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  1. SoRena Dix

    So this lady at the church exhaled while others inhaled & caught the virus?!!! Or did she touch any of them...? What about eye contact? Just Wow!!! 😵

  2. Ashish Sawant

    Support and Eagerly waiting for American President Trump.

  3. Leo Antonio

    AFD = another white supremacist party that is anti humanism anti enlightenment anti democracy promote terrorism violence it should be treat it as a virus and criminalized.

  4. Marichelle G

    So.. Where is the so called UN? Any comments about all these?

  5. 보관함

    지금 남한 상황 말해드릴까요? 그냥 번역해서 들으세요. 신천지라는 사이비종교가 있습니다, 거기서 다 감염이 되었고 하루에 20명 정도의 감염 확진자가 나오고 있습니다 지금 안전지대는 울산 밖에 없습니다 하지만 대구와 울산은 거리가 가까워서 언제 감염지역이 될지 모릅니다 여러분 조심하세요 언제 어디서 감염 확진자가 나올지 모릅니다

  6. 李圆

    ) More than 40,000 families attended a New Year banquet in Baibuting Garden, one of the largest communities in Wuhan, on January 19, four days before the city was locked down to contain a deadly coronavirus that has killed more than 1,000 people in China. Baibuting, which covers an area of 4 square kilometers and is divided into nine grids with a total population of 130,000, is now ravaged by the virus. A February 9 post on Sina Weibo (a Chinese microblogging website) by a local resident using the pseudonym “Wild child hanniblo” said: “I am a resident of Baibuting Garden of Wuhan. I write this in despair. At present, Baibuting Garden is in an unmanned situation. Many people have been infected with this virus. But the leaders in Wuhan only gave one nucleic acid testing kit per day for one grid, which contains about 4,000 families.” The post was soon deleted. “Wild child hanniblo” also said, “A large number of suspected patients with fever are still at home. Some critically ill patients are running around for help. We heard that the authorities in Wuhan have given up on Baibuting for fear of being fired from their posts. Houhu Street next to us are receiving supplies and other support, but none was given to the Baibuting community. The residents here are desperate.”

  7. Daniel Tadros

    Please donate to Mr. Sessions running for Senator in Alabama. And Kris Kobach running for the Senate in Kansas. Both men will help make cuts to legal immigration if elected.

  8. Smart Dragon

    Go buy N95 Masks and keep before you can't find them anymore

  9. Husky The Dinosaur

    Dresden, a military target. BOMBER HARRIS, DO IT AGAIN!

  10. Nurul Abdul

    Money talks. Greed talks. Power hungry talks. Morality and civic duty all in trash bin.

  11. whoisthis

    The Zombie Apocalypse is next.

  12. 10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    2:20 bruh might as well not wear the mask

  13. Munna Bai MBBS

    Pakistan meh khane ko nai milta to kisi ko rescue karna to bhari baat heh....mehngai hi mehngai yaar🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Iwisham Loved

    These Chinese breeds are too weak. No Immunity at all!

  15. Michael Kranyak

    Turkey get the f.....out of Syria. Russia does not take orders from a mad man.

  16. Emmanuel Juma

    Good luck Hamadok

  17. James Bamford

    There’s actually people living there? Last time I was there a couple of years ago, it was like a ghost town.

  18. Bring back the Plague

    Anyone seen the videos of the neighborhood to neighborhood slaughter by Chinese officials with hand guns and assult rifles?

  19. MD.Muzahidul Islam Samrat

    well,they just hack people to pieces

  20. Destroying Angel

    Super spreader wait don't run, this kind of super spreader is lots of fun. This is what people were warning about, knee jerk reactions and panic. You will see a lot more of this as thinks ramp up.

  21. Roger That

    Spraying toxic chemicals will give everyone cancer. It will kill all biology and get into the water. UV light is more effective.

  22. Ilse Aguilar

    They need to release her name! Who else knows who she's come in contact with.

  23. Surya Jatt

    Multiculturalism and diversity bring hate and violence It will increase

    1. Surya Jatt

      @Siggi Linde I am not the person who doors people But I am even not the person who take sides I believe it will be better for all of us to remain in our 'own' country and make it better for living And even if you want to migrate then you should adopt the culture and customs of the country .

    2. Siggi Linde

      @Surya Jatt Crazy idea but what about all of us, each person in every country just does not shoot innocent people. Globalism or not. Just dont shoot anyone. But yeah that idea is to abstract

    3. Surya Jatt

      @Siggi Linde nit the victims' fault But the fault of globalism

    4. Surya Jatt

      @Siggi Linde I don't care But I know hate will increase .

    5. Siggi Linde

      Sooo you badically say that it is the victims own fault?

  24. Nanix1991

    Multiculturalism for the win!

  25. Public Opinion

    why is nobody asking trump what he thinks?

  26. Gautam Nichani

    UK France usa are loosing Thier credibility innthe world militarily they don't have the muscle anymore

  27. Slippschitts Hey

    Ban Chinese from everything.

  28. 10,000 Subscribers With 1 Video Challenge

    People riot in Ukraine Plagued inc. new notification: Ukraine now in anarchy

  29. zeus1117

    They have created this country. I have left germany because these leaders were blind. They didn’t protect their own people. Also, the living conditions and prices are worse than in latin america. How is this possible?

  30. Crow29Darkness

    Germany isn't a land of Immigration nor a Nation of Immigrants. Germany isn't the same as the USA.

  31. Cynthia Louise Shah

    Thank you for this excellent reporting!!!!!

  32. Be Yourself

    This is indeed very bad, if you are not ready to host, don't do that. It will only shame your country Philippines :'(


    @5:37 Good to see a Person of Indian origin or maybe an Indian citizen himself...

  34. crossmr

    Funny that they forgot to mention that the "church" in Daegu is actually a cult and that they force their members to attend under fear of being excommunicated.

  35. Владимир Ленин

    Seeing that the Korean government's political positions have been intensively shut down in Daegu and Busan, which are conservative areas, and that the Democratic Party, which is the pro-china side, defends it, The Democratic Party believes that it is preventing the Conservative Party's election for its advantage by helping Chinese spies spread the virus. The United States and Australia are no exception.

  36. yousef amed

    What do you expect from the killer servant to say ?

  37. Northern

    What chemicals are they spreading?


    Bagasse can also be used as substitute for pulp which is used to manufacture paper...That will reduce the cutting of tress to some extent...

  39. yousef amed

    هذا الوزير ..كان أحد أطراف قتل وتقطيع خاشقجي في القنصلية والا من رتب السيارات من المطار والعودة والفنادق في اسطنبول .؟؟أليست وزارة الخارجيه .ومن وزير الخارجيه ؟ أليس هذا الوزير ..!!

  40. London Power

    Dark ages taking over in Europe

  41. 1kaaa

    1:50 someone help her with her goggles..

  42. Johnny Aingel

    Good luck with TRUTH and transparency over there

  43. Co Flow

    As advanced as this world has become we should be ready for anything but I see we're not

  44. jhon doe

    there was no excuse, japan had the money and tech but they chose to lock up foreigners and let them get sick and die while protecting their people. Japanese are a very racist people they just hide there racism well

  45. Abdul Guled


  46. •Bitreax•

    I'm in Philippines when the taal awaken there's a lot Ash fall

  47. Johnny Aingel

    TRUTH EXACTLY that is what chinese government does

  48. milford fowler

    We have this to look forward to in the United states. My heart goes out to all the people who are suffering and lost their lives to this outbreak....

  49. Kunal Roy

    Such a hipocracy

  50. Frank Lord

    DW is part of the problem. You lost fairness and become biased when even you report things belong to "them".

  51. Martha Ingram

    All! That they can put it on a card ; Lord I feel sorry for their souls! Read your Holy Bible. Revelation 13:16

  52. MissWizard Tarot

    Where did she get infected if she didn't travel to China?

  53. radixvinni

    Cure research definitely can't take place in Ukraine.

  54. kevin vayak

    Wonder if they serve beef for dinner/lunch/breakfast in gujarat..? POTUS is huge cheeseburger fan.

  55. 이수역

    Thanks china for destroying my country

  56. Adam Smith.

    Is this DW outlet left leaning? Looks that way hence its credibility is questionable.

  57. ruzzputin

    Why isn't Assad using chemical weapons against Turkey? If he could use them against own people nothing stops him from using them against Turkey. Therein lies the lie.

  58. The Reincarnated

    Mother Nature keeping us in check is what this is.

  59. Fereydoon Besharati

    You imagine if it was happen in meddle East what was going on now. These are so called civilized country that this type of mass murder happen so often ashamed of you GERMANY

  60. April W

    The religion that speaks in this video is pseudo-religion called Shincheonji . South Koreans are being harmed by those crazy pseudo-religion. The number of infections in South Korea has almost doubled everyday from that Shincheonji Group. And I think the first reason for this increase in the number of confirmed people every day is that South Korea doesn’t Coronavirus Entry Ban From Mainland China

  61. samdee pride

    Shariah law for Germany

  62. samdee pride

    Islam rules the world..Allah hu Akhbar

  63. Son of YHWH

    Isn't Trump worshipped as a god in India? Many of his followers will be dying to see a deity in the flesh!

  64. Don Raja

    lol.……………. new god

  65. raven scott

    you will never get along, stop day dreaming, just look at America.

  66. Sujit M

    Trump surely knows that Modi is buttering him to get some of his work done.

  67. Logical Musicman

    Did it stop? No news reports for a month.

  68. 人情味儿没有

    Wouldn’t it be easier to reroute the convoy and spend the money to build bath house for the poor?

    1. The Engineer Guy

      I think they really shouldn't have bothered as the Us too have many homeless people. Well any way, this is the first time that an Indian government felt shame for having so many slums. This is a good start.

  69. michell rasha2

    Those who ate dogs meats . Now suffering with bonus 🙏

  70. Bear Attone

    How much $ gets siphoned off by those corrupt thieving officials?

  71. Maria Ibarra

    Tienen que hacer meditación Y fortalecer el campo electromagnético que está alrededor de cada ser humano- a través de la Energía del pensamiento- Es la única forma de salir adelante en un país con escasos recursos para el control


    Kay Trump Bhagwan hai

  73. Vishy

    Seriously that bit at the end was so unnecessary. Next time Modi visits the US, why don’t we find the local American nutcase that worships Amitabh Bhachan or whatever 🤔 cringe

  74. E-man

    These are very fearful times. The Bible already told us these things will happen in the LAST DAYS. REPENT. God is pouring out His wrath to the whole world in these LAST DAYS. JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY. Repent, and turn to JESUS!!


    Trust no one about the virus. Why? Stats are manipulated. WHO has funding issues and now is primarily funded by....yup. Scientific data are a mess because of the lack of transparency from all involved/affected. General news media has deep credibility issues.

  76. Micheal Myers

    Merkel should be held to account for letting them all in..all the rapes, attacks, terrorism are brought about by her actions of changing the demographics of the West. Deport & repatriate..especially that commie cum bucket Ash Sakar from the shitrag Guardian..send her family back

  77. Michelle Mary

    I think Germans are just too suspicious to everything.. hello! most countries use debit/credit cards to pay nowadays.

  78. Huns Groover

    What it Syrian enter turkey just like what they did .!??????????????

  79. Terry Christ

    There is no cure.

  80. Roger More

    Merkel needs to be publicly hung for treason

  81. Victorian Posal

    Korea = the 2st china only there are deaths cases.

  82. Sapiah Saleh

    Coz korean are the biggest pork eater after it easily spread

  83. Francis Li

    Daegu will become train to Busan.

  84. 라요한

    For i'm cristian, the church in that video is not normal church as others believing in Jesus, but have another messiah in them. In short, they are heresy.

  85. Jumee Hu

    Stay safe everyone ~~~ 🙏 and to the victims to this virus stay strong. My prayers are with you.

  86. BigOil

    India should ensure its economy is 15 times bigger than Germany so this type of news report can be laughed at. India should also start commenting and interfering on the internal affairs of western nations.

  87. EllPhante

    I don't blame that village for protesting and trying to make sure they were heard when they said they didn't want to be the quarantine village. No one fully understands this virus yet and how it spreads. And that part of Europe is notorious for governments using their citizens instead of taking care of their citizens.

  88. Красная рыба

    Thanks DW for these awesome documentry . appreciate your efforts in revealing the truth .

  89. 김주환

    Actually shincheonji is defined as heresy church which believe thire religious sect leader as the Holly Sprit. Now the shincheonji let thire believer go to normal church and worship at the normal church to spread the corona virous sothat ruin the image of normal Christianity.

  90. S.S.K K

    should have gone to Hollywood for some better Acting..

  91. James Porter

    Turkey and Asad are going to end up in a full fledged war with each other, which Turkey would win.. Russia isn't going to allow Syria to fall so if Turkey pushes too far the reds will eventually get involved..that's when it's going to get crazy. That's my theory. WW3 rests in Turkeys hands.

  92. Patrick Robinson

    Trump 2020 !!!!

  93. Azam Khan

    Yeh tu pori world main kanon b hy ju b apny mulk k khilaaf bhunkta hy wo gaddar bn jata hy jyse yeh manzor gashteen Pakistan k khilaaf Army k khilaaf bhunkta hy ye gaddar hy Pakistan ka dushmn hy ju in k hakok hy wo tu in ko mil rhy hy is ka maksd Pakistan ko badnaam krwana hy Pakistan k aman ko khrab krnya hy ye sab galat krta hy is leye is ko ariest kia gia hy odr India ki buzdil fuj nihathy kashmerio per zulam krhy hy os ki khbr international media pe hy idr se ye befazol khbr lekr aye hy k ham py Pakistan zulm krta hy ye bilkul feak khbar hy Pakistan Army fazul ksi ko kuch b nai pochty agr deshtgard hu tu os ko chorty b nai hy Pakistan Army zindabad ISI zindabad 💪🇵🇰💪

  94. Thai Bad boy

    The movie The Train from Wuhan is coming soon.

  95. jakeman0x0

    Damn Chinese ..they're a global disgrace as a nation.

  96. Dennis Valenty

    Thanks China stir fry instant death.

  97. harry #

    Indians treat modi and trump as if they are their hindu gods😂

  98. YouMustBeFibbing

    That guy's statue looks more like Mike Pence than Trump!

  99. Soomega2013

    What the boy said was wrongly translated ,the politicans said the murder was in the right wing but the father is member of the green party and a friend of the killer said they were in a multicultural club for many years

  100. 국건이

    Korea president loves china