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  1. Lamster66

    Do you have anything at all with wheels that's still OEM?

  2. Michael Wolowski

    Beautiful Dodge and that's a beautiful Ford and then there was the shity Chevy LOL I'm just playing they all do it with the new systems that they put on there just got to have the truck clean the filter

  3. Enduro Boys

    put the new corsa performance exhaust on it. 3” cat back system. part #21060

  4. Anathi Maliwa

    If only you guys could team up with The Sketch Monkey dude and build something unique.

  5. Victor Robinson

    Thundercat police car will be a good name get a sticker made for the fenders ! Thudercat ? Victor from Palmdale California 93591 just a suggestion

  6. Victor Robinson

    Use bathroom cleaner in your rinse water if not calcium deposits and scale deposits leave the shine kind of dull


    con you please keep that sick metal bumper on the jeep Rubicon

  8. Big Rob

    How is that military axles?

  9. Victor Robinson

    Flatten all cardboard boxes flight up underneath the cars to catch any drips also you can make the cardboard pieces smaller for the fireplace

  10. Lindsey Allison Westhaven

    2:07 in and out - Rich spoiled kids with unlimited money backing their playtime toys - NOPE! Thumbs down.

  11. Victor Robinson

    All boxes can be used for firewood excuse me fire paper

  12. Victor Robinson

    Need to put a portable or wood frame and plastic sheeting temporary paint booth behind the building understand where I'm saying behind the building get some two-by-fours and wrap it with some plastic sheeting that way you can paint in a clean environment Victor from Palmdale California 93591

  13. RealG TV

    Can I use one of the Ferrari's for prom?

  14. adiadrian13 salamalehu

    Rebuild rolls royce

  15. Tarryn Hyer

    Do the full paint match already. You just restore to factory then upgrade, just do it at once.

  16. Andrés Manuel López Obrador

    Lol this was on my recomendations in 2020. Shoutout to the old goonzquad!

  17. Rewko Andrey

    Looks like you are building a fire truck 🚒 from this Jeep 😅

  18. XXXChris AlvesXXX

    i love the yellow lights on the ferrari and the wraps i wonder if the cops will like it

  19. mixio hili

    Americans: "Sayga" Australians: "Seega" Sega Console: "Sega"

  20. trent burt

    I will start watching you a lot if you stop saying dang son

  21. Albert Timmer

    I am a man from The Netherlands and what mean OEM....and dont smile..

  22. Albert Timmer

    are you boys not affraid that you runover the kats ?? There very nice cats !!!! ( sorry for my English , i am from The Netherlands. )

  23. Umar Farooq

    Its always a good idea to pressure wash the under side of a vehicle before spraying rust protection or liner. Just saying.

  24. Chief

    Of course it was like a 20 year old

  25. 1kmodified

    You should check out the roof top tent they put on their Jeep on the Keep Your Daydream channel

    1. 1kmodified

      mixio hili not sure who designengic is but tent is made by smittybilt

    2. mixio hili

      Any link of designengic? I am not getting their account on insta

  26. Taron Muradov

    You know the jeep is POS when they have to repaint the frame on a 2020 already

  27. Tyler Wier

    What’s up guy I sent y’all a msg on instagram about a tent y’all should check out along with some pictures.

  28. Bolle VW


  29. Giles Jugo

    Get an aussie brand for the tent 👌

  30. Mr34545

    Whats happening with the finished cars ?

  31. A2E Family

    Hi welcome to New Chanel 😁👍🅰️2️⃣E family 💞🖐️

  32. A2E Family

    Hi welcome too New car Chanel 😁👍🅰️2️⃣E family 💞🖐️🖐️✌️

  33. DR. Smith

    Check out this little youdousche mimmicker.....lol

  34. Price B

    I’ve been watching since y’all did the 2 door wrangler - just realized how long ago that was! Loving this series too, keep up the great content!

  35. Cma Gurung

    🔥🤩🔥👏🏻 m.kgsel.info/video/video/ao1_xKp6ZJmIyqQ.html

  36. mebrannon1

    Check out ikamper it’s nice


    Talk about dragging out content

  38. Ted Butts

    why not put sound dead material in while all the carpet and seats were out, make it sound proof better?

  39. Karin Coetser

    Hi, your videos are awesome. And can you guys work on a wrecked Mitsubishi Pajero. I would love it.

  40. lorlaine yting

    royalty exotics 720 next?

  41. wnnalis cioov

    They don’t paint the frames. The powder coat them.

  42. IPT GmbH

    the world best explanation an solutions für problems with direkt injection - kgsel.info/video/video/sal_sHiepXmvmIo.html

  43. Albert Timmer

    still dont have the back covers for the frontseats ??

  44. Vidmantas Jurkus

    What about a new project idea to get some older car? Would love to watch something what you see in the streets more!

  45. XhanMymon

    Any link of designengic? I am not getting their account on insta

    1. wnnalis cioov

      "Once that's tooken care of"

  46. Joshua Feeney

    You need to blow out those buff and polish pads my guys

  47. David Arias

    In n Out that's the good stuff y'all

  48. GetWork

    Clean under body till first ride !

  49. hugo w

    You need to keep that propshaft carrier bearing . It will stop it whipping over that length . The alternative is a much meatier propshaft

  50. 00 00

    I havent watched the last 5 or 6 videos due to their increased desire to string shit along at a snails pace. And in this video we install floor mats! But stay tune cuz coming up real real soon we promise to put more gasoline in the tank!! Dang son!! smh this channel used to be decent. totally not digging the direction its been going. unsubbed.

  51. terry brad

    OEM ???? O em? O yam ??? What does that mean

  52. MotoHeaven

    Hey guys just a quick tip, when painting stuff at your house try to hang as much items as possible because contamination can’t float onto it as easy 👍

  53. caleb b

    Who totaled this car?

  54. Richieforthewin 1

    Smittybuilt makes some pretty good quality rooftop tents

  55. vitor passianoto

    this man really stitched that Lamborghini seat..... I'm impressed.

  56. TheBoely

    I wonder how many sucker's you kid's have.

  57. Jason Harris

    Now it needs the bed liner. Waiting for the royalty exotics 720s rebuild. Pull the trigger on that project.

  58. J.P. From Da Bronx

    All these mods making think ya are making an off road shine runner truck lol I'm loving it

  59. Sal Sal

    I want you to make a video about your collection car ❤️

  60. TheDirtyDirtMcGirt

    "Tooken" care of. Thanks, Tennessee public schools. SMDH.

  61. Sajjad Mohammad

    what about air bags?

  62. Brad Bezner

    after watching since the gmc build, I'm really enjoying seeing you guys' progression from this to now. even back then had some great videos

  63. Kurtis Carpenter

    When you guys get older and your back isn’t quite what it used to be....like me, you’ll find it easier when you lower the vehicle a few inches off the ground, THEN remove and install the tires. Love the channel!

  64. Jason Sampson

    Don’t go anywhere without genuine mactrax

  65. Bartle Skeet

    Well done boys, you guys live my dream. You deserve everything! Love from Australia

  66. Blake Hocking

    Try the Kings Rooftop tent , we have one and we love it and very durable

  67. Chira P

    That's a Sexy Truck..

  68. John Edwards

    Awesome and proud dad too!! Dang Sons!

  69. Michael Briggs one


  70. Edward alatorre

    Why didn’t u guys pressure wash the underneath of the Jeep?😧🥶🥶🤦🏻‍♂️

  71. Stratos Fear

    "Once that's tooken care of"

  72. Robert Trezona

    Perfect music for your boat trip! Loved the video

  73. Nace Garner

    They sound great with a corsa exhaust

  74. sl0ptart

    Anyone else want to see a rolls cullinan black badge modded out?

  75. Samantha Gailey

    Hey guys check out C4Offroad for all your light bar and light needs. Chad is an awesome guy and has great products. I have 6 of his ied lights under my Dually. Gives perfect lighting.

  76. Thomas Frizzle

    Hey guys I would just like to let you know a Freemason passed away in my area a few days ago by the name of Danny Floyd

  77. James B

    Your 4x4 might be a vacuum leak

  78. Roy Grillo

    I jumped back to episode I call; Thomas joins the GS crew. You guys have come a long ways in personality, content, humor which makes you an "over the top" reality show. It is very far and in between that we get to see a couple of guys doing what they like and doing it well with flair. It makes you very human adding those four legged buddies to your cast, thanks for making a great show for the many different ages and I'm 71. Keep up the stellar work, it's a great show with great showmanship.

  79. andrew thompson


  80. Suck Squash Bang Blow - SSBB

    @9:01 Eezi Awn Tents. If it can outlast Africa, it will outlast that there Jeep brother!

    1. xoobo vola

      Stupid is as stupid does!

  81. Tannen wilson

    shop update

    1. xoobo vola

      Ikamper has some nice tents

  82. Michael Allen

    When the vehicle falls on your arm or leg and the bone comes out through the skin, then you'll remember.

  83. Drfusion101

    You guys hit home for me every time.lol ! Smittybuilt overlander xl....

  84. Theo Keetell

    This is the tent you need. www.ikamper.com/pages/skycamp

  85. Casa Rendon Roca

    I think I don't like but I don't know the case or the jail in the jeep bed the suspensión it's wowww suprema but that jail ( case box) no like it

  86. Daniel Turnor

    Can't wait for the McLaren 720 build 😁

  87. Sam From Ohio

    I love gladiators, but can’t stand the overland mods on them 😷🤮

  88. RM Flyer

    Why do you all never talk where you can get insurance for these rebuilds that Insurance companies will not provide full coverage for Why do you all never talk where you can get insurance for these rebuilds that Insurance companies will not provide full coverage for Why do you all never talk where you can get insurance for these rebuilds that IWhy do you all never talk where you can get insurance for these rebuilds that Insurance companies will not provide full coverage fornsurance companies will not provide full coverage for

  89. Jon Hayes

    Where's the f450?

  90. Henry Reints

    bro love your guys content probably going to buy one of those sweet hoodies and also i have heard that a straight pipe on the gladiators sounds amazing keep up the good work

  91. Diggin' It!

    Looking Sweet Guy's, I think your making my dream rig! :) Don't forget a Gun rack! :) lol Keep it up Goonzquad, you Rock! Good Luck & Happy Huntin' All! :)

  92. Gilbert Franklin

    Finally came back to see what they are doing, I see nothing has changed. It's like a great comedy show for pre-teens. Why buy bolt-on aftermarket stuff when they have all this great peel-and-stick thangs, I mean dang, dude!

  93. racered focusst

    Go to an army surplus and get a GP small tent with a liner.

  94. raul ramon

    dont eat garbage

  95. Devon Stonge

    What are the part numbers for the aprons

  96. AnimeTV

    they should rebuild a skyline

  97. Danyil Markevych

    Droppin Ferraris

  98. stan bogdanets

    Ikamper has some nice tents

  99. sierge1

    Stupid is as stupid does!

  100. Triston Lexow

    Do a CVT tent love mine. They are located in Bend Oregon.