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  1. james

    joe you can experience a fart with all 5 senses

  2. lookingjust987654321

    The hitchhikers guide explanation

  3. Terence Jackson

    5:00 obvious product placement smh

  4. MiShcā 13

    Where ma Indians at🙋 Joe. Bhagavad Gita and Ufos. Never thought would saw all that in a same line . Also fart theory😂enlightening!

  5. William Kiene

    The Republican and Democrat politicians have both been paid to keep the borders open for decades. Trump was recruited to stop all this and they don't like it.

  6. Drip meister

    Is it just me, or is all this offendedness more anti-white than it is pro-color? And is it about racial discrimination or is it about suppressing opposition to the Leftist Movement? Because I’m really picking up a Germany in the Thirties vibe from that quadrant. I can’t really find a distinction between “deplorable” and “Untermensch” other than one is an English word and the other one is German.

  7. kumkum jain

    hey rogan u got to hv SOME belief of evolutn in an individual or community??

  8. brushfyr

    Sorry but left wing policies and responsibility are conflicting ideas. "I'm a losers o I should be given free shit" is no different then saying "I'm obese I demand free healthcare". Maher is right here but he's still retarded because he's left wing. I remember when he said the left was going to lose him because of high taxes. But that's what Democrats do, they have no money so they tax people for "free" services. Maher is basically a high school kid who once got an A on a test so thinks he's smarter then his parents or his teachers. He'll take people hating him as proof of his intelligence.

  9. Tyler Roach

    Or they already studied us and are done

  10. Wildboy KK

    Tja ks for a 5 min reminders...i need a cuzzo

  11. JulieBishop


  12. E-Rizzle McInerny

    Ron looks a little worried here about how high he is. He seems worried about his cough, like 'what the heck did I just smoke'

  13. Pat Swayze

    It's easier to say no one knows

  14. ayush raz

    If u got the chance to talk Brian green, you shoe see other concepts too like special relativity, strings theory, mass energy and radiation and in more brief. Well he already had talked on these topics. Also he wrote the book called the elegant universe. Damn amazing

  15. andre castaneda

    Cocaine is awesome

  16. dingusrevolver

    It's hilarious that Conover started saying it may be time to stop separating male and female competitors...then backtracked when he realized that femalw athletes would be wiped out entirely.

  17. daddyrichten

    If aliens see us in a telescope as we are today in 2020, they'd be seeing us from light years in the future on their planet. Therefore the only way for them to get to us during anytime between 2020 and 2050 would be with time travel light years into the past. Here's where it gets REALLY nerdy: Once you start travelling into the past, you might not even need to travel through space anymore to get to earth, because the big bang theory says the universe and everything in it is constantly expanding. This means that the more you go into the past, the closer together everything was in the universe. At some point right after the big bang, the earth and the aliens planet were probably within rock throwing distances of each other. All they would have to do is go back in time 13 billion years to when their planet was right across from earth, hop over to earth on a shuttle, and then go 13 billion years into the future on earth. Presto! You're on earth in 2020.

  18. satturnine

    It’s because outer-space is really really big

  19. Josh George

    Clip ends because joe completely forgets they were talking about no fap

  20. Fishbonefla ,

    He’s life of the party

  21. R.

    What happened to him??? Is he sick??? He used to look and sound so much better when he did his Ted Talk on this topic. I hope he is well and is just a bit sick during this interview or something minor.

  22. 1Post Daily

    The voids between us and another location not seen by us.....not knowing if they or it can also do observation of us as we hunt for something above the plan of our fabric of understanding. Look in between the fabric of space.

  23. MKingston

    Idk man Joanna might pick her apart. Weili had to travel to 4 different countries to get to america

  24. I luv nuts

    I actually love Joe what a dude funny af this shit made my day

  25. MultiTacs

    Have the majority of scientists ever been wrong on any issue??

  26. Phon Xieng

    this dude got his history all F up. thailand didnt exist 1,000 years ago neither did burma. the first thai kingdom started around 1200th sukhothai. and they were under khemr empire. the thai originally came from yunnan china which use to be its own kingdom called NANCHAO. these tai tribe migrated down after the mongols destroyed their kingdom. they came down south and fought the khmer who are the original south east asian tribes. and push the khmer south to what is now cambodia. the burmese tonggoo didnt start to get powerful until aorund the 1400th. as for muay boran, there is take down and break arm legs they fought until someone died. that change after 1920 when the king of thailand said enough. and they bought in gloves and rounds and judges like the western boxing style. burma fighting style had no influence in thai culture. 1 thai slave got his freedom from burma after burma sacked thailand 500 years ago. he defeated 10 burmese fighter in 1 day to get his freedom. where did he learn to fight from? burma? hell no slaves were slaves burmese look down on thai and think they are surpior. the thais had many fighting style before they were colonize by burma.

  27. rachel ericson

    Millennials are much much older, we're like ages 25-40 these days. Neil, I love ya but youre thinking of the Gen. Z. I remember clearly the pre-internet age, ah, pure times haha

  28. Terry Woodworth

    what about mike tyson getting a bull s. count agants buster refs make mistakes but they also save lives!

  29. K P

    we gonna look like a butthole

  30. MultiTacs

    Have Richard Lindzen or Dr John Christy on your show and get the other side.

  31. Curtis Brown

    Best way to get the truth is torture the guards then torture who they give u torture everyone involved tell u find the ppl responsible

  32. Dank Mheems

    Eddie should stick to MMA and leave the thinking to other people.

  33. Oguz Ibn Halil

    @JRE Clips kgsel.info/video/video/pWippIx9m6OdsqA.html

  34. Rai N

    This guy does injustice in his inability in summarising the basics of Bhagawat Gita. It's quite dissapointing. Perhaps a case of knowing too much.

  35. Hunter Mcdowell

    So hard being a comedian nowadays everyone is either so insecure about themselves or just wanna be a dick like take a fucking joke cause that's what comedians do is tell jokes right ???

  36. Bryan G

    It’s all opinions. We really don’t know shit

  37. Michael Ridley

    in 100 years time S,E,T, I, will still be looking for Intelligent Life , Still hoping, Still Listening, Still Praying,

  38. eschelar

    She should turn it into an ad for MEC or North Face.

  39. Shreyas Misra

    I believe the Gita is a powerful book on spiritual doctrine. However, I'm always a bit sceptical when it comes to claims of spaceships in Hindu scripture. Remember, these were stories filled with magic and monsters and other fantastical things. Just because flying machines are mentioned doesnt mean they were literal UFOs. The ancients were also creative and used fantasy and fiction in literature, just like modern writers. Also, that is disregarding their use of psychedelics. Maybe the spaceships they saw were in psychedelic visions.

  40. Michael Cook

    Well maybe a few billion years would allow us to calculate the quantum phenomena completely. You two talk small. We're lucky to have not been disturbed.

  41. Kev McCormick

    Oh my god iv had that ice water in a bottle melting causing random noises late at night watching horror films that shit is scary especially if you don't know where it comes from lol

  42. WaNNa MaKe LiBs cRy

    Like 440 grams in a lb right? 16 oz 28 grams a oz?

  43. User Name

    Even Joe Rogan agrees that they messed up Bruce's character.

  44. Billie 4444

    This guy is horrid! OMG!

  45. MultiTacs

    Rogan, Einstein said it only takes one scientist to prove your theories wrong. Not 100, not 97%. Consensus is not science it’s just politics.

  46. Small Man, Big Mouth

    If you think weed chills you out, you should try heroin!

  47. Howie Robbery

    some creatures on earth can already live a long long time just by cloning themselves... is that hard to believe humans cant pull it off one day ?

  48. Jeffrey Keating II

    Aljamain so black i had to turn the brightness up on my phone 😆😆

  49. sean h

    why am i only just now hearing about einstein's repulsive gravity? somebody's fired..

  50. Vasili Panin

    No one can prove that gravity pulls you. Gravity could be pushing you and repulsive gravity may pull you. Its a valid theory.

  51. Howie Robbery

    someone will live forever, unfortunately it's not kurzweil 😂🤣

  52. MultiTacs

    Rogan and Candice are really bad on this issue.

  53. Zylo

    Ok why do people think dragons existed, I mean think about why would a giant lizard need to evolve wings there’s no point in it, it would not make it hunt better since it can just chase its prey on foot, if anything I say it was probably a skeletal remain of a dinosaur that was found with bones scattered around it in a similar shape to a dragons wing so people just out 2 and 2 together and got dragons, now for the Chinese dragons this can be chalked up to either a really large snake fossils that was found was believed to be a dragon or was based off of a god or mythical creature from there religion.

  54. DaReoCharmer

    Why is it so hard for people to say SPOOT-NIC

  55. djjopa

    I get it. Hes talking about Rick & Morty...

  56. Roberto

    He looks like dmt personified... he’s lying.

  57. kimura kano

    Bad ass “you wanna go” Firas.

  58. A.V.Guggino


  59. Neel Bhatt

    In advaita Vedanta, Big Bang is explained as when existence willed itself into awareness/differentiated.

  60. Bucket with a face on it

    'Its a deep question and an interesting one' haha no it's not its pretty straight forward. What was happening before the big bang?

  61. Stuart Hardy

    Joe rogan you need to get Geoff Thompson on hes a legend

  62. Nick Sorrentino

    Ronin is great.

  63. North American YouTuber

    This guy is an idiot.

  64. Paul Nye

    Fuck work and careers when you have kids. That shit means nothing.

  65. Alan Parson

    I mean...if I was a bald idiot, I'd probably do the same.

  66. Brendan Day

    No misconceptions.. Democratic socialism is bullshit

  67. Charizard Rules

    Everyone is so depressed

  68. MrBlue3rd

    This is good stuff while both dudes are getting high. 😂

  69. Steven Obinator

    Asian culture, YOU mean NOTHERN asian culture, indonisians and thais and phillopinos dont think like this

  70. James Johanson

    JOE. /. ITS CALLED. TRESPASSING....... everyone has a Opinion

  71. Trigpicker

    Alright but what about the 13% of the population

  72. Juan Pineda

    What if it’s just us in this universe alone

  73. Adam

    It takes intelligence to have TBI. JS. :D I say it with love.

  74. Salvador Oseguera

    Joe doesn't walk with juses , Eddie should not waste his time

  75. Nietflix

    What was happening before the Big Bang? Answer: NO ONE knows, and anyone who says they do is just regurgitating dogma.

  76. Rattle Snake

    #Defamation #characterassasination

  77. Ginger Ginger

    People, just don't follow anything, any side tells you on any diet that's existed in the past 100 years, and go back to balance with pretty much no sugar when people were living past the 100s before everyone became a expert complicating food out of pure attention and selfishness.

  78. Jj Ll

    Weed today is bad for u don’t @ me

  79. Rai N

    There's only archaeological hints of times where mathematical advancement existed way ahead of its time and sites were erected with unknown technology which supposedly don't belong to that age. This American Indian isn't approaching this in a scientific way but a spiritual one so we don't get to scratch our itch.

  80. baxc

    Joe had to finish that with “Jesus” didn’t he... 🤦‍♂️

  81. Layman

    To anyone who thinks a 10% VAT tax on luxury goods and corporate profits would actually pay for $1000 a month UBI: there are 320 million people in the US. 320 million times $1000 a month is 320 billion dollars a month. You really think that a VAT tax on luxury goods is enough to pay for 320 billion dollars in payroll a month? And what would happen to the value of the dollar when you print 3.84 trillion dollars in a year? The dollar would be inflated as fuck. Sorry yang gang, math doesn’t add up.

  82. Bromigo99

    If you put the universe into a tube what you would have is a really long tube

  83. Eric Thompson

    Sounds like the matrix.

  84. novaturbkkk

    We have been visited Government wont tell us that shit about it The people who say met aliens they get labelled as cuckoo

  85. Clout Kirby

    I’m tripping balls and what the fuck

  86. aBram Bam

    Joe “Have you tried DMT?” Rogan

  87. Steven Bishop

    We really don't know but heres a theory I like. The truth is that before the big bang was the universe, which contracted formed a singularity then bang, this repeats for infinity. Thats the theory I like.

  88. Brad MacArthur

    I have no problem with mumble rappers. Who I do have a problem with are the idiot fans who enjoy and support mumble rappers.

  89. Cee G

    I love joe, he has alot of things wrong about religion tho

  90. D Khang

    Dude lying Joe. Then mfs out there and been visiting Roswell is real.

  91. Wicked Jester

    What a fucking idiot. It’s only rotten meat when it’s bad. 100% meant eat raw meat. High quality raw meat is very healthy and still has the raw enzymes. 30% of meat should be raw to be optionally healthy

  92. PolSkiSki


  93. Kartboarder22G

    Here's how much we know, nothing.

  94. ro sharma

    Hindus. We got the coolest religion and we dont need to advertise.

  95. Professor Swaggamuffin

    Is pretty messed up to pretend to be a Sanders supporter So that you can make your point with more leverage. That type of dishonesty is inconspicuous but really shitty.

  96. Steve Carlson

    Does anyone else besides me want to see Michio Kaku on JRE

  97. turnersince86

    I agree with joe on this one.

  98. ReapsVsTheWorld1

    I’ve never seen an Angela Hill interview, and she is badass! She seems so chill and dope. She was cool to watch on TUF.

  99. svbertooth XLVI


  100. Jenn Koko