My name is Tavarish and I make videos about buying, modifying, and breaking cars. I also have opinions, most of which are wrong.

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  1. Justin Murphy

    OMG! Am I the only one pushing the EFF out of the floor and shifting only to look up and see Tav hasn't .....SHIFTED?!?!?! WHYYYYYY???? There's no reason other that you hand, arm, eyes, and BRAIN are not aligning and well......WORKING! Pull the ebrake up....locks the REAR WHEELS....and pop dat mutha efffff'nnn el clutcho to burn out and heat the tires up! Then GOOOO! When you HEAR the engine tell you to "SHIFT", do it! Driving like this and still hitting 13's.....OMG YOU GOT A FAST and FLURIOUS (LOL) CAR BRO-VARISH! And.... I was like OH HELL YESSSS.....Jared....Jared....Jared!....Jaa....a..rr....edd.......????? WTF???? She blew like and old Vegas hooker..... LOL! I need less caffeine.....

  2. Fuhque13

    I knew once you were at Bradenton ole Cleeter was gonna show up. So question is why you didn't get him to instruct you in the fine art of burnouts? He knows a thing or two in that dept.

  3. keane snyder

    Should have let some air out of the slicks

  4. Beezy

    My mans Chris aka b is for mutha f’in build is like “ what’s a starter? What’s a bendix gear? 😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ we don’t need that sh*t .... “ 😒😟🤯😧😢

  5. Jaikeerat Sidhu

    You should bring the Gallardo to the drag strip.

  6. Chris Campbell

    I broke my neck and am still partially paralyzed and can shift better than you 🤭

  7. Ridell Fraser

    "Granny shifting not double clutching like you should"

  8. damejati prabowo

    tavarish is very nice and humble as a car person. wow. keep up the good work man <3

  9. Garlicbread Riders

    Have Brent tune that thing for you to fix 3rd gear and 12 is not enough lol go to the moon with that thing

  10. Ol' NoName

    You should deflate the slicks so there’s a small amount of wrinkle

  11. Riley Bickford

    do an AWD swap heres the kit for 4000 and you only need a CRV transmission and CRV driveshaft axles and diff

  12. Roger Carlin

    That motor is not a 13.1 compression he lied to you

  13. David Perez Reyes

    Hell yeah brother!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. Chris Nat

    The honda needs less air in the tires they look like they have to much air and maybe has solid engine mounts and trans mount that's why it probably shakes like that

  15. InTheZone

    what is that white strip on the front tire tread, the sticker?

  16. TwistedLittleMonkey 512

    It needs a retune bad!!

  17. bkblazen2003

    Get after market axles

  18. Daniel Zambrano

    Awesome that you met up with cleet and letting him get ur car dialed in

  19. SimplyCruising

    “N no its slow” the guy driving looked so hurt

  20. Mark

    What does it mean by hi boost cutoff?

  21. bkblazen2003

    Retune + driver mode = 10 seconds

  22. Daniel Moss

    Your burnouts are way to short and fast. Need ALOT more heat in those tyres.

  23. Thump3r22

    do you have stock motor mounts??? that motor is jumping like crazy.

  24. Miles O'Roads

    35psi in your street tires,NOT your slicks.

    1. Tavarish

      Slicks were at 20

  25. helikon06

    Now that's gutted.

  26. Jason Grimes

    Good people plus fast cars and bad driver's = gold content

  27. anonymous

    15sec on nitrous SMH.. My 2009 G8 GT will smoke both of those cars on all weather radials.

  28. JC Martinez

    Lower pressure on the tires, do a longer burnout. Check if the LSD even works on the car

  29. bkblazen2003

    That car needs to be tuned on the dyno

  30. Connor Groves

    “This thing get no traction” like your running slicks on a wet track what did you expect

    1. Tavarish

      Track was dry

  31. Daniel Moss

    Cleetus has the car now, so he’ll get all the boosted boys and PFI involved to dial it in and it’ll actually be a fast Honda lol.

  32. Ronnie Broadnax


  33. Kris Nicholson

    Boost cut was either fuel defender or the wastegate opened. Chris's car sounds like it running flat, losing compression. Running nitrous causes higher cylinder pressures so the compression loss is less noticed.

  34. Jon

    Yo T I think Chris needs to donate a little bit more money for the broken axle!!!!

  35. Thaddeus

    Florida man doesnt lower tire pressure for Traction. More at 7.

  36. CarObsessed

    That Lexus needs a rowdy 1j

  37. Matt O

    Did you and Cleetus miss the high five at the end? It sounded like you hit forearms LMAO

  38. Adrian Guzman

    You need new motor mounts engine hella shaking

  39. Wesley Simmons

    Damn its sad that civic can be much faster if u learned the basics of drag racing

  40. Usernamenotfound

    Give me that civic and I’ll teach you how it’s done #hondagang

  41. Eldin .kalem

    I want that civic lol

  42. David Lindsey

    you are to scared to drive that car... you need to learn to drive...…………………….. Basically u have 0 driving skills

  43. bigrob on the wheel one on the shifter, shift before you hear the limiter, in each gear.

  44. Dailydriver

    Lmfao Tavaris you aren’t used to a quick piece of crap? 😂 welcome to fwd with ALOT of power 😂people do this shit everyday

  45. Norm Caissie

    tail pipes look stupid sticking way out.

  46. Charles-David Bérubé

    Modded cars are super fast but somewhat super unreliable.

  47. Dustin Baxter

    Hell yeah brotha, do it for Dale!

  48. SP 2RAW


  49. TheOGC4

    Make a review on the Civic

  50. Allan Ross

    Shifts so slow lol youre in a Honda you should be banging gears

  51. 420 you tube life

    Please fix the car oww wait ...yes let it RIP tader chip

  52. Broadizzlz

    i was laughing so hard at the many little bursts of terrifying thrusts that Honda made down the line

  53. Dailydriver

    “Built this and it’s slow 😂😂” that really is a uninspiring Lexus 🤦🏻‍♂️. That Honda is a animal


    Lemme be your driver 🤘🏼 imma honda boy that can really drive

  55. dr.rockzo

    Well I'm glad my stock 5th Gen camaro owns both of these shit boxes

  56. Hudson Ball

    I feel bad for Chris. But that's what you get for using a Chevy engine. They will *ALWAYS* let you down.

  57. Kevin Lippincott

    The civic needs motor mounts! I will make the wheel hop much better if not get rid of it completely

  58. Bobby Ruiz

    Basically a v8 with 4 less cylinders lmao

  59. Nicholas Jungheim

    Jared is a cool dude.

  60. Wyandotte Weaver

    Preload with the E brake and 3rd gear burnouts. Lower that tire pressure down to around 6psi. Itll hook. Also data log your runs. Try turning down the duty cycle in 3rd.

  61. Alex Rodriguez

    I have been to that drag strip

  62. Cianski

    Cheap Honda's can be built to go super fast

  63. Keyos

    The Honda: good engine bad suspension setup. Ls Lexus: good suspension bad engine Honda for the win!!!!

  64. Assaulter Gaming


  65. Troféo Tips

    Lol that axle said bye bye.

  66. Martha Mryglod

    Put some steep gears in the Lexus. It probably has highway gears.

  67. Assaulter Gaming

    That thing sounds sooo sad poor Chevy 350 all that Lexus wanted to do was go fast should of kept that 2j😂

  68. Marvin Greene

    Leave it on limiter for a sec u drive like a bitch no offense

  69. udovdh

    Freddy: wayyyy more burnouts needed for warm tyres...

  70. Morgan Stuart

    Florida heat, amplifier not in an air conditioned part of the vehicle? Have fun when it overheats about five or six times in a trip. Wiring could've been easier if you mounted the amp above your box and it would be sufficiently cooled.

  71. Jack Puccio

    Gatta air down tires mannn

  72. LordEvan5

    These little rice burners are so fast but I just can't do it ya know no replacement for displacement just personal baias

    1. LordEvan5

      Mind you my first big block car way back in 98 had no horsepower like 190 or something like that

  73. Barnz1980

    Hehe, thought the Honda was going to chop that soarer with the boat engine. Hope Chris puts a 1UZ or a J engine in it. Shit even a LS would be better then the old 350.

  74. Devinenyc

    Brooo preload your axles when your launching your just dumping the damm clutch

  75. Turb ski

    why is bisforbuild so but hurt about hondas? He lose to a honda once or twice?

  76. Broken Jpg

    Hell yeah brother

  77. Avery Anderson

    I can relate to that dash shake and whole car shake and no power tell like 5,000rpms 😂😂 my turbo hatch is the same way

  78. Josh

    Should of got better looking seats 😂

  79. Chandler Garcia

    My Corolla s is faster than that Lexus 😂

  80. Danny Kalpakchi

    Turn down boost

  81. Manny Godinez

    That lexus is too heavy, ugly, out of proportion. NOS wont even make it fast 😅

  82. Mobile Device E.R.

    Holy shit I didn't know you were in Bradenton! That's like really close to me 😅

  83. Matt O

    1:58 I can see that the aluminum edges are ground down, but I don't think I'd feel safe with the harness belts rubbing on the edges like that... rounded off or not.

  84. TonyTurbo0260

    Seriously just erase this competition it’s cringey as hell bro. Your losing some fans leaving it.

  85. Gawesomesauce

    I'm laughing hysterically whenever I see the dash shake violently in that civic. Holy's like something that Jeremy Clarkson would hack together for.........POWEEEEEEER. 🤣

  86. Sukhjinder Singh

    I want your civic. $1500 please

  87. Brad Bozarth

    10:24 literally what I was thinking while watching it go down the drag strip Jared said right after the pass 😂

  88. Jaquim Ortiz

    Make the civic all wheel drive

  89. Sayan Dutta

    Weebos: every civic guy is a ricer Tavarish: smokes them Weebos: 0 o 0

  90. jae pagels

    Get bead-locks and low low air pressure

  91. Frank McLemore

    Lamborghini killer for sure! Hah!

  92. Michael T

    Wheelie bars do help fwd cars. Preloaded they put more weight up front.

  93. crevis12

    That civic is a death trap :)

  94. sandnigger01

    man all i got from this ebay motors ad was buying cars that either fall apart or just don't start.

  95. David Blanck

    Way too much tire pressure. If you are on drag radials, that car should start with no more than 15 psi. You may end up in single digits. Even still. You clearly had the better car. Oh, and... "Hell yeah brother."

  96. scott moore

    Next time you do a burnout in a fwd pull the park brake take 3500 to 4000 rpm and dump the clutch and wait till it starts to drag you and lower the park brake. Next time the boosted boys are back in town have them help you with getting the car correctly set up for drag racing and how to race a fwd.

  97. Michael Mazarakis

    would changing the gear ratios in the trans or dif help that red car? or is that a dumb question?

  98. Big_Steve_O

    No line-loc? At least use the parking brake to do a proper burnout! Lower the tire pressure, and if you can, add wheelie bars.

  99. James Stark

    Will we Tavarish at the Freedom Factory? 🤔🤔

  100. Jimmy Santos

    Vtec kicked in yo 😂😂