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  1. Acer Playz

    They should date

  2. Stay Drippin

    The 722 dislikes are haters! Why y’all watching his videos if you don’t support his moment. Like seriously get your ass on bruh.

  3. YNW jay

    When Jackie told Brandon about Brian I died 😂😂😂!!

  4. Tommy Gun

    I miss this Junior;)

  5. Slick

    Brandon she fuckin loves you bro, make her yours.

  6. Zombie Boy

    Jackie be looking thick

  7. Super bro In the house

    Roses are red violets are blue if you love you’re dog make this like button blue

  8. TheBoyPresident !

    Shes a cool mom no cap🤣🤣

  9. Stay Drippin

    I love your moment Brandon! Fuck em haters!!! When people see you doing good in life grinding hard. They always try to find a way to destroy your success. Keep making videos I support you 💯

  10. Hazel Marionne

    Whos here feb2020????

  11. All the time with Evi

    Were my million bucks

  12. NastyyBeaconGod #ps4

    Brandon is mah lucky my shawty would’ve swung at me with the mug after she through that cafe in my face

  13. NGU antonio

    Next video should be the best

    1. NGU antonio

      The best date ever

  14. Tino Vicencio

    This is so adorable honestly, even being friends they are so happy with each other and it makes my day! 😊

  15. Elena Christopher

    So happy i got my ex back 😘

  16. Kota Johns

    jackie cant wear heels she be walking like a duck...😂🤣

  17. Aurelia Chavez

    Wait why were the cops at your house and looking for Brian I am confused someone tell me

  18. keyboard warrior

    When will you marry Jackie????

  19. Daniel Lopez

    Why does jakie keep on hating on papa rug

  20. Clay Morris

    Ong y’all just needa date again

  21. BigDude Daniel

    I think it’s a mental guy, like a patient who problaby escaped from a mental hospital, problaby that’s y helicopters are looking for him, like if agree

  22. Mohammad Sayedur Bhuiyan

    Why did he not put Ludacris?

  23. Susan Spring

    Thats all stupid

  24. Unicorns Queen

    I’m Chaldean to and I’m a middle eastern to!❤️🙏🏻

  25. Melany Aguilar

    Now lets all get ready for the Faze rug vids

  26. Zkaey

    Wait no Ex-Girlfriend in the Title!

  27. Ibraheem Ktout

    Yo plz go back together

  28. Susan Spring

    Thats your dad

  29. Tommy Gun

    “What if I jaump in the tube” -Brandon Awadis 17:22

  30. Tommy Gun

    I miss these types of videos

  31. Christina Lepka

    I really ship y’all ! Y’all should get back together

  32. Donald Taylor

    Idc if this video is old im just hungry

  33. Johana Garcia

    18:31 he finally comes out of his room!!!

  34. Western lover _Horse

    That’s just low like I would be sooo pissed like ON CHRISTMAS NIGHT right and the moms fricks drive them there like really if the moms and son where famous and they were in ur shoes at Christmas night would they like it

  35. Yessica Rodriguez

    bossly no go to sleep 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Fatz

    Alondra has entered the chat: lemmmee find out you like meeee

  37. brandon cornell

    looks like dehydration hope your ok

  38. Olga Chavez

    3:18 u can see Jackie’s nipple

  39. Yaireliz’s Camera Roll

    it's meant to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  40. AzTex 713

    Song from 1:20 ?? anybody know the name?

  41. Jaylon espen

    16....51 i am so srry brian

  42. X0X0X4life FakeIt

    Yikes BRO!

  43. Ralphy King

    Brandon and Jackie please get back together please

  44. Angel Zuniga


  45. Life of Takiyah

    That is the gayest shit i have ever seen

  46. Caden Poulin

    If his mouth would be as big as his nose he could have eat the Burger in 1 bit

  47. Hexiii

    When are you making your room Phoenix suns

  48. I_Miss_Jah 1

    Song: Fetty wap 679

  49. ヅReimy

    Y’all are stupid, they’re obviously getting back together

  50. Conner Ross

    Who here after the awadis famliy unfollowed him on insta??

  51. Juan Horta

    No the suns lost

  52. The Outdoor Guy

    Whos watching 2020 and 14:08😂😂😂😂

  53. Ken Houston

    Tell me why I got mcds ad during the vid🤣

  54. Jorge Baltazar

    As long as it’s not my family

  55. Cindy Corona

    Is he ok I pray🐕

  56. YANI Recillas

    Let me find out Jackie watches Benny and alo

  57. Blane Mellon

    Man better change the title to taking my girlfriend cause they have to be

  58. moira montano

    15:36 this guy is just wergild

  59. RandomLetters -

    I hate how he tries to make the spot a secret WHEN ITS IN THE DAMN THUMBNAIL

  60. rat pack

    I love the way she goes between two languages. Mama is pissed. I'm scared for them. Even though it's not real. Coming from a strict Latin family I get it. And catholic to top it off.

  61. Malina Yaldo

    No one: Brandon: AMANDA'S PREGNANT

  62. Synical

    Click this part if you are a Bracky Fan Time: 16:47

  63. catia lopes

    This is so sad don’t worry he’s in a better place now

  64. moira montano

    this guy said some pretty weird stuff 6:17

  65. Tenisha Jones

    Jackie mom is so beautiful 😄

  66. TheBoyPresident !

    Next video take her on a real one

  67. Edgar Pena

    He literally took 3 bites

  68. Thien Truong

    Next time, title it as Ex-Chick, not ex-gf.

  69. Jesse M

    3 years from now your first meal of 2017 was bagel bites boom I guessed I didn’t even try

  70. Mya León

    Funny I knew what he was going to wear 😂💀

  71. Doge btw

    @13:57 “Don’t fall there is going to be a baby rug in 9 months” 😮🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

  72. Pedro Verdugo

    9:50 denis sounds like Elmo tho 💯🤣🤣😂😂💀

  73. Hurricane

    Why do the vet talking like its nothing

  74. baybeegirlb_

    she sounded all cringe when she said "lemme find out you like me"🤣💀💀

  75. Danny Galvan

    They stole his phone who’s phone was he talking on Illuminati confirmed

  76. Maycol Anthony

    I can't believe u made your life into a turn when u started KGsel when you were small

  77. daniel luviano

    Did anyone else see the GTR when Jackie pulled up to McDonald’s

  78. Ville Hyttinen

    Brandon just get that ring for he. Trust me i know when i see diamond. Jackie is something amazing. I'm getting "older" and i make it that mistake when i was at your age.

  79. Zultrix -

    Yo they literally kiss in like every video now like just date already

  80. Alfredo Rosales

    I miss Kobe

  81. Not I am Yasmin

    I am a Kc fan chiefs

  82. Madelynn Hayes


  83. Jordan Jordan

    The aunt do be rocking em tns tho

  84. OBS_ Nano

    Bro did your run out of ideas Ik your heads not tht small

  85. Zultrix -

    He ended up taking 4 bites of the burger😂😂

  86. Elizabeth Grondin

    I watched this in the dark at night and I scared myself sooooo much. I heard the voice and now I’m scared

  87. YRN_ Daniel

    man u got the whole squad laughing 😐

  88. Monica Tenorio

    Shows what he thinks of Jackie and thier relationship. Dead. No hope jackie... RUN! !!

  89. Mason Moates

    Brandon you went two times in a row to get them both a letter

  90. ash Lamborghini


  91. Perla Perez

    Let me find out you like me dude

  92. eunice camarao

    I just cant stop laughing while watching u two 😂😂😂😂

  93. S u n n y B ë a r !

    " Bro if I was doing this challenge with Sommer I would have to wear 10 pairs of jeans. " " Bro my pants would have ripped. " Wow.. Chill.

  94. Matthew Bonville

    How did the suns win against the clippers with just Devin booker

  95. Hunnay Reddy

    I miss dennis

  96. lul_stacie

    i saw you at the mall ! 🥺💝

  97. Keo Lopez

    He's 100% blushing and want to smash her

  98. Marilyn LongBunsynat


    1. Marilyn LongBunsynat


  99. ilock 0k

    6:48 we all know why brandon let her pass him

  100. Jessie Ruiz

    Rip KOBE and GIGI the real Legends