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  1. John Rosie

    Andy stone is a powerful man...he played golf with the president.

  2. John Rosie

    Nicky is right but he went to far off the rails it brought the whole operation down

  3. Justin Boy

    I could do without the hating white people.

  4. Motorola Ahsh

    Zasto nema prevoda na filmax Volju filmi o Drakule , a nemam prevoda Mogli dat prevoda na ryckom ili crbckom Zaxvalna bi bila.

  5. the middle man

    I am not sure, but did they say this was coming out on valentines day?

  6. Daria B

    Love this song forever

  7. WolfBrigade81


  8. Doctor-Dingus

    Thanks for all the White hate speech. I really love being hated.

  9. Doctor-Dingus

    Why can’t we just have a “The Most Dangerous Game” movie? Also, this trailer gave away like all the twists.

  10. 3artholomeux

    She saw ramone flowers, and felt so empowered...

  11. Varun mehta

    "Fuck tha Free World"

  12. Smoowill S

    Background song???

  13. Aaron Bryan

    I can't wait to watch it

  14. Paul Oliver

    watching it today, just going

  15. Laura Strong

    FYI- I’m real life, dude lost this battle-

  16. Thala Safi

    Oscar winner 🔥🔥🔥🎉🎉🎉🎁🎁🎁🎈🎈🎈❣️❣️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Rahul Rahul

    റിലീസ് ഡേറ്റ് vanno

  18. Master

    Idk why I expected to see Assassins on the rooftops

  19. TOP 10 VDO

    I just know Falcon was a rapper.

  20. ZxDr_ ToxicityxZ

    *Suddenly hears John Cena's theme*

  21. SerealPagi01 Roblox Gaming

    6:01 Poor guy getting divour by a shark 1 like = 1 prayer for the guy

  22. Jacob Her

    Logan Paul Vs ksi minions

  23. PugsleyGamer

    2:13 NO U DIDN'T JUST MAKE ME SAD!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Lord Loldemort

    This looks dope🔥🔥🔥

  25. TheLazarusWitch

    So it's more like Hollow Man than the Invisible Man...

  26. Mayo Sauce Gaming

    half of these weren't stunts but ok

  27. MRHappyHappyjoyjoy90

    should of got a way more attractive actress. like a margot robbie. i just cant picture anybody wanting to stalk a peggy who has invisible powers.

  28. Dr. Psychedelic


  29. takurou2004jp


  30. John Lieb

    I have very fond memories of seeing this with my dad and The Matrix with my mom the same year. Such fun movies!

  31. Segarra Music

    Casi casi invisible kgsel.info/video/video/gpySzmivkpynr6w.html

  32. dodi asika

    Selamat pagi , selamat hari minggu ini saya masih bisa tersenyum dan merasa nyaman selama ni, tak perlu nak. Aku juga gak tau deh yg mau saya. Terima. Aku juga gak tau deh yg mau saya. Terima. Aku juga ikut seneng aja ya mas bro


    Hollow man spinoff or something

  34. Shrut Jain

    This year has significantly contributed in making of the world's history

  35. Thomas Romero

    Or Hector...damn this movie bangs!!!

  36. TJ Bunk


  37. Thomas Romero

    Yo no love 4 Don Eliadio?

  38. Frank Pedersen

    Join my hall and oates band.

  39. Christopher Spielberg

    Elizabeth Moss for Best Actress for Oscars 2021, anyone?

  40. Frank Pedersen

    Give him drones.

  41. Frank Pedersen

    Maybw they need to remake scarface without a you.

  42. marvelfreak2003 2003

    could you whiff a sniff is the question want answered

  43. Kello oneone

    And people wonder why we keep a AR15 WITH A 1000 ROUNDS OF M855 .556 AMMO ... LIBERALISM LETS FIND A CURE...TRUMP 2020

  44. Adrian

    Just great now I gotta put up with this crap 😆

  45. Blake Ganskow

    sjw garbage nothing to see here move along guys

  46. JJ all right

    Just came to give a like, cause I realized that this is a cult movie.

  47. Trudes Enlacinto

    Ana so cute Mr grey ummm i dont know is ... UGH I DONT KNOW WHY!😑😑😑

  48. Francisco Martinez

    People in the comments making a fuzz about the trailer showing the whole movie. Come on guys, I didn't even see nothing.

  49. Maj3stik

    No women, no kids. Tony Montana is one bad mother, but he has rules. Respect.

  50. killer boy

    watched the whole movie thanks :D

  51. unit03

    hollow man

  52. Erik S.

    I love this movie

  53. unit03

    so its an invisibility suit. big woop.

  54. K R

    Watch 2x speed never laughed so hard

  55. KoreanCurry k

    "The most talked about movie of the year" uhh the fuck is this movie

  56. Dyan Egelston

    This movie is the same one they said was too bad in its subject matter to release several months ago. After the notorioty it got about it was sssooo bad they werent going to release it crap, they release it. Without the fanfare this time. Its a movie about hunting conservatives and killing us! If I remember right Trump supporters. After they have made the left insane with hate and ppl like Maxine and others they are aattacking us already. Dont you think this movie will fire up the insane haters to a feverpitch and they will hear the call of the crazy puppeteers and go on a hunt for us in real time ?

  57. Caleb dejoun

    I have watched the movie it made me cry at the last part.

  58. Eric McDaid

    “White people...We’re the worst” it’s so corny when the scriptwriters target audiences with statements as such for no reason other than grabbing your money

  59. Raul

    This movies seems like a mix of “Sleeping With the Enemy,” “Enough,” and “The Conjuring” and a dash of “Midsommar” with the creepy atmospheric vibe. Super excited! Super happy for Elisabeth Moss!

  60. Raul

    Ugh I’m just so excited about this movie! It looks sooooo good. I may be an unpopular opinion, but this trailer got me suuuuuuper interested.

  61. alex Motts

    Now this is a fight scene. One of the all time greats. Just brutal man.

  62. Reagan Jones

    I'm here for Girl in Red

  63. Jumaniaz Makhanbetov

    Айтыс! Эминем победитель!

  64. Riley Corhn

    When you got a girlfriend in a small town

  65. imthat bitch

    I bet in real life all would just be stealing money or stuff

  66. crystal miller


  67. Cady Corcoran

    pitch perfect definitely made me gay no questions asked

  68. Ace Rothstein

    Lea Thompson was a hot piece of ass in her prime.

  69. allan navarra

    Ken block cannot screeched his tire in the desert

  70. David Colantuono

    Do you know what I don't get about this scene? It's when George walks away from Lorraine just because some punk cut in. He had knocked Biff (the big bully in this film) out with one punch, but he's afraid of this weak punk here? Then, he does a 180° turn and finally pushes him to the floor so he and Lorraine can kiss and fall in love. Why didn't he do that when the punk first cut in? For that matter, why didn't he kiss Lorraine before the punk even showed up? She asked him if he was going to and George merely just said, "I don't know." Perhaps, some of the dislikes were from people who were just as confused as I was about that part. Of course, I couldn't dislike it because this film is too good not to like.

  71. Ильяс Биякаев


  72. •electronix• :b

    No me gustó me párese k Kong tiene mucha reputación

  73. Fried Froot loops

    Sure WW2 events can make good movies but it’s over done, WW1 movies feel fresh cause of the different times and this movie definitely feels fresh

  74. Aninga32

    Tupac would've shush everybody.

  75. CIA

    We have bravo on sight, take the shot

  76. aivlis

    This movie sucks

  77. Lisa Tiger

    Stop bullying this, it sound like a really good movie!

  78. Briley Dare

    First of all, liberals don’t believe in gun violence lol. Liberals don’t even own guns, it’s mainly the conservatives that do. So what a stupid plot.

  79. J.L. Barnett

    You lost me at the dog bowl, because you used a wide shot to show the approach, but it reveals that she would obviously see the bowl.

  80. ً

    1:13 is it just me or did it look like Emilia Clarke forgot her character's name for a second and that's why she paused before answering.

  81. 종남jongnam

    yesterday i seen 1917 in general form but i want to see again in IMAX it deserve

  82. Dixie M.

    Flashlight was by far the best.

  83. Rahul Dabhi

    Why do i hear Assassins Footsteps

  84. Tamara Lyanny


  85. Jamison Smith

    I love ice cube

  86. CT588

    Sheesh 😳😳

  87. Empire

    Man I missed the Time Machine


    It's not a race, guys.

  89. sweg

    imagine if greg paul was invisible

  90. Malveaux - The Monk from the Void

    The real question is: Hillary Swank hot or not?

  91. George Bean

    *SPOILERS BELOW:* 2:06, yea judging by the golf ball like textures on him, he is definitely wearing some kind of suit that can render him invisible. Seems they are not going for the usual chemical formula like in most other Invisible Man films. But with that said, I am excited for this, how it's more like a "stalker thriller", nice new spin on the IM. Has to be better than the atrocious 2017 Mummy film, and with this film said to have a $7 million budget, it *_could_* do very well at the box office, especially with Leigh Whannell looking to be a promising director now.

  92. Mic Chael

    This is clearly the watered down version of Hollow Man

  93. haci andro

    I think his boyfriend is not the invisible man.

  94. Zach Shipley

    I like the way the rex looked in this movie. Much scarier looking then the rex in jp