The studio that brought you Black Swan, Slumdog Millionaire, 12 Years a Slave, Birdman, Brooklyn, Three Billboards, The Shape of Water and more of your favorites.

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  1. G R E G

    Anyone notice the title has FOX Searchlight in it?

  2. John D'Isselt

    Alfie Allen could play a young Jared Harris

  3. Wackaz

    This has been out 1 minutes and it's got over 150K views wtf?!

  4. Connor Milone

    I had to watch this in 1080p or else I wasn't doing Wes his justice

  5. Enrico Alessandro

    Came here because my mom unexpected sing 'Aline' song in the morning. 😅 It would be a great scene on the Aline song part! I'll be waiting for it... 🍿📽

  6. banana sugar

    The Lobster vibe is strong in this one and I haven't watched the movie yet

  7. banana sugar

    this movie is so pretty

  8. Califul Dance

    0:04 Some faint Black Widow vibes, huh?

  9. KarzenX

    Looks wild

  10. Ledya vtwenty

    The trailer pretty much told the whole story

  11. Jenny Lee

    It's a funny movie...but very dark. I was in an abuse relationship, and I see signs of it in this movie. If you've been through it, then you will recognize the constant gaslighting. I think this movie is sort of educational.

  12. Prudence Lun

    I’m pretty sure this is a Wes Anderson movie.

  13. fakecubed

    I think there's actually seven Wes Anderson movies in this Wes Anderson movie, not including the Wes Anderson movie itself. There's three meta movies, where one of the individual stories is being presented at some point in the future. All three of these refer back to a single meta movie, taking place with The French Dispatch itself, but within that one meta movie there are the three actual movies told in flashbacks-within-flashbacks that make up the three stories. So, for the price of a ticket to see one Wes Anderson movie, you're really watching seven.

  14. Ms. Watch TV

    This looks GOOD! I'll see this! These Fantasy movies make me feel like a kid again.

  15. Jesus is Muslim

    Disgusting.. A woman having sex with a lizard..

  16. Arkanite600 wilko

    Another Hollywood movie against nazis,,,,,,another this month

  17. Arkanite600 wilko

    Jude law lies anti white agenda

  18. samson

    wtf the subtitle is completely wrong xD

  19. Benjámin Kurilla

    First movie of Samara Weaving I saw. This was awesome and she is good! I hope she'll have a great carrier! Note: She is related to Hugo Weaving!

  20. Elijah Scala

    I like how he transformed one of the most tragic thing in history in a comedy

  21. Yesh Studios

    Dog flue = CORONA virus

  22. Lainey-Lou Watson

    A very underrated English actor!!

  23. dionny Lima

    Eu gosteiiii!!

  24. Mustafa Jackson

    I'll pass.

  25. CH ii

    get out? gonna watch it tho

  26. Sydney Daniel

    “I look like a Disney Character “ loved it

  27. Disney Princess of Mars

    Soo stupid. Just stop"ppl". Get TF Off of Remake Island. ..are "kids"(under 40) really this stupid? Apparently.

  28. Tom

    I rarely cry but when the chopper came to rescue him at the end I literally had tears in my eyes.

  29. kahiauandkeeaola808

    Love the concept of this movie.

  30. Element Negative

    That my name y'all!!

  31. Clayton Barker

    If you have not seen "Hunt for the Wilder People", SEE IT!! Also an amazing movie by the same director...

  32. SVHMJ

    So this is just an American version of this movie?

  33. adruri54 tomasin

    is this a jojo reference

  34. CJ Wise

    I honestly clicked on this trailer thinking that it was going to be about a girl on her quest to make 100% fresh all beef patties

  35. Euil Beuil

    Everyone is talking about that Hitler is as stand but no one is talking about that a the same time a british guy, a gay italian guy and a cyborg nazi are fighting against three azteck stripper gods

  36. Oaf

    Yeah, alright


    YAAAAAAAAY, we finally have tha politically correct version of PeTeR pAn!!!!!! Stupid feminist bullshit! People are all so blinded by tha so called “emotions” that they don’t see what’s really happening to our society!

  38. pathan ka bucha

    Moral: dont forget to tie ur shoe laces

  39. heechman

    Why does this give me huge jojo rabbit vibes

  40. Chris G

    Spring break

  41. Blockbuster Germany

    Geld Verschwednung

  42. Hina nvm_46

    can anyone tell me why did scarlet hanged?

    1. Doom Slayer

      Because she was caught spreading propaganda against the nazis and that was the reason why the gestapos went to jojo's home to inspect because scarlet was already hanged during that time.

    2. Hina nvm_46


    3. Old Noob


  43. Frank Weber

    Hallo an das Team , Der Film wurde vor über drei Jahren gedreht war ein wunderbares Filmteam vor Ort in Stollberg. Auch ich war dabei (Rolle Arzt in Uniform mit Kittel OMG 🙈 ) als wir am Set im Gefängnis die Verurteilung von Franz Jägerstätter gedreht haben .Sehr sehr ernste Szene nichts wo über man Lachen kann .Danke an die Regie und das gesamte Team 🙏 das ich bei diesem Projekt dabei sein durfte .VG @frank_weber_offiziell by Instagram 🙋😊

  44. Frank Weber

    Hallo an das Team , Der Film wurde vor über drei Jahren gedreht war ein wunderbares Filmteam vor Ort in Stollberg. Auch ich war dabei (Rolle Arzt in Uniform mit Kittel OMG 🙈 ) als wir am Set im Gefängnis die Verurteilung von Franz Jägerstätter gedreht haben .Sehr sehr ernste Szene nichts wo über man Lachen kann .Danke an die Regie und das gesamte Team 🙏 das ich bei diesem Projekt dabei sein durfte .VG @frank_weber_offiziell by Instagram 🙋😊

  45. John Craig

    All I can say is great ending as you reap what you sow🤷🏽‍♂️

  46. Kipruto

    One day I saw a torn page of old newspaper on the ground as I walked and on picking it up I saw the faded poster of this movie on it. I assumed i was its review coz tried reading but I couldn't finish each line because it was just a tiny torn piece. I later came to watch this movie and it one of those best movies you watch in a long while. The director did best

  47. CONTRA A

    What was that canon thing that caused the avalanche???

    1. CONTRA A

      Mokume thank u 🙏🏼

    2. Mokume

      This is a GAZEX avalanche control device. The pipes are mounted in high risk areas and creates a blast wave based on a mix of oxygen and propane gas that is ignited in an expansion chamber. The blast is directed through the pipe and will set off the avalanche. It can be used several times, until the condition of the snowpack is considered safe to be groomed or skied on. . This is considered the least risky and most reliable control mechanism in modern avalanche control.

  48. Julian D

    Who tf is the narrator I forget his name

  49. Brownstorm039

    Love the soundtrack

  50. Molly

    not for me sorry /:

  51. Andy Pandy

    did anyone spot the Fonz in the trailer!

  52. Léo Rouzaut-Laroche

    1:11 this guy's dance inspired the fortnite's skins (the video game)

    1. Léo Rouzaut-Laroche

      @William Henrelle 1:10.5

    2. William Henrelle


    3. Arnaud

      1:10 *

    4. Victor Chevalerias

      This guy is so beautiful

    5. Arnaud



    is this the new JoJo's Bizzare Adventure?

  54. deadseveredhead

    How many times have Unholywood played this game irl?

  55. Brianna Ramirez

    THIS will be my new favorite movie, I can feel it.

  56. Brianna Ramirez

    This is so beautiful, thankyou for making this. 💜🖤

  57. Brianna Ramirez


  58. luis borge

    Me: Is that a JoJo reference? JoJo reference: YES, I AM!!!

  59. Troy Ramadin

    So we’re just gonna make another movie about some little kids stuck on an island and over hype it by including a black kid.

  60. Doom Slayer

    Watched this yesterday. First half of the movie was pretty funny then the second half was just downright depressing. I just wish there's more of taika hitler in the film.

  61. Hermandoe

    aaah, yes. _jojo part 6_

  62. John Donald

    This is going to flop.

  63. David

    There is definitely such thing as too much Wes Anderson.. as seen here LOL..

  64. Gold Dust

    You can't tell me that's not Margot Robbie

  65. Shawn

    Never go full Wes Anderson

  66. Basil Daddy Henry

    Anderson should be french: so showboating and still, so insipid

  67. LordOfTheBuckets!

    And I thought Quentin Tarantino got massive casts of A Listers for his movies.

  68. Håkan Iwar

    The original movie, Swedish "Turist" (or "Force Majeur" in the U.S.), also starred Kristofer Hivju.

  69. TM JRD

    Not a bad movie, its genre is the same as polariod, fantasy usland, truth or dare. So if you enjoyed those movies you will like this one. The ending is a bit lame as it looses as its darkness at the end and that has nothing to do with it being dawn. However not bad story line aka based on childhood games with adults playing.

  70. tb dragon gaming

    Hitler will like this I think but yeah finally a hilarious Nazi movie even do the jerman loss but I like this

  71. José Escobar


  72. Justin Fencsak

    Remake bad original good

  73. Larry V

    Anyone want s beerfest 2 movie?

  74. Elmasfashion Omg

    Your next line will be, is this a jojo reafrence

  75. Stéphane Riopel

    rent it. its really good.

  76. Alex Gabriel

    Whoever says this is leftist trash garbage propaganda truly don’t understand or know what leftist propaganda or trash TRULY IS. This is great. And just because a film has someone other then a white lead or supporting characters makes it trash? Crawl back into your country bumpkin holes.

  77. Nilo Angelo Torrefranca

    new favorite!

  78. Sim Jans

    Kristofer Hivju was actually also in the orginal Force Majeure too.

  79. The Eyelidman 2

    Wes Anderson movies remind me of prewar fallout

  80. juneauz

    Why do americans always have to destroy great movies by realasing their own watered-down version? "Force Majeure" is 100 times better than this.

  81. Righteous Teacher

    They brung up old debunked accusations of this man to suppress our inner nat turner

  82. Two Face

    Trash peter pan film. Let's name everything after the boring female lead to show empowerment. No you're disrespecting them by not giving them their own movie and having a stupid title spin.

  83. TM JRD

    A dry sense of humor movie, if you don't have that sense then you won't enjoy it.

  84. Lóránt Farkas


  85. John Jay

    Damnit! I've been saving that Gesundheit joke for decades and now I can never use it. Was about to rent this, just checking it out.

  86. Anonymous Gamer

    This movie is really amazing.

  87. Brother Man

    Too bad they tried to destroy this brother

  88. Elise Widow

    If this was real, I would literally fill bags of dog food and send it over...

  89. Andrew Wilson

    she's like why did you run with out us? I'd be like why didn't you run with me ? Turn that shitt around on her. Women always looking reasons to make you feel bad. I figured you were smart enough to run and not stair at the giant wall of snow death you idiot.

  90. Monster


  91. Joseph Hernandez

    0:04 bad ass mom moment

  92. s o p h i a !

    “a jew” “gesundheit” why is no one talking about this💀💀

  93. SugaryAshes

    Fun fact, the Swedish movie this is based on was distributed in the states under the title "Force Majeure". But in my France (my country) it was titled "Snow Therapy"... Marketing people, what are they smoking?


    Haha so funny

  95. LikeABells Michelle

    Ive read the book 5 times at least because it is so good. I havent watched the movie yet.. But from this trailer I can already see they didn't make an actual movie of the book and the actual story or events that happen in the book.. I'm not really sure what to expect. It looks nice and i would rather enjoy it without the association of being for this book, I know its going to be disappointing if I compare the two the whole time. I wish it was a movie actually telling the story of the book though and going through everything that happens in the book.

  96. Nick Chilson

    well at least they kept Tormund

  97. Gilgа Lv

    Вы думали это JoJo.? Но это был я Diiiiio.

  98. Gilgа Lv


  99. Montana Jean

    Such an excellent, emotional film. I’m so happy Taika Waititi won the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for this film.

  100. Beebee7129

    I came here to see her spending whith her husband, and where they met for the first time, when they were not already engaged and everything else coming after the movie