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  1. Djobo Kuwali

    I sincerely thought it said "cheese master" and honestly I'm a bit disappointed.

  2. Isla Purcell-Hewitt

    Eugene: "oh its applejack"

  3. Michelle Kathryn

    i can’t believe i didn’t see him try the buffalo chicken ranch sandwich or the bacon avocado burger 🤧

  4. Yha Lou

    Aww!So cute Eugene.I love you...I mean we love you😍

  5. andika hilman

    How about the perspective from the guys, like, how do they see women after watching the Disney Princesses' movies?

  6. Yazmin Lozano

    cane's chicken please

  7. Luft Wang

    Jackfruit tastes like pork?? I’ve never eaten pork my whole life, can someone tell me does it really taste like pork? Jackfruit tastes very sweet to me and I wouldn’t have thought of it to taste like a type of meat.

  8. Ethan Angel-hands


  9. James Somerton

    I feel like I'd be best friends with Becky lol

  10. ava

    Eugene: Taurus’s aren’t the sMaRtEsT tool in the shed Me: He clearly knows my brother ( not even being THAT sibling he actually isn’t very smart .-. )

  11. Kevin Souders

    Here's my two cents about Whataburger... First, get off your a$$ and go to the store. You don't have to try everything there, but ordering it in?!?! Of course grease and whatever else is going to make it 'wet.' Even though Whataburger sold out to a Chicago organization, it's still 10x better than In and Out.

  12. Lauren Stoll-Fernandes

    All the Texans in the comments need to chill lol it's just a fast-food chain

  13. Donald Reed

    Your the reason why most people in Texas are pro choice retroactive abortion.

  14. Naia Hendricks

    Do more of these

  15. Michelle Kathryn

    i would like to say,, i live in tx and whataburger is like every persons go to

  16. Hayden

    But like why was Zach and Keith's song so Fire though??

  17. Cassandra Aranda

    The fact that Keith can make whataburger burgers look small I’m...

  18. Marla Dickens

    One time when I was 9, i made a big coil, and it broke in half in the kiln... but we put it back together!

  19. Alina Wong


  20. Luis 123

    This is stressful, even though I am watching

  21. nonya business


  22. Meli Tovar

    So I’ll try to watch your video after work, but I found an article saying you got this burger in Arizona! No you have to have this here in Texas!!!

  23. j a s m i n e

    i could listen to him muttering things under his breath all day

  24. Jacky Hernandez

    The fact that Jack wanted to replace Zach...That ain’t it.

  25. Katie

    ned is really out there studying for an hour while drunk and gets a 96% on the math section and i studied for my math midterm for several hours while sober and almost failed. wow 👍🏼

  26. Chiyoru

    This entire video is a sin filled with unfair judgement. You mustn't have very good taste if you compare this to McDonalds and Sonic.

  27. Chance’ogal 1810

    Eugene: I like to be challenged by food Animals who have to hunt for food (aka my cat): *yOu RiGhT*

  28. Deesha Panchal

    Stayed for Jamie lol so cute!!

  29. Lauren Nunez

    *takes a shot every time Keith describes a sandwich as wet*

  30. Deathllyhallows

    zagene was strong in this

  31. Benman10

    Rugby is not Australian football

  32. Angel june

    Omg ned😂😂 I'm dead!!

  33. Avianca 747

    My dad and I trying to build ikea furniture:

  34. Aidenbeast Yi

    I don’t agree

  35. Bianca Santos

    Truly don’t know how it didn’t clique in my mind that it’s “ what a burger”. The whole time I was like who tf would name a chain (pronunced) Watt-a-burger

  36. Valeri Redd

    whatever whataburger you went to, just ain't it. Of all the whataburgers Ive been to in central Texas, I have never had a terrible meal. The avocado burger, mushroom swiss burger, and honey bbq chicken strip sandwich are my personal all time favorites. I recommend you guys try a different location, imo

  37. Aidenbeast Yi

    I am a libra

  38. Makayla Johnston

    SEEING MY BOY SHANE MADE ME SO HAPPY! I didn’t expect that!

  39. Dural Low

    Do something with anime plss!

  40. Star God

    I wonder if Keith has looked into going on Hot Ones with his sauce? That'd be cool

  41. Rachel Elizabeth

    Zach and those ankles. LOL

  42. crazynyarb100

    Jack in the Box

  43. Joe Hoffmann

    At 10:14 Becky: *stares at husband and loves him a little bit less*

  44. Jovanna Cota

    I’m pregnant as shit and I would have joined em and helped.....I fucking love nuggets Edit: I have a mad lisp so if I say fifth ima sound like Mike Tythin .... despite the th being at the end my lisp will make it sound like it shouldn’t be

  45. Who Dat?

    Keith eat the menu at Jollibee...some of the best fried chicken I ever had and there peach mango pie is amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. Paige Osullivan

    Eugene - what else do you put kiwi in Me(from NZ) - Pavlova!!!!!!!

  47. Jay Neill

    You missed the jalepeño cheddar biscuit! And spicy ketchup with the fries!

  48. Tommy Sheffield

    heres some hugie stonefish quotes "when you here, youre asparagas" "wow, this broccoli tastes like lobster"

  49. Michael Soklev

    I hate u I'm an Aries so u SHUT up god and Jesus are mad at u

  50. Toast with 50,000 Subscribers

    Why does this look so smooth and like it’s a movie scene

  51. corpse grinder

    I lost it when keith screamed happy birthday wes

  52. Sophie Tomov

    Zach is literally what I pictured Sufjan Stevens would look like when I first heard him sing

  53. Jessica Knight

    You really cant put DaDdYsFaVoRi1e last

  54. IreneTube

    every knock off cinderella’s are better than the original cinderella bc the og SUCKS

  55. Michael :3

    Yes -1+1=1

  56. Binchywincyspider

    This man waits hours to eat basically cold food before filming and y’all complaining he didn’t give the food a fighting chance because of X Y Z

  57. Gabby Rogers

    this lady with the glasses rlly do be coming for Keith’s brand in every food video😭😭

  58. let me sleep


  59. Vania Jovita

    Eugine and Ned just like ying and yang

  60. PanteraNP

    Big Red and barbacoa!!

  61. Shadow1Yaz

    Fun fact! If something stresses you out enough you can register as lying even if you aren't.

  62. Madilyn Barnes

    Me a pisces like.. ok thank you

  63. Nami Morningstar

    Alex’s mom is adorable, I hope she shows up in more of these!

  64. Charlie Chezwick

    Im a aries i dont finish quick unless the pussy is air tight and a hundred degrees wich is rare

  65. Stef Schrader

    Are your tastebuds broken? Over-salted food is gross, and the number one reason I avoid most fast food...........except Whataburger. Ranch is absolutely disgusting, though, so I guess that told me everything I needed to know. Also, a taquito pro-tip-they're like sandwiches or tacos insofar as the best mix of ingredients is a bit further inwards. The best time to order them is after last call, though, and I the lack of a properly cooked flour tortilla contributes to that. Worse than your neighborhood taco truck, but good at soaking up tequila. Also, where is the spicy ketchup? The condiments are half the joy, ESPECIALLY the spicy ketchup. Why are you eating this in Arizona? I hate to admit it, but out-of-state Whataburgers tend to be a little off for some reason. DoorDashing it probably contributed to the moistness, too-it's fast food! Of course the greasy gooey bits soak through the other stuff! And where is Eugene?! Taking his recommendation is one thing, but like........he of all the Try Guys should've been your foil here. You're at least right that it's not In-N-Out-it's better than that uncooked-fry-having, gloopy-sad-congealed-cheesed, *completely* mayonnaise-less overrated as heck joint. At least you can order mayonnaise at Whataburger, you know, what with that whole "just like you like it" thing. (I'm definitely having a Whatacatch next time, though. I am craving the crunch.)

  66. Food Gurl

    100 plates in a buffet

  67. KSJAAY

    i’m so jealous this looks so fun

  68. Haley Mason

    Just saw Alex Lewis in an episode of Make It or Break It season two ❤️

  69. Athenian Slytherin

    Songs about chess? Look up Falsettos the musical

  70. PanteraNP

    Dear lord.. pair of jeans and some ropers and done.

  71. Paul Jabagat

    “that's a lie”

  72. Claire Eileen

    Please bring Donna back she’s so cute

  73. Coconut Milk

    Thank god they are playing for planned parenthood because they won’t win anything for those baby murderers

  74. a ann

    Keith eats everything from cheesecake factory

  75. Sarah Lee

    "Keith eats everything at Dunkin Donuts"

  76. Anna Mendiola


  77. Meg Gagné

    I miss the try wife wine time 💕

  78. Vulpixpup

    I think I laughed more than them...

  79. Boomjet 77

    Also what if he forgot one in Eugene oh Lord he would have freaked out

  80. Dylan Bacon

    13:17 She said it looks like McDonald's right after she said she's never been to BK. Those Apple Pies are the only thing they get right. 🤣

  81. Lily Elliot

    Aries are the first sign because they are the firsts. Plain and simple

  82. Luiz Miranda

    I'm so disappointed, I thought me and Eugene had so much in common (not really), but knowing he is not into chardonnay, I can't keep going with this anymore, sorry Eugene I just can't.

  83. GachaLuv YT

    I didn't usw my common sense to understand why some chicken eggs aren't fertilized and some are until right now. Ovulation. I'm female, I should really know this.

  84. Savanna Andrews

    Eugene: *gives massage* Ned: me likey Eugene: I’m asian

  85. Ben Rickards

    This was uploaded on meh birthday

  86. phamiru

    I fucking love John

  87. Joaquin Pineda

    Keith eats everything at The Cheesecake Factory !!!! Make It Happen!!!😄😄

  88. yeet meng


  89. Kori Rice

    The end has me in my feelings

  90. Boomjet 77

    2:57 cute dog all I care for

  91. Meagan Ramos

    You must've went to a bad Whataburger because the chicken is actually pretty bomb. Also, how could you not try the Whataburger ketchup?!?! It's so good!!!

  92. Jada Michelle

    I love how keith chose the dress

  93. Rushika Prasad

    2:40 4 years ago?! I feel so old...

  94. Bailey Kraft

    I need a makeup tutorial from Becky ASAP

  95. Anna Mendiola


  96. Eric Moul

    I’m not an aries

  97. Eric Moul

    I thought everybody loved Aries

  98. A5IAN8T0R

    The patty melt with spicy ketchup was the food God gave to Adam and Eve

  99. Leslie Santos

    This video should be titled: Keith Gets High Off $500 Of Gourmet Cheese

  100. Personalive

    They cropped them too short 😂