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  1. hammertime

    Charlamagne bodied Stephen A at the end

  2. Emman Talob

    you can sense j will and jalen's love and respect for one another

  3. Olatoye Gureje

    Don't spit on my face and tell me it's raining.😂🤣

  4. Nate Cruz

    These aren’t bold, they’re just brain dead but it’s nice to see the narrative you’re trying to push with Zion! Dude could have literally just played the preseason and you’d still give him ROTY. With this logic, the NBA should have voted in Steph Curry as All-Star despite only playing about 10 games

  5. James Winchester


  6. Mixamaka

    Magic quit when they needed him. Now that Pelinka made them a good team, he wants to comeback and get all the credits.

  7. Keith Thomas

    Knock it off SA

  8. Matthew Roland Duarte

    Didn’t kawhis camp basically admit that magic’s public comments about their meeting during FA taint their chances at landing Kawhi to the lakers? Magic left for a reason and lakers are now successful too for a reason

  9. Real Is Real

    Raptors to the finals is not a prediction it's a spoiler

  10. G Dabbs

    Nobody: Stephen A watching the puppy bowl: “these cats have got the stuff”

  11. Mike Lawry

    Fury talking alot and really fast I sense nervousness

  12. R

    Let's go Astros!! There will be no apologies

  13. Loki Harris

    Clippers not going to WCF

  14. johano1993

    How is Stafford a super bowl away from being a hall of famer???? Someone please explain. 10 seasons under 0.500

  15. D JG

    Restore what was stolen.

  16. Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah

    Lol The Raptors went on that big win streak and the Bucks still up on then by 6 games. Giannis is on that Kobe killer mode...

  17. Killa Kam

    Tim's prediction isn't bold it's down right stupid

  18. Liam Foster

    horrible idea. this would actually make people stop watching

  19. brendan bwall

    Stephen “Reggie Jackson might as well be Wilt Chamberlain” A Smith

  20. stefan gacev

    Magic drafted lonzo ball traded lou will to clippers missed on paul george talked about kawahi leonard wanting to join but ok

  21. KingJudah12

    But dont say this aboit lebron

  22. Vando F.

    The moment you see rap legend Fabolous behind Stephen A. 1:17 😂

  23. Zo Larry


  24. Dee flow

    Where's Molly is she on vacation what's the deal

  25. California Dreaming

    I’m sure that Diggs wants to get away from Cousins. I believe Cousins is in the final year of his three-year 80-something million-dollar guaranteed debacle. I think the Vikings should cut bait with Cousins and eat the loss IF it would mean they can keep players such as Diggs. But it may not only be Cousins. Diggs knows the Vikings will never win a Super Bowl because they’re a loser organization. (To be clear, Cousins is an excellent passer. He has really nice mechanics and I thought the Vikings were making the correct move by signing him two years ago. However, minus the Saints, he just can’t beat good teams. Why? I’m not sure. It has to be psychological to a degree. It is also the case he’s not very mobile and nowadays, in the NFL, you need a mobile quarterback.)

  26. Chuck C

    lmfaooo why did max start speaking from the drive thru speaker at 6:24

  27. Joe Horn

    I haven't been a fan of basketball since Russ Kev and James in OKC.....Ja got me watching every game and more of a Grizzly fan. Zion is great but do not deserve ROY. This man played twice as many games at an all-star level.

  28. Aidan Glenane

    lakers are in first place and these dudes are actin they are the worst team in the league

  29. BoostedPrince

    It’s not a media award. It’s a best rookie award. GTFOH

  30. Mr. J

    Man he looks just like Tom Coughlin.

  31. Edwin Hernandez

    I thought the old dude at 5:07 was trying to do an Al Pacino impersonation 🤨

  32. Professor Shorty

    6rs are stupid why did they not keep jimmy instead of harris

  33. WhyU SoJelly

    Did this guy just say Jimmy G is a great QB?

  34. KFJ68 agent

    Ben looking a little weird nowadays! A lil plastic surgery!?🤷‍♂️ Known for gambling issues also then bets $100 on national tv!🤣🤣

  35. PainCausingSamurai

    I'd love to see the Raptors finally put LeBronto to bed by taking down the Lakers in the playoffs.

  36. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    316th comment 🐆🐊🐋🐂

  37. Shawn Brown

    Rob did his job and Magic did his job everybody should move on 😂 the rebuild was a success we have the #1 team in the West by far 💜💛...

  38. johnny jones


  39. D JG

    Can't move past it.

  40. STAT44

    zion wins ROY is a worst than aaron getting robbed in the dunk contest 2x...

  41. Rosezy

    Ja got it! He made an immediate impact and broke records.

  42. Gail Leyran

    Screaming A Smith will always take magic side. Magic is the one who quit on the Lakers he is the one who signed lance, took beadley instead of re signing brook lopez he did a terrible job.

  43. Nara Ton

    Bring It On! 😉

  44. Kim Stuart

    why do these guys keep talking about schedule? If the Pels make a comeback with zion back as soon as the easy schedule starts.....and Ja can maintain on the tougher schedule and takes a few more losses.....that is clearly stating that Ja is the more impactful player. Plus media better use those "analytics" to separate BI and Jrues impact from Zions to determine impact on the wins.

  45. pyramid architect

    Toronto Raptors were a very good team before kawaii but Than do you remember what LeBron did to them?? Yeah so I wouldn't get so excited about the Raptors they always dissappear in the playoffs.

  46. Azar Quazeem


  47. Ruben Herrera

    I agree with all of you fam! However, if he is to play in the playoffs, he needs to get his legs going, that means that maybe the last two weeks of the season he should play and get himself going (because playoff basketball is more intense). If he is able to produce, then he should come in for our bigs. The problem then will be, what do you do next season with all your bigs? The staff needs to come up with a master plan because AD, Magee, D-Howard & Cousins is literally something you ain’t seen before!

  48. Josh B

    Can Molly just shut the F up.

  49. Josh C

    At best Duke is a sweet 16 team!!

  50. BoostedPrince

    Already talking about MVP for Zion after 10 games and 4.5/5 Stars. If JA doesn’t get this reward, then they need to delete the reward.

  51. Joel Coots

    Myles Garret can openly say, I thought I heard it, But since no one else heard it. I'm dropping it.

  52. FCB_Alex95

    My bold prediction: nuggets win the west ( i mean they are going to the nba finals)

  53. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    255th comment 🎄🌵🌱🌿

  54. TheKingJason3

    Chris Bosh was robbed. Did nobody watch him while on the Raptors or at Texas ?!

  55. JasTheKariol

    ESPN: Three choices for you to lose your money this year!

  56. Shivam

    If NOLA gets the 8 seed Zion is roy

  57. GeorgeWay mathTV

    Lakers don’t need Mr. Tampering. Wat u talkn bout

  58. PainCausingSamurai

    Get Butler and Embiid back together.

  59. jongun78

    Magic couldn't get LeBron to play with the young guys and coach

  60. Aaron Brown

    Boogie was 30 and 20 I'll never let anyone speak crazy on him

  61. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    220th comment 🐇🐈🐿

  62. Putra Shadow

    2020 like

  63. BigCliff_989

    Still wouldn't be fair to give it to Zion he's missed to much time and ja been balling all year.

  64. DL Gray

    Reggie Jackson is trash to below average. I'll take Brandon knight over this scrub

  65. DaQuan Porzel

    Why give up a chance to win the championship, be a first round pick for sure and secure a big bag. Xfl would be a waste of time

  66. Mariasol Nevada

    Who cares?!! All of this is BS.

  67. Brandon Munro

    Danny green is under utilized and underrated

  68. Generation Z Experience

    Lol but magic don’t wanna be there does he

  69. JTrillZ BooFed

    Lakers will make the WCF idk about the clippers tho....... The clippers don’t have no one on their team with that dawg/killer mentality.

  70. Patrick Barthold

    Magic is brain dead and ruined the lakers until he left so what are we talking about. Also his name is Schroeder learn how to pronounce words Stephen Errrr Smith

  71. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    198th comment 🐢🐍🐞🐜

  72. Damon Jones

    I'm talking black people wake up

  73. Dying Wolve

    this is why i don’t watch the get up

  74. Jeremy Jenvenne

    If Houston makes the playoffs they automatically will be placed in the wild card...


    Zion all day better but ja deserves rookie of the year

  76. PainCausingSamurai

    All this talk downplaying the 76ers makes me think they're going to turn around and take the championship this year. Nice to hear the Raptors getting some respect tho.

  77. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    178th comment 🐓🐁🐀

  78. JackGeezy

    LOL he wanted camera on him other day too

  79. Murad Naghiyev

    I wish the standings stay the way it is rn playoffs will be so much fun to watch Boston vs pacers philly vs heat first round matchups 2nd round Toronto vs Boston and bucks vs heat or phily cant wait

  80. sj1 j

    Wow when did Jackson & Morris become difference makers for a championship team?

  81. Big Savagge Da G

    Who do you think will get a ring first?

  82. Josiah Malloy

    Ja is only averaging 17 points , he doesn’t have ROY sealed 🙄

  83. Josh Ringer

    This has been the Most accurate thing Magic has said in YEARS

  84. BroncoBillieBeastie

    One of the greatest matches!

  85. YOB Music

    Hes puttibg up 30 off lobs cuts and posting up. Imagin wen hes actually putting the ball on the floor

  86. Charles D

    Stephen A. cares more about big names and being “box office” than he cares about winning lol

  87. Play That Again Bruh

    35 games for ROTY? Not even half of the season

  88. SAGA EJ1

    No disrespect to Kobe but he's the power behind Polinka and without him Polinka is a nobody. Magic should take over once again..... But. I don't care for it! I'ma Die hard Heat And Kawhi CLIP fan!!! Heat vs Clippers Finals would be a Dream matchup.

  89. Leonel Thomas

    TB12 got 6 Rings already he trying to get that retirement money 💰

  90. FH

    2 PAC=🐐

  91. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    180th comment 🐡🐬🐅🐆

  92. david stoned

    wait a minute "he has quick twitch" isnt that from the bill burr racist sports announcer bit?

  93. Carlos Previlon

    Nah no way Zion wins ROY no way I know ESPN is pushing this because they think Zion is a mega star, but I agree with Jalen ja has been too good for the whole before Zion Ingram was carrying the pels that's why he was an all star, so no I love Zion but he's not winning ROY.

  94. T-Mex-

    Honestly, i dont want the media hyping Toronto up this time around. When The Jump made a segment about the Raptors 15 game win streak, we lost our game later that evening to the Nets and what would have been 16 wins going into the All Star Break. They've ignored us since Kawhi left, they ignored us before that, keep that same energy.

  95. ItzFusionPlex

    I’d rank D wade about a 9

  96. DaProdigy

    Lebron looks... ROUGH in that thumbnail. He looks like the father of the Lebron James that entered the league in 2003.

  97. Kyle Johnson

    Magic traded away DLo, Jordon Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr for a bunch of scrubs. How would they be better with Magic

  98. Luca Duca

    Got robbed twice. The nba dunk contest is definitely rigged

  99. Cody Hanssen

    He lost because his last dunk was not a 50. He jumped as high as he could grabbed the ball and dunked it. Sure, he "jumped over" a 7'5 guy, but it was not a difficult dunk for him. Was it impressive, yes. But a dunk is judged not on a guy's ability to jump high, but the level of difficulty and creativity of the dunk. This was not creative, nor was it a difficult dunk for him. I'm surprised anyone gave him a 10.

  100. Ron Spragg

    Baseball should be embarrassed!