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  1. AtaySgrt

    He tried too hard to roast this car

  2. Second Amendment America

    For people in the US this car is garbage in some country’s people wish they had it.

  3. hunter wallis

    30:06 it’s a hyper car not a super car 🙂

  4. Don Page

    The average Alfa is defective unless you speak Italian to it and sign your 401K over to your mechanic.

  5. Jesse Mitchell

    It looks like it needs spacers on the wheel hubs to bring the wheels out to the fender. So that they’re not inside the fender well because it makes them look too small

  6. Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nur R34 '02

    Model 3's fat sister

  7. Gmtail

    I'm still guessing that the animal obsessing no common sense Karen's will still break the window and try to "save" the dog even when in dog mode...

  8. Graham Meyer

    This isn’t actually Doug because he’s wearing a jacket

  9. nerk23

    From Italy, Doug Is or not the best job in the world??!!!!! Bye...

  10. Scott Johnson

    Because stupid idiots buy them

  11. Auston Curry

    Best one yet! lol

  12. Don Page

    Why would you do that,,, almost like eating caviar at every meal. In no time it is not special and worn out.

  13. SUPERBEE392

    Doug is the type of guy to blow on hot cheetos before eating them to cool them off

  14. DeusExAstra

    Cool tech. Great acceleration. Damn ugly.

  15. MultiQsan

    11:43 Doug looks at the camera as if he's not too sure himself!

  16. nerk23

    .. from Italy, After this i change my mind about this model..black ,i think Is the best color!! Only 1 thing,dear Doug,i want to listen the sound of the motor next time ,bye.....

  17. Richard Teasdale

    You spend way too much time looking for faults. You've complained about everything.

  18. Kim Caspar

    Dont include me. Not bothered.

  19. 77 Nizzova

    Costs too MUCH!!!???

  20. Moe Fawkah

    Me: Still not $$low enough for Average Joes. Dougie: Who's Joe?

  21. Mike Souza

    So what you’re telling me is this is basically the best car ever made?

  22. Grace Lumalessil

    As for me Doug, this badass guy is The Truly Ultimate JDM Car Heroes.. But I do not wish to get inside this car when my older son drive it, he will slowly kill his mum hahahaa..

  23. KvDog2280

    All I could think while watching this is... This is the perfect apocalypse truck.

  24. HX3_EnFr

    I see mountains over there.

  25. Patrick Hughes

    Stupid clickbait

  26. Spiritual Gangster

    Doug didn't open the trunk because the previous owner forget a body or 2 in there

  27. bailey

    It's a big beautiful truck and I would say that it deserves a much better overall rating. They are a lot of fun just to tool around in, that is if you love trucks...

  28. Michael Mendoza

    the original push to start

  29. Amateur Workout

    This expensive car is leaking like a normal car : 1.5 million $ WTF

  30. Johan Harris Zain

    Tesla Model Y does this look like a Model X?

  31. Buzzwire

    Every time I see Doug I think of Peter Griffin and the I need a Jew song

  32. ART EFX

    where is the spare tire?

  33. Harm88

    Pathetic. Toyota outsources it's only heritage sports car to BMW and the result is a half-hearted try at ricing out the Z4 with no manual. Nobody wants.

  34. Nguyen Nguyen

    it looks so stupid, especially the rear end, the design never change, maybe it looked nice in the past but now its too ugly, tbh

  35. CRT CRT

    Another car that copies Kia's 'Tiger Nose' design.

  36. Arsim The Ducky

    Mah dad got one of dose puppys

  37. Brian Cossey

    Dood you are gay right, no judgement you just dont know shit about cars but you review cars and you are a doucche

  38. Albert Vizcarra

    Hella over price!!..I can build that with a better engine twin turbo performance for under 40 k

  39. MoonMan

    no controls in the back is perfect for kids or friends who like to mess with shit

  40. Jordan Stephenson

    Doug the type of guy to give Tony Ferguson a Doug score.

  41. Brian Cossey

    5 pound feet well woopedy friggen doo

  42. Chase Bailes

    That’s a badass car

  43. Brian Cossey

    Or just get a basic electric car

  44. Brian Cossey

    I have loved Chevrolet for 30 years and Chevy is garbage now since 2018

  45. RoadSurfer Official

    Fast cars are pointless on our ever more congested roads with speed cameras galore. Buying an SUV proves you hate driving. I daily an SLK and now I cannot see myself ever owning any less than one hardtop convertible.

  46. Rohan Scott

    The F8 is faster than the 488 which itself is faster than the 458 but oldest is still the best looking. The F8 has hints of the NSX and the new Vette. The rear end is especially ugly.

  47. Jeff Gibson

    The yellow color reduced return light glare in fog. Making it easier on the eyes of the driver.

  48. Richard Hiller

    Very sad that this is the only Cadillac worth buying over the last 27 yrs

  49. Will Rostorfer

    This car is so beautiful, it'll make you 1:10.

  50. Enrico Nieri

    You need to review the firebird “kid”

  51. islandbee

    I sob for Saab's demise. Ok, I'm out of here. 🤓

  52. Christopher Bushinski

    Is this in Carlsbad?

  53. Chronicles of Bap

    1:19 Rear light decides to turn itself on.

  54. brian meisner

    14k to 10k is not a 40 % discount lol

  55. atroise

    Better than BMW today

  56. overlordrichard

    Doug DeMuro .....did you ever review the 90's Thunderbird SC. ????

  57. Michael Andrew

    Is it just me or does it look like every thumbnail was taken in the early 2000

  58. davisjuderegan


  59. geriallo


  60. Mitch Haskins

    Doug, I agree that the Diablo is the coolest looking car ever built. It sits low, it's wide and long and beautiful. Thanks fort the quirks with this car. Amazing!

  61. Mike Souza

    Real talk the features should’ve gotten a 10 not a 5. You’re really F’ing me Doog

  62. Peanutbudda

    99% of sentry mode recordings will probably be the woman parked next to you bending over to load groceries.

  63. amihan99

    I'll just buy a Toyota sedan.

  64. John Doe

    I don’t think it’s a replacement of the 488 cos it should have a 3 digit model name not f8

  65. Vlogging with Jenn

    I loved it idc 😍

  66. Alexander Eberbach

    in aus you see a lot of these and so I'm used to RHD commodores so this looks pretty wierd

  67. JavierCR25

    The design is so bland...

  68. Matt Troll

    This is my new dream, with a 6 speed manual swap and some tuning. I bet that this would be be a fun project car for about $12K after all of the work. Plus nobody would know that you're driving something special unless they knew about old Subarus.

  69. DP BBC


  70. Peter Huynh

    I own a 09 Hummer H2 myself, it clearly has none of the bad things you saw in this video. My Hummer got a 15 MPG, not 11. The Hummer doesn't shake or make rattling noises, the ride is rather soothing and confortable. My windows were extended to the point they make physical contact to the back side windows, and there are no fake vents. My wheels came with an installed CTIS system, which costed me an additional 5,000 dollars to purchase the vehicle. And finally, it has better offroading than all Jeep Wranglers, F-150s, Tacomas, Tundras, and more vehicles.

  71. Dank Donuts

    well it took a while to decide but i think I will be going with this car over the hyundai elantra

  72. Divyaksh Virmani

    On point the reverse lights has bothered me forever..GM should really get rid of it.

  73. Navarrio Wilkerson

    Doug how is the c8 not more practical than a Lambo, 720s, and 488? The two trunks at least gives it 4 points.

  74. Alex Just

    1.9 bar=27 psi. Seems low, no?

  75. Trace Trace

    GT that’s clearly not a GT

  76. Paul D

    God this car is an interesting monstrosity

  77. Kite

    My lottery car is an Aston Martin One-77 but I for sure would gladly buy any aston martin, they seem oddly underrated.

  78. Gus V.

    It's said that the 3rd Brake light design contains an anagram for 992... To right and left of 3rd brake light, there are 9 slats + the 2 lights in middle...paying homage to 992

  79. Gary Billington

    200mph car ( Bentley engine ) and your forgetting VW own everything that's decent. Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi. Porsche, Bentley Ducatti to name a few.

  80. Adam Modex

    Joe mode : a person asked elon musk to add a feature To his tesla that lower Autopilot's volume because it wakes up his kids.

  81. Alex Just

    Doug is the type of guy who would mess with your Bass and Treble and wouldn't put back. Anyone else from COVID-19 times here?

  82. Benjamin Smith

    What is the point of a car like this? Is it for Mercedes to show a very small amount of its customer base that it can make an ultimate sports wagon? I guess it is an autobahn stormer but for me, the ultimate wagon isn't the fastest one with a loud exhaust.

  83. k a i


  84. Follow For

    did nobody els catch that ceter control brain fart he had.

  85. Time Is Crypto

    Dude, you lost me with your retarded Cybertruck “thoughts” video... so no..

  86. OvernightCoyote

    Joe was someone who complained on twitter about the cars alerts waking his kids, Elon then made the option to quite the beeps be called joe mode

  87. Shaharyar Khan

    24 mins and Doesn’t show the front side of the car ..

  88. Fredrique

    I hope you also return to also making fun of cars. I miss that.

  89. Y D

    Please review the New Corona Virus.

  90. 4TEZ Bros.

    Nobody: Doug: THISSSSSS....

  91. Alex Just

    I just realized that Doug is the type of guy who wear t-shirts no matter where he is and no matter the season.

  92. tony morra

    Someone butchered that paint and left holograms all over it

  93. William Luecking

    He knows that the front end lift system doesn’t actually lift the axel, right? The axel stays in place and the front end of the car lifts.🙄 Sorry, I couldn’t unhear that

  94. Kirat Nijjar

    Go watch Raitis Rides

  95. THTFTMFG 911

    Problem is this car just doesn’t look good. Compare it a 2011 SL AMG, which for me is the ”modern” sweetspot”, and it just saddens you.

  96. Dan Bujor

    The best of communism, witch is judaism. Now look in the worst

  97. vgdd4

    Oh lol no


    Sexy car, but it has bad written all over it

  99. Mike Souza

    Doug, the type of guy to fart into my mouth until I finish all over my own belly

  100. EchoAlexander

    Joe is a guy on twitter. Its named Joe Mode cause he complained about the noises, so they added a mode and named it after him.