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  1. Kheartslove 21

    3:30 - 3:39 She fucking killed it yaaas! it sounded so good i had to repeat

  2. David Allen


  3. HOT & FUN


  4. Ahmed Aidar

    I was expecting to hear in high pitch voice *with a taste of your lips I am on a ride*

  5. Dimitri Silva

    Whoever got to edit this is a lucky individual

  6. J Smith


  7. J Smith

    Kehlani is so cute 😍😍😍

  8. Maria


  9. Lucy Adhiambo

    I'm into this song

  10. •Mela UwU•

    I Love your music!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 **clases de inglés entraron al chat**

  11. Torrie Dennis


  12. Enzy Zevanie

    I like this is song,so soft

  13. Virgila Fernando

    Goode songk

  14. mamaasshh

    i love my wifeyy 🤤🖤🤩❤️😍

  15. Megan Duffy

    toxic or top shit?

  16. Ulul Azmi

    Keren lagunya

  17. Ulul Azmi

    Wowww bagus banget

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  19. Get 100 subscribers with no video challenge

    High key he hot 🔥 This is how many people think he is 👎🏻

  20. Laura Becerra

    I know yg mad lol

  21. superfly_ yungin

    Good lawdddddd that’s bae 😍💦

  22. Michael Contreras

    Oakland 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. ianmista619

    Anyone knows what brand jacket that is @ 2:53


    Don’t care for the song but the vid cool

  25. anabella

    Why this ain't on spotify lmao

  26. HUMBLE

    System reboot 12:52 Am

  27. Brittany Bey

    *Not Even 5sec in the song fully and I knew I was go figure fuck my Repeat Button* 🤤🤦🏽‍♀️🤣👅💥

  28. Amber Ellington

    So....When she get thick? Lordt!

  29. Morgan Wood

    I got pregnant to this song. Thank u

  30. Cleopatra Ramses

    Boys (girls) I literally just accidentally drooled over my phone when Kehlani tapped her butt in the first few seconds 😴 🤣 My man wouldn't be pleased but she's a woman crush definitely!

  31. courtney evans

    this is so much better than the original !!!

  32. maddy any


  33. Sabrina Siggers

    Between you and Teyana omg. I don't know whether I'm lesbian or str8. I'm over looking at my fiancé right now like, ummmm... ioeno. My gawd. Lol Just kidding. This is sexy though.

  34. Lila Kirk

    #jokerxharleyqwinn #suisidesquad #arkamaslem

  35. Jaylen Vigilant

    Came here for the video but Now I’m vibin🔥🏄

  36. Elijah

    Love love love it

  37. N M

    search FLU - Corona (song) pass it on lol

  38. John Mack

    I love this song it's sound nice in my car

  39. Takali Sorovi

    I need the full of ‘CHANGE YOUR LIFE’ 🥰🔥

  40. arianna rivera

    i like but i like it should have a feat.

  41. princereese


  42. Romina ftbananas

    PU DIN 🥴

  43. daisydior

    I’m a girl and I got hard

  44. Joshua 18

    Who else grab the lotion 🧴 lol !!!

  45. courtney johnson

    if my celeb baby don't stop playing games lawd have mercy #Baelani got me weak yall

  46. Ronan Lemos

    Even tough in quarantine, you slay like a killer 😍🇧🇷

  47. King Leo34

    That's why Sonya don't talk to me no more.

  48. Dayse Espino

    Amanda Perez vibes 2000’s

  49. Roger Gould Sr


  50. Matt KnowsNuthn'

    😉😉😉 The perfect quarantine snack

  51. Aluza

    Feelin this shit

  52. sil ver


  53. Carissa Hernandez

    Im to gay to watch this😩

  54. x daazex

    GAhhh damn K😍😍😍

  55. 1Surinamer

    Just heard the song for the first time, damn really love it, got a 90s vibe. Best voice, im a fan!! 💚

  56. Bekkah Roberts

    this is the best thirst trap damnnnn

  57. Jozef

    Im getting horny bruh

  58. Makiyah Ward

    The thumbnail looks like Cardi 😭

  59. Dana Berry

    Les Twins brought me here!🥰

  60. captain k

    Wooooowww!!! Tooo much sexy... Kehlani's SEXXXY AF!! I don't wanna watch cuz I can't get horny while workin! Sexiest Video 2020 Fo Sho!

  61. Putasecret Vila

    This song makes social distancing hard af

  62. Bert de La Maña

    Dizem que foi um dos piores filmes e não vai ter continuação por quê será 🤔🤔🤔

  63. Raina Mcg

    *goes on triller to remake this*

  64. Renaldi

    Too much throwback

  65. Breh Ally

    Ficou muito bom 😍

  66. Putasecret Vila

    Here before Tik tok captures this song✌🏼✌🏼

  67. trinity london

    This is my song❤❤ Kehlani can sing But my fave line is "you love me then you switch it up baby whats with all this distant love"

  68. Luh Glvckz

    Kehlani made me fool foh u 😩

  69. Abhishek Kumar

    😍I love you ! 😍😍😍

  70. lolwa alsulaiti

    Kehlani is one of the hottest women ALIVE.

  71. Ana Clara

    Oh my god que hinooooooo

  72. Tamika Truth’s

    When a stripper misses the club yarn 🤷🏾‍♀️

  73. Evonna McIntosh

    I can't help it my pussy geting wet I see kehlani twerking and she spread her legs 💦♥️😍☺️😜

    1. Evonna McIntosh

      @Shirley Butler exactly she does💦

    2. Shirley Butler

      OMG I know that's right she is definitely a dangerous female with those SMOOTH movements 4SURE!! Evonna girl she sure got me feeling some type of way lawd have mercy on my soul She knows she BADD!!!Hot like a cup of soup what you think?

  74. Demure Darling

    My shit🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  75. The R&S Bunch

    Visual is CRAZY 😍

  76. Nani_ Van Gogh

    I loved this song since it first came out and now this video 👏


    If you find this comment in 43k comments ,your a legend. Thanks so much for the likes!!!

  78. Kayla Victoria

    Can someone please teach me how to shake my ass like this 🤣😩❤️

  79. Phylicia Morgan


  80. Channa Williams

    I need a remix with Teyana Taylor pronto.......lol

  81. Ashanti Brown

    This song is one of the best songs in the world

  82. Lovely Aqua

    Tbh i don't understand why guys don't appreciate the good girls they have they rather cheat on the loyal ones and go for the dishonest girls. But I guess that's the thing these days, us good females they don't want they want the hoes; who lie, cheat, and use them for money.

  83. Richest Man

    CLEAR bad CLEAR evil WIN ALL

  84. Richest Man

    不抢 杀坏人去死

  85. Richest Man

    good life only 不斗 不争 过好日子而已

  86. Casyju Supo

    this song be hitin different every time i lisent to it

  87. Pisces Banana

    Imagine Adaya finding this in like 10 years or so 😂

  88. あかちゃん


  89. kaykay and missy b 998

    Love it

  90. J.R Junior

    If anyone was wondering, this video was recorded with an iPhone. No wonder the quality is bad. 🤣

  91. Ms fantasy Land

    Ty really everywhere

  92. Jordan Samuel

    What kind of fuckery is this, hot damn! I’M IN LOVE

  93. Mya Lenei’

    We love a creative queen 🥺💙⭐️

  94. Mystic Vac

    “And I’m bigger than you so can’t meet you where you are”

  95. jalal ziane

    kyrie is happy to leave a satan like you

  96. Vugar Mamedov

    Khelani❤️she is so beautiful

  97. Allison Anderson

    She fucking sexy as fuck dam the things i would do to her or i just lay back and let her do what she wants 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😍😍😍😍😛😛😛😛😛

    1. Allison Anderson

      @Shirley Butler Amen girl yes lol 😍😉😛

    2. Shirley Butler

      OMG Allison tell it like it is 4SURE!! She is one dangerous female with those SMOOTH movements sex appeal all the way she knows she BADD!! Girl she got me feeling some type of way lawd have mercy!!!!

  98. idk anymore

    Go attend to yo child.

  99. Fares Saeed

    April 2020 any one