I am Gus Johnson. I do comedy, I create skits, I craft memes, I make music, I crap out bad vlogs. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.

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  1. Matthew Sales

    Bruh, your family gave up on you before your girl....she’s a keeper.

  2. smp2

    7:00 Gus says he wants to make it out to California in five years, congrats on doing it in 3!

  3. 23Eulogy23

    Gus... way ahead of his time with the Wendy Williams content

  4. Sidney Smith

    I relate to this so hard

  5. Jonathan Victory

    Comedy is about hit and miss. This is a miss dude, sorry.

  6. Demon Samurai Hanzo

    Gatorade lime cucumber fucking smacks what are you on ?

  7. Cramsnicken Snarff

    You and your kin are fucking brilliant at performance- Y'all deserve the empire that you will fall into.

  8. Gabstrology

    God, reminds me of the TWKUK

  9. Lego Guy

    Things you messed up. 1: "What's up guys?" Should be In the start of a video. 2: Wave the hands while you talk. 3: Smile an uncomfortably long amount of time and show your teeth.

  10. Soggy is Froggy

    I actually haven’t heard the song lol. I’m 15 and it doesn’t really seem like something I’d like. Plus I don’t care

  11. GameyScorpio

    Is it just me or has the word stem lost it's meaning by the end of the video?

  12. Travis LuvsCats

    We need the Adam Sandler audio from "5 Gus Videos That Werent Good Enough"

  13. MaHDgaming !

    Yo this was a ref to the tornado twins

  14. VirtualAsh

    Moist grease ball told me to come here

  15. cupofdisappointment

    Wait how is this show still running

  16. Mystery _

    when you namedropped colin furze i nearly spun my head in a circle from my game

  17. Rocky Ting

    holy shit, I finally found the video for my type of person.

  18. Cradiak Drumz

    10:30 The epitome of hypocrisy. Complaining about people speaking Spanish and they need to speak English, and their English is so bad it's barely readable.

  19. hanky panky

    What a man-

  20. Rick 'Billy' Rodriguez

    Her Net Worth is over 40 million so I really doubt she cares... About anything...


    I don't think Wendy is by no means a good person but there's so much soy emitting from these two

  22. Cradiak Drumz

    Should of had a sponsorship from Grammerly for this video lol

  23. But It's Just My Voice

    every heard of WWII artillery?

  24. XDarksoulX1129

    I feel like I just watched an alien video showing what humans are like and explaining what #adulting is

  25. Odin Vik

    have you ever seen a disney movie?

  26. k4shwak

    3:50 Dun dundoot duuuhhhhhhh JOOOHHNNNN CEENNNAAAAA!

  27. deleted

    I cant bref

  28. Justus Scheetz

    i bet your mom is so proud

  29. deleted

    right on

  30. Nikhil Kenvetil

    I hope he cleaned up after.

  31. Mr Endial

    I’ll never leave you Gus ❤️

  32. imaguywithaface

    love ya Gus lol

  33. Justus Scheetz

    i feel like this is from personal experience

  34. Mega Mario Fan 400

    My cats are making raps again? Where's the shock collar

  35. Phoenix Stone


  36. My Journal

    #sledgehammermurder "Can we get a side by side?" This guy is pretty funny.

  37. Existential Dread

    That toothpaste-foam-spit-spray-back is out of this world!

  38. Obscureframe4

    I hope to God he makes another one this year

  39. Pranav Flame


  40. Brady Ward

    "I don't know how to describe it to you" is the bottom version of "You wouldn't get it"

  41. Brady Ward

    Imagine not counting the amount of times you hit your mom with a sledgehammer you didn't weigh

  42. Spicyflamingo

    Please God I'm begging you do docker phil. Please

  43. Bone4Crusher

    This video was a cry for help

  44. mo makes vids

    as a woman, we dont claim her

  45. D. Scott

    2:35 - James Cameron built a full-size model of the Titanic just to sink it so he’s technically telling the truth

  46. Alistair Menze

    My mom walked in my room and asked why I was watching porn.

  47. Lucas Rey

    make a video about making a video but it's also about making a video...continue this till it's videos all the way down

  48. Pranav Flame

    Wait where's Gus?

  49. Elle

    If you filled a corpse's asshole with rancid yogurt and dog shit and then left it all out in the hot sun for a week, I would rather hang out with that for the rest of my life than spend five seconds with this worthless waste of human skin. The really terrible thing is that there are enough people watching her that she still has a show. Fuck all of them.

  50. Daniel Hawryschuk

    don't make suicide jokes, that's pretty fucked up.

  51. Galactic Lava Lamp

    c: uwu captions

  52. NecroticPest

    I never paid any attention to this deflated balloon, I never realized how much of a terrible person she is

  53. Sarah Cherry

    You miss counter there were 53 total steams.

  54. K. J. VernFeathers

    As someone who went to Sunday school some of these could also apply to those classes. This is SO painfully accurate.

  55. Pippen Nipplerod

    You guys bounce off eachother REALLY well. I really hope you guys do more collabs, and I'm looking forward to that video where you guys get tickets.

  56. autumn girl

    I used to be a big fan... I'd watch every day and just enjoyed the show. Now, it's gotten to the point where it's too much. Especially since a few days ago she made a joke about a woman who was murdered. Great video! 💗

    1. Benny/ top of the tops

      "Come one dooown!"...... Now that was Low... I'll leave.

  57. Luke Milbocker

    Does anyone watch this chick, except maybe some stay-at-home relative, but, like, come on! Watch anything else but this crap!

  58. Kimberly M.

    the singing tho 👀

  59. Malina Claire

    Insight from my Subway working pal. Keep in mind, this is from Australia but here’s some TEA “It’s a fair call but deadass we just get them pre sliced in bigass 2kg bags and we just drain them of all the gross jalapeño juice and then yeet then into a cambro. He’s only on the top of the iceberg about how gross the jalapeños actually are. He’s never had to drain the bag” So there ya go. Call the cops. CANCELLED.

  60. Finn Robertson

    I thought it was Ricky Gervais in the thumbnail

  61. Game on

    for 10 seconds i thought you were really girl around at 1:09

  62. diora

    1:43 “shush, they’re assets” “you’re an ass” *violently hits son with bag of chips*

  63. Just a bean trying to get some sleep


  64. limpydick lenny

    How are you gonna trash some one for having nudes but tell the world you blew your husband in front of your kid?

  65. Aldira Rachell

    Fuck, i hate this bitch, i hope her career end soon.. She think that adults cannot get sexually assaulted just because they're an adult.. wtf bitch?!?!? Aaahh just fucking die Wendy, FUCK YOU

  66. Le Squirrel

    Honesty I would love to try and tell the difference of someone doing a parody of Wendy and Regular Wendy

  67. Kari Ballote

    I actually put this song in my favorites in Spotify before knowing Gus was a youtuber, it really goes to show how good this song is.

  68. k4shwak

    🤢 I'm sorry Gus. I'm halfway through the video but I just dont think I can make it all the way. ..Reaching toxic levels of cringe.. dont know how much more of this i can take... aaakkkkkkcringetoxicity

  69. JJ R. Bones

    You had me until you shat on lime cucumber Gatorade, your ass is grass, son!

  70. Silly doodles are my thing

    I just realized that gus stuck gum to his eyebrows

  71. Red Vin

    That’s how i call my dog

  72. Kevin

    "hey mom i love you" "alright"

  73. DreamedWave4364

    I am ashamed that he originated from our country

  74. Okra

    It was throttled because you put "disney" in the title.

  75. Daniel Cook

    is she on fuckin drugs 24/7????? i refuse to believe that a human person can be this fucking obtuse without some serious interference going on in her brain

  76. Adam Smith

    As the kids say "that Mr Bean Cup of Tea song is freaking lit!!"

  77. gali c:

    my dad has something similar anywhere he goes he always gets the top of the tomato where the stem used to be, edible but annoying lol

    1. Amanda Patrick

      My mother has this exact same problem

  78. Minemekhi

    he's gonna eat it

  79. Andrew Han

    6:51 scared me when my google home started talking

  80. gali c:

    Here from SimplyPodLogical hehe

  81. Hazys Day

    Pretty much the movie Hot Rod

  82. thomas

    No fuck you Gus

  83. Hum Drum

    I've had dreams with this same chaotic building energy

  84. Emily Cronenberg

    I'm sure this has already been said but not all heroes wear capes

  85. Jettt Angel

    Pizza is a fbi official code word for pedophilia

  86. Musibella IMAbella

    Low key Reminds me of lumpy space princess lol

  87. Mega Mario Fan 400

    Adam and Eve... More like Adam and Steve

  88. Will Roesler

    I think Wendy Williams is an alien.

    1. GamerChromosome

      That’s insulting....to the aliens.

  89. Alec Berlin

    Ya know what Gus? Rip em to shreds.

  90. Jettt Angel

    Plz do one abt Pizzagate

  91. DarknoorX

    Gus is a pretty princess who does not give an f.

  92. Kristen Shafer

    Anyone else here because of simply..??

  93. Wayne Marsh

    Gus buddy THAT'S THE JOKE

  94. Holly Knutson

    What prompted your parents to name you guys such prominently Swedish/ Scandinavian names?

  95. Wii U Barb

    i need a tab for this,

  96. Qwerty Mcqwertyface

    First video I’ve seen on this channel and I’ve had a wholesome overdose

  97. Connor Lee

    Like = Cray Ons Comment = *C R A A N S*

  98. Va11idus

    Who the fuck cares? They have a happy marriage and kids. Good got them. You think it'd better if he was getting butt pounded every day? Why are y'all so obsessed with who people have sex with?

  99. Matt Randomonium

    Holy shit I AM watching this in a future February. What am I doing here?

  100. Miles11we

    Tell your mum I appreciate you and her making these videos