

    6:43 why we all came for :D

  32. Amber Dawn

    That dude in the grey that was talking to Hannah, is so cute

  33. Amber Dawn

    I’m glad Hannah let him go. If she would have married him, I think they would divorce immediately.

  34. Michelle Pham

    i think he's only keeping her around to go in a fantasy suite w/ her omg

    1. soinhu foitu

      She’s so toxic it’s crazy

  35. Thomas Libbey

    First guy is a loser lol

  36. Marie L

    She seems like a nutcase.

  37. A S

    Even the mom wants to be famous. LMAO

  38. Yourgirl Stephanie

    Loll seems right the way shes acting. I GET THIS REACTION ALL THE TIME they make me feel bad.

    1. Yourgirl Stephanie

      Lmao to the way shes reacting

  39. Thomas Libbey

    Chad is definitely concerning my aggressive...but he’s in a house of soy boys. Chad succeeds in life. These other boys are clowns passing the time.

  40. Mostafa Farweez

    This is what you're supposed to do when you're in love with someone. You fight for them. And that's what the rest of the Bachelors and Bachelorettes are supposed to do on their seasons.

  41. Mariam

    Good question Victoria “why are you willing to stay if I’m walking away” 🤓

    1. Ptao Tom

      People need to boycott ABC. Stop watching this garbage until they bring on better shows.

  42. Charming nowhere to hide

    She literally broke up with him like 5 times in this conversation alone. Can he not see that?

  43. Dine In Durham

    Hold up. Your ex said something about me? GtFO.


    He took him straight to suplex city

  45. Nattie Nicole

    I’m not very happy with you~ chad

  46. Amira Rose

    When he swallowed 😂😂😂😂😂

  47. Julia Andersen

    she knows how yo manipulate to the max. She deflects everything by crying and making it about her and making him feel bad that she's upset

  48. Julia Andersen

    she's such a gaslighter I can't. How did he choose her over Kelsey?

    1. Charming nowhere to hide

      She’s not the bachelorette

  49. Katie Williams

    This whole show is dumb worst bachelor ever

  50. Addison Grace

    She talks like a kardashian lol

  51. Simba Scar

    VICTORIA just zip it . Madison is pure you are not. You belong with married men .

  52. swfcindy

    Team Anybody But Victoria, but he does want crazy.

  53. Kaloni Kakala Leilani Lisala

    Kelsey deserve to be the next Bachelor. She's so real and i liked her.

  54. Tayzlee Fisher

    i used to love her and now she's just omg idek how to explain it and why is she talking so differently girl u ain't kim k

  55. Sabra Isaacson

    Literally over here crying 😭😭

  56. Sogand Mo

    Omg girl he didn't even say i love you too !!!!😑😑😑

  57. Capri M

    They all ganged up to get the most attractive girl in the house out. PERIODDTT

  58. Sogand Mo

    Even his voice is aweful😐Hannah COME OOONNNN😐

  59. LJ 67

    Jordan had started it in the first place but they're both psychopaths' who deserved to get booted and Nicole should join them for being responsible for their feud!

  60. Ruby Hart

    Thank god that she ended up him and not Arie!

  61. Fresco Sala

    You're not sorry😠 BS

  62. Mames Fine Art

    She's deflecting because she didn't want to answer the question.

  63. Mames Fine Art

    They are such children...all of them. Really.

  64. Regan Woodruff

    I cannot stand this girl 😂😂

  65. soominie Lee

    victoria just wants the d and the title of "the bachelorette"

  66. Brittney Riehle

    The thing is we know he’s slept with other women, he did it 2 times in a freaking windmill

  67. farrbongaming

    What's the difference between this and what Luke p said to hannah? Double standards

  68. LJ 67

    Chad is a ticking 💣

  69. ava guzman

    tyler c is the 2000’s patrick swayze

  70. Jeff Assassin

    This show needs to be taken off the air it sets a bad example

  71. Galilea DelGross

    how did he send Kelsey home and not her. true manipulation, they will not last lmao

  72. Laureen Haynes

    Getting to know each individual person is hard enough without making out with every female on the show. Compatibility is important. Likes and dislikes, outgoing or homebody, religious or not, kids or no kids, previous relationships, like engagements and marriages, moral views are all important questions to ask prior to engagement. One may be a great kisser but that doesn't mean that they are compatible. There should spot more conversation and less make out sessions.

  73. Veronica

    . . .Who asked for this?

  74. Ya Ya

    Hmmm, well, Snooki's acting coach has gotten a little better...this one has nearly real tears and crying...

  75. Ny Ny

    Victoria is more beautiful and her body is perfect I don’t like Hanna Ann she looks old

  76. E LM

    I like Madi the best. But this is not the place to be for what she wants. His openness with his intimacy is a KNOWN thing. Also her withholding this for so long is dishonest. He could have chosen other ppl more in line with him. Stand true to your standards for yourself and be upfront! She should not hid it like a bad secret. It’s a respectable thing to be proud of !

  77. Ebbra Huber

    Pocket puasy Pete can go f himself....oh ya he will....mile high club. Get that boy some rubber gloves

  78. Ruth Jaurez

    She’s so toxic it’s crazy

  79. That Bitch


  80. Aoife Clancy

    He deserves better, she's a horrible and emotionally manipulative person. She sounds like a narky drunk 16 year old.

  81. Jonathan Rocha

    This show is amazing I need to start watching it

  82. Waz Mohd

    People need to boycott ABC. Stop watching this garbage until they bring on better shows.

  83. Adam Cee

    What a gong show

  84. NightRises234

    2:15 the way he kissed and hugged Cassie should’ve been a red flag to the other girls that he had already chosen his girl. Gotta pay attention to small details.

  85. Tris

    And this girl is one of the ones he chose over Kelsey?! the producers are INSANE

  86. Malachi the Great

    When a guy with hair like Fabio calls you the modern day narcissist. Then you have a problem.

  87. Matt Drenkow

    Doesn't the engagement defeat the purpose of the final rose?

  88. Lotte de Kraker

    “Really? You haven’t” that’s funny” SHUT UP YOU ENTITLED LITTLE BRAT

  89. Californiaforlife

    She’s guilty by her actionssss

  90. Californiaforlife

    She’s not the bachelorette

  91. Californiaforlife

    She’s so dramaticccccc

  92. christine broom

    Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment, often evoking in them cognitive dissonance and other changes such as low self-esteem

  93. Darcy Swanson

    He needs a therapist bad. He has no boundaries, sense of self.

  94. Anita IceCream

    Victoria has BJ Skillz that's the only reason he keeps her around she Kray Kray.

  95. Kayla Naidoo

    The whole show should be filmed 😂

  96. Luc Bordage

    The Victoria' s (both of them) on BIP2020 please. It will be a BIP2020 edition with Lots of crying if we base it on what we saw this season so far. What kind of dudes will BIP2020 provide? Imagine a bunch of them fighting over VictoriaF, hilarious.

  97. Michael

    everytime a woman cries understand its a manipulation tactic.

  98. Ailsa Ni

    Duuude she’s crazy..... crazy

  99. Joe Rogers

    Am I seeing mental illness or immaturity in this young woman?

  100. Adrienna

    She reacted like a straight up narcissist. Suddenly ‘she can’t’ and she’s the victim. Suddenly he has to apologize to her and he’s being drawn in with all these tears & walking away. Men take note & beware.