One time i elbowed a 7 year old in the face to get a picture with Kylie Jenner.

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  1. a p

    their wow’s when they played the hologram was so pure i love them lol best siblings ever

  2. Mike Simas

    thank you. please make more vids like this. i love your videos :)

  3. Peter Wargo

    @7:47 his scream 😂

  4. Clio BEAST

    u gay

  5. Oscar Zheng

    Uh, u should never combine Clorox with windex

  6. Kendra Mcbride

    Starbucks is Crazy one...#😏🙁

  7. Dustin McDonald

    Pleaseeeeeee start doing other Things

  8. Ryan Youngblood


  9. Brian B

    U have to use a laser printer

  10. Ava Sims

    You should do the jelly fruit tiktok

  11. Martin Heis

    This dude is dumb af. Shows how he steals something in a video with his face😑 This is gonna bite him in the ass trust me.

  12. Raighn Burks

    I never laughed

  13. Bernard Sotto

    2021* Brennen: welcome to tiktok life hacks part 315

  14. Shweta Maisuria

    please NEVER stop this series!!!!


    Another hack is pig ham with lettuce try it you won't regret it!

  16. toni kelege

    I absolutely love the 3d plastic pyramid! 💙💚💛

  17. Jays Cactus

    Brennen did it wrong he needs a special printer lol

  18. Sabri

    Still watching in 2020.

  19. Isiah Gutierres

    Pussy start filming wen stuff works

  20. Dylan Godfrey

    And his solution was a little bluer then yours

  21. Ayden Yarbrough

    Damn he got yo ass on them shoes

  22. Dylan Godfrey

    You didn’t do the show one right it says d clorax and it was a different brand

  23. Ryan Tarsio

    Don’t stick your head in front of microwave because of radiation!

  24. Fernando Moreno

    We wat kim

  25. Jaxon Bryan

    Brennen it said clorax not clorox

  26. TDLions

    I literally did the soap one in science class this year now your microwave will smell for a while

  27. YungGunna978

    For all my shoe heads y'all already know the second hack 😂❗💪


    The tatoo on the girl is puted on the right then it came in the left what the freak

  29. Lillian Van de Streek

    Brennen, I can't poop Brennen again wait I have a hack for that

  30. AwesomeGuy15

    You should turn this channel name to Taylor Bro’s because your both always in the vids. Do you Agree?

  31. Starr Wilson

    For the tattoo one you cant use a regular printer you need a certain kind

  32. Mikihiro Mizuno

    Some of these aren’t even last fe hacks

  33. Alex

    I tried the tattoo one and it works

  34. Mazaiah

    I lost it when jake screamed!!!! 😂😂😂 to damn funny

  35. Bec

    Bro, You said "I think we lost "THEM"" Who is "THEM"? Huh? There's only ONE "CLOWN"

  36. Goku Monkey

    7:56 this caught me dead laughing not gonna lie.😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣 8:56 also caught me dead laughing. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  37. Xx_TiltWilde_xX Tilt Wilde

    You didn’t apply pressure on the tattoo plz retry

  38. Gamer King

    Used to much bleach

  39. Jessica Torres

    "Dont put your finger in the hole" Title of your sex tape

  40. WQeasy

    We are getting bored

  41. CLK Myth

    I remember getting monster truck toy and it came with a tattoo

  42. fatboy editx

    Toothpaste and water could have clean those for less than 10 That's how I clean mine

  43. Yakup Maras

    but sick pants tho

  44. nevin thomas john

    That tattoo lady put the tattoo on her right arm and got it on her left🤯(she already had that tattoo)

  45. Its Swiszo

    When I'm I ever going to use some of these "life hacks" 🤔😕

  46. Hannah Sutton

    u have to put a lot of cologne or perfume

  47. 50 million subscribers with no videos

    Brennen just started an nationwide trend give him an applause mah fellow dudes

  48. I V

    Can you use any type of plastic?

  49. Yakup Maras

    look at his pants at 0:49 it says sex LAMO

  50. Aiden Lemay

    What Jake says at 2 mins

  51. Colby Is life.

    No one : Literally no one : Brennen : tries putting on a tattoo on his forehead-

  52. Lex Lex

    Magic eraser for shoes and the perfume you used needs to be alcohol based 👌

  53. Max Is trash

    Every human alive: THE WORLD IS ENDING Brennen: Wait I have a hack for that

  54. Destiny Kennedy

    I like his old hair style but he still beautiful tho

  55. Amanda Victoria

    $1.25? I pay $5 to fill that same jug. :/

  56. Salman AHMZ

    the girl put the tat on her right arm and when she showed the tat it was on her left arm

  57. Isabel bridge

    I love these videos 💕

  58. Ruben Balderas

    Did you spray it from and back

  59. Becca Jones

    Not to be rude but Corey is the only one who can rock a man bun quit trying to be him okay I'm not trying to be rude or or anyting buy quit trying to steal his man bun 🤣😂

  60. Skade

    Soo they just recorded them self stealing along with the guy that made that video on how to get free water. #R.I.P

  61. OTF SpokyYT

    When there no content Brennen: TIK TOK LIFE HACKS😂😂😂


    Love your tik tok hacks ❤️

  63. Reading Wolf

    First off... Common sense can tell you bleach will turn black shoes brown.

  64. katie Sutter

    I am currently waiting for the moment when Jake says do u have a hack for that and brennen says no


    Yo anyone get an add right after Jake said let's turn off the lights

  66. Adrián Argueta

    10:56 I used to do that when I was younger

  67. Emily

    Use Inkbox if you want to test tattoos for a short period

  68. Alijah Dickenson

    Definitely too much bleach Brennen. Also magic erasers work well for shoes

  69. Michael Warren

    Aaaawwww what a cute little pupper!!

  70. H M

    It’s not free water when you are stealing it from the company. Someone loses.


    when he did the tattoo he put it in water for only in for 3 minutes when the lady said 30

  72. OmegaErkz

    Tattoo one is super specific in practice - tiktok doesn't explain it well You need super cheap knockoff perfume - good perfume actually doesn't work at all. The tattoo also needs to be printed on a specific type of printer; laser. Inkjet printers do not work for this method, but there is a way to do it with inkjet - it's just super different. Instructions are basically the same. Spray tattoo, float it in water a bit to soak it, spray area, stick the tattoo, then spray the area again and apply firm pressure for a bit.

  73. Emily Rose

    The tattoo one is real

  74. Reavilingfire Fairytale

    Arnt you technacly stealing the water?

  75. Bri's Spot

    30 sec for the soap I done it last year

  76. Supremeee 008

    Brennon never stop doing those life hacks videos please, I fukin love them, I actually enjoy watching them! 🤙🏼 keep it up bro part 100+ 😏

  77. Empuse

    It all makes sense now Soap Foam: still soap and it cleans Paper napkin: cleans and looks like soap What if... soap made napkins!😱

  78. The Earth

    4:30 just use a paper towel with water on it and scrub off the dirt.

  79. GeGe Multani

    You have to press the tattoo down with a cloth

  80. arnoldo lopez

    That’s a glass cup to heavy for the card. The glass also not a great conductor. He used I believed a plastic cup which is thinner

  81. MvK Toxic

    For the tattoo one you need to spray where your going to put it

  82. III Aspect

    For the tattoo it was supposed to sit in water for 30 minutes not 3 minutes

  83. Stoopid 3 kids Delacruz

    What type of Screams is that ahahah

  84. Rocket & Groot

    *A Video about Mostly Complaining*

  85. slimshady5546

    Being doing the hologram thing for years

  86. Blue Bird

    “Don’t put your finger in the hole” -Jake Taylor That’s what she said 😂😂

  87. LC

    weeeeell I kept getting inkbox tattoo ads during this vid so maybe you could just use that instead XD #NoAD

  88. Marisa Cohen

    I’m only here for the tattoo hack. This definitely will give me some Coachella vibes 😍

  89. Luke Kirchner

    I don’t think y’all left the tattoos in the water long enough

  90. Rudy Soto

    Half the stuff of tiktok hacks have been around in the past this is me in the present past commentary to y’all see y’all in the near future

  91. Markthegaming YT

    leave a like if you dint see a demon? because i dint

  92. Caleb Williams

    You leave it for 30 minutes not 2

  93. DLS King

    POV: I gotta stop watching these videos *part 14 comes out* Me: When did part 14 come out?

  94. Alister Shisheesh

    Would brennen Taylor heart this?🧐

  95. Ib Gg

    Everyone dang it I dropped my popcorn. Brennon oh no I dropped my popcorn wait what there is a hack for this let’s watch this clip

  96. Angel5999

    Who’s been a fan before 2020 ❤️❤️ 👇❤️ Gifting my next 10 subscribers❤️

  97. bri piggy

    The tattoo one u have to apply a lot of pressure with a rag aswell

  98. Angel5999

    Who’s been a fan before 2020 ❤️❤️👇 Gifting my next 10 subscribers❤️

  99. Madison Noble

    I bet his date is Amber 😉😉 if you know you know

  100. Taimana Boyce

    I CAN'T BELIEVE HE SHOUTED ME OUT AT 9:42 (even tho he said it wrong) BUT I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW If u guys wanna follow me my @ is __taimana__xo