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    Bro this shit soo fire like 🔥 like I play this song over and over cuz it’s so good keep up the good work😁

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    I swear I have seen this kid on Disney channel.

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      This kid is a national treasure you basement dwelling neck beard.

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    OMG i been waiting for this song to come out I love this song🤪🥳❤️🥰

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    from sad edits on ig to a MOVIE! you next up🔥

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    I am from Bangalore india

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    In the beginning of the song it sounds like another song but I forgot can someone plz tell me

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    This guy copied a tik toker

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    My little brother loves this song every time we tell him to pick a song he picks this

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    the bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe sorry it had to be said

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    thats look like lil skies nowadays music video

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    ohio cincinat

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