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  1. Sahira Begam

    Is it just for me or for anyone, the vdo is pixelated for d past few days?????

  2. linda vega


  3. Tygo Liyon

  4. linda vega

  5. holy Robinson

    like this better then senorita

  6. holy Robinson

    like this better senorita

  7. holy Robinson

    like this or aenorita

  8. Harold Hopkins

    My oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  9. CHE !! !

    insert meme challenge here 01:02

  10. VriDin DeLona

    blue skin?

  11. Kathy bunny XD

    She sound like she's sick I'm not hate

  12. Dilan Gustin

    Amazing! this video ❤

  13. h o p e • s m o o n

    Why now 😂

  14. Melissa Felix Felix


  15. Kel Caê

    Oh na na na... Ops. Oh my oh my... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Adrielly Oliveira

    O teu pai e o banana nanana kkk

  17. Tassia Nascimento

    Só eu acho que a camila podia atuar em filmes? Ela podia investir nessa carreira de cinema,minha opinião.

  18. amar terasu

    Me cae re bien la abuela

  19. Aaron Bostwick

    Actually really fire

  20. Tassia Nascimento

    amo as atuações com caras e bocas da camila em seus clipes. Kkkkkkkk adoreii esse clipe,mt bem produzido e a música mt top👌❤😘

  21. amar terasu

    Wtf :v

  22. bryiana salez

    hinario demais💖👑

  23. bryiana salez

    te amo camila

  24. bryiana salez

    Adoro Liar❤❤❤❤😍

  25. ReallyJustLorenzo -

    I swear every single one of her songs get stuck in my head every time I listen to it once lmao.

  26. bryiana salez

    esse clipe é tudoo pra mim mano

    1. bryiana salez

      melhor clipe da era❤❤❤

  27. bryiana salez


  28. bryiana salez

    puro talentooo❤❤

  29. bryiana salez

    78M uwu❤❤😍

    1. bryiana salez

      Vem agora 100 milhoes

  30. bryiana salez


  31. bryiana salez


  32. Jill Anderson

    The Father-Daughter wedding dance song of 2020

  33. Lenah Nasetava

    No good

  34. bryiana salez

    16M? Streaming

  35. Mar J

    4.1k people don’t have their fathers love.

  36. Sabrina Lima

    Camila you were always my heroine princess, you are my angel 😇❤❤❤

  37. Nisha Toppo

    this is good song

  38. Sabrina Lima

    *BR* 😘💚💛

  39. ゆうき


  40. Sabrina Lima

    Brazil loves uu♥

  41. Fábio Silva

    Te amor camila linda

  42. Hosana Franca

    Virgin again, ametista!


    Kid flash run to another earth,🤣🤣🤣 And Camila be like XS... Whenever she run fast... Time rewind!

  44. Andy Ramirez

    Everyone saw Noah but nobody knew who she was then, so far I realize he was with her and I'm excited ... and shocked. I love.

  45. Sabrina Lima


  46. Isaac De La Torre

    DaBaby makes every song be good

  47. Sabrina Lima


  48. bryiana salez

    Vem 1 milhao de like

  49. r e v e l u v

    She look likes a sprite bottle.

  50. Anonymous Person

    2017: Havana o na-na 2020: Corona o na-na

  51. ruby daro

    I tried too sing this song but i sounds like a goat that has been slauther myghad.

  52. 9razzler9


  53. Nancy Marma


  54. creamy Niqht

    I spot a mistake in this music video! At 00:21 his shirt was bloody with fake shots behind Camila Cabello, and at 00:27 the fake shots were gone

  55. James McAvey

    Camila is really a good singer 👩‍🎤 It seems the beast misses so many things. It’s so Pity . Well done well done 👏🏼

  56. CruzCruz Cruz

    I got a ad about Camila cabello my Oh my and I'm seeing this rn

  57. bryiana salez

    Mano! Essa música é uma das melhores músicas do álbum eu vou ficar muito desapontada com a Camila se ela injustiçar esse hino, ele merece tanto um video clipe, eu quero tanto, é eu vou ficar muito triste se não ter.. um hinãoo desses não pode ser injustiçado igual ela fez no outro álbum com She Loves Control, é Somenthig's Gotta Give, dois hits.. jogados no lixo💔

  58. gokussj907 son

    Eso tiene mas relleno que fernanfloo :vvvv

  59. Pricilla Flores

    16 and I’ve found my father daughter dance when I get married.

  60. bryiana salez

    Queria uma Performance muitoo top dessa música, aaah imagina, Camila arrasa nas Performances eu iria amar, é iria divulgar esse hino, queria um clipe tbm poxa, esse álbum tá tão perfeitinho, só hinoo, triste se não ter clipe dessa música, é de This Love, Should've said It, essas músicas merecem tanto! This love principalmente amo essa músicaa, vou ficar triste mano eu quero tanto aa

  61. Sea Sisters

    The ad was literally of ppl reacting to her video lmao

  62. Gerardo Antonio Escobar

    woooooooow, this is the official alternative version!

  63. bryiana salez

    Esse álbum tá tão perfeito// é impecavél.. que chegaria a ser injusto se todas músicas não terem video clipes, por que todas merecem muito, só hino😍😍❤

  64. carlos ortega

    Megusta él minuto 1:00

  65. bryiana salez

    Produzam de novo esse video, Façam stream Camilizers! vejam bastante esse clipe pra ajudar nas views, parem de deixar as músicas da Camila floparem nmrl, essa música e, esse clipe é incrivelmente maravilhoso! e triste o flop, de um hino desses.

  66. bryiana salez

    Façam Stream

  67. Leandro Yuki

    I love You Ca 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🎵🎤🎶🎤🎹🎹🎹🤗🤗🤗

  68. TirroticReaper13

    Camilla is like that cool girl you're really good friends with and you have a crush on but she just wants to be best friends

  69. bryiana salez

    Vem logo 86 M🔥♥

  70. Hana Wilson

    Every one is talking about Noah but nobody is talking about lele pons

  71. bryiana salez

    Façam Stream Camilizers! vamos aumentar essas views, não deixem esse hino flopar🔥🔥💪

  72. Wolfie lover :3

    Did I just saw Lele Pons?! And Camilla Cabello?! 🧐😮😲 In 3:13 I thought she said “davi said got MILO in it and it got me feeling like Ooooooooooooo!!”

  73. bryiana salez

    Camilizers !!! STREAM IN ROMANCE😘🔥

  74. bryiana salez

    Sangria wine hino injustiçado, aaa Camila nunca vou te perdoar por isso

  75. Rose Winter

    My oh my like Falling coment

  76. bryiana salez

    Sangria wine hinãoo🍷🍷❤

    1. bryiana salez

      Sangria wine hinãoo🍷🍷❤

  77. Keeyarah Yap

    Can someone edit this vid? Because green?

  78. Z. S. Green

    Camila why did you leave faith Harmony

  79. Lydia Hilliard

    Something about when she says " I don't need a jacket" just hits home🤔😂

  80. Nightmare Kyøt

    Does anyone really think that the momma doesnt trust him line and the a little bit older bla bla bla line sounds like Camila is talking abot this? Phone And Terminator?

  81. Frances Nunez

    gosh this song just makes me cry every time I love my dad !

  82. Nightmare Kyøt

    "We'll always have Havana" -Poster 2020.

  83. Mary Grace De Vega

    She so talented

  84. Mary Grace De Vega

    Camila 💜💜💜💜

  85. Amariah Andres

    You are my fan

  86. Ava Magana

    Sorry but she sounded terrible then the real music😑

  87. Tashy G


  88. Dhaya Vega

    Cool vocals

  89. Crystal Cookie

    I love it!!!

  90. lady julieth

    Hola los que hablan español y no entiendes nada😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🕶🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  91. Kylie Chen

    I’m in love with NOAH CENTINEO 😍😍

  92. Magical Unicorn

    Funny the mom is a boy that is the funny part

  93. Cheese on Everything

    that must be the proudest dad in the world right now

  94. Crystal Hwang MUSIC

    Shawn Mendes: You're my oh my Camillita

  95. Samy Samy souza

    Alguém do Brasil? ?

  96. Tessa Marie

    Bruh all of this was FIIIRRRRE and Camila serving face the whole time 🥵🥵

  97. Maria Manuela

    I get chills 🥺

  98. Andrea Caraveo

    Es ermoso🤩

  99. Kiana Hernandez

    I like this better than the actual video ..

  100. Runzi333

    I would 100% watch both a movie about them in hollywood and also the movie about the sword senorita tbqh